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  1. SkybuckFlying

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    You guys not gonna believe this... I was just thinking of this and then it popped onto my screen I swear... ok... maybe it didn't come from the game... but God is watching over me !!! Trolllllleed ! Yes I did it for the lullllz (Based on a true story ! Wanted to troll for real this time and God heard my praisers and send this girl towards me ! AMAZING !) (P.S.: I would have preferred some real flesh but this will do for you mothers LOL)
  2. SkybuckFlying

    Royal Navy CLs fix poll

    Nothing fine the way they are ! L2PT (T=them) LOL.
  3. SkybuckFlying

    Poll: Revert sounds back to previous version!

    New sounds are great... it will grow on you ;)
  4. Holycr@p ! This is the dirtiest mouse I have ever seen. I've been using it since 2006. The dust build up inside of it was HUGE ! You wouldn't believe ?! There was literally one to two centimeters of dust/fluffy inside the mouse, mostly around, inside and under the wheel mouse ! It was the thickest under the wheel mouse. There was even some hair caught up in the little shaft/axis wrap around it like a rope... Only visible after removing a metal spring/clip. Inside the wheel mouse some dirt too.. and some oil build up... (Not sure if the mouse came pre-oiled... maybe, or maybe not, I did try and oil the wheel mouse a little bit after cleaning it but it dries up on my fingers... at least the metal thingy is a bit oily that holds the wheel in place. There was even some dust under the mouse button. The worst part is the smell of the inside of the mouse... smelly/wetty/sweaty/plastic cheese like smell. I have smelled cheese cakes that smelled less bad than the inside of this mouse. So the good news is the mouse is now working again as well as the scroll wheel ! The bad news is my house is now smelly ! LOL and this mouse is a major health risk ?! There are cheesy spicles all inside the mouse... tried to clean some of it off. Well I learned a lot from this experience. Also it was very smart of me to take some digital pictures which I could look back on my camera... cause it was quite an ingenious puzzle/system. I definetly needed the pictures to put it back together properly ! Thank god I did that... also from multiple sides ! Definetly necessary. I also learned to never ever touch somebody else mouse... especially if it's been years in usage. Now I also understand somebody's electronics cheese joke. It was a joke at the time but not really... this cheesy smell is as real as it gets ! LOL. Fokking gross/dirty ! But worth it... cause I kinda love the look and feel of this mouse... so now fortunately it can have some more years or at least months of service until I buy a new PC and even after that it will probably remain functioning ! ;) YEAH FOR THAT ! Concerning the bacteries... well since my body is used to it... hmmm I might be in the clear... but if you a grandpa of 70 or 80 years old this thing might be serious heaath risk ?! Also the ammount of hairs inside of it was just pretty fricking amazing/insane... drove me nuts pulling them all out... fortunately I had a "pincet" dutch word.. not sure if that is an english word. So I just tested the scrolling in textpad and it seems to work ok ?! Thank god for that ! There is definetly some blue light/laser thingy inside of it that measures the scroll wheel... so I was probably correct about that... seen it before in another mouse. Bad news is I wrecked some stickers on the button though.. the most important one is probably reattacheable... the others/smaller ones ripped... but they probably not that important... Could still place back the ripped once... maybe it will give some more grip.. or maybe too much. Anyway it's kind of approaching my bedtime... and I took many pictures.. so I will have to select which ones I upload the net if any... but will probably do that because it was quite interesting to watch ! ;) So tomorrow I will add some nice pictures for this thread so you can see them and be AMAZED ! ;) =D (and grossed out ! ) *Update*: Hmmm I just discovered/invented something lol. The little stickers weren't that good and kinda had to be replaced to fill up some tiny holes... which might accumilate crap on the inside from the bottom. So I placed some plastic see through sticky tape under the mouse... and it's quite amazing/interesting. It makes the mouse go much smoother than before. At least at the front. At the back is the old big sticker that makes the mouse feel a little bit weighted down at back... Could be an interesting experiment to either replace that sticker or to cover it with plastic too... for a butter smooth mouse. I will have to test which I like better for gaming: Butter smooth mouse or slighty sturdy ! ;) The butter smooth might actually be nice.. so far I kinda like the smooth fell of it at least on the front... haven't tried back yet... but will do so now ! (The draggy feel of this mouse has been annoying me for quite some time... it's the old sticker that causes this... probably be design... now I probably found a way to get rid of this "draggy feel" ! ;) ) *Update 2*: Ok I just put some see through plastic on the back sticker/place too and wow ! What a difference it makes... it feels like my mouse is flying now ! HAHA ! Interesting ! Gotta try this out during gaming... I might even replace the older sticker completely cause right now it's probably up/tilted at the back by a millimeter or so ?! ;) Hmmm Bye for now, Skybuck.
  5. I use scroll wheel for cannon/shell/turrets zooming since it has multiple levels. Sometimes I also use left mouse button for quick zoom out for awareness. The reboot time on my system is 10 minutes... (because of some other strange issue) so I just rebooted and tested and so far the damage seems real/hardware wise. Not yet sure how to open the logitech g3 mouse ... probably requires removing some sticker or something. Fortunately I have a backup mouse in case my main mouse actually broke ?! So I have forseen such situations... being without a correct functioning mouse can be annoying so I bought a backup mouse a long time ago... different model though... But heavier and bit bigger... also a logitech... It's not as beautifull as this G3 black mouse... I thought about maybe using the left/right side buttons... I could try out... but I don't think it will work too well... because this will cause slight vibrations which might cause shots to be off... I am pretty sure that will happen. Cause sometimes I just need to zoom out a big against destroyers.. Breaking a wheel mouse kind sucks... now looking back it... some of this "wheel usage" might have been prevented... if zoom in to destroyer level was slighty more zoomed out... oh well... this in hind sight... Hmmm. By the way... isn't using scroll mouse for zoom in/out a default functionality in this game ? hmmmm.. One last thing I could try is a "cold reset" in case it's a hardware bug... but I don't think it is a bug... it's just a slightly broken/malfunctioning sensor in the wheel mouse itself. However it might also be dirt... that is blocking the little laser/light scanner that might be used for a wheel scroll mouse. So there is some hope that perhaps cleaning it on the inside might help. I also noticed the cursor not moving as accurate anymore... but that might be cable in the way or some dirt on the table. Also my mam complained about new mouse... cable was too stiff... kinda funny... since mouse had a very high DPI... but might be useless if indeed cable too stiff... but it will probably become less stiff overtime... or she needs to put it out of the way... hmmmmmmm....
  6. Wow that's a first... This game is so "mouse wheel/scroll wheel heavy" it actually broke the mouse scroll/wheel ?! All that zooming in and zooming out with the wheel mouse broke the wheel mouse it seems ?! It's barely functioning any more... I can scroll a little bit.. but it's not working 100%. (I just noticed it while playing koningsberg, at first I thought it was some kind of GUI bug, but now it seems the problem is in windows itself too... tested in textpad and firefox). I am not yet sure if it's indeed a hardware error, or if software screwed up in windows, maybe a bit flip in some mouse driver... I will try a reset/reboot, but I fear the worse... I fear I may have to go buy a new mouse ?! WOW ! (Sometimes I would just press down on the wheel mouse... just for fun or grip... not sure how often I did that and if it has anything to do with it ! ;)) It's probably an old mouse... about 10 years old now... Kinda odd, that's third mouse I have seen broken. First mam, then some old lady and now maybe me ! HA ! First one was cheap trust mouse. Second one a logitech. Now this one potentially... logitech g3... was kind of found of this mouse, it survived me well... Hmm cool mouse which was at local store just sold out... bought one for mam and one for lady ! LOL. Now I can't get that cool mouse quickly... I was afraid something like this might happen lol... and now it did ! OOOPS ! Guess I might have to order one via the internet... hmm oh well... more choice for me I guess ! Hmmm me starts poundering what mouse I might want... but first I reboot to evaluate if this problem is real... or just software bug.
  7. SkybuckFlying

    Mixed firing of HE and AP.

    Current situation: Enemy battleship coming at you ! You: switch to HE and fire at his noise ! Enemy battleship: OK me turning a little bit to blast you... You: oh damn... now me switch to AP ! Enemy battleship: I know you switching to AP, back with noise towards you ! LOL. You: oh damn... I switched to AP for nothing... damn it... switching back to HE. Enemy battleship: Hahaha... he switched ammo, now me broadside a little bit again. You: oh damn ! He broadsiding again... switching back to AP... Enemy battleship: HAHAHAHAHAHa back to noise to him. You: OH shhhiiiitttttzzzz LOLOLOLOLOL. The guy trying to help you flank him: Damn it... New situation: Fire HE at his noise... and AP for good measure... Maybe seeing that AP will persuade the enemy BB not to change course... and eat repeareable fire damage instead. For you this could be interesting: Fire damage... plus helping to "lock the enemy BB down" so that another teammate can try and broadside him. See the potential ? ;) Also more fire burning potential... hmmm delicious potential ! ;)
  8. SkybuckFlying

    Upcoming Captain Skill Changes (Leak)

    Take off/Land while CV on fire interests me... Maybe it will help vs Bensons ! ;)
  9. SkybuckFlying

    A Battle Report - Why Yoshi_EU is a TOP CLASS player

    Thanks for the video was nice/fun to watch ! I pretty sure I am remember that game thinking to myself: That cruiser just won the game ! Cause you damaged the 3 fighter-cv and managed to burn it a bit... then it had to repair... my bomber did the rest to finish off CV... Once enemy CV is dead and some teammates still alive it's lolling all the way to victory ! Thanks for putting up this video... hopefully many players will learn from that this that putting a little bit of damage on enemy CV and a little bit of fire can make all the difference ! It was you/the cruiser that won the game not me... I have had 10's maybe 100's of games like this were the match could have been won if team survived a little bit longer or helped out vs cv just a little bit ! ;) Also don't report until the game is almost over... strike cv is an amazing comeback kid ! ;) (Oh little addition, some part was cut from the movie... it was probably the benson that finished off the cv... though perhaps my bombing/fire also had something to do with it... I could look for replay to see what happened lol but I am pretty sure I remember correctly... the benson was almost dead... the cv was almost dead or burning or something and the benson right before it died finished off the cv as well... good job both from cruiser and benson ! ;)) (It's kinda funny how this video shows a little bug in the interface... while I torp the tirpitz you watching the score screen and my "kill counter" doesn't go up ! LOL. I also I happened to listen to this with headphones which was very cool ! LOL... nice bass/boom effects ;) Me-gotta-go-get-a-subwoofer-sometime ! LOL. Also planes sound a bit cooler... more "heavy" ;) totally awesome. Good camera work too... usually I just watch from ships... very sometimes... "free"... hmmm Was this recorded from a replay or was this recorded live ? hmmm...).
  10. SkybuckFlying

    Mixed firing of HE and AP.

    Hello, One more awesome idea which I just have to share with you. After the successfull (? ) introduction of Britisch Cruisers which can single fire torpedoes there is now a new idea for an awesome new type of ship to experiment with: MIXED FIRING ! Yes mixed ! A ship which can fire HE out of one turrent and AP out of another. So for example a myoko cruiser could fire 2 turrets with HE and 3 turrets with AP. Again this would probably offer new tactical gameplay options ! ;) Bye, Skybuck =D PPPP
  11. SkybuckFlying

    What is wrong with this picture ?

    I keep getting matches like this: Distribute high ranks better please.
  12. SkybuckFlying

    More leagues for next ranked season.

    Hello, Will make one posting exception because this has to be mentioned. What I notice in this ranked season 5 is huge difference in player skills/quality between ranks 15 to 11, rank 10 to 6 and rank 5 to 1. Playing as rank 11 with rank 15s in the team can be a bit painfull at times. Playing at rank 6 with rank 10s in team can sometimes be amazing with weak players at rank 10 or so. For next season I would like to see a bit more bracketing as follows: Super League rank 1. Premiere League rank 2,3,4. Second League rank 5,6,7. Third League rank 8,9,10 Fourth League rank 11,12,13 Fiveth League rank 14,15,16 Sixth League rank 17 to any rank above 17. Or at the very least: Super League rank 1. Premiere League rank 2,3,4,5 Second League rank 6,7,8,9 Third League rank 10,11,12,13 Fourth League rank 14,15,16,17 Fiveth League rank 18 and above. While playing a difference of 3 ranks felt best so first option might be better and when in doubt second option at the very least ! Bye, Skybuck.
  13. SkybuckFlying

    Ships that you will bring to Ranked Season 5

    Air Supremacy Lexington ! It gonna destroy you ! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUbuki. (Which I specced my captain a bit different then again... maybe it's better the way it is... since beta players less skilled than random/ranked players ;)) Maybe a bit of BENSON ! Tier 6 japanese CV if required... Very very maybe tashkent... need to buy it first though ;)