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  1. Arknights

    Average XP in stats

    I think if you good at every kind of ship, the highest exp should be DDs. Because cap can make a lot of exp.
  2. Well, actually, you can wait evaluatings about new ships after they released on other servers. I think it is not a bad thing, but it really made own server' players a little unhappy.
  3. Arknights

    Scharnhorst or Tirpitz?

    They are totally different. Scharnhorst likes CA more.
  4. Arknights

    The cost of Tier X

    That is the reason that why do you need premium account and premium ships. WG is not a charitable organization.
  5. Arknights

    I hit a Murmansk with a torp for zero damage.

    Because there is not any hitpooint in this area
  6. Different servers have different rules....If you go to Chinese servers, you will find that you can buy most of ships...
  7. Arknights

    HE spam, PLEASE FIX!

    Please nerf every thing which can damage BBs right?
  8. Arknights

    Maintenance this thursday.

    Trade visitors only....maybe we should wait for Public access....
  9. Arknights

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    big surprise for gamescom........even we know that they will take German battleships....
  10. Arknights

    Credit income on tier VIII plus still too low with premium

    More thing you can do, more profit you can make
  11. Arknights

    Odem Mortis Community Cup (OMC Cup)

    I really want to have a Prinz Eugen, but I will come back to my home country until Oct. 12nd.......
  12. Arknights

    what can i do when bad player barking?

    Try to do your best, and it is enough. Don't ignore the kind of people.
  13. Arknights

    Tirpitz Owners :)

    It is possible that those Tirpitz become your enemy.
  14. Arknights

    Kongo Captain

    I think concealment expert is a good choice, but just for high tier battleships.
  15. Arknights

    too many dds ?

    MM becomes strange recently......