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  1. ktchan

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

    That's the Friesland now being a Dutch Free XP premium and not a European one, rather than it suddenly being reclassed as a cruiser and made part of the researchable tech tree right? Just checking.
  2. ktchan

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Don't forget to go back and press the button.
  3. T9 has no aircraft carrier, and we can't have that now can we. 😉
  4. ktchan

    Is the login service down?

    Can't login. Not for the first time in the last maybe week or two. Didn't have an issue yesterday after the game client was updated, no changes to my computer since then. I'm just going to try again later / another day and go play a different game instead.
  5. ktchan

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    I'm guessing it's supposed to start same time as U.S. Battleships 2 - 5. Tempest combat missions which is "available in 12 hours" as one of the alternative for completion in one of the mission requires Heracles.