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  1. Litjtard

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    I sport a strong preference to thinks of finite measures, such as the HP on ships, the range of my canons and the inevitable citadels to be scored on my partially levitating Nürnberg.
  2. Litjtard

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    Here's a question; how many months does it take before any developer or part of wargaming bothers checking the forums for feedback such as this, and at least making a note that it's been registered?
  3. Litjtard

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    I am sure world of warships will be great once the beta ends.
  4. Litjtard

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    Climbing out of the water is going to take some athletic skills putting aquaman to shame.
  5. Litjtard

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    In the meanwhile, its still a blast going about in the Nurn. However, today, I penned a citadel of an enemy Nurnberg, with 130mm HE shells of a Gnevny. I cant help but wonder how great this boaty would be if it only sat a little lower. Also picked up the York today, which seem to have problems of its own by having HE and AP that seems to behave quite differently. Germans get their love mainly through the Hipper it seems.
  6. Litjtard

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    I fear I lack the language capabilities to go ahead and shed light on this on the Russian forums. But maybe someone will, some day!
  7. Litjtard

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    Another patch hits and no news. Please advice on this. Are we hallucinating?
  8. Litjtard

    Server down / problems?

    Down again.
  9. Litjtard

    Server down / problems?

    I DEMAND A REFUND FOR THE OXYGEN I WASTED WHILE TRYING TO LOG IN. Also, think of ANY number, Did you think of 14? BAM, magic.
  10. Litjtard

    GNEVNY, did I AP for nothing?

    Anyone can citadel a CV with HE. I've done it on all classes of ship. Not sure if its worth using AP VS CV for two reasons: 1. HE will set them on fire, rendering them useless. 2. AP can bounce when fired at the hull at most angles, and is unlikely to give a Citadel hit as plunging fire down to the runway deck. The only benefit of AP in that situation would be a quicker kill, but you could also over penetrate, and HE will as said render them useless.
  11. Litjtard

    GNEVNY, did I AP for nothing?

    Took it out for a spin and tried more AP focus. I must say it does change the ship up a LOT. I stayed away from the enemy torpedo boats and tried to focus on giving fire support to friends in need and hunting cruisers with HE at long range and AP at medium to close range. Nothing quite beats the feeling of getting a citadel while fire is raining around you, and none of it is striking home. Will stay with the RU DD, despite the hate I've seen for them. Perhaps even more so because of the hate they receive; gotta love a underdog.
  12. Litjtard

    GNEVNY, did I AP for nothing?

    AP vs superstructure does not sound logical at first glance. From my experience the most effective tool is loading up a BB and giving a broadside of the good stuff (AP) to cruisers and other BB. I feel like the Russian DD is made to counter a level of strategy (i.e. enemy DD revealing themselves at aprox 7k range.) which simply is not present in the game. Most enemy DD will not show themselves unless they are making a mistake (IJN), or they are just as well suited to hunt you (USN DD with better HE). Is the RU DD a CL hunter? That weapon is allready found in the BB and other cruisers in the game. Its fun to play, but that might be because the game is fun to play.
  13. Litjtard

    Update 0.5.4 inbound

    Would not mind seeing some resemblance of a balance or bug fix attempt with the patch though. Baby steps?
  14. Litjtard

    What are the f....... russiand DDs good for?

    I will say this: the game is ruled by torpedoes at the moment. For that purpose, Russian DD are useless.
  15. Litjtard

    How to play - The Mutsuki

    Wow, thats all it takes? Shoot torps. No risk, all reward. I am stunned by the skill involved.