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  1. 250swb

    Teamkill penalty

    Maybe the team sending in 'afk' reports, but seriously, a forum post was worth it for a slight screw up over one battle?
  2. 250swb

    aslain modpack suddenly ban

    I think if players are believing the fault is in Aslain's mod pack that's been downloaded from the official site they are chasing after a red herring. It may be the only mod pack they currently have, but if they've experimented even unwittingly with others in the past that are illegal that's probably what is triggering the ban. And as with WoT players claiming the same thing, this isn't necessarily something that was triggered last week when your files were clean, the data collection for the next big banwave is starting all over again right now, so it could have been months ago that the player got caught.
  3. 250swb

    aslain modpack suddenly ban

    I think perhaps WG want cheats to uninstall all illegal mods, not just the ones they got caught with. Tell them what the mod was and they may well think the others are OK when they may not be. There are a lot of 'innocent' whiners on the WoT forum after the recent banwave struck. Common advice is 'don't try to cheat', 'don't download any mod or modpack from anything other than the official site, even if it has the same name', and 'always remember it is your responsibility to assure yourself of the game rules and don't assume that mods can't accidentally be made available yet still be illegal'. The last point is most relevant, check and double check both the legality and source of the mod and it's relationship to game rules and don't try to 'interpret' the rules just to suit yourself. I'd add that I've never known WG to issue warnings, the first 7 day ban is the first time the cheater knows they've been caught. The next ban is permanent. A warning slap on the wrist before a ban would be counter productive, people would start playing games with 'how long before I'm clear again?', or 'I'll switch to a similar mod that's still illegal'. Players should rightfully be scared of getting banned, they are ripping off everybody they play against after all, that's you and me folks.
  4. 250swb

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    I was offered the Cossack as well, it makes me wonder if there isn't a WG scam going on and they have a whole pile of Cossack's on a dusty shelf that they can't sell.
  5. 250swb

    Wichita: Bruiser Cruiser

    The context I took from what Flamu was saying was that it wasn't as good as the Baltimore with the subtext 'if you already have the Baltimore'. I think Flambass said something similar, if looking up the tech tree it's not bad, if looking down the tech tree then why would you want it? The resulting conclusion I took away from watching both reviews is that it's ok for some players and not worth bothering with for others, so is it a bad ship or a good ship, depends which end of the telescope you are looking through? I've not read any comments in the forum that look at the ship in any context other than 'I've got the Baltimore' which is disappointing.
  6. 250swb

    Why planes engines overheat when I slow down ?

    If they are air cooled engines they need air to cool them, the faster the air the better within an upper and lower limit. If you've been going full speed and back off the throttle then the engine suddenly has an excess of heat to dissipate. To keep the engine heat within limits the engine speed should be reduced gradually. That would be real life anyway, I don't know if it's modelled in the game like that.
  7. 250swb

    Not a noob

    I have Pingplotter working in the background when I play games and nothing coincides with WoWs events and a flaky connection. But next time I'll send the trace log to Support.
  8. 250swb

    Not a noob

    Something similar I guess, recently it seems to be after I've done something 'significant' such as launch a big long range salvo, the ship stops responding to helm and ploughs straight on until the shells have landed. Also the whole game froze once until the shots had landed. My graphics are max'd (WoWs 'Recommended' settings, I've not changed them), I wondered if something or other needed turning down, but I'm loath to do it as the game runs very well 99% of the time. I've not had this happen before the CV patch.
  9. 250swb

    Giulio Cesare

    Exactly, nothing is an 'accident' in this game. I see the Commander reset is now back to gold while players are still coming to terms with the carriers part A) and part B) fiasco, talk about keeping people on their toes, I imagine some more gold will be bought this week in the continuing efforts to sort it out. In terms of the video he makes a good point at the end, and if I can paraphrase, 'the RNG thing just seeks to equalise the ships so nothing stands out'. OK, great some may say. But no, it just means players are always trying to buy the latest thing for the slightest hoped for advantage it can offer, and often it won't. WoWs needs ships that players can identify with, feel good with, and not feel they are going to have the rug pulled from under them all the time. Not all ships will be good for all people, and the GC is great in it's tier, but gets decidedly flakey when up-tiered as it is.
  10. 250swb

    Giulio Cesare

    Given all the stats Wargaming have on their game it must be an incredible and astounding surprise to them that the GC seems now to be OP! I mean, what were they thinking? Unless it was to milk the community before taking the prize away so they can milk the community all over again with another offering in the GC mould. Maybe I'm being overly cynical? I think at some point Wargaming have to stand by their decisions and not take the wee wee out of their players by changing the parameters of what they bought. How would you feel if the size of your Levi's changed suddenly without your waistline changing to explain it?
  11. 250swb

    Add option for random without CV

    Not sure how a CV would cease to be classed as a warship in WoWs, they were ships, and at war, but given the relatively small player base how would you feel losing maybe 25% of players in your CV free games? Yes, just play with your friends, very healthy for the game in the long term, as if.
  12. 250swb

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    'Littlekittenoftummytickles' is the sort of name you need if your instinct is to surrender. No, it's just not acceptable to surrender, or claim your internet died, or that your dog ate the keyboard, you enter a team game to play a team game to the end. Same goes for players that go to hide if they are losing, it's not big and it's not clever.
  13. 250swb


    OP, it appears you skipped over playing tier 1 pretty quickly, but if you haven't learned tier 1's three brutal lessons, of 1) being influential in the game, 2) getting into the habit of doing more than your own hit points in damage, and 3) surviving to the end of the battle, well it just gets harder from then on. I'm not saying go back to tier 1, but I think these are the parameters you should be judging yourself by, and if you aren't managing a good ratio of the three principles go down to a tier where you do, refresh your senses, and work back up again.
  14. 250swb

    Naming Ships

    Isn't there a console version of WoWs where suggestions like this would be more appropriate? Besides which you'd just be funding WG's coffers what with naming ships for gold, then renaming them when the girlfriend chucks you because of your spots, renaming them when the budgie dies, renaming them because people are making fun of the name, and all the ship names beginning and ending with xxXx......xXxx will get very confusing.
  15. 250swb

    A solution to all issues - Double Random games

    Treated as a general question to the player base don't you think it would be a very touchy subject? A lot of a good/experienced players income and WR comes from playing less experienced players. Change that and you change their status for the worse. Only playing against experienced players both income and WR will fall, you won't win as many battles, the league you are in is always going to be tougher no matter how good you are. Even unicums will see their WR fall, and while not everybody would be a unicum in your 'Veterans' battles WR is an ego issue for many players. Bragging rights are one thing, but players have spent time getting to where they are, time is what would make them a veteran in your version of the game. So being 'encouraged' to enter harder battles just isn't going to work, they'll walk, as will all those who can't take their stats falling. It will be a very thin game left at the end, most would be better quitting as soon as your Veterans Mode is implemented, at least their stats would live on in history.