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  1. 250swb

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    You like Yamato and I like Yamahto,You like tomato and I like tomahto;Yamato, Yamahto, tomato, tomahto!Let's call the whole thing off! This verse didn't get into the finished song but George Gershwin was clearly ahead of his time
  2. 250swb

    4th chat ban...no idea why

    Acting innocent and then describing exactly the sort of thing that will get you chat banned doesn't work. Either stick to being innocent or accept your ban, but either way never represent yourself in court.
  3. 250swb

    Dark vs White theme and colors in the forum!

    Fair enough, but it seems like 'the ways of the Moderator' are an enigma wrapped within a mystery. Slapped wrist for anything off topic, but talk about a forum problem and not a Gameplay problem and it's 'let's have a drink and discuss this guys', same forum sub-section, different results.
  4. 250swb

    Dark vs White theme and colors in the forum!

    Should this thread be in the Gameplay forum?
  5. Lol, it's bit like when I played Savage Battles for the very first time and I did a double take thinking 'why has my team only got three players and theirs has nine!' Eventually it dawned on me, it was to balance skills.....
  6. Perhaps WG have it in mind that game rigging for rewards or prizes would be more common if the odds were any better than they already are? On a human note it's selfish, it would be great for the four players in a division, but have a thought for the two players that aren't and who get elbowed out of the action, given they've flown just as many signals and have just as much a right to the rewards for playing well.
  7. 250swb

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    Points 1) and 2) in the OP's plan would render this impossible. I tend to agree with players who say Rental ships (or 'pay' ships) generally spoiled some of the battles in the recent Ranked games, and WG are promoting tier VII ships in the Premium Shop for the current Sprint season. But experienced players need inexperienced players to sink, without food they will starve, so rental ships and Shop bought ships are a part of the sandwich filling. That is the brutal fact, that is how somebody gets a 60%+ WR, that is how somebody gets a 43% WR.
  8. 250swb

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    It's a recipe for disaster and long, long waits for battle. WG (for the sake of argument) announce that the next Ranked season is for tier IX ships two months in advance. That leaves little time for players to grind the useful ships, become proficient and achieve all the goals you set. Unless of course you mean Ranked should in future be an elitist game mode where players already have all the necessary ships, experience, etc. and they are automatically invited into the club? Well you get the same result, long waits because you've decimated the number of players who would normally be available, and as a side note those you've excluded you've also alienated. Change a word or punctuation here or there and you've written a formula for a skill and experience based game mode. And we should all know what 'skill based' MM would lead to, and it can be summed up in one word, 'average'. You play against equal skilled and experienced players and ironically those equally skilled players on the enemy teams cause you to lose more battles.
  9. 250swb

    Sailing straight into cap in the first minute...

    He maybe was drunk? People do stuff, not everybody needs a session on the couch with a psychoanalyst.
  10. 250swb

    Rogue Wave Free XP to starting nation ship.

    Can you even sell tier 1 ships? They are the datum point when it comes to things like getting free Captains and XP after events. They don't cost anything so how can you sell it and not have a place for your XP to go?
  11. 250swb

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    I wouldn't pay for any cosmetic changes over and above what we have. My Captains are revered for their points, not what they look like, and players and WG surely don't want to get dragged into appearance shaming as we find on social media?
  12. 250swb

    Upcoming Random bundles: Why grind when you can buy?

    I agree, but I thought to myself as soon as the NTC plans were announced 'how are WG planning to monetarise this?' And then as a taster for forthcoming temptations the New Orleans went on sale.............. Wargaming are going to engineer many ways for players to rush up the tech tree as fast as possible when the NTC cycle comes into play. Random Bundles are just another toe in the water for Wargaming, the whole NTC move will be a massively cynical cash cow.
  13. 250swb

    How can I become quality poster, community rep or privateer?

    Try for representing a special interest group in the game, maybe Mongolian yak hearders, or LGBT, underwater basket weavers, etc.
  14. 250swb

    Operation Defense of Naval Station

    I've five starred it but it took a couple of go's. It seemed impossible until as if by a miracle one team really became a proper team with great positioning and rallying to hot spots instead of playing selfishly. I think we ended with only two casualties and those right at the end.
  15. 250swb

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    So your 61% WR isn't to do with skill? That is either very worrying on many levels, or explainable in a human way. I know it must be to do with skill, but at what point in the game? Your WR hasn't changed much since you started playing, and as players know who've played WoT (as a comparison for instance, because I haven't played WoWs for very long) long standing players tend to have a running advantage because the game was simpler 'back then'. So are you saying your WR hasn't gone up because ongoing from 2015 WG decided to nerf you?