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  1. 250swb

    Rename the tier 8 British Heavy Cruiser

    Why should towns and counties get all the glory and not villages? So I vote for HMS Wetwang, or HMS Twatt.
  2. 250swb

    Container bait

    Well there you go, problems with free stuff again, when will WG just quit with the free stuff?
  3. 250swb

    What do former WoT players think of WoWs?

    I left WoT because of the radical changes that started two years ago, spoiling a perfectly good game by dumbing it down and appealing to the weekend player . I think WoWs is going the same way, I got a sinking feeling with CV's being introduced, now submarines will most likely see me quit. But it's basically a good game as it is, even with CV's, the strategy side is appealing, the grinds are doable, I just wish WG could understand that the plethora of novelty events are off-putting and distracting.
  4. 250swb


    Cruisers fill that gap between the ignominy of a BB dying early and a DD dying first. They are frangilble and exciting, they can turn the game with good old relenting dmg and just as easily die in a devastating strike. British light cruisers are a hoot, followed by JP for solid reliability. After that the French are interesting and the Soviet dull but effective, US to my mind situational to the extreme.
  5. 250swb

    No Regs

    Well that would be why I can't hit anything with the Albermale.
  6. 250swb


    Have you kept your graphics card drivers up to date? I can't spot the difference either, but I do know that in the short time I've been playing WoWs the graphics have been improved and not degraded.
  7. 250swb

    Your favorite captain...

    So you never know if she tells you that you are sunk? Mine would be Kuznetsov , not because he has the weird coloured ammo, but that he would have weird coloured ammo if only I pressed the option button to implement it. Now that is having the power over your special Captain, not him (or her) having the power over you.
  8. But looking at those stats the number shouting out is the number of battles played. The newer the ship (or the more difficult to get ship) the average skill of the players is higher, it's going onto the database played by unicums, CC's, and specialists, etc. As soon as the average Joe buys one (if not put off by the reviews) those WR and damage numbers will come right down.
  9. 250swb

    [RESULTS] Double Recruitment Points

    Well you could look at the other way, since you started in the 'easy' days of WoWs your own WR has only gone up 1%, a great testimony for 12,000 battles of superior experience?
  10. 250swb

    I no longer receive rewards for logging in!

    It was a limited event, even if you didn't log in every day you still automatically got whatever rewards were available, you haven't been defrauded.
  11. 250swb


    I think the requirements on the graphics department in some of the ideas for Dockyard would cause meltdown in having to design each ship from the inside out so it can be rendered. But if it was possible to build a ship of choice I think it should be not just the next ship you can get but something further up the tech tree so it's ready, or partly ready, when you get there. How nice to be able to plan ahead?
  12. 250swb

    point victory in co-op

    Why shouldn't it be harder? It may make players take the game more seriously and invest some time in the concepts of tactics. The training mode and low tiers in WoT is far more punishing than Co-Op in WoWs. If it is harder more credits could be awarded, if battles were made to last longer more people could get satisfaction from playing it.
  13. Yeah right, could you not just go with the sentiment of the message, you aren't WG schill are you?
  14. 250swb

    point victory in co-op

    I think it depends on what you think the Co-Op mode is there to do. Is it meant to be a less stressful rehearsal for the main Random game, or is it a separate game mode altogether? If it is a rehearsal mode then all the features should remain, if it's a separate game mode then it needs to change far more than the cap circles to avoid any confusion. Personally I think it should be a training/less stressful mode and all the familiar functions should remain as is. Random's do after all need all the help they can get, either to lure the away some of the more reckless players, or help train them to shoot, and Co-Op can do both. Co-Op is not perfect but making it a radically different game mode doesn't help the health of the rest of WoWs.
  15. 250swb


    And you understand the consequences of battles lasting longer than 5 mins? Well to last longer the AI enemy would need to be better, and then you'l be complaining about losing so many battles in Co-Op or how bad your teammates are. Yes credit income sucks, so play Random battles, Operations, or Ranked.