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  1. I got it wrong, I thought I can't have more than 5, but it turns out I have 9, just goes to show how enticing tier X is.
  2. Well they aren't much different to humans. I'd been sitting more or less stationary in smoke for a minute when torps appeared from behind me as a cruiser sailed past, BLAM! I thought 'right I'm reporting him' only to then see it was a bot on my team, no, I mean a real bot! There wasn't even an enemy ship the other side of me for it to torp. And we criticise WG for not making the bots realistic?
  3. It's the common mantra that anything below tier IV isn't fun, average 'for fun' players hear this and move up a tier or two, find themselves out of their depth and it isn't fun anymore, so they 'invest' in tier VIII premium ships in the hope of having fun, and then it becomes less fun for both themselves and other players on their team. But could things change if somebody came up with a guide for 'How to have FUN in low tier games!', and not the constant downplaying of low tiers? Or to put it another way, if in the past it was managed properly rather than looked down upon 'the community' should be now be talking about how to prise players away from the fun low tiers and get them to move up. You are describing a problem that has been created as much by the community as by Wargaming, and then highlighting other tiers as 'more or less' fun simply cements this. There are people playing who have fun in each and every tier, either specialising in one tier or spreading themselves around a bit. And they may be in a minority but you don't hear from them because the game is fun and they are happy. It's their brains you need to pick to discover where the fun comes from and how to promote it, not rehash where fun is supposed to be absent.
  4. So rounding up a lynch mob to punish somebody, that to me sounds like a good reason for a chat ban. If the action is so egregious the other players will notice it and can make up their own minds whether to report the offender.
  5. Accidentally going pink isn't even a slap on the bottom, although on this forum I'm sure some people wish it was, and harder. It is just one of the everyday rules in a society that keeps it running smoothly, like a 'No Entry' sign at the end of a one-way-street, or standing orderly in the queue to get into the Justin Bieber concert. It doesn't hurt you, it doesn't give you a criminal record, and in most cases it is turning pink for an in-game accident or connection error, it was out of your control, just like you'll claim you thought you were queuing for Slipknot.
  6. 250swb

    Bot CVs in Co-Ops

    Presumably because all the CV bots are already busy, there are only so many and not an endless resource. I think the general problem with CV's on either side in CoOp is the fast speed of the battle, just not enough time to fly back and forth where the other ships can potentially be constantly engaged.
  7. I can't help but think that even though 175k is a lot of coal this may be the point where WoWs takes on-board that the average player doesn't pay enough attention to their Commanders because it's not as sexy as a buying new ship. If Kuznetsov doesn't open some eyes nothing will, effectively it says 'look, a Commander is as valuable as a ship'. Maybe part of the problem so often brought up about potato players is that they have the ship, they have the general enthusiasm, but they just don't pay enough attention to detail, and Commanders are a peripheral component for many of them. WoT makes a big play of promoting crews with special events, crew XP weekends, and giveaways of special crew and I think the players begin to realise they are important to make their game better, WoWs could do worse than follow the lead. I know for the players who have Kuznetsov it was the result of hard work or hard spending (I split it 50/50), but I think its a great idea if it gives Commanders a higher conceptual value, although it may be the thin end of the wedge and WG are testing the waters to give them a higher monetary value.
  8. 250swb

    Remove smoke when guns fire.

    Wind also disperses smoke, have your crew blow harder.
  9. 250swb

    Smolensk heavily under powered!

    And here's me opening the thread thinking it would be deeply ironic, but then what happens, it's full of good ideas!
  10. 250swb

    "Back to port" button - why does it exist?

    Sarcastic tone acknowledged. However what comes across in WoT is that XVM or any other data system that gives things like win percentage before the battle starts or just the strength of your enemies is what makes players bale out before the game starts, never mind after it has started. So given you you are in sarcastic mode and you ask me how I know this to be true, how do you know this isn't true? For the sake of discussion etc. it would be good if you put up some defence rather than lazily ask me to justify what you have already decided is a wild statement.
  11. Game Centre is very stable with both WoWs and WoT, I held off for a long time but now I'm happy I swapped over. Running Win 10. One additional bonus generally for encouraging players to use Game Centre is that it at least gives a snapshot of the game news and keeps them partially up to date.
  12. So you think players wouldn't like the option to play 'dumber'? I don't think being able to set your own difficulty level in Co-Op is the same as campaign missions in WoT at all, and with better XP it may be a reasonable respite from weekend battle syndrome. That said if Co-Op didn't exist at all I'd be just as happy.
  13. I don't like playing Co-Op myself but I do sometimes play it to complete easy missions and yes the rewards are disappointing. I think perhaps if you could choose between two or three difficulty levels with much better credit and XP income the harder the level it would make more sense and give a bit more flexibility to the mode.
  14. 250swb

    "Back to port" button - why does it exist?

    It isn't that long ago now but I did mention XVM and that banning it would be a good start, but you ostensibly wanted to make a legal case out of the term and not the concept. But in reality you didn't even want to go that far, you just decided to have a go, be the bully boy, not think things through and metorphorically demand the pocket money from your victim.
  15. 250swb

    "Back to port" button - why does it exist?

    I didn't write anything to trap you or anybody else, but you did that yourself, I mean you could have checked couldn't you? But on your high horse you didn't , so don't blame me.