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  1. Captaindanz

    This is the best update ever!

    New maps>graphical changes
  2. Captaindanz

    Remove the star saved in ranked

    So in case you will do absolutely nothing on the winning side you shouldn't gain a star, it's only fair.
  3. Did you manage to slap their cv at the start?
  4. instead of making it tough for players to get to gold, all you have to do is to play day and night and eventually you will get to gold, now you get those players that got no place in "gold league" to sabotage your games on a weekly basis. enjoy. on a serious note wg, you clearly don't know how to improve your product, maybe you should ask the competitive player base, you might do one thing correct.
  5. Captaindanz

    Best new skills for Izumo?

    What am i looking at?
  6. Captaindanz

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    You can always pick the nevsky, there are people employed by wg that are actually playing the game, maybe wg should start asking them for opinions to improve the game.
  7. Captaindanz

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    cas will give up there concealment so they could improve their reload by 8% let's face it, even 2 weeks ago BBS were camping at the edge of the map, now they will get rewarded for it.. This is the same meta we had at the past year, the vast majority of bb players don't know how to support their team.
  8. Captaindanz

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    I played the takao, haven't played the edin and i hated the hipper, there shouldn't be any problem playing the myoko or any one the cruisers you mentioned, i guess you can drop the concealment, and pick top grade gunner on your alaska, in which case you don't need a radar so you can take a spotter plane, but if you will do that you might as well pick the drake...
  9. Captaindanz

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    Haven't found any problem playing cruisers, or any other class for that matter, mainly because the playerbase is at such a bad state right now. sadge. There are some exceptions, like dm and woc, mainly because the enemy team don't want to play the game, but it was the same thing before the update.
  10. Captaindanz

    Commander Skills Update

  11. Captaindanz

    Commander Skills Update

    Actually not, the classes that will suffer the most are dds and bbs, cvs are getting a buff somehow..
  12. Captaindanz

    Commander Skills Update

    The customer is always right, unless you are a customer of WG.
  13. Captaindanz

    PQ's The CV problem - discussion with skilled players only

    God give me strength