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  1. EffectStyle

    New CVs

    I agree about the frustrating part you can not carry games like in the other ships the only think to do is wait for some solo idiot.
  2. EffectStyle

    New CVs

    I do not know what you think, I have 40 games and 40% are victorious with Midway. 85 000 Avg DMG per game 81 000 dmg from spoting and this win rate. and about to call it quet of the cv rework
  3. Ok can you make this image for all other ships the style and info is good ore just for the premium ships. Dreadnought
  4. This Upgrade is so bad. Whit my Main Battery Modification 3 my reload is 21.1 whit the new one is 19.7 (1.4 sec difference for for 6 km range) no tnx keep the old one !?!?!??!?!?!?
  5. EffectStyle

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    I do not play t8 at all 1 of 10 games i end in a game that i`me top tier, only t10 games ending up.
  6. EffectStyle

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    When i made it to rank 1 i play more game from t5 to t7 ( 1 of 5 games i`me the top ore mid tier) the games on that tier more broiling type and i like it. on this topic What do you expect people to look through their eyes but now we have the forums to share. That people have no manners or discipline is personal failure of the age that we live other people can not fix.
  7. EffectStyle

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    good point i agree
  8. EffectStyle

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    I have always have a problem whit it just now i do not see reason for it.
  9. EffectStyle

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    I just think that the ships whit the same amount of upgrades need to play the same game 5 and 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 10 the main point is concealment. Now is plenty of ppl playing.
  10. EffectStyle

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

  11. EffectStyle

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    I do not know why i`ts +2 tier game but i`ts sucks. You need to revisit the reason. I enter play nice game whit CA ore DD whit no bb that can 1 shoot me from 15 km and what happens tier 7 game. Carriers x2 and the aa so great on t5 ships and this not fun to fight up heal battle every time. i`ts fun some time not all the times if i`ts the time to enter a game (players online). T10 matches are ..... to punishing for mistakes. Rank i`ts fun but they are not for every ship and i do not care for the Tier 5,6,8 ore 10. i`ts about the number of ships and the situation you fall in ( not all ships are equal ). ММО terms i`ts not fun to fight a opponent whit 2 times the stats of you character ore full set (Orange, epic what ever) and you are on you just got you first peace.
  12. EffectStyle


    Can you make a discord for wargaming to post news.updates and other stuff for you games i`ts will be a lot of more easy to keep track if have miss some new.
  13. EffectStyle

    Rank 1 Flag

  14. EffectStyle

    Rank 1 Flag

    I did not get Jolly Roger II for reaching Rank 1 a second time.
  15. EffectStyle

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    A lot of bb and dd very few ca. I have one problem i got this session "Jolly Roger" this is my second season i get to Rank 1 i need it to get "Jolly Roger II" .