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  1. Yes, but it was a long time ago and WG have changed the rules since then.
  2. Does Survivability Expert come into it? I used to see them regularly in a SE specced Fletcher but that was some time ago (early 2017 I think).
  3. Capra76

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    Most just stop playing (that is pretty much where I am).
  4. Capra76

    PT 0.9.3 - General Feedback

    Is it possible to access the Euro DD or not? According to the notes: The base torpedo modules of Tier V-IX researchable European destroyers will become researchable. The new base torpedo module parameters for each ship will be equal to those of the researchable torpedo module of the previous tier destroyer. In case you already have one of these European destroyers in Port,............ but all that I am seeing is "soon".
  5. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    I've seen suggestions that they are, anti ship ballistic missiles being a thing and all, we just haven't had a major power conflict to test everyting out.
  6. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    It's like asking Horatio Nelson to predict naval combat today, you can't look that far ahead because you can't predict what the technologies of the day will be. My guess involves unmanned vehicles able to operate at very long ranges, flying manned aircraft from ships maybe obsolete within a very few years on cost grounds alone.
  7. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    Erm........ questionable.
  8. Capra76

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    200 battles in 52 ships is an average of 4 per ship, that's far too few battles to learn the ship and how it plays. My advice, pick a line, go back to T2 and play 25 games before progressing to T3 and repeat that before you move up to T4 and so on as you progress the line. Also, once you get to T5 consider whether you should start a new line of a different class to learn how that class plays (again 25 battles each time).
  9. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    and potatoes always potate.............
  10. Really? I would suggest that the case suggests the exact opposite.
  11. Most will get the reference.
  12. Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un AA gunner pour encourager les autres.............
  13. Presumably that's a single player, my comment applies in aggregate.
  14. Usually that means it's the very best players who're using them, if they're struggling to be effective then something is very wrong.
  15. IRL I doubt it mattered in the slightest, you're shooting at ships on open water that we're spotted perhpas 30 minutes or so previously, not suddenly switching between targest as they slip in and out of detection range. As an example: "Just before 03:00, Suffolk regained contact with Bismarck. Hood and Prince of Wales were 35 mi (30 nmi; 56 km) away.......................... At 05:35, lookouts on Prince of Wales spotted the German ships 17 mi (15 nmi; 27 km) away.................... Hood opened fire at 05:52 at a distance of approximately 26,500 yd"