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  1. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    That comes back to the way AA and flak works, if you give them enough AA to fight off unicum CV players then what happens in a potato v potato match, or even a normal v normal one? Hypothetically all surface ships are sunk after 10 minutes and then you get another 10 minutes of watching planes disappear in clouds of flak with neither player able to strike the other before the game fizzles out in a draw. I agree it's a design, but WG wanted to make the class strong at DOT to give weaker players at least the feeling that they were doing something without making stronger players absurdly OP, the only way to prevent stronger players using that to exploit the skill gap to weaker players is to make the class functionally immune to DOT effects. Perhaps DOT effects could be split between minor and major with CV suffering only minor fires and flooding from other CV but major DOT from surface ships, but I'm sure WG would say that's too complicated so I wouldn't hold your breath.
  2. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    I was under the impression that it was mostly to do with eliminating CV sniping, because CV are some of the strongest DOT dealers a skilled CV player could easily burn down his opponent in the first few minutes thus widening the skill gap even further (something WG really didn't want to do).
  3. If you had played them then you would know that subs are anything but easy targets for DD and in fact trying to hunt them in any ASW ship is the fastest way to die.
  4. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    Publicly yes, privately I suspect that they accept that the rework is a disaster and they'd be happy to see the whole class scrapped but internal politics means they cannot admit as much.
  5. Capra76

    Be positive!!! Help the good and nice players.

    Down vote the OP.
  6. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    There is also the basic point that you simply ran out of time and points, in a standard battle with another 5 minutes to play with, the Daring is already out of smoke and there's no way he survives or caps and we're down to CV v CV as the last surviving ships. How will that end? In El2aZeR we trust (all others pay cash). Plus all of this proves nothing anyway. The problem has never been that you can't do anything as a DD even against a great CV player, the problem is that your opportunities to do so are so vastly reduced by the presence of a potato let alone a semi-competent CV player that it just makes the whole gameplay frustrating and not worth the effort. 1/10 great games is worth it, 1/100 isn't.
  7. Capra76

    Chances for next Submarine Test to be T8 ?

    Have WG said they're doing another round of sub testing?
  8. Capra76

    new to the how to deal with CV as dd

    and if enemy CV is that skilled you probably don't want to be playing CV either.
  9. Do you really think playing DD at T10 after 700 games in all classes is a good idea? Drop back down to T4, learn to handle the CV spotting (most down there are bad anyway) and how to dominate games, once you've done that then maybe move up to T7 and see what you can do there.
  10. The thing about f2p games is you don't want to make them too enjoyable otherwise there's no reason to spend any money on it, you need to include just enough frustration and pain that players will open their wallets to get to the top tier. Possibly, but it's safe to assume that BB are WG's biggest players and since BB players don't like DD WG are probably quite happy to see them screwed. The reason of course is that BB are a relatively forgiving class that's fairly easy to play and that appeals to people who are short on time but have lots of money and are happy to give it to WG in the belief that it'll improve their games.
  11. Capra76

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    Are you sure? Have you purchased the object, or have you purchased the right to use it for a period of time? More fundamentally, is it an object or is it a service, and in either case what is the nature of it? Even more fundamentally, there's so many different legal systems that might claim jurisdiction over the matter the answer to any question we can ask on the subject is likely to be both yes and no simaltaneously. Not a simple question.
  12. Capra76

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    A very good point, however the underlying question is what was purchsed in the first place? If I stick 50p into an Out Run arcade game, I don't get to walk away with the machine, I've purchased the right to use the asset for a certain amount of time, once that's over then so are my rights. So when you buy a ship in this game, what exactly is it that you've purchased?
  13. Capra76

    Most cursed ship I think I've ever had...

    Small sample size.............. strange results........... basic statistics.
  14. Capra76

    My Worst Tech Tree List. What's Yours?

    Fushun and Gadjah Mada are probably the two most OP DD in the game.
  15. Not so much a purchase, but Duke of York from the new year event a while back, vast amount of grind to get and I've played her about twice.