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  1. Just one other thought, has anyone thought about subs relative strength at different phases in the game, are they going to be weak or dominant early, mid or late in the game. What I hate most about CV is that they take close games where you as a DD/CA/BB can make a difference to the outcome and turn it into a constant nightmare of rockets, torpedoes and bombs, where you almost literally can't move. Are subs going to do the same, or are they going to determine the outcome of the game in the first 3-5 minutes.
  2. Buoyancy. Or, being a little more serious, the game is still (somewhat) balanced around the 3 surface class interaction with CV as an unwelcome outsider, to add a 5th class when WG seemingly can't balance even 3 let alone 4 is not going to end well The spotting mechanics are not the same as DD, smoke is a limited use consumable that provides concealment rather than cover (i.e. unlike submersion it doesn't stop gunfire) and cannot be turned on and off at will, you mention that subs are immune to radar, how they inteact with the cap circles is unclear, torpedoes unless the sub is surfaced again seem to be excluded from the equation. There are no ASW mechanics in the game at the moment so to add any requires either a fundamental re-design or RNG depth charges similar to AA flak. Subs AFAIK can have no effective gun armament so they're wholly reliant upon torpedoes, but the whole drift of the game for the last 2 or 3 years has been away from stealthy torpedo based play so are WG really going to be able to add a class that does nothing but spam torpedoes and how will they react when the BB players start whining about another round of torpedo soup. None of which is to say that subs couldn't be intergrated into the game with sufficient work but to trust that WG are able to deliver such after the CV fiasco is optomistic to say the least.
  3. Nope, same basic problem as CV, they ignore most of the fundamental in-game balancing mechanics and introduce their own unique mechanics that will inevitably end up being balanced by RNG or something else that can only ruin the gameplay of other players without any real interaction with them,. There's a reason why WG said subs would never come to the game from day one, now they're thinking about it, this will not end well.
  4. Can't see how any of this can possibly work, CV re-work was a car crash, now WG seem to have got the car back, fueled the car up with Nitromethane and themselves with a mix of vodka and crystal meth and are promising us a high speed tour around the Nurburgring that can only end in explosions and fire. CV have always (subject to discussion) been unbalancable in this game, now WG seems to want to add a second unbalancable class, I can't undestand why. What was wrong with the game we used to have?
  5. Capra76

    CV Rework Discussion

    It's the basic problem with the rework, the gameplay is so shallow and simple there's only two ways the game can go: CV on everything, in which case there's no point playing anything else; CV don't on everything, in which case there's no point playing CV.
  6. Capra76

    Why are YOU playing this game?

    I'm not.
  7. Capra76

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hello chaps, haven't played in a long time so I thought I'd take a couple of DD out for a spin on the PT server and see if it's as bad as I thought it would be (TLDR: it is). Here's the gem that was my first game: Tried to get as far away from green Sinop (with AA off obviously) but got spotted anyway then literally couldn't get out of spawn, only managed to do anything at all in the game thanks to smoke and enemies yoloing our spawn (probably a sound tactic in the circumstances). MM is of course a PT aberration but imagine this is a close 12 v 12 battle and you see what the problem is, at this stage nobody has any meaningful AA defence so CV can strike at will and what might've been a fantastic game where you make the difference becomes a hellish ordeal of dodging endless RF attacks until CV wins. Next up (sorry no screenshot), Fletcher and guess what: it's a double T10 CV game and again there's literally nothing I can do thanks to air threat and need to stay within AA cover, think I managed one cap assist and about 3,000 dmg. Now I'm not the best DD player in the game but I'm probably better than most and if the required skill level for DD is better than me then what chance does the average player have?