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  1. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Your buddy seems to be claiming that almost every game is 4 or 5 DD, it may be possible to see these games occasionally, but with DD down below 20% it seems unlikely that this would be the regular occurance he claims. And like your buddy you provide no proof or evidence either.
  2. Nerf or Remove Radar

    You're not making a great deal of sense. When you say average are you talking about the mean, median or mode btw?
  3. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Let me get this right, you want me to search through your entire posting history looking for screenshots you may have just made up, proving that you had games with 4 or 5 DD in them to rebut my own data showing that DD are less than 20% of the game at nearly all tiers. Your screenshots and/or experiance of matchmaking prove nothing and I'm damn sure you're not that important.
  4. Nerf or Remove Radar

    You'll forgive me if I don't trawl through your posting history looking for the pics you claim to have posted, perhaps you could point me towards them. Do you understand what observation bias is?
  5. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Please would you point to the 5 DD per game.
  6. An EASY way to fix radar problems

    It's what I've been saying for the past two years, the DD numbers back in 2016 weren't anything to do with how strong the ships were (they weren't), it was purely a result of BB being too powerful against CA, radar doesn't fix that, it just makes the game worse for everyone.
  7. Because OPS are a good place to grind modules and retrain captains if you don't want to use free XP. Why should the good things be reserved for BB & CA only? Perhaps WG should add 3 or 4 DD focused operations to the rotation and exclude everybody else from them.
  8. Nerf or Remove Radar

  9. An EASY way to fix radar problems

    The basic problem with the game is the same as it has always been, BB counter CA far harder than any other class v class counter, which lead to too many BB in game and the CA players moved into DD thus creating the infamous torpedo soup. WG tried to fix this by making CA more effective against DD via radar, but the basic problem remains unsolved, CA can stop DD from playing but thier weakness to BB means they can only do this by island camping and denying their ability to cap. What I think WG should've done is remove the 3rd launcher from Shima and perhaps nerf the reload as well, but increase the damage per torpedo to something crazy like 50,000. This would've dealt with a lot of the complaints about walls as skill as 40+ torpedoes go sailing by. What WG should then have done is even up the balance between CA and BB such that they could then properly counter DD, which would've brought the BB numbers down and then more CA into the game, which would then solve the DD population issue. But the BBabies didn't want their toys nerfed, so instead of properly balancing the game WG tried to fix the problem with gimmicks and ended up with the awful campy meta we have today.
  10. An EASY way to fix radar problems

    FTFY And of course long range torpedo spam is the kind of noob DD gameplay that radar encourages.
  11. Nerf or Remove Radar

    You don't need to kill every ship to win the game.
  12. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Such as? Last time I checked DD were under 20% of ships at most tiers and even T10 is heading that way, so 5 x DD games must be pretty rare now. Also why are these the worst matches? Sure you may lose 2 or 3 DD early on but if you've still got one or two half decent DD left the loss of DPM is much less significant than 2/3 BB sailing for A1. I mean hypothetically, would you be happier to find yourself in a 2 v 2 DD game with 2 random potatoes against 2 very good DD players?
  13. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Problem is that all those radar ships then find themselves in games where the 1/2 DD present spend their time ignoring the caps and simply torpedo spamming from 10 km, thus making their radars useless and the DD gameplay just fing boring. 'Cos this is the gameplay everyone wants isn't it?
  14. Nerf or Remove Radar

    I can use very boring unfunny pictures if you like, but why shouldn't others be entertained? Me neither, but perhaps if we keep hammering home how bad it is for the game they might stop handing it out like candy every time they decide a ship/line needs some kind of gimmick/buff. Don't view: