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  1. Capra76

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    The aircraft torpedoes are pretty close to IRL, USN Mk 13-2 (Lexington) and RN Mk VIII (Hermes/Furious) are pretty much identical.
  2. Capra76

    Jingles on the state of Operations in WoWs

    I think the lack of new maps mostly comes down to that team spending all their time developing the underwater environment for subs, only for us to tell them that we don't notice it and don't need it.
  3. Couple of threads on the topic: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/152031-the-gospel-of-femennenly/ https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/151814-lwm-review-of-yukon/ The short version seems to be that WG NA reached out to her and Chobittsu to develop a premium ship for Canada, had them spend a huge amount of time developing gameplay concepts and artwork for the project, and then the developers in Russia ignored it all and just came out with a lazy copy+paste and to add insult to injury made it bad as well.
  4. I'd say about a 3. I might play the odd co-op game every now and then or have a look at the test server if there's something interesting going on but in terms of serious grind forget it. Edit: Correction, I would have a look at the test server if it didn't take over 2 hours to update every time there was a new patch.
  5. Capra76

    Does flooding need a rework?

    The simple solution was to create "minor" and "major" floods, the former coming from CV and following the new flood rules, the latter coming from surface ships and keeping the old rules. Instead WG took the opportunity provided by CV to shaft DD and buff BB once again.
  6. Capra76

    T10 Russian CV - Nakhimov

    Agreed, my point was simply that in the hands of the best players it was only about the 3rd best in class, and surely WG would never accept that.
  7. Capra76

    404 brains.exe

    The reward is 10 Dutch tokens, I suspect that 12 kills in a single battle might be somewhat excessive for the reward.
  8. Capra76

    404 brains.exe

    I presume that's 12 of the 3 possible ribbons rather than 12 of any particular ribbon. 3 kills, 3 citadells and 6 torpedo hits, job done.
  9. Capra76

    T10 Russian CV - Nakhimov

    Odds on last minute buffs to plane speed, HP and alpha that remove all weaknesses and leave it brutally OP?
  10. Capra76

    DD life and a game!

    So you've not improved or learnt anything about the game over the last 5 years then?
  11. Capra76

    DD life and a game!

    Did you play DD on that profile either?
  12. Capra76

    DD life and a game!

    You joined the game in January this year, what do you know about DD play 4 - 6 years ago?
  13. Capra76

    2nd line of american destroyers

    The line basically loses the ability to do any kind of damage against all other classes in return for a toxic auto-win radar/smoke combo against DD, they tried that on PT with Grozovoi and that was one of the very few times that an idea didn't make it from PT to the live server. Also subs, plus this at the same time, what the are they thinking about? Edit: Also the gun power really isn't anything special, one or two barrels extra but the ROF is lower so DPM is equal or less to existing tech tree ships. There really is nothing to these ships beyond spot DD, smoke radar, kill, repeat.
  14. Capra76

    DD life and a game!

    What do you know about DD play after 4 games in the class?
  15. Capra76

    The gospel of Femennenly

    I suspect the communications breakdown was between WG NA and the developers in St Petersburg, WG NA thought it was a live project and their input would substantially influence the final product; Lesta wanted a lazy copy paste with a generic camoflage and a maple leaf flag (the wrong flag BTW). I think this goes beyond just listening to Mouse, I'm fairly sure that WGNA were saying "this is great, can we have some more" whilst not realising that Lesta were going to say "who the are these people and why are they trying to design a ship?".