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  1. No, what I'm trying to do is match my concealment exactly to that of my DD, so that the red DD get spotted as soon as I do, such that I can attack the moment both of us are spotted, thus dealing the maximum damage possible before I have to disengage. . Back to the basic problem, I can hold fire, dodge and evade for the whole game, but what am I doing to affect the outcome? I mean yes, hold fire, be selective long enough and you might find yourself in a situation where you can change the game, but the vast majority of the games are decided in the early phases and I have no idea what I can do there.
  2. screw up - ignore
  3. My strategy at the moment is to have the edge of the cap (where I expect red DD to be) just outside detection so that if they get spotted I can give them a surprise strike, but most of the games I'm getting are standard battle so this is moot anyway. Well there's a trade off, you can hold fire (and I do), but you're back to what are you doing in the battle? Hold fire and do nothing, or fire and get targeted by half the enemy fleet. I don't think I'm exaggerating greatly in terms of the effect of being detected (early battle anyway), I'm sure my positioning and tactics need work, but we're back to the same question, how do you position yourself to have an effect on the battle when you get focussed the moment you fire your guns.
  4. But then that's T10, which seems to be in a relatively good place, the biggest problems seem to be at T7/8, with T5/6 struggling with constant uptiering.
  5. I'm trying to grind the IJN CA line at the moment, which is my first real regular cruiser line (played USN to T6 when the game launched), and the problem I'm finding (Myoko) is not so much survival as actually doing anything to impact the game. I mean, as an example, one game today I was trailing our DD by 3-4 km, they spotted a couple of enemy DD about the same time as I am spotted, I get off one salvo but then PT indicator starts going crazy and I have to disengage. Most of the games I'm getting these days are standard battle so supporting capping is out, I'm not in an AA cruiser not that there are any CV anyway, most cruisers get exterminated in the first 5 minutes and bouncing HE off BB for 2,000 per salvo before they whack you for 50%+ of your HP get's boring after a while. There are occasional games where you get a close end game where you can make a difference, but those are becoming vanishingly rare, for the rest of the time what are you supposed to do when firing your guns results in being focused by 5 ships every time? Is that all a cruiser player can be, an XP pinata target to draw fire away from BB? I came pretty close to uninstalling the game today.
  6. No, the goal is to progress up the tiers by accumulating XP and damage is a major component of that.
  7. You can't citadel other cruisers with destroyer calibre HE. Go and have a look at the armour model in game, Fiji has 13mm bow and aft, which gets overmatched by 203 mm AP, Edinburgh, Neptune & Minotaur all have 16 mm, in contrast the USN T8-10 get 25/27 mm which will bounce 14" or even 15" AP. Also they have low velocity 6" guns so they have to be closer than other late tier CA to do anything at all.
  8. 0.6.14

    A couple of thoughts: the CV seems to be very hard to kill and possibly bugged, it seemed to randomly appear then disappear or has a detection range of ~ 11km, is this even possible? It can be very hard on the cruisers at the start if they head north and end up fighting 3 enemy in succession and they end up a long way from the repair base, perhaps the base needs to be made a bit more accessible?
  9. So, killsteal, shoot planes (if there's a CV in the game) with completely automatic AA that's usually no better than BB anyway and BB are also generally much better at killing DD as well (thanks to the massive AP alpha). So what are cruisers really meant to do? Sit around at the back clicking upon the occasional plane squadron and wait for the 1/10 games that are close enough for you to make a difference? I know that there's more to it than that, but BB don't really need "support ships" when they are better at all of the roles themselves and if CA aren't meant to fight BB either then there's not that much left in the game for them.
  10. There was a thread a while back that showed this all started with the Minekaze/Isokaze nerf. My theory is that those two ships acted as a skill check on BB players, you either learned to play the game or got spanked so hard you didn't play at all. Now WSAD is optional and you can die your way to T9/10 without too much trouble. Weekends I guess used to be the province of 9-5 workers who bought their way up to higher tiers, now anyone can get there. Edit: Post 29:
  11. And yet only one USN DD during the war suffered a magazine detonation from a direct hit and even that had to be scuttled by friendly gunfire/torpedoes.
  12. Maybe spread the shots around a bit more, increase the chance of a hit and reduce the risk of a devastating strike. You know it's a bad mission when you're forced to play a particular way.
  13. But WG aren't going to do this. What's really needed is some kind of survivability buff for cruisers so that they're not such a tempting target for everybody and can survive being focused if they are, maybe some kind of change to the game mechanics so that they take reduced damage from citadel and regular penetration, maybe 2/3 of what it is now?
  14. I remember reading somewhere that the flag actually reduced the chance by 99.999% or something like that for technical reasons. It could be wrong, maybe it was speculation by someone.
  15. I guess the IJN DD nerfs were really directed towards Shima at T10 in an attempt to control her numbers, I doubt that WG are expecting similar numbers of these ships at the higher tiers. To be honest the USN clones look pretty meh to me, T4 looks fairly good, T5 looks dreadful, T6 looks good, T7 looks a little OP and I'd probably stick there.