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  1. I have some bad news for you, if you don't like Fushun's gun ballistics, firing arcs and torpedo reload you are really not going to like the Gadjah Mada.
  2. Crash Tester Achievement

    I can only think that it's something to do with sinking a certain number of ships in operations, the only constant is that it's awarded after a kill.
  3. Are you confusing the Fushun with the T7 Gadjah Mada? Because what you're saying sounds far more like a description of that ship rather than the T6 one. Fushun: 4 x 1 130 mm guns in a superfiring ABXY configuration, very good firing angles and a 33.5 kg shell travelling at 870 m/s. Gadjah Mada: 3 x 2 120 mm guns with not very good firing angles sending an 22.68 kg shell at 808 m/s. It's not that rare these days, WG gives away 10 point or better captains quite regularly and ran a mission for one when the line launched, also with elite captain XP you can level the captain that way instead.
  4. A 12 point captain with EM and CE is a must, but if you can do that it's very strong once fully upgraded. Are we talking about the same ship here? Gnevny/Fushun have some of the best ballistics of any DD in the game. Also 60 kn isn't that slow for torpedoes at that tier and a 79 second reload is unremarkable at T6 as well. Quite simply the ship is identical to the Soviet one in every respect except the torpedoes, and the 8 km range and ability to stealth torp more than makes up for inability to hit DD.
  5. Fushun is at a minimum very, very good and way better than the Gnevny on which it is based.
  6. About the Conqueror

    And herein lies the problem, you can't fix braindead with a nerf or a buff, it requires a total and fundamental re-work.
  7. That probably is true but misleading, the silver ammo is being fired in vast amounts by low tier vehicles with rapid firing 20 mm cannons and the gold ammo is being used by high tier vehicles, with much lower rates of fire. So e.g. one T2 tank fires 95 rounds of silver in a game, one T8 fires 5 rounds of gold, overall only 5% of shells fired are gold but............. This does seem to be standard practice with WG, what they say isn't actually untrue, but it frequently seems to be intentionally misleading.
  8. RN DDs - any info?

    @Trainspite has some suggestions here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/64198-royal-navy-tech-tree-proposal/#topmost Based on the ships already in game I think we can make a reasonable guess at a likely line up: n/a maybe Acasta, 3 guns, 2 x 1 torps; R class, in game as the PA Phra Ruang, V/W class, similar to Vampire but probably with 2 x 2 torpedo tubes and the 6km MkV; maybe a modified W class with 2 x 3 torps; G class, very close to Gallant; maybe an I class, 4 x 1 guns and 2 x 5 torps or L/M class with 3 x 2 guns but 2 x 4 torps; N class, in game as Gadjah Mada at T7 but borderline O/P with DWT, would be a good fit at 8 with regular Mk IX* off Edinburgh; Battle class, 5 x 4.5" guns, 2 x 5 torps; Daring class, 3 x 2 4.5" guns, 2 x 5 torps. The big question is how to balance the 4.5" guns at T9/10 since 113 mm won't penetrate 19mm plate without IFHE but if you give the line the 1/4 HE rule then they'll be able to shred battleships with IFHE, perhaps a special 1/5 rule?
  9. Post #28 on this thread: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/96531-tier-viii-matchmaking/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-2322429 You might get more luck.
  10. Post #2 in this thread. If you get the chance could you ask S_O for the numbers by class, i.e. do CA get uptiered significantly more than BB at T8 on the EU server?
  11. What Eliastion and Aoteras have said, but it's also (IMO) to do with the business model of F2P games. To be profitable WG needs to introduce just enough frustration into the game to encourage you to pay real world money to speed up the grind and +2 MM is a way of achieving that, for just a few £/€/$ you can skip through the misery of being bottom tier and progress all the way to T10 and never be bottom tier again. The problem (and the point of this thread) is when the balance of enjoyment/frustration goes wrong and instead of encouraging some players to pay to progress it causes players to give up and do something else altogether, which is what happens when MM starts inflicting constant up-tiering on players.
  12. Richelieu, your opinon on guns dispersion?

    Not at T8, at least if you're not camping on the map border. I've only played a couple of games with it on PT but this felt more like T3/4 dispersion, horrible. I'm not sure what it gets to make up for it either.
  13. How do you feel about the Aigle?

    Known problem, WG are working on it.