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  1. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    I think we need to accept the fact that the developers would rather kill the game outright than admit that CV/subs are a failure.
  2. Wasn't that one of the halloween events a few years back, PvE it was fun, but the gameplay does not suit the PvP environment that WG are trying to lever it in to.
  3. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    Three years later, it just keeps getting worse.
  4. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    That makes them a game-breaking class for me, either play them (and they're boring as to play), or play something else, in which case you're not trying to win. Why would I play a game and not try to win?
  5. I asked this question back in 2018, are WG prepared to drop the whole idea if it doesn't work, the answer was obvious at the time, no, they were going to push on regardless.
  6. IJN DD nerf was when the game started to fall apart. The old Isokaze/Minekaze used to act as a kind of skill check for BB players, those that couldn't learn tended to give up at about that stage, once WG nerfed them into irrelevance the potato BB players were free to straight line all the way to T10. I forget who it was but someone actually compiled stats to prove this. Edit: @Z_OnkelE did the stats.
  7. Capra76

    General CV related discussions.

    You can reason with a terminator, it wants you dead, so long as you're willing to accept that outcome there's a deal to be struck. This guy wants you to be dead, and happy about it, you can't reason with that.
  8. Worse. Shima still packs a reasonable punch with its guns and if played properly can be competitive in a gunfight with most other DD, thus they can be balanced around that, submarines don't have that option and can only be balanced around their torpedoes, so that only works if submarines are way, way better with their torpedoes than anything else.
  9. Capra76

    Changes to submarines (from Development blog)

    Because that might actually work? It seems to me that almost everything relating to subs is becoming an RNG lottery, it seems like the only way they can think of to "balance" the class.
  10. Capra76

    Submarines, time to cancel them?

    Way back in 2019, on the original submarines feedback thread, I posted this: And I got a response from one of the WG staff (now deleted) to the effect that "of course we'll drop them if they don't work, but we're confident that they will work". We all knew the truth at the time, submarines were coming no matter what, and they would almost certainly be another disaster on the scale of the CV re-work, if not worse.
  11. Capra76

    What's the rationale behind -1 / + 1 match making?

    It conflicts with the basic principles of the F2P business model, if T6 is always guaranteed to be top tier then there's no incentive to grind to higher tiers, and if T7 is always bottom tier then there's a strong disincentive to grind to T8, thus higher tiers would be deserted (a further disincentive to grind), there'd be no reason to pay for premium time or other economic bonuses, everyone would simply stick at T6, WG wouldn't even be able to sell high tier premium ships, so their entire revenue stream would dry up, and the game would fold almost instantly. Other than that, it's a brilliant idea.
  12. Capra76

    General Submarines related discussions

    I imagine they do, I'm sure they can't be happy with the way the project has gone or the result they've ended up with, and the staff must know that this has implications for their future employment prospects. However, WG internal politics means that subs must be seen to be a great success even if they ultimately kill the game.
  13. Capra76

    No Hunt for Bismarck event?

    Too busy trying to make subs work, no doubt.
  14. As a CV main, that must put you on something like -1,000,200 now.