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  1. xavalex

    Just ragesold the Yugumo

    Yugumo is very technical DD. I have succeeded to get very low detectability on mine, so I can get very close to (radarless) targets. If there is a CV, switching off AA to keep a very low profile also works. It's a question of playing cat and mouse with the rocket squadrons then. It takes many games to get used to it.
  2. xavalex

    Suggestion for Admirals

    Hi, Can I make a suggestion? Create an "Admiral" game type where players could serve as Admiral for the fleet. The other players could select one or another admiral to lead them and have to follow his orders. The Admiral's performance should be clearly visible to all. If a player does not follow orders, he can lose points from his team etc... The Admiral would need to buy a "virtual command ship" position. This might help prevent the "free for all" you see in certain games. Regards.
  3. xavalex

    PT boat

    Any chance to have PT Boats among US DDs soon? It would be fun to have a PT109 e.g.