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  1. Henry_Strangeways

    Tiers 7 tp 10 totally unplayable.

    some of them can't read lol... the chat is the same
  2. Henry_Strangeways

    Space Warships Intergalactic Games: Space Assault

    I have no doubt that the "Space Warships Intergalactic Games: Space Assault" will be of interest to some. Personally, I couldn't be less interested and have not played a single match. The whole thing smell of WG making money out in desperation of the CV rework epic failure. April 2016 saw a really cute and funny game in a bath, little plastic warships, ducks and all the associated trimmings. That was fun simple and delightful to play, "space warships" get over yourselves. If WG want to save WoWs, make improvement to the main game to encourage team play. No not Clans or divisions, the very word means divided btw, team play in random battles is another epic failure of WG to listen to players feedback 3 years ago.
  3. Henry_Strangeways

    Which tier do you enjoy playing the most?

    My AA cruisers love the carriers, T9 Neptune shoots down 20 to 40 planes a game some days. DD's not so much
  4. Henry_Strangeways

    Which tier do you enjoy playing the most?

    Edinburgh always wound up in T10 battles for me, 9 out of 10 times, MM changes have improved this. I stopped using Edinburgh for months last year, because a game would start, she would take 2 hits from a T10 BB and game over
  5. Henry_Strangeways

    Which tier do you enjoy playing the most?

    I enjoy tier 5 6 7 8 in cruisers and tier 5 7 in destroyers probably only tier 7 battleships. I agree entirely about game play, there has never been any formulation of "teamwork" in random battles. I seem to experience alternate days now one day lots of wins and good XP next day constant loss. I've played WoWs (only) for 3 1/2 years, I'm a fairly skilled attacker but I often join 3 or 4 ships and then find while I take on a target, the others just scarper. My aim in cruisers is very good, especially British ships. I do have a theory and I'm sure it will be criticised. The game is now about money, check some of the premium ship prices at T10. There has never been an ordered way to rise in skill, research a ship and use it until you can research the next in succession is quite simplistic. Better use of Co op battles would serve to teach tactics to newcomers, although as far WG is concerned this would limit potential profits. I played War Commander for over 5 years, in its early days it was fun, we made clans and had great scraps with other clans. As the game aged, it became more complicated with ever more stupid upgrades and new weapons that just squashed others of lower levels. To get the new stuff required ever increasing spending to a point where an event was costing £60 to get through to obtain new tech and weapons. I do realise the development of the games is expensive, wages to pay and hardware to up keep. Main issues are ruining the game... 1, lack of skill/tactical thought. 2 lack of teamwork in random battles. 3 players that pay enough to climb a tech tree rather than play to gain experience. The last year might well have revolutionised the game, but I feel it has also spoiled the overall game play. Clans don't help the problem they just factionalise players. Divisions were always exactly that, a way to divide a team. One thing that has improved is the stupid chat has dwindled to very little, trolls get a 7 day chat ban now. However the chat remains pointless, so many languages using a single interface, if you only speak one language much of the chat is lost. play
  6. Henry_Strangeways

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Stupidity is a great resource at WG, the true home of pointless and badly thought out game changes. Service record, now a pointless carousel of introductions to videos and nice pictures and very little information. More annoying is that it appears to reset to Clan battles as you change pages and go back, causing you to click and search anything of interest, utterly redundant . It seems the CV issues are still as incredibly stupid. I wonder why there is a need to make a nice simple game, from around 3.5 years ago, where fighting was brutal and very enjoyable into what we have now. The US cruisers hide, Battleships just snipe, I do love shooting down 30 to 40 aircraft a game with my AA cruisers. DD game play as ever is just short because of little team support. Cruisers are fun still, but I certainly notice there must be many players who just don't want to fight, 10 minutes into a game and still on full HP, then from FULL to sinking in under 2 minutes as it attacks 3 BB's alone. I have in 3.5 years spent a fair amount on the game, but honestly I now spend less. Battle after battle with weak teamwork, an issue that has never been resolved. Epicenter, yeah. DD's sink in the middle, cruisers sink in the 3rd circle and BB's just go fishing... Epicenter was supposed to force aggression, it does the opposite.
  7. Henry_Strangeways

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    Karma was always quite pointless, could have been put to better use. Serious offenders are not always the best informed in game etiquette or game mechanics or indeed any aspect of the game. I got rammed by a LEANDER noob just now, who then torpedo me and went pink. Any long serving player of WoWs knows to do that is just plain stupid, actually I hope he does it more as the penalty for that behavior is now cumulative.
  8. Henry_Strangeways

    Announcing SKIPPER

    As if MM wasn't such a joke already... I've had funnier hemorrhoids
  9. Henry_Strangeways

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    isn't that what I said?
  10. Henry_Strangeways

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    Not seeing CV's in theatre much at all now, some must be quite dedicated I suppose. I did AA upgrade to MINOTAUR after 0.8.0, brilliant shooting down 30 planes in matches. I changed MINOTAUR back to previous settings already. So... should I make changes to all my AA capable ships? Well, I didn't. I've been in the game for well over 3 years, its my wallet and I see no reason to waste money on upgrades and XP chasing flags. If WG are to entice player like me to buy into CV's like when the Royal Navy CV's are released, they are going to have to do much better. The Destroyer Vs strike aircraft issue. I was always under the impression that missiles would never be introduced into the game. Why are the strike aircraft so overpowered ? Hood has URP AA, nowhere near as accurate or destructive, double standards? There were early URP/missile based AA systems in the 1940's, however unreliable. In fact as early ae 1925 experiments in to solid fuel rockets and beam riding missiles were being tested. Avoiding a long winded post ( I've done some reading and no not wikipedia), If the strike aircraft is to continue, will early examples of SAM's be added to surface vessels?
  11. Henry_Strangeways

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    yes indeed and of course of WG game plan
  12. Henry_Strangeways

    Weird that ships launch 4 fighter planes...

    0.8.0 is simply silly.
  13. Henry_Strangeways

    Update 0.8.0 no sense of direction

    A short video 40 seconds, this says the whole truth that many many players are saying in forum and in game chat.
  14. Henry_Strangeways

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    A little video that describes update 0.8.0 and WG attitude to players. 40 seconds enjoy
  15. Henry_Strangeways

    General feedback

    AA sector select "press O" is O for o' they are gone? I would say that is the worst replacement for Ctrl + click they could have made. Before it was a simple matter and almost a reaction to indicate a squadron of plans. Now have to stop and think O to indicate and then to change sector as your ship turn away... cumbersome and possibly devastating for a ship with poor AA. As has been said this is a stupid change that only really benefits the CV, AA is a ships individual ability to ward off attack. I really do not like the update, its upset many people