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  1. Torped1ne

    Why are Salems nutjobs

    also salem have less range so usually the noob who got it with coal dare too much it also have no hydro and radar range is shorter than dm so most of the time to radar a dd they expose themselves too much basically salem Is a worse dm he does better only at shorter ranges due the impressive rate of fire and the heal
  2. seeing by dd side ok it may help but if you look by cv side you can find yourself to fly with your stealthy tb assuming to be undetected so you fly far enough from that minotaur in order to don't get shoot but but …. surprise!! you were spotted by a dd and without warnings your plane start to burn like flies
  3. Torped1ne

    Carrier ranking per Tier

    It's quite simple, talking about silver ships, Japanese are the most powerful, americans are quite strong, english are not (not that you can't have good games whit the brits but it take much more effort)
  4. Torped1ne


    La terza sarebbe la Aosta perdonate l'imprecisione ma è stato fatto a mano da una ragazza figlia di un ex membro
  5. Torped1ne


    Siamo un clan di persone che vogliono e attivamente giocano in maniera competitiva nei tornei organizzati dalla lega italiana ed in ogni torneo o competizione organizzata dalla wg . Cerchiamo persone competenti e serie che partecipino attivamente alla vita del clan attraverso la chat vocale Discord , ogni richiesta verra valutata attentamente attraverso le statistiche che dovranno essere visibili, non per questo i novizi debbono sentirsi intimiditi . siamo disponibili a dispensare consigli a chiunque voglia imparare l'atmosfera nel clan è scherzosa e rilassata giochiamo per divertirci ma anche per vincere ! per contattarci in game potete rivolgervi a: AntSot Torped1ne Of_6 maxooomax
  6. Torped1ne

    CV Rework Discussion

    Im not 100% sure but i belive one time i was able to score 2citadels in one drop it was At the end of diving run and from his back but not perfectly alinged, after that no more anyway
  7. Torped1ne

    NEW AA

    Made some match in My Hakuryu and i was able to do more than 130k dmg so no cv's are not dead At all but the feeling is that if you enter the aa zone of multiple ships you will get punished hardly than before, just a feeling anyway
  8. Torped1ne

    WG: 2 options: Hakuryu torps

    I was still using them after the nerf with success sometimes, The reason was that i rely more on dive bombers for raw damage and i make good use of rocketers on dd's and cruiser, so tb is what i use the less so i prefeared to unload their ordinance as fast as possible and aiming trought the minimap i was a le to do 2 hidden drop quite accurate and a closer one who rarely miss the target
  9. Torped1ne

    Hakuryu - order for upgrades?

    I putted them in the latter because there's little difference between the stock one's and the upgraded, instead the rocketers become quite better
  10. Torped1ne

    Hakuryu - order for upgrades?

    Upgrade dive bombers 1st then rocketers then tb build capita and modules around +speed + concelment don't listen who say crap that's a damn good cv
  11. Torped1ne

    This CB season in a nutshell

    The monster lack of cv's create, enjoy the DD meta
  12. Torped1ne

    premiums in need of a rework or buff ?

    Duca d'Aosta her gun are too uneffective fire chance too low she perform good only Vs lower tiers
  13. Torped1ne

    Nerf HE and fires.

    Long time since last time i've see a bbaby complaint about fire thx i was in need of a good laught, apart from that i don't Like too the lowered citadels and of course Im with you on the revert of the cv rework so 2/3 tumbs up from me
  14. Torped1ne

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Hakuryu for me perfectly playable, not challenging as before the rework so it give less fun, can't say for The other lines i can't find the will to play them Which give the measure of how successfully this rework is
  15. Myogi is a great bb for it's tier if you think it's not try to get closer