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  1. Torped1ne

    Is this how it's going to be? LOL

    In both matches you faced a ruyjo ,that cv have quite low hp planes ,now i can not see the replay but i assume that he tried multiple strike on you maybe sending one squadroon at times if that is correct is a case of missplay from the enemy cv i assume also that you used wasd trick to make he's drop harder , your aa is not good as others but with good rudder play is enought to take down 30 tier 6 jpn planes
  2. Torped1ne

    Is this how it's going to be? LOL

    Is a team game and your effort (i haven't seen the replay) which by your score i can say is good but not exceptional do not make the difference and should not if the team fail hard
  3. Torped1ne

    Still a thing?! 5 minute wait time teams!

    What about wait some days for the next patch to hit ? No more cv limit more players on them problem solved
  4. Torped1ne

    Partite casuali monotier

    Dal mio punto di vista visto che l'mm mette le navi a specchio secondo i tiers hai sempre qualcuno al tuo livello a cui dare la caccia poi se pretendi con una 7 di avere vita facile contro una 9 be grazie a dio non è così *modificato* , la musashi è lenta prende fuoco bene ed è debole di fianco puoi fargli tanto male con qualsiasi 7 basta usare la testa
  5. Torped1ne

    MOD legale o no

    Il mirino statico è regolato sui 20 nodi e funziona al massimo zoom il dinamico è regolato sui 30 nodi e si adatta allo zoom per i tier bassi dove le corrazzate sono lente consiglio lo statico per i tier alti il dinamico
  6. Torped1ne

    do we need roket fighters?

    To read a discussion before answering let you avoid to give so silly answers that only put shame on you
  7. Torped1ne

    do we need roket fighters?

    Forgive my little mistake i just hope to had not gave an hint for russian cv's
  8. Torped1ne

    do we need roket fighters?

    No im a cv main myself ,is just think about be a dd in the new rework times ,that suck ! ,i'd like the game to be somehow balanced ,to win too easily is not fun , you still can spot dd's then if team does not kill him or let it pass trought well is missplay from the team and should be punished by losing the cv , i would still have manual control of the cv anyway just to don't make that too easy for him too
  9. Torped1ne

    do we need roket fighters?

    So we need them? The american ones look like too powerfull the jpn one not that relevant,their main porpouse is to hurt dd and light armoured ship but especially dd's which are more important for win the game. Now we need cv to be so efficent against dd? I think not so why do not remove them and make instead dive bombers more accurate and less rng depedant so that cv can counter bb's and cl/ca but hardly dd's. I would like to know your opinions
  10. Torped1ne

    [cv rework] planes can find DDs with RPF now ?

    look also at his total damage and think about he's still learning how to use it , cv will be way more powerfull , dd will be way more harrassed by them and the level of rage in chat will reach the stars also by the speed of the planes and the concealment of jpn tb noone can feel safe sitting back behind islands or still bow on with bb's
  11. Torped1ne

    Saipan + Enterprise = tier 8

    I hope they will leave tier 10 premium free as long as possible or this game will accellerate on it's sliding towards p2w
  12. Torped1ne

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    So noone will belive you
  13. Torped1ne

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    It's not the right way to behave of course but good luck with your task of making the perfect gentleman of every player
  14. Torped1ne

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    People have to learn somewhere and coop are not a place where to learn random is
  15. Torped1ne

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    in my first 150 battles in my hakuryu i was having 30% win rate (i was coming from the thaio with almost 70% wr so i was shoked with my result at t 10 ) now im up 50% and considering that with so many battles at that low level is really hard to bring it up , i still can't explain which is the reason of my initial fail (of course 90% of the battles against midway's now and then )