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  1. Torped1ne

    The "Karma" of Karma

    With the old RTS CV i was having l50+ karma, it took just one ranked season with the new CV to take it to 0, i can confirm the hate is real
  2. Torped1ne

    Make the Map Border behave the same way as an Island.

    Not always due if the ship that hit the border have enought speed it can manouver easyly while you are forced to drop from the back or the side making your drop predictable
  3. Torped1ne

    Khabarovsk in - HELP

    We are under the rework level but cause there are only on pair tiers they are more concentrate and so games with cv are more common, do not worry anyway cv players Will keep on disappearing
  4. Torped1ne

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    No i don't see any way to make them balanced and fun
  5. Torped1ne

    Service Costs

    At beginning i was thinking that service cost was high for keep noobs out of T10 then in the years i realize that is just for sell permanent camos and premium account time. About the absurd request of the people yep ignote is the only wise thing to do
  6. Torped1ne

    Coop vs Random

    I play coop when....... No i don't I do not feel any satisfaction on killing bots
  7. Torped1ne

    torpedo bomber heal/ adrenaline rush issue in 8.5

    Side effect will be that cv population will drop even lower in the meantime resembling even more what we had before rework
  8. Torped1ne

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Yes for The 1st part, no for The second, by My opinioni every match should count for itself
  9. Torped1ne

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    I suspect and is also a Wg fault that most of the people do not know how aa work
  10. Torped1ne

    remove cv from ranked

    This is the result of a not Well tuned experience gain for cv's, in My experience is a bit too easy to have the best exp score, but rarely i hear people complaint about this
  11. Torped1ne

    remove cv from ranked

    The main problem is that the majority of the people do not play cv so they have no clue on what to do against them and with them, i've actually played many good hard matches in rank 5-2 where people have that clue (not all but quite some) and it was fun and balanced, compared to the old RTS now is required more personal skill and knowledge to avoid AN cv strike and slightly less team play Which is still mandatory but have a lesser impact
  12. Torped1ne

    I'd count up your ranked stars

    Happened to me last night as Well after winning 3battles only 2 stars were added now Im curious to check if and how the restart of the client will fix it because then i played more until reaching rank 5, so if it will be fixes it should give me rank 5+1star but for a game played outside prime league?
  13. Torped1ne

    Playing with a CV on your team In ranked

    I would add to DD do not rush a cap Which is far, go there escorted but rush the nearest cap immediatly cause in some maps to get that cap fast is really important and is handly for your cv to give you cover
  14. Torped1ne

    Problemi Tier 8

    La cosa è peggiorata con il proliferare di premium tier 9 ieri mi son trovato col mogami in una battaglia contro 4 jean bart e 2 alaska, mi piacciono le sfide quindi non mi lamento ma per uno che è alle prime armi quello è l'inferno
  15. Torped1ne

    SOME,,,,,, clan members not shooting clan members

    usually i tend to ignore the others for kill my clan mates ..... people react and think differently . anyway yes that's unsporting behavior , but do you really expect something from who? wg? about a such minor issue ?