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  1. +1 indeed i've ruin a lot of games for my teams starting games with my cv when my ping was spiking around 400/900
  2. aiuuutooo

    Se ci dici più o meno quanto tempo è passato dalla tua ultima volta su wows e quali classi hai giocato ed a che tiers ci facciamo un idea su quali info darti
  3. The CV Captains Cabin

    Most of the times if you have fighter to waste let them enter the enemy aa aura first then your bombers the aa in automatic target the 1st squad who enter and keep on firing at it until it's destroyed but keep on mind that ship aa have different ranges for caliber so you should let your fighter fly into the mid one , this is useless if the ship commander is good enought to manually target your bombers
  4. WHY!!!!!!

    I had similar results im my first 50 battles , got to change a lot my playstyle to improve
  5. WHY!!!!!!

    I could answer picking my situation , why i play cv in ranked? Simple it's my only t10 ship ( i would take cv anyway)
  6. Parlare liberamente

    Prima di parlare dei problemi di una cosa la tal cosa va compresa , per mia esperienza chi pensa a strane macchinazioni a cheat a script che riggano l'mm di questo gioco non ha ancora capito niente, e guardare le stats è utile e chi se ne lamenta è perché se ne vergogna ,vuoi cambiare qualcosa? Comincia dal tuo atteggiamento poi se ti servono chiarimenti o consigli sei il benvenuto
  7. Zebuleb

    Ma il senso di aprire una discussione ? Non bastava un messaggio privato?
  8. Community, where we have failed? Where?

    No it start before i could make my planes take off , it just become heavyer as soon something don't go as they expect ,if you look at my thaio stat you will see i've around 65% wr hakayu is worse but i've played it mostly in ranked and yes i've struggled a bit with her at start ,anyway this to say i know what im supposed to do
  9. Community, where we have failed? Where?

    With cv i often begin insulted at real game start from my own teammates and as soon i lose a fighter the rage grow up more people join the insulter and then pretty often we win with me top scorer, it's stupid and toxic also i play worse when i have to face such verbal aggression(no im not able to ignore them) these kind of people anyway can be sure to gain a misbehavior chat report , i save my reports just for them
  10. Overpenetration

    Meglio sparare ai cruiser quando sono leggermente inclinati con la nagato esplodono che è una bellezza considera che puoi colpirgli la cittadella anche se sono dritti di prua
  11. Remove Straffing?

    Think what t 10-9 cv could do if they will not have to worry about strafe it will be a kraken in every damn battle for both cv ,with the other ships unable to do anything relevant
  12. Worried CV Rework

    I will join every pressure group that promote cv players interest im actually worried about what rework may become in these days i find challenging only to play cv's
  13. The Carrier Problem

    Invisible aa fire is so funny a ship can detect and fire with an absurd efficency to aircraft at 10+ km and the plane can't see a ship bigger x times than he
  14. The Carrier Problem

    i've just meet a buffalo it's one of the new ship that had to come? it deleted 1 full Lexington fighters squad at max range in less than 2 seconds . now i can pass on it next time if i see a buffalo in a team i will wait for someone to spot him before doing something but i know the reason the average player who loss his planes like that will be surely pissed off and most probably will not even understand what the hell has happened . this to say you are right the aa desing at the actual state is unfriendly and unfunny for cv and an handicap for Others solo players that have to carry it even in non cv battles , while is an huge buff to cv division that are sure to meet other cv's think for a moment at one with the skill of El2aZeR in division with 2 worecaster how funny could be the game for the one who meet them cv or not ?
  15. Lexington advice

    come on Midway is still a strong fun ship jpn may be better but slightly