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  1. Torped1ne

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    im not the best cv player around , no i don't get neither close to that im just better than average but still those kind of division are a problem for me only when all of the 3 are very good players who know how to maximize the advantage but most probably the same could be said for all other division's . so no i don't see the problem here
  2. just watched his stats and yes they look good but if you switch to solo battles well he look way less good than what he pretend to be anyway i would like to have this game on private servers too, but that's not the desing wg choose so accept it or bye bye
  3. Torped1ne

    Beta del rework delle portaerei

    Va visto con tutte le skill del capitano disponibili sappiamo tutti quanti può cambiare la potenza dell'aa con le skill del capitano, io non le ho provate di persona ma vedendo i video mi pare estremamente facile fare 200 k+ di danni per partita cosa che con le cv rts è difficile fare
  4. Torped1ne

    Arsenal etc dont open.

    It happen to me but i play the game using ubuntu i can't also enter inventory ,you can? I've read somewhere that the game and the inventory runs in different servers
  5. Torped1ne

    This is why CV rework is so important...

    One cv can not easily shine if his team perform badly so with equally skilled cv the one in the worst team will look like underperforming badly this make people belive that skill gap between cv is a bigger problem than what it's for real
  6. Torped1ne

    Worried CV Rework

    How fast you can move the cursor with a mouse and how accurate you can be? Compare that with a gamepad and you can easily figure who is the one who will win air supremacy
  7. Torped1ne

    Worried CV Rework

    Maybe would be possible ,but the one's with mouse and keyboards will have an advantage compared to the one's with gamepad ,having a mouse is way more fast and accurate
  8. Torped1ne

    Worried CV Rework

    Still wg want this game to be cross platform and is not possible to operate actual cv efficently with a gamepad
  9. Torped1ne

    CVs in T5 ranked

    As a cv player i would suggest to remove cv from t5 ranked , in the actual state they are not fun to play and not balanced at all
  10. Torped1ne


    I doubt that a such player can keep active his credit balance just with premium so he need a perma camo and from time to time to buy some package so put off your hand from him ,he's paying my free game
  11. Torped1ne

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    met @CptdanieI me in my hakuryu he on his Midway i tried my best and fought hard but in the end he won here you can find the replay https://replayswows.com/replay/32683#stats
  12. On hakuryu it's on manual secondaries capitan spec, i know is not the wiser choice but such choice should be up to me
  13. Torped1ne

    CV Rework Discussion

    They are smashing the cv concept for that disease called consoles mostly and doing that make you belive that they are doing that for you
  14. Torped1ne

    CV Rework Discussion

    Planes look like to be a lot faster and begin the cv hard to manouver do not worth to bring it close to the front line so most likely cv will stay at map borders
  15. Torped1ne

    Being shot by team for not 'obeying'

    1) is a team game going alone is so rarely worth that is fair to be called stupid 2)if the other act like you noone will move your behaviour is just lame Anyway im absolutly against shooting team mates so how to react is up to you and fine to me