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  1. BoomfunkMc

    Battleships are useless in 5.1, AP overnerfed

    I am not touching my Iowa or Montana anymore until it has been fixed.. I have tried, and not one single game where I am not sunk anymore.. Gets expensive..
  2. I got my Montana one or two weeks ago now, and I have to say it is a huge let down.. I did play it a few times before the update to 0.5.1, where the ship was actually still playable. But damn, after the update, there is absolutely no point in using it anymore.. I upgraded using the gun accuracy update yesterday, and I noticed some change to the accuracy, but still it is almost impossible to gain any usable damage from the guns.. I feel like an idiot just sitting in there for the other ships to gain XP.. Unbelievable.. The best ship in the BB line is still the Iowa.. I tried. I can yield alot more damage using the Iowa compared to the Montana.. Another thing is this.. I have NEVER before the update 0.5.1 had my BB blow up due to Magazine hits.. Since yesterday, I have had my Montana blow up twice because of torps from CV attacks.. Yesterday only three torpedos hit me while I was at full health, and boom.. I was dead.. Detonated.. And today I decided to jump into a match again, and there it happened again. Boom, magazine detonated at full health.. At FULL HEALTH! Whaaat? If it is that easy to sink other ships and make them feel like asses, the only way for me to play the game and actually have some fun, would be to start grinding the CV line too then? What the hell?? Why did I ever struggle so hard to reach tier X, only to have this crap happen over and over again? You can tell me over and over again to learn how to play BB, but it wont help on this issue.. I have grinded the tiers, and I feel you should be rewarded for it.. Not suffer like this.
  3. BoomfunkMc

    Montana "historical" skin

    Repaint has been released. See top-post to grab your copy. Feedback wanted Happy hunting..
  4. BoomfunkMc

    Montana "historical" skin

    Working on repainting the Montana.. Having researched pictures of the Iowa classes, I am confident I will be able to make a repaint for the Montana that will be close to what one would expect if the ship had been completed.. The skin will be up for grabs as soon as I am pleased with it all.. Still looking through all the .dds files to find all the small details I am looking to paint. For example the top exhaust funnels to be painted black, and some of the masts.. I will update this thread as I progress.. Completed items: Wood deck now looks like wood Main turrets now gray on top Secondary guns now gray on top Black turret covers 67 added to bow More pronounced black water line Rear/forward mast painted black Black top added to both exhaust funnels Remaining items Reducing the blue nuance in the default paint Minor detailing V1.0 released Nov.9th 2015 Montana 67.rar
  5. So if the Halloween paint will give you 100% to the XP earned in game, will the "Equal Speed Charlie London" throw another 50% on top of this? If so, you should be able to come out with 150% of the XP each game if used in combination right? Just making sure to not waste flags or paint