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  1. DBoZ_Skyline


    Its a great map... IF... the team as a unit know how to play it. If you get a bunch or random players that just sit by the computer and drule all over the keyboard hammering away at it.... its a bloody nightmare. And getting that map in a cleveland now... I just laugh and quit and swap to a different ship.
  2. DBoZ_Skyline

    General feedback

    - For the love of the game... Roll back to old shell flight sound.... This new one is extremly loud and it stutters like mad. - And that dam bell after you reload your guns. where can i turn that crap off... Currently playing without sound thx to this 2 things. And that is not really any fun at all. 3 more days of premium and then I am off and will not play again or pay premium with the sound broken.
  3. DBoZ_Skyline

    Bug Reports

    The shell sound is trully horrible... Stutter like mad and REALLY loud... Playing atm without sound cause it just hurts the ears to listen to... No more premium from me until this is fixed. Reason: no fun to play without sound.
  4. DBoZ_Skyline

    Anyone else think this is getting alittle boring?

    Had a break for 4 - 5 months... Got back and not for the better I must admit... Sad... Cause the game is not bad at all, its just... Well I dont know... The round might last 20 min but you know in the first 3-5 min if you will win or loose most of the time. Then rest of the time is just spent on farming or dying. You really dont have to use the brain anymore, just for the first few minutes. After that you can go all out potato and it makes no real difference one what or the other. And that is just plain and simple pretty boring...
  5. DBoZ_Skyline

    Anyone else think this is getting alittle boring?

    Hehehe! ok ok... You got me there :D But that does not count for the 95% playerbase :D they can twitch all they want but still only eat air :D
  6. DBoZ_Skyline

    Anyone else think this is getting alittle boring?

    Seems like people gets alittle to hung up in winrate% and I am not sure that would be the golden ticket to a more fun and balanced gameplay overall. Reason has already been stated in a way. But if I use myself as an example, I dont see myself as a pro, high level, diamond golden platinum unicum++ player by any shape or form, more like the avg. joe out there skill wise. Now. I know I have done several brainfarts and "noob" mistakes in several matches but still ended up winning cause I got the better players on my team, so I did let the team down getting only 300 - 500 base XP after the round so I know I did not win because I did good thats for sure. But my winrate% still goes up thanks to the team. Also the other way around. I have been on the loosing team where I have done one heck of a job and gotten 1600 - 1800 base XP on the loosing side. Miles above the rest on my team. Still my winrate% will go down. How about: 1) Avg. base XP rating? 0 - 550XP ------ 551 - 850 ------ 851 - 1100 ------- 1101 - 1500 ------- 1501 and up 2) Personal rating + XP rating? 3) Dont mess with the Co-op and Random battles. Make a new mode where this things can be tested out and just see how people respond to it. Overall players like something, bring it to let it be and DONT tweak it, overall none like it. Delete it. 4) Better matching of ships like someone here already stated, (not often a problem for me but I do see the valid point of one team getting 3 radar/hydro cruisers while the other team gets 0 + the enemy gets better gunboat DD`s) I see that fixing an MM and overall gameplay takes time, and time is money since it could be used on making new ships and more premium stuff that people will spend money on. BUT... If the core players gets frustrated, they stop spending money + takes long breaks or eaven quits. New players might have fun the first 300 - 500 matches but then the same happens to them. And if WG need a steady supply of new players, they need to listen to the core and players that has gotten a good amount of matches under the belt, cause they will be the ones who either recommends or dont recommend the game to others. Take myself, I know there is about 7-8 persons that is not playing this game because of me that is my friends in real life. Why some might wonder? Well I am just totaly honest: Nice ships, nice grapichs, nice RNG (sometimes to mutch), toxic chat, unbalanced MM, strange hit mechanics like you hit a ship at the very tip in front and his engine breaks??, and the standard I AM A PRO POTATO PLAYER WHO CAN FIGHT 1 vs 12!!!!! AND WIN!!!!!, name of the game is wrong: World of Smokes (I am really waiting for that BB`s get smoke soon also) But you will get the fun fight here and there, not often but it will happen. And so they dont play it since they can then use the time with games they KNOW they will like. But I ofc have 2 players who I know in real life who listen to what I say, but they still love the game. They agree with me that the game is broken but... as they say, there is that hope that the Dev team will fix it. (reason why people play lottery?) And the whole part of stats... Why do people eaven care about it... you want something to be proud about, heck go win a gold medal in the olympics, go earn a billion, get that car you always dreamed about or that boat, house etc. But please...... dont brag about some pixel numbers that in the bigger picture means?? yea... nothing. 101% winrate, 550 000 avg damage, 85000 PR, etc etc... does not bring food on the table or pay bills or makes the darn fuel prices come down. Or makes your lady horney for that matter (if it does then you lucky bastard!) This is getting long :s So to just finish it: I am not looking to reinvent the wheel or anything, but maybe give it a new color. There has to be something that can be done to make the matches more interesting, eaven a small change.... Just... something...
  7. Nice ships and all that. But... I find it pretty boring to either totally overrun the enemy team and win big, or the other thing happens, you get totally overrunned and loose big. Either the whole team get sunk, while the enemy maybe looses 1 - 3 ships, or the other way around. Is it just me or has this gotten worse as times goes by. Cant remember it was this bad 2 years ago?? Sure I can see that sometimes you get to be in the better team, and sometimes you get to be in the bad team... But overall for me, win or loose. This happens I would say a good 90 - 95% of the matches. And there really is no fun in that. So dev. team... Maybe it finally is time to get off your lazy [edited]and atleast try and eaven out the MM and how it picks players. I dont mind waiting an extra 3-5 min to be honest. Atleast I dont have to play 10-15 min matches that is totally boring over and over and over. Enough with the eyecandy and new ship for now. Fix the gameplay. No need for new pretty ships if the matches is boring. I dont wanna sit in port and go " ooooooh look at the new shiney ship " only to take it out to a match that makes me wanna puke. just my 2 cents
  8. DBoZ_Skyline

    CV's need their own game

    If one team get a poteto CV while the other gets a good one. Sure the CV can really tip the balance. But there is a if here... IF peoples would start to use the brain and work togetter as a team. The overall impact from a CV is almost 0 Had this happen to me in 3-4 matches, where the team overall pulled togetter and worked as a team since we got the bad CV player, and guess what. The enemy CV sunk our CV pretty fast but hardly did any damage to any other ship since the AA cruisers supported and protected eatchother + the BB`s. And the BB`s moved up to tank and protect the cruisers. Best 3-4 matches I have had ever in this game. So the point is... Dont blame the ships, blame the people playing the game failing to understand how to work as a team and working togetter. See this all the time. The team with the better team play, focus fire, protection, etc wins. Over and over and over.
  9. DBoZ_Skyline

    Skull and Bones

    oh my... you are even dumber than I first did belive... No use trying to explain it to you.. go sail your boat m8
  10. DBoZ_Skyline

    Skull and Bones

    Pretty sure I am not 10. But with a remark like that I do wonder if you are 9..... It was a joke remark numbnut.... Ubisoft will kill that game no doubt like they do with 95% of the games they make. But to me the game looked interesting but since ubisoft is making it I for sure will not buy it until I see several review`s and gameplay clips. Like one player sayd in here to quote him : they would have made it an Sid meier's Pirates it would have been a must buy. That is very true The part I made about: " R.I.P World of Warships " was a joke... and the hint was in the part I also wrote with: " Sadly ubisoft is making it " But maybe you should find an another forum for children... If you fail to understand a post or even fail understand a "joke" and on top of that go on an attack for nothing else than a dam game post... Grow up kid... jeezzzzz... no wonder this game is so dam toxic if ppl like you are around...
  11. DBoZ_Skyline

    Skull and Bones

    Hmm... new game shown at E3 2017 Sadly ubisoft is making it... but still Skull and Bones R.I.P world of warships
  12. DBoZ_Skyline

    Good Job on that "Matchmaking" of yours

  13. DBoZ_Skyline

    Rage quit anyone

    Have not played this broken game for 2 months now. And will not come back unless I see WG start to listen to the public and put some kind of "ranking" into place that makes it impossible for a total f***** up MM and overall a rework of the game mechanics who they somehow managed to royaly mess up... So WG.. good job and look at my avatar! dam numbnuts.
  14. Good ship, but I would say dont buy it. Reason: Stop supporting a broken game... When or if WG starts to listen to the public who play the game then by all means, support. But atm... I cant say go do it.
  15. DBoZ_Skyline

    Battleship RNG

    Got to love the BB rng shell dispersion cant count the number of times I have been 5-6 km away from a broadside cruiser in the kurfurst. And I fire all guns, only to see 5-7 shells fly out to god knows where, and the rest just splash in the water after 250 meters makes me smile every time But what to expect when you give the cadets shoreleave and free booze