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  1. Hey guys, you still recruiting members? As I wouldn't mind be apart of the OMNI family
  2. Just had massive freezes today. Not sure what the f*ck is going in with WG recently. They changed their servers to potato's?
  3. D__Busby

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    Not gonna lie. I have a good time taking out DD's. Easy in Midway etc, harder in Implacable - Obvious reasons. You just need to know how to adapt and target the DD's. Few tips: - If your spotted at the start, chances are it's a DD - Place an attack plane above them - Force them out of smoke with torps - Use "last known location" on the minimap. Hope this helps. If you need additional help, quite happy to lend a plane or two.
  4. D__Busby

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Ahhh yes! My daily dose of team mates trying everything in their power to make us lose! Ready for game No.2!
  5. D__Busby

    FPS drops

    Safe to say I too suffered from the FPS drop masssively today. Game was using up my CPU to 97% in some cases which is insane! Never really had a problem before. But I have made sure all drivers are up to date, and my PC can easily run this
  6. Ready for the TX! Bring it on
  7. So I finally got round to unlocking her, and it feels great to have her in my port! However, I feel that she does lack on the damage output, certainly compared to other CV's at the same tier. Does anyone else feel the same? Or am I just being a little crazy here? Don't get me wrong, my first couple of games I've got 90k + damage both being up-tiered. I just find that it's unremarkable at times. (Not comparing her to the Kaga ofc).
  8. D__Busby

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    I do well in both this rework and previous. Is it what it is. Adaptive. Overcome.
  9. D__Busby


    No update! I'm guessing WG has messed up the times. Again
  10. D__Busby

    Looking for a home.

    As the title suggests. I'm comfortable in playing all classes and tiers. Although preferred is T7 and above.
  11. D__Busby

    Earn more Crowns?

    You can purchase extra cowns via dubloons in the arsenal. Over and above this, I've completed the Fly Strike Win events to full, plus the combat missions. Can't really go into anymore detail than this ma dude.
  12. D__Busby

    Earn more Crowns?

  13. D__Busby

    Earn more Crowns?

    You can try and sell it. Although I don't think it's worth anything until they release it on the tech tree? But could be wrong, as I haven't checked myself yet.
  14. D__Busby

    Earn more Crowns?

    Yeah did that already! unfortunately you can only do this 3 times. I guess I have no other choice but to wait!
  15. D__Busby

    Earn more Crowns?

    No, I have all previous two :)