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  1. Captain_Campbell

    Possible that we should also get angry in coop?

    I do find my biggest gripe in coop is when you load in to complete a mission quickly only to have all the dds charge off and slaughter the enemy while your battleship boilers are still warming up 🤣
  2. Captain_Campbell

    Possible that we should also get angry in coop?

    Don't get me wrong, my post was an exaggeration, what I tend to do in that situation is stick the ship on autopilot to a good secondary spot but keep an eye on the ship so if torps appear I can dodge or if a nice citadel opportunity appears I can get a black ribbon. Kind of like driverless cars, let the car do its thing but stay alert and ready haha
  3. Captain_Campbell

    Possible that we should also get angry in coop?

    Coop seem like the perfect place to do derpy things just for missions sake. Need 1000 secondary hit ribbons? Send you alsace on autopilot into the middle of the map and go make a cup of tea ;)
  4. It makes complete sense that carriers can't detonate or suffer from the effects of fires, I mean its not like they are packed full of ordinance and aviation fuel right? Fires should be the bane of carriers, as they were in real life. I personally would rather see them have a high resistance to fire chance but when a fire gets going it hurts
  5. Captain_Campbell

    Game crashing

    I am getting the critical error a message a lot lately, was worse before I got rid of all my mods
  6. Captain_Campbell

    WG, do you want to know what's wrong with your game?

    4% of the queue means you should see a pair of them on average every 2 games (2/48 = 0.042) that seems about average from my experience, although they never appear when I have my Atlanta or Des Moines out
  7. Captain_Campbell

    a new lag record

    My record is about 35000 ping in a couple of games, that was interesting and still managed to get a single kill
  8. Captain_Campbell

    black friday

    I had 1600 dubs sat in my port so decided to get a container for 1250, got myself a cheeky Kaga B. Looks really cool in that camo and had sated my desire for a new ship this month.
  9. Captain_Campbell

    black friday

    Wow, that jean bart has manufactured scarcity tactics written all over it, a lot of people were surprised when they pulled it from availability. Now the show us why.
  10. All this would be less of an issue for those poor dds if WG knew how radar worked and stopped it passing through solid rock :)
  11. I find most of the time when I play cruisers, I get sunk by a single salvo from a battleship that blows my citadel into tiny pieces, rather than from chip damage that could be healed.
  12. Captain_Campbell

    worst decision you made today?

    You can avoid jail by answering the following correctly.. Jam or cream first?
  13. Captain_Campbell

    Friendly fire by request?

    Just wondered if anyone had seen it before. I suppose their could be any number of reasons, wasjust pondering it while I say feeding the baby haha.
  14. Captain_Campbell

    Friendly fire by request?

    Changed it, he said he told him to
  15. Captain_Campbell

    Friendly fire by request?

    Yesterday, right at the start of a ranked game I watched a british destroyer stick a single torpedo into the side of a friendly battleship he was divisioned with. When the other team shouted the dd down, the BB said, "it's ok, I told him to" The only reason i can see for doing this is to get a bit of a boost from adrenaline rush, but it still seems ridiculous. Anyone else seen this?