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  1. Caurinus

    Co-op bots buffed?

    Why I would never do such a thing... No to mention that they at times just love to lemming train after a DD or say... an Atlanta (not that I would know ). At times they seem smart enough to hide in smoke, wait for optimal torpedo drops, etc. Then all of sudden they are pants-on-head-stupid and yolo charge into oblivion.
  2. I only play Co-op because its more relaxed and also that I readily recognize that I'm not a very good player. So from that perspective I play as much RN missions now in Co-op as I've played other missions.
  3. Caurinus

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    5K Coal for rank one you say? Well, the salt seems to be free at least.
  4. Caurinus

    Has anyone ever got a supercontainer from a More Resources claim?

    Yep. I've gotten 20000 Coal in an SC from choosing more resources.
  5. I whole hearty agree. Especially the last part... then at least we wouldn't have anymore threads about having to play with the deplorables (ie the "casual" player). Oh who am I kidding?
  6. Saw @Allied_Winter shooting and scooting in his Jervis. Ended up with the same XP as him despite my abysmal shooting.
  7. Unless there is an Hockey Arena Organ playing "Charge" when the planes takes off, that is a sorely missed opportunity...
  8. Caurinus

    Torpedos go straight through enemy

    Wows Wiki Deep Water Torpedoes Especially this part; "As well as this, deep water torpedoes simply pass underneath a destroyer harmlessly and continue on their way."
  9. Caurinus

    Climate change in WoWS

    Sweet lady liquor, who makes life more bearable, I toast thee.
  10. Caurinus

    sweden ship

    Perhaps we could get a Swedish / British operation based on the Psilander affair (detailed by Eyeless_Camper Here)? Things could really gone tits-up there. Should the French really be in the game then?
  11. Caurinus

    PSA Compensation for clan patch issue

    Worked like charm. Well spotted.
  12. Caurinus

    Can we have a way to Disable seeing map pings from players?

    This has been requested a lot from players and if I recall correctly WG answer so far has been that they are aware about this but there isn't an easy way to implement a mute for map-pinging/quick commands in the code. Personally I agree since there are players who abuse/troll with ping and quick command and it is tiring to say the least.
  13. Caurinus

    Yūbari, yay or nay?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I'll skip her. She seems very situational judging from the youtube review that @aboomination posted and from what others in this thread has pointed out. DFAA on tier four seems very odd as well... probably made more sense you could meet tier six carriers. Again, many thanks for your input and comments.
  14. Caurinus

    Yūbari, yay or nay?

    So I got quite a helping of Coal right now and I'm considering spending them on a new shiny ship in the form of the Yūbari. Any forumites here that has any experience playing her and would like to share their knowledge about her? Is she worth the coal?
  15. Caurinus


    Well played my good sir, well played. And considering Yorkshiremen we all know how they are, don't we?