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  1. Saw @631327334013 sailing his Belfast Payfast in a Co-op battle today, made good use of his radar as there was a metric ton of smoke in cap.
  2. Caurinus


    Not that I'm aware of!
  3. Caurinus


    Pretty much this, as someone who predominantly plays Co-op I have noticed that it seems to be a lot more players that seem to know how to play and play well. Personally I don't mind it all, faster games and better backup when yolo charging battleships in my Atlanta.
  4. Caurinus

    Soviet Submarine SPecial Captain

    You got my vote! Awww... Ohhh... Jürgen Prochnow, now that would really be something to have as a German Uboat captain.
  5. Caurinus

    What makes a great game to you?

    Basically this ^. I had a game a couple of days ago where I was sailing my Atlanta and this DD asked me in chat to support him. And I did; he covered me with smoke and I used radar to spot approaching enemies. We won and I felt it was a good game as I supported someone asking for support and I didn't screw up.