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  1. Comodoro_Allande

    Terrible translation in Spanish

    And I have to ask what was the necessity of spending resources in something that was fine, and not only that, but to make that worse Mindblowing More than 2 months without playing, and counting
  2. Mainz seems pretty meh and, what's the point of Gorizia again? A Zara as projected and at tier VIII would be a far more interesting premium than just a copypaste that trades a lot just for having hydro...
  3. Pretty damn strong indeed. The fact that you don't have armor also means that you don't care that much when uptiered, you just act the same way against any enemy BB. With the speed and the guns, you are the perfect flanker. AA is decent too. Just don't play in the middle, don't lead charges to overwhealming forces, have good aim, and the ship will work wonders
  4. You have to be joking. Fusou's guns can't even contest what the Izmail can offer. Yeah, armor is garbage, but who cares when you have those guns, just have some good positioning and enjoy wrecking the enemy Lack of armor and the multiple weakpoints on the belt make thet ship's survivability pretty questionable, but in good hands this ship would be strong as a tier VII ship or even as a tier VIII one
  5. Izmail eats all the BB's on her tier alive, including the 12-gun ones. Who cares about having 32 seconds reload when the guns are that accurate
  6. Comodoro_Allande

    Nerf RU BBs

    The entire line is a joke. In general, from tier V they need to be nerfed one way or another, and the worst cases are Pyotr Veliky and Kremlin. Izmail is a special case, because the guns are too much (because 12 shells with russian based dispersion) but the armor is utter garbage
  7. With the important stats still missing, the Poltava has the potential for some spicy AP too. Sure only 356 mm guns and limited range, but the incial muzzle velocity and those loooong barrels... all that while flying glorious soviet flag
  8. Comodoro_Allande

    Spanish Ships line

    The DD line is pretty doable, and has less paper than some existing lines in-game *cough russians cough* The cruiser line... well, two of the Ansaldo projects are now in the announced italian tech tree. Still, there's room for some premiums The BB's are even more difficult, with only one built (España class, the smallest dreadnoughts ever built). I'm aware there's a lot of projects, but sadly this is Spain and not the USSR... CV's... no please
  9. Comodoro_Allande

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    I completely agree, even with me being a "BB main" (as in it's my most played class") Not as much average kills, but this is my top 3 (a good chunk of the Worcester games were before the rework, but still) @DFens_666 Tier 5 you say? Even with nonexistant armor, the Izmail is absulutely broken (see above)
  10. Comodoro_Allande

    Some interesting info around the world

    Leaked in an official asian stream form the WoWs Twitch channel Looks like a 4x2 457 mm Montana
  11. S L A V A B U F F L A V A B U F F
  12. Comodoro_Allande

    Some interesting info around the world

    ST, changes to test ships and engine boost of planes French destroyer Siroco, tier V: Torpedoes changed: Damage is lowered from 14 883 to 12 233; Speed is lowered from 60 to 57 knots; Range is lowered from 9 to 7 km; Detectability range is lowered from 1.3 to 1.2 km; Flooding chance is lowered from 246% to 199%. Siroco's main strengths are, like that of researchable French destroyers, effective main caliber guns and the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable. Tests have shown that Siroco's torpedoes are too effective for the ship with such features, and thus they are replaced with weaker ones with a range closer to the destroyer's detection range. French destroyer Mogador, tier IX: Main caliber guns reload time is increased from 7.5 to 8 s. Reload time increase allows Mogador to be balanced with her classmates in terms of combat efficiency keeping intact her features of good speed and Main Battery Reload Booster consumable. Soviet battleship Slava, tier X: Turrets 180 degree turn time is lowered from 60 to 45 s; Main caliber guns reload time is lowered from 33 to 30 s. Previous changes to this battleship were intended to outline Slava's role as a ship for long-range combat having good firepower, but vulnerable when under focused. Lowered survivability impacted Slava's positioning in combat and moved it away from enemies. But the firepower of the ship was not enough and we decided to return some of the parameters to their previous values. Soviet cruiser Smolensk, tier X: Main caliber guns base firing range is lowered from 15.6 to 13.8 km. Good ballistics together with a Smoke Generator consumable allow this cruiser to confidently shoot over long distances despite it's main weakness - survivability. Lower range will bring Smolensk closer to enemies and make the cruiser more vulnerable. French cruiser Colbert, tier X: The restoration of the casemate (non-citadel) damage by Repair party is increased from 50% to 60%; The restoration of the citadel damage by Repair party is increased from 33% to 50%. Due to the nature of her ballistics, Colbert is most effective at medium ranges, and, considering her low amount of HP, every hit will deal significant damage to the cruiser. An increased amount of restored damage will compensate for this. Japanese destroyer Yudachi, tier VII: Torpedoes are changed: Damage is lowered from 17 233 to 15 633; Flooding chance is lowered from 287% to 259%. Yudachi has long-range torpedoes especially effective against battleships and low detectability range of the ship allows her to use torpedoes without getting close to targets. Besides that, low detectability gives an edge over enemy destroyers. With support from the team, Yudachi can fight for key areas, but it will be difficult to win in a 1 on 1 gun fight. Tests have shown that the concept of the ship works well, but the efficiency of the ship is higher than that of it's classmates. Torpedo damage was lowered to keep the gameplay of the ship and her low detection range intact, but to balance it with destroyers in terms of combat efficiency. The minimal speed when the engine boost is used is changed for all planes of IV - X tiers. With the S key pressed, aircraft will decelerate by 26.25 knots instead of 17.5. Japanese and Graf Zeppelin's aircraft, as well as the attack aircraft of all nations will decelerate by 30 knots instead of 20 upon pressing the S key. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. SOURCE: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/c078fj/st_changes_to_test_ships_and_engine_boost_of/
  13. Yet another edit with both contendents: Holland for best hull fit and Friesland for best back equipment (radar antennas) and weapons (two 40 mm instead of one) fit
  14. Closest fit so far is the Zeeland (Holland class). Equipment doesn't fit (especially on the back) , but the hull is almost identical (tried with models of the several refits of the Holland present on Shipbucket, but didn't fit as well as this)
  15. Seems dutch. I'm trying to fit Holland and Friesland. Both are pretty close, but still not a perfect fit