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  1. So basically they'd be the same as tier 1 ships? A long time ago, tier 1 ships had over twice the health points and could fight against up to tier 3 ships. They could easily out-maneuver torpedoes and out-gunfight the low tier destroyers who were slightly weaker. But with like only 1 gun, they'd be too weak and pointless. Too easy to defeat for destroyers.
  2. It's only ever useful to let yourself be killed/sunk, if you can guarantee that your action results in at least 2 enemy ships being taken out. The number of ships would then be offset by 1. But is that 1 enough to guarantee victory? So you'd need to take out no less than 3. One situation is where you can use your very low health ship to take a torpedo for someone, if it looks like you're about to die from any 1 hit anyway.
  3. See here (should be the last post on that page right now): It mentions that "Rearranged and re-config.ed the AA guns on Duke of York." That means that the above picture is now out of date. Unless the text refers to the changes that resulted in the above pictured model.
  4. Why not instead demand the adding of a lot of additional islands into the middle?
  5. So if I'm interpreting you guys right, this ship will be very weak to battleships from great range, but it will citadel anything at close range?
  6. Speaking of AFK players, how about an option to "scuttle the ship"? This could be added as a button on the end of the HE/AP/heal buttons line. This would basically be a detonation, but instead of the "detonation" achievement, you'd get the "scuttled" achievement. For more info:
  7. Right and then make the bullets themselves be shaped like cats and make them emit this sound as gunfire:
  8. As far as I know, China has banned all games that depict wars between real nations, so in China all war games are given fictional flags and fictional nation names. Same is true for this game. The ship lines are the same, but on the China server (or on the China downloaded games) they use fictional flags.
  9. I don't see why they couldn't add some H44 and Habakkuk and make them AI-exclusive tier 12. And A-150 as tier 11. They could work very well as some type of boss enemies. Really the Montana should also be tier 11, because in reality the Iowa was about as good as the Yamato.
  10. Oh. Where do I keep getting my info? I guess someone must have looked at the armor layout of one of those modernized ships and not knowing about the reconstruction must have assumed that it's a special type of internal armor.
  11. I noticed 2 things: The boats are missing from in front of the rear secondary turrets. The armor model at the front of the ship is missing something. Didn't these ships have an internal secondary bow-like thing, made of armor, that was specifically designed for bow-tanking? Or did I mix it up with another ship?
  12. I've read that they'll soon™ extend it to Europe.
  13. If it's true then high speed accurate AP could be the Italian BB gimmick.
  14. I don't understand why they keep fixing the unfixable with cheap patches. They're obviously never going to drive it anymore, so they should maybe ask the government for a larger one-time payment to solve the problem for the next century. Possible solution (what I would do): Construct a giant concrete wall around the ship, then pump it dry (like a dry-dock) and then fill it with some non-corrosive soil, or something, to make it look better. And it's as simple as that.
  15. @Cosseria That technology did not exist back then. The game is set in 1914 to 1950. And if they did add jammers to higher tiers, they'd probably add more radars to existing ships. Do you really want every other ship to have radar?