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  1. SmartassNoob

    American battleships' Gun Director bug

    It can't be fixed until it's brought to their attention.
  2. SmartassNoob

    Rotating funnel for Alsace and Republique!!

    Many BBs should have aircraft launchers on the turret roofs. The rear launchers on New Mexico and Fuso, among several others are complete fiction. Apparently, as the legend goes, it was "too difficult" to develop those.
  3. @Leo_Apollo11 Actually going or not going to A can always either win or lose the battle. If the whole team avoids it, the enemy will capture it and win by points while the rest of the team is in a stalemate at B and C. Similarly, I've been in battles where we had half the team at A, with the other half spotting around B and the guys at A were invincibly picking off the enemies with HE spam and AP sniping. Eventually the spotters took B and pushed to C because the enemy had ineffectually few ships left. But yeah, normally it's not a good idea to send too many ships there. BBs should consider going near the ends of the long island, for both cover and to cover ships at A and B, but that's about it.
  4. SmartassNoob

    Suggestions thread

    @Nautical_Metaphor Or how about let the player click on some small selection box at the corner of each owned ship to create a custom list of ships? There could be like 3 different custom lists, in addition to the default (nation/type/premium/?).
  5. SmartassNoob

    How to unlock French BBs

    Spend 30€ and still have to play like 50+ DD missions to maybe get a BB in a container? And for what? I could use that 30€ to just get free XP and not have to play any missions at all. ...As if I didn't plan on playing a new line of unusual ships.
  6. SmartassNoob

    Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    The big-gun version of this (with 380 mm guns) will probably be on their BB line then. Oh and yes, this thing is obviously a battlecruiser. Even the Kirov-class is a battlecruiser by any sane definition.
  7. SmartassNoob

    Suggestions thread

    Nah. Metric system for the win.
  8. SmartassNoob

    Suggestions thread

    No. This would be bad. If you look at the ships we have, it will make more sense to you. The vast majority of ships that need those boosters for their main guns are small DDs, which will never out-fight cruisers. If you change that to 157 mm, it will make a lot of cruisers extremely OP.
  9. SmartassNoob

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    There's no way your small chimney can turn so much that your smoke would move so much that it would make a difference. At best it would indicate that you're moving at 0.001 kts when you're actually at 0 kts. The enemy would have to be sniping from 20+ km for that to be useful.
  10. SmartassNoob

    Suggestions thread

    This is something that they have actually considered at some point. Weather for a specific mission, or general gameplay is unknown. Evidence: Military airports on every other map. Someone found a Lancaster bomber in the game files. Note that the airports are all american and have stationary B-24s on them. The Lancasters (armed with Tallboy bombs) were sent after the Tirpitz in reality. Each of those would realistically be like a 40% loss of citadel. Surely they wouldn't forget this. If these bombers would be as inaccurate against moving targets as they were in reality, it would not be too bad. It would certainly stop the high-tier camping and result in more action and shorter matches. Technically there's also a rumor of the Project Habakkuk model existing in some form (not in the client game), so the Lancasters might be meant for that.
  11. SmartassNoob

    Some interesting info around the world

    Picture of the port:
  12. SmartassNoob

    Suggestions thread

    It's because you are then concentrating on a single enemy ship. You obviously don't need to see the whole screen at that point.
  13. SmartassNoob

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    They have this really weird video about them, but they're not even SOON™ yet:
  14. SmartassNoob

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    As the legend goes, it's not mandatory.