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  1. TheBlackSpirit16

    clan battles

    Today we already noticed the switch from many clans to adaptive setups with much less Stalingrads. Usually just one instead of a Moskva. Still quite risky because it has no Hydro. So, we see allot of Stalingrad getting torped, and finally sinking because of focusfire as a result. Yeah, it might have looked ''OP''' for a day right? Would be a shame if you stopped playing Clan Battles for just one day of Stalinspam banter.
  2. TheBlackSpirit16

    clan battles

    You just cannot balanse team around a consumable. I mean, oke ships like Moskva, Stalingrad, Worcester cannot choose any other consumable in the Radar-slot. But balancing teams around a consumable will not work at all. Fix the consumable then (which they are planning to do if you check the Dev Blog). But I think Stalingrad is not called ''OP'' because of her radar.
  3. TheBlackSpirit16

    clan battles

    Des Moines with double spotterplane?
  4. TheBlackSpirit16

    clan battles

    So you rather have us play the Moskva then right? As we can say, another fake russian wet fantaCy ship?
  5. TheBlackSpirit16

    clan battles

    Stalingrad 10/10 PR-farmer
  6. TheBlackSpirit16

    clan battles

  7. TheBlackSpirit16

    [BOBS] The Brotherhood of Beards Community!!!

    These guys are awesome! You'll never regret joining them if you're into awesome casual gaming in your ships. Great group, great events and an amazing ambiance! What else is there to add?
  8. TheBlackSpirit16

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    Fed up with Ranked battles with mixed and overall digusting results? You ready to throw that keyboard through your monitor? And pressing ''battle'' while in tears of anger? Why do that because of randoms. Do it with a team! Join now! wehavefins
  9. TheBlackSpirit16

    Looking for Clan In Typhoon League

    Is this seriously a call to get carried by Typhoon/Hurricane clans? WUT?
  10. TheBlackSpirit16

    Clan V Clan training. Closed Topic

    https://discord.gg/KWCmUx You can always join this discord. However, there are allot of NA-clans on there, but the EU section is filling up slowly!