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  1. Osceno, non c'è modo di vincerne una....
  2. Torumage


    It 's ridiculous to release a patch every week.
  3. Torumage

    famous ships

    Ops.. my fault i correct immediately, wrong imagine loaded.
  4. Torumage

    famous ships

  5. Torumage

    Every week a patch...

    A alpha tester that responds well makes you understand why they have to get out gigabytes of patches every time.
  6. Torumage

    Every week a patch...

  7. Torumage

    Every week a patch...

    I think it's ridiculous to see every week at least 1-2 gigabyte of updates or patches.
  8. Torumage

    World of DD

    Still need a balance, you can not see in a team one DD and in the other 3/4.. and it's something that happens often. P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Torumage

    World of DD

    Would not be easier limit the number of DD in the game, as it was done with Carriers?
  10. I read, only that all ships in port that I now have without modules. and without a doubloon returned..
  11. And where would the loans repaid? I stand with all ships without modules and credits before. P.S. Sorry for my bad english. .
  12. Torumage

    General Feedback

    Please fix quickly the Yorck, it is shameful to play.
  13. Torumage

    Balance Changes

    The Destroyer they are ridiculous now, okay that's have a low profile, but not see them almost never it's frustrating. (I apologize for my bad english)
  14. Torumage

    New to modding Skins I created

    But the sickle and the hammer, but the Soviets a few million Jews and Gypsies have them removed, they have already won the war. Sorry for my bad English.