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  1. Just tried that, though it did not work :/ Image for reference^
  2. Yeah, I don't mean the actual ship. I mean that the stuff on the ship don't actually light up anymore like they used to.
  3. So before the update I am pretty sure the ARP Myoko has pink LEDs and such, or it just shines. But after the update, it's not lighting up anymore and seems to be replaced with just paint.
  4. Hsaki

    Is the Myoko overpowered?

    I wouldn't even try using torpedoes on the Myoko unless it's for area denial or the target is within 4km. Otherwise, I tend to be able to finish most CAs within 2 salvos using AP. The fun thing is they can kill me with 2 salvos really easily too, when I fire full broadside, so I don't find it particularly overpowered.
  5. Thanks for the advice I was able to get 15-16 fighter kills today from strafing and unfortunately having to bait friendly fighters. Lost all the torp squadrons in the process though XD
  6. Thanks for the advice dude. My Zuiho is already as good for air superiority as a Zuiho can get unfortunately. That being said, I did get a 18 plane kill game just now, though at a cost of having to bait my torpedo, drop bombers, and friendly independence fighter squadrons. And I only really want the Kongo since I don't know the Myoko character XD
  7. I'll take the advice and grind for the Ryujo, though I reckon that will take a while +_+
  8. I see what you mean, though I guess our concepts of fairness differs. I've actually only started the first mission today, but only noticed this mission 2 issue when my DD friend brought it up.
  9. I find that even more unfair as well, considering how I've only got my CV since I got bored with grinding my Kongo, Myoko, and Isokaze. Had I not been bored with aim and shoot, I'd be stuck without a CV too, so it was a close call in a sense.
  10. Yeah, my friend is dealing with that problem. It's pretty ridiculous that they'd purposely make all players not playing US CVs have hard times getting mission 2 done.
  11. I get around 2 kills each time I strafe, and then my fighter squadron simply gets eliminated right after, even when Bogue fighters are already engaged in another Zuiho fighter squadron. This happened twice +_+Those who don't have CVs have it even more unfair. This mission just reeks of unfairness to players who have not got to high tier CVs in my opinion.
  12. Shooting down 150 planes in a low tier US CV would be easy with their superior fighters in both squadron numbers and fighter numbers in each squadron. Did they not consider how weak Japanese CV in lower tiers would be in doing this mission though? I can barely get any fighter kills in a zuiho even with dogfighting expert, and all the upgrades geared towards my fighters, with every single time I try to engage in bogue planes ending up either with my fighters decimated by Bogue fighters that comes in to assist (because it gets 2 squadrons), or with my planes trapped because of Bogue fighters. Isn't this mission a little too biased for the US line players...?
  13. Hsaki

    Bad Team Strategies

    Thanks for the analysis (Y) The Furutaka (Furry Taco XD) player, like you said, was not very good in the match. Even with really slow rotation rates, he decided to turn and flee from behind me and was pelted with salvos from 4 ships after I got sunk, while being unable to return fire.