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  1. 06RAVEN

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    IMO a „nerf“ , which would be like other nerfs to ships of other classes, it would look like this: Reload of the Mainguns is getting raised to 3,3 seconds. Reload of the Torpedotubes is getting raised by 10 seconds. THIS would be a normal looking nerf. And not what they actually did. Do wargaming employees even play DD‘s?
  2. 06RAVEN

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    The way of WG „nerfing“ and „Buffing“ ships is their most questionable activity. Imagine they would nerf the reload of a cruiser by 33%, or 15%. NEVER EVER. And If they would do sth like this to a cruiser, They would try to compensate it.
  3. It would be a farce if the upcoming premium would have the soon to be „old“ reloadtime of the yueyang torps
  4. Nerfing the torps. Never Ever. U are not even able to torp at dds. The best way to „nerf“ the yueyang would be removing the smoke. This would force people to play this unique and fun game style.
  5. I will never ever buy a premium camp again if these nerfes are possible. Man 1:„maaan have u heard about Blizzard talking about the launch of a Diablo mobile game in front of PC-Gamers?“ Man 2: „Yep, they did it, they fucked up. Blizzard is worst company in terms of respecting the wishes of its community!“ WG employee (sitting like a creep under the table and listening): „Hold my [edited]beer!“
  6. Dont even try talking to them like they are normal beings. Some days ago they asked the community to tell them if there are ships which are „OP“ or „underperforming“. Now they nerf the Yueyang. Would be nice to know if this is coincidence...
  7. Oh My [edited]god, why do they nerf the Yueyang. NOBODY cried about it being to strong, maybe the BB section, but they are crying about [edited]EVERYTHING If this [edited] is really going onto the Live-server, all hope is lost. All hope that Wargamging might be able to think twice before coming out with this sort of [edited]. I mean why the [edited]would you even think about raising the the reloadtime on the mainguns of any ship by 33%. In my mind the bread and butter of the yueyang are the guns in combination with the radar. Of course u r able to play it as a torpedo only ship. Thank god they did not nerf the torps as well.... wait they did what? “MINIMALLY EFFECT THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF THE DESTROYER“ [edited] pleeaaaseeeee WG U ARE WORSE THAN BLIZZARD LAUNCHING THIS LAUGHABLE MOBILE GAME. To the inventor of this huge pile of [edited]: I hope your sleeves drop down while washing hands!
  8. 06RAVEN

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    IMO many people are underestimating the Indy and the fun you are having while playing this ship. Yes, it's hard to play against T9 but it's very nice to be Top Tier. Radar, very good HE and glorious AP. This ship is a citadel monster at its tier. Look at the citadel/time ratio
  9. 06RAVEN

    destoyer players stop whining so much

    Its a clip of my Tirpitz hitting a Yueyang with one AP shell. It is needless to say that a T8 BB should NOT be able to do this amount of damage with only one shell to a DD, which is also two tiers higher. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuaveAmazonianPicklesCoolCat
  10. Hey, i am the typical "maybe a little bit more salt than average" wows gamer and I am searching for a clan to play in CW. My last Clan was AAO for nearly a year. Recently, i was a member of TWA but only for a month. (stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/531085860,06RAVEN/) About myself: -salty, 25y old, student, german -only cruiser in CW (Hindenburg) -hate talking to stupid people -mostly nice -did i mention salty? What i am searching: -you should handle my saltiness -smart people -dont talk too much -your clan is internatonal and in Typhoon 1 or 2 Dont dare writing me ingame
  11. 06RAVEN

    CV Rework Vorschlag von 13 Spielern

    Selten so gelacht
  12. 06RAVEN

    MDIV Warships League - Announcement (Update)

    Update: Pricepool sponsored by Wargaming <3