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  1. Will Grozovoi be released UNTESTED in 0.7.6?

    A potentially dead man's last wish denied? That's harsh..
  2. The true power of divisions

    That's good enough. It wouldn't be a much of a point unless your performance did improve in divs too.
  3. The true power of divisions

    To complete the picture, I think you need to add your solo rates too. Impressive stats though.
  4. Shouldn't matter as much after cv-rework. Hadn't that been in the pipeline, I might be inclined to agree that cv-div could be excluded in Random games. Too influential solo, borderline gamebreaking in certain divs.
  5. No comment...

    Still prefer to be in a Fletcher than a Yorck though. Poor guy I agree that it's becoming an issue. The radars are becoming too common, but also all these unnerfable 'Special' ships that are starting to show up more and more often.
  6. indianapolis vs new orleans

    I prefer the NO. Indy is still a bit too vulnerable imo.
  7. Fletcher v Gearing - Help

    You don't reach the Fletcher WR at over 2600 though. That's really amazing
  8. battleships

    You don't like incoming fire? Better take cover
  9. I like the map better than before, but WG clearly needs to increase the size of D4.
  10. 3rd stage. Haven't started that one yet. Still trying to get the 12 fires and floods in Gearing. I got a crap build for it so
  11. Legendary Modules - A missed oportunity

    We'll see. I doubt they will affect gameplay that much. I think they will be used to some degree, diversifying builds and giving players more options. I doubt the community will ever reach any conclusion about which modules are good and which are useless. Some may fall into these categories, but most often it comes down to personal preferences.
  12. Capping mechanic

    I like it tried at least. Since they're already testing new modes.... ...but I want CV to count as 5 ships, BB as 3 ships, CL/CA as 2 and DD as 1, because why not?
  13. Tighter grouping of shells from same turret?

    What would the end purpose of this be?
  14. First game this session crashed, shortly after spotting a dd this time also.
  15. CA AP on CL - overpens through citadel or not?

    As you rarely goes this close to a mino, I think it's a slightly bigger issue in mid tiers where you got ultra thin cruisers and the start of CAs. You don't need to be within 1km for this mechanic to kick in there.