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  1. It's still complicated. Can you increase your caps a bit more? edit: I think I've got 500 premium days left or so. Money spent on WG is never an investment. Better get used to it. It's the same for most entertainment services - your choice to spend what you like and walk away if you're dissatisfied.
  2. loppantorkel

    RPF vs Concealment expert

    ...you're 'smartsies', have RPF on your dds and have great performance in your dds, one should expect..? Why not be slightly more nuanced? RPF is a good, but circumstantial 4p tool, and not necessary or even always preferable in Random Battles. It might benefit potatoes just as it might benefit 'smarties'. Many players can do just as well without RPF, not just get by, but perform better than some 'smarty' RPF players. Understanding and predicting plays is possible to do without RPF, with the added benefit of not broadcasting your presence. Point is: RPF has its use, but for Random Battles, the usefulness of RPF is very subjective and often not worth 4p. If you need it as a crutch in Random Battles or if you play competitively, it's usually worth it.
  3. I'm sorry Sunleader. The quality of your post and the logic you bring is just so low that you're not worth it. I'm sorry I wasted my time trying to get my point across to you. I'll leave it at that. Sincere apologies to @Excavatus , I made some insinuation earlier to try make a point pointier, but I think it just passed your clan mates head, far above. I sometimes think too highly of people. I have no issues with you, or your clan for the matter.
  4. I was just slightly annoyed but decided get into the argument when Sunleader started defending the trolling. I don't care about your clan. It seems fine. Just funny how you're okay when a clan member starts throwing shade on other clans, how you starts defending it. I did exactly the same toward you and your clan and you got butthurt about it. Hypocritical much? Yea... funny how you miss those convenient things when you're soo perceptive elsewhere.... 1. The opening post made what implications? Yosha jumped the gun when he started theorizing. 2. Well, it's obvious. I know it undermines your whole argument. It was a weak one to start with. You believe that the attack on the other clans was okay because of the implications of the argument. It's not. It's just a crappy way to derail a thread. 3. Undermining an argument that hadn't been brought up yet... sure. You just tried to cover up a thinly veiled attack on some clans' motives. It wasn't worth my time to start with, but the whole 'emperor's new clothes' argument you brought tickled me the wrong way.
  5. Oh dear I feel I should quit this topic before I get warned or worse. So many things come to mind. Try learn something from this Sunleader... 1. Yosha replies first in the thread by implying a very selfish and low reason for the clans' name change. Nothing was said before this why these clans had their names changed (not even the apparent reason - that cvs are broken). Yosha explains his theory that these clans merely are motivated by self interest to not lose ground to other clans who presumably have better cv players. 2. That this also implies cvs are broken (or OP, which I know you and Yosha have been on different sides of the argument before) does not matter a f***ing bit. 3. You defend Yosha's argument by claiming no one understand him. His opening post is obviously clear. 4. You claim people are making all the wrong assumptions while you are doing the exact same thing about other people.
  6. Ah. ..and you're not defending Yosha by telling everyone here no one has gotten Yosha's point. No one but you of course. ..and you won't tell us this deep insight that flew over everyone's head. I suspect you'll keep dragging this out without a good explanation until your clan mate locks the thread. That's just a theory though. It may contain deeper insights than you can fathom.
  7. loppantorkel

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Time spent, likely. I'm on a break now, not sure how long. While the game has some big flaws, it's still a good game. Just not as exciting after 15k games. It's more subjective than any fault on WGs part.
  8. What contradiction?? I've not seen any argument here that cvs are balanced, which may be what you're alluding to. Yoshas post and argument, or 'theory', was that clans have an ulterior motive for wishing for no cvs. You thought that it was impressive how we all missed what he actually said and how Yosha was happy about everyone misunderstanding... How is this not side tracking the subject? How is this any different from my post toward you? I even made sure to use your own words. It's the same argument.
  9. It's your defense of Yoshanai's initial post, or 'theory', that can be questioned. I hope you understand the point.
  10. ...some clans who believe they'll benefit from cvs in CBs will stop at nothing to sidetrack topics concerning cvs, either by straw-manning or making long-winded, convoluted posts with no clear point. That's just a theory however. Feel free to interpret it to your own viewpoint and try not to fail to notice what I actually said here....
  11. I sort of assume cvs are the bigger issue in making dds unviable. Funny how one class becomes obsolete in 'high' competitive games when cvs are present. What does WG think of this? Acceptable class balance?
  12. loppantorkel

    Shimakaze Legendary module Junk

    Yes, this one is bad and we concluded that some time ago. Shima isn't bad either.
  13. Depends on how you view it. The game has been out for 5 years soon and there's obviously a lot more FreeXP around compared to when Missouri was released. It's not like people haven't willingly spent 2M FreeXP on Småland. These ships are probably supposed to be fairly RARE and not Free for All.
  14. Nope. Yes, the price is inflated. Probably due to inflation.
  15. loppantorkel

    Playing DDs in the current Meta

    I don't think Småland is seen as one of the bad dds and showing past performances is also invalid imo. It's a good performance Yes, maybe. Depends on what you regard a good player vs an excellent player. I'm a decent dd player, but I'd struggle to get 60% WR for 50 games in Z-52 and probably Gearing in this meta. Could it be done by a better player? Of course, but if the number of players who can achieve this consistently is too low, you probably have a good argument that these ships need some help anyway.