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  1. loppantorkel

    Legendary Upgrade opinons/debate.

    5.6km concealment is of course very good which is why the LM is workable and probably decent in Ranked, but in Random you still nerf your major assets for Gearing - the guns - by 15%, and no, you don't offset this with other modules and captain skills. I already have them all. For me it's a straight up nerf to the damage. Less aggressive, more reliance on teammates. Not ideal in Random battles imo. Much better if you division up ofc. Theoretically you could try plan the drops better and work around it somewhat, but it still turned out to be pure pain. Even dropping in rapid succession to make the torps tougher to dodge was annoying. The slightest change of aim and you need to wait for the torps to follow. It's like working on a slow computer/internet.. just not a fun experience.
  2. loppantorkel

    Legendary Upgrade opinons/debate.

    GK: Fun and a decent sidegrade that's usable. Good LM. YY: Terrible. A clear downgrade that makes the ship less fun and less viable overall. Bad module. Rusting in port. Gearing: Haven't played it yet. Probably decent sidegrade in Ranked. Seems like fairly boring module for Random though. Not very interesting in the end. Rusting. Shima: Might be usable, but a pure pain to play. Less fun. Bad module. Rusting after 3 games.
  3. loppantorkel

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    It is now, but only in the current form. Nerf it enough and people will consider other skills. I think the skill - lowering the concealment - is a decent skill to have as a choice among others. The issue is its OPness. I think it's better to nerf it than removing it, but I'm not certain about it..
  4. loppantorkel

    USN BBs need buffs

    Plenty of seemingly good changes in there. FDG seriously needs a buff imo. It's complete trash to play atm. I haven't played Iowa much, but considering how people usually play it, it looks pretty bad too. Also nice to see them having tried the LoS radar. No rush. Flooding mechanic haven't been talked about much, but I agree that it could be improved. Should be interesting. IFHE - good that they are looking to change it. CA - CL damage and armour: nice to see. I hope they also look at AP pen between them while they're at it. In all pretty nice
  5. loppantorkel

    Will *edited* my account

    Nooo, don't do it, you got so much to play for!!
  6. loppantorkel

    This game is nothing but endless frustration and anger.

    Sadist comes to mind... ...or is it masochist..? always get those mixed up
  7. loppantorkel

    1st Anniversary? Thanks , but not really...

    I got one for the first year, then one for the second year immediately after..
  8. loppantorkel

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    I think the 'gun-dd' department was getting a bit too crowded. Gearing, Harugumo, Grozo, Khaba and Daring all have their specific strengths and drawbacks. YY brought too many strengths as a gun dd while I suspect YY wasn't intended to be the peak of gun dd. I still think the nerf should have been done earlier and not as massive, but I suppose there's some logic in keeping new lines a bit too strong to attract players to them and then nerf them when new lines are introduced.
  9. loppantorkel

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    That should show them I think WG brings out the big sledgehammer for PTS and the revert to a slightly smaller sledgehammer for the real change, just to get players to be more accepting of the changes... 'at least it's not the huge nerf they initially planned'...
  10. loppantorkel

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    It is a huge nerf to the YY and its potential will be much lower. Although it was at a point truly OP and still a bit too good in its all round capabilities, a jack-of-all-trades and excelling in all. If these changes go through, it may still fill a good role as a support dd. Spot/radar or be ready to smoke and bail, not able to play the aggressive role as now. Makes some sense, which I felt before I reached the YY - A Fletcher hull with Gearing guns and the ability to 'always' pop smoke seemed too good, and it was. It could practically deal with any dds it came across. It keeps its maneuverability and nice hull but is neutered. So, a new role. A lot less fun in Randoms, but may still be decent for Ranked.
  11. loppantorkel

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Don't worry Helmut - It will be just as before...
  12. Yea, I went with the lower estimate 33% just sounded too much. I also think the nerf was due way earlier. Atm I think its perceived OPness is much lower than it once was. Gearing has better torps than before, shima has buffed concealment and is getting a buff to guns. Grozo has been buffed + Daring and Harugumo has entered which has brought down the capability of YY somewhat. It's not a bad ship, I think it still is stronger than Gearing, but unlike in most other cases, here I agree that it's a sledgehammer blow that's out of proportion. Please redo.
  13. While you could see a nerf coming a mile away, nerfing the guns by what... 25%? 33% (+ a significant torp nerf) and believing the effect will be minimal seems delusional.
  14. loppantorkel

    Torp reload and launch of RN dds

    Nope. I've not paid attention. Thank you :) Still there's no real reason why the half empty torp launcher shouldn't be emptied first automatically, instead of reverting back to the full.
  15. loppantorkel

    Struggling with Daring?

    Flamu himself thinks AP is way to go in RN dds. I'm running IFHE but I'm only up to Lightning so far. I'll have to try Daring out for myself before suggesting anything.