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  1. loppantorkel

    1000 karma

    Good job! I think I'm around 950. I suppose I've shown some meaner tendencies at times and have had a smaller number of chat bans during the last 5 years. You're probably a man of greater patience than me I also think you're in your full right to request people to complain about Karma elsewhere. Plenty of threads have been made for that purpose, very few for yours.
  2. loppantorkel

    When Dunning-Kruger doesn't cut it

    Sure, I agree, but you might be facing an up-hill battle if there's more to it than mere software bugs. It's kind of scary if true to a greater extent, but also might explain why some behaviours/beliefs are so tough to 'rectify'. It could be more constructive to learn and understand the hard wired brain functions and how it affects Pattern Forming/Experience and Cognitive Biases, if it helps you overcome, treat, or just accept them and their consequences. Anyway, I found the video interesting and thought I'd share it to this forum...
  3. loppantorkel

    When Dunning-Kruger doesn't cut it

    I think you're missing the point. It's not to call out brain damage or make a joke of it. Alzheimers is a terrible disease. The point is that evidently is a physical place in the brain that for better and worse 'protects' people's beliefs and self perception. If damaged, there can be far reaching consequences such as denial of paralysis, body limbs, etc, but we don't have to go that far to understand that this part of the brain will affect people to various extent also when healthy. For some reason, supposedly, lying to oneself has had some evolutionary benefits. The point isn't if the part of the brain is damaged, but that the part affect people's reasoning even in health.
  4. This isn't to say that factors such as bad luck or potential interference of MM should be excluded when discussing results in Ranked, or actual ordinary balance of ships or the current meta, for the matter. ...but, as usual when Ranked season is under way, you get the standard threads by people who are hindered in their progression. We should all know that there are plenty of issues within the game. Myself, I hate seeing cvs in Ranked, Arms Race has no place in Ranked, and ofc the playerbase... ..but, all these things are known factors. I don't have to join Ranked those seasons that include these things (we're ofc all stuck with the players), and I would not blame anyone but myself for not being able to progress or rank out. I should be able to see the external factors and make decisions from those whether Ranked is worth it or not. Luck I have no control over, but luck should balance out over time. Whether or not MM is manipulated to greater extent than what is known is tough to tell, but as far as Ranked goes, I've not seen enough to suggest it and without good evidence to the contrary, I think it's relatively safe to assume Ranked is fair. Then you have the internal factors of each player. The individual skill and the perception of the individual player. Plenty of players who get frustrated may be able to recognize that the meta, the rules of Ranked, the teammates, the grind, their own faults, etc are the cause of their frustrations, but doesn't believe some sort of injustice is at hand. Frustrations can be voiced about the star-saving system for example with some reason. Russian cruisers being OP or the frustrations of dd meta vs cvs are other examples. This is all fine, but after some years on this forum, it's evident that some players are totally unable to recognize their own lack of skill as the primary cause of not progressing through the ranks. That's when we see the Dunning-Kruger links, but after seeing this video on Anosognosia, I'm not sure one can blame people any more for being ignorant. Things might go a fair bit deeper than I ever thought. A bit amusing at some instances, but scary to think about. The defence mechanism to protect a belief system and the perception of one self is hard-wired deep in the brain. It may be far reaching to bring this a MP gaming forum, but I found it interesting and there are lessons to be learnt from this. Might be of little use trying to convince some people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDHJDKPeB2A Sorry for ramblings. Read, watch and comment if you like.
  5. loppantorkel

    KOTS code

  6. Is it still a good game for you if the main reason for playing the game are the rewards? Is WG making a mistake by adding too many goals and gambling mechanics to motivate the players to keep playing? This video made me start thinking. I think there's plenty to it. Goals can demotivate players by making the game feel like work instead of enjoyment. It's been brought up before by players feeling burnt out. Maybe giving stuff for playing just isn't a great idea in the end?
  7. loppantorkel

    What asymmetric battles taught me

    I like the mode. Gives more options and variety. Ofc some improvements can be made, but just the option to grind tier 7 ships away from the ordinary MM, is pretty nice, just as an option.
  8. loppantorkel

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    I've given the game another shot, but even if I find the backstory decent, the puzzles are too similar and the game gets too grindy imo. The game is good, concept, music, story, but I think the pacing is off (way too many puzzles of similar sort - open gates with beams) and I just don't find the puzzles fun enough to continue.
  9. loppantorkel

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    I don't think it is. I've not played played Metroid Prime, but I wouldn't call Outer Wilds a metroidvania game. People say that it's best to play Outer Wilds without too much prior knowledge, so I'm not sure how much to tell you. You sort of uncover a mystery in a solar system, using small rocket ship, going between tiny planets and exploring. You don't gain items but the knowledge you get remains, so there's progression in the story.
  10. loppantorkel

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    Assuming you've played both Portal games, you've got the already mentioned 'zachtronics' games. I enjoyed Opus Magnum, but it's no masterpiece imo. I'd recommend Baba Is You if you want an excellent puzzle game. It's not in 3D and the graphics aren't exactly at The Witness level, but as far as logic based puzzle games go, I doubt there are many better than this. The Swapper by the same devs was very good too, but shorter and more in line with the Portal games, but in 2D. Not much of a story to the former and the second is pretty short. Both Outer Wilds and Return of The Obra Dinn could perhaps also be interesting. Sort of logic based mysteries you're to solve and both are supposedly excellent games. I've yet to finish either of them though. Same goes for The Talos Principle. I can't really recommend either of them yet.
  11. loppantorkel

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    Currently a bit of Noita - Interesting rogue-lik/te(?) game. Great pixel physics and fun for a good while, but I think I'm getting done with it. A bit of Outer Wilds Supposedly good-great, but I'm not convinced yet. It's original and interesting still. And a bit of Viggen in DCS, at a very basic level so far Should get better with a decent flight stick... A bit of a gaming drought atm. Would've liked to see that Cyberpunk arriving as expected
  12. loppantorkel

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    If I was in WG sales department, that's exactly the info I'd leak too. "We're not sure how broken this ship is, it could be horrible to play against... Then maybe just release it a little bit, just for a short window and see what happens..."
  13. loppantorkel

    shimakaze is frustating to play

    RL ofc does help in various circumstances. It also gives you away many times, and it's possible to pinpoint enemy dds that are using RL at times. Given the concealment of Shima, health can often be manageable well enough regardless. Yea, it comes down to personal preference in the end. I just don't agree to the importance of RL that many players believe in. Not in Random Battles. I don't have any solid recommendations for alternatives. Even for free I'd rather play shima without RL, it's more enjoyable imo. No TA for me, 12 km is just right. I may have picked EM just to improve another thing that detracts from enjoyment, in lack of other good options, or some gun improvement. I can't check atm.
  14. loppantorkel

    shimakaze is frustating to play

    I have numerous kills from firing torps without the RL icon markers direction. It's nowhere near vital in Randoms. It's more of a crutch.