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  1. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    Not sure about that. A bit too much generalisation imo. There's some value in tank builds, pushing in and making half the enemy team present itself, any harugumo or mino smoke up and start their spam, while not dying to it. This works in random games, or used to at least. Now I'd not attempt it. Not because misplays don't happen but because of a changed meta.
  2. loppantorkel

    Best DD firestarter?

    I suspect Harugumo to be a good contender.
  3. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    Just to make things clear... Your relying your argument and conclusion 'of his point being completely moot' on the enemy not misplaying.. Huh, I never knew you held the general playerbase in such high regard
  4. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    Do you really consider all these ships as broken? I only see Smolensk as an apparent issue in this group, the rest have some extreme strengths, but they're also weak in some areas, punishable and there are enough ways to counter them to not consider them broken. If stats show any of them to be too strong, I'd be fine in seeing a nerf to any of them, but meeting them in battle - I don't see them as meta-breaking to any degree, in contrast to what Smolensk brings to the game.
  5. If possible - could you try removing the 'planes detected' notification for the cv player when a dd is spotting the planes? It would probably go a long way in helping the dd players stay undetected.
  6. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    Most of this is related to the CV issue, but I agree on torps and perhaps cruiser heal earlier. Instead of reducing torp damage on cruiser - give the built in Vigilance for all cruisers. Buff cruiser AA, sure. Consider making DD still potentially spotted from CV planes - but: DDs, while unspotted, should not notify the CV player that the planes are detected. This would make DDs much tougher to find. (unless I've got something wrong) Increase flood damage on BBs Nerf Kremlin and Smolensk Good?
  7. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    I can't say whose point I'm making. I brought up a specific point that I feel is valid. OP states CVs as an introduced anti BB measurement : Since I'm no CV player and lately not much of a bb player either, I don't know the CV-BB effectiveness very well, only that CVs directly and indirectly reduces the effectiveness of the ships relying on concealment. This is in the end mainly a problem related to CV and the spotting mechanic. It would probably be easier to change this mechanic than to rebalance all classes. I don't see much consistency in the arguments in this thread.
  8. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    I've got a few complaints about the game too, but when I want something changed I try point to specific things. It helps in arguments and counterarguments. Making dds and cruisers more noob friendly? Sure, if their 'swing potential' is nerfed to bb level, I suppose. Khaba, Zao, Hindenburg maybe? Smolensk certainly, but it has decent 'swing potential' too. I'll give you this: CVs messes up the balance, they give bbs more and better targets, increases bb survivability and their potential in games. That's an issue that stems from CV spotting which throws the old balance out. Fix that and I don't see bbs as OP to any degree --- specific complaint in small format. ....and no I'm not a bb main.
  9. loppantorkel

    Should I get the Harugumo?

    Kita is the preferred ship imo. Should be kept regardless of if you decide to get Haru.
  10. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    ...so, it's decently balanced? bbs give up some game influence, but they're a more 'newbie-friendly' class to play..? We want the 40% players to play tier 10 bbs rather than tier 10 dds and it's good for the game that there's a class that actually alleviates some of the game's potato issues? I'd say that it does matter. Also, to perform well in a bb, you actually has to know plenty about the game - armour schemes, shell calibre and pen stuff.... It's not as black and white as some of you describe it.
  11. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    I have to ask, out of ignorance - which bbs are deciding the games, aside from the Kremlins and occasional OP premium? Once they've nerfed Kremlin, perhaps a few other Russian bbs and Smolensk, (disregarding the cv issues) I don't see a huge balance problem in the game. I could be wrong, but I still feel more influential in a dd than any bb. Better players than me seem to be able to get any class and most ships to a good WR number. I think many mechanics can be improved - less RNG and more consistent citadel hits is one thing, but deep water torps is a good introduction, removing invisi-firing was the right call, having smoke-firing penalties is good, I even think that the change on flooding is good for the game, although this should probably be tweaked a bit still.
  12. loppantorkel

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    I kind of agree to many of your points. Several changes to the game are improvements and this goes for the general gameplay, not just due to BB whine, but your conclusion lacks perspective. You have to factor in incompetence and the wet dreams of Russian devs to paint the full picture. That said, no one is perfect and I'm sure most of them actually are doing a decent, honest job, trying to make the game as good as possible. ..of course while making it profitable.
  13. loppantorkel

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    ...yes, with some emphasis on the 'run' part. I had some early doubts about the game. Seeing the team's strong flank collapse without capping kind of seals it. Anyway, we did what we could in a weak position. I think I ran into @OldschoolGaming_YouTube the other day too, in his Smolensk. Kind of a similar start, retreating from a weak starting flank, but with a better outcome. Well played.
  14. loppantorkel

    What do you enjoy most in WoWs?

    Simple question but aside from those games where you through some great RNG or MM get multiple citadels, get 200k damage or carries the team the last second to a win - what type of games, ships and aspects of the game draw you in and still enjoy? What aspects detract from this enjoyment? The ships I enjoy most at the moment are New Orleans + occasional high tier dds, mostly shima nowadays. Cvs don't bother me as much as before. They detract from the dd games somewhat due to their spotting, but usually they're not the issue they used to be. They do force a more campy game though and probably makes the meta a bit worse as a result. Why I enjoy these ships and the New Orleans specifically is because it's a clean ship, pretty similar to the shima. No gimmicks. I don't need to no much about armour schemes or specific features. In NO I've got HE and excellent AP, good manouverability and good concealment which makes for game of positioning and local tactics. Shima mostly torps, great concealment, same basics in positioning, supporting with spotting and occasional great damage games when in a lucky spot. Pretty simple ships both in terms of gameplay and there's no need to camp, bowtank, sit in smoke, etc. Just sail around and pay attention. Detractors: As most players here, I too get frustrated by the competence of the teammates some games. In mid tier games it can be somewhat expected but in high tiers, there probably should be some sort of soft check. Honestly not sure if bots are employed, either by WG or the playerbase. Imbalance of ships: Some ships - like the Smolensk and to a lesser degree the Kremlin - hurt the game by just being broken or not well balanced. Smolensk in particular changes the meta of the games that include it, for the worse. It shouldn't have been released in this state and it shouldn't continue to be sold in this state. It's still a good game, but I try to pay more attention to what I enjoy about it. It's a game after all and should only be played for enjoyment.
  15. loppantorkel

    Does the Smolensk need a nerf.

    I don't think I reach 19km with legendary GK, let alone hit anything at that range.