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  1. loppantorkel

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    I still think diving Random Battle into 2 separate modes - one Casual and one 'Competitive' that players opt in to - would solve the most glaring issues. Add reports, afk:ing or some other parameters to push players into Casual mode when needed, for a few games. Wouldn't solve everything, just make it a lot better...
  2. loppantorkel

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I brought it up some weeks ago, but it kind of drowns out in this thread. Just saw Flamu playing a shima game and noticed - a large amount of shimas (and no cvs). Got me thinking again. ..and about the randomness and what WG tells us, or not.
  3. loppantorkel

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Not exactly regarding 'rigging' but I've noticed a large amount of shimas most time I choose to play shima. Not so much when I play other dds. I haven't heard of any such MM feature. Could be an overwhelming number of shimas being played, but I don't think it should end up to such a degree that I've seen. The question: Have you noticed it in solo games? I might take some screenies on the upcoming games just to see if it's some bias, odd occurrences or if there might be some factor in the MM. Feel free to pay attention to this when you play shima.
  4. loppantorkel

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Yea, there are plenty. Triple Lyon in a tier 5 game can be fun too...
  5. loppantorkel

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    I'm not saying 3 same type ship is efficient. They're usually not. The question at hand is in the OP. 3 smolensk div can be countered when you got a torp ship on your team and the player is somewhat competent. It's in the OP. The other points are flawed. You can make up situations in which you may be able to counter certain ships or same tripe divs. The issue is when these situations are less common. If there are too many situations in which there are no good counters, you've got a broken or an OP ship. Doesn't matter if you make up a situation where or when you are able to counter it. You don't choose the circumstances. Sometimes there's crying about aspects of the game that belongs to the l2p category and sometimes the game or ship is just broken and needs fixing.
  6. loppantorkel

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Yea, most ships have some weakness. Harugumo is a big clumsy dd without a hydro. It got plenty of counters.
  7. loppantorkel

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Nogger is a Swedish ice-cream, jfyi...
  8. I was thinking about making a whine thread about that 3-Smolensk div I just encountered, but it would just be moved to cruiser section or locked. So this is the thread - What triple same ship div has best potential or are most annoying to face in your opinion? While triple Kremlin would be annoying, there should be some negative aspects to such a div, maybe not many, but some. Dds could potentially do some damage. I'd go with triple Smolensk div in the end. Endless smoke and a 19km no-go zone for a majority of the game. Couple that with few to zero torp dds (endless hydro would ofc negate most damage) on the teams, or cvs that will spot a large area and you have next to no counters at all. Radars can't get near if there's a minimum of support to spot. Yolo in with a bb and you're eating torps. Is there any other 3 of a kind that offers the same potential to ruin games? Is there a ship that elevates the player to the same degree?
  9. loppantorkel

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    It's not a simple question. If it was, WG wouldn't have any issues balancing the ships. I can give you an answer still. I haven't played Exeter but since it's a tier 5 ship that I don't believe is OP, I'd say it's the worst ship. Whether Leander - a strong cruiser for it's tier - or Devonshire is best, I can't say yet. I think both of them are stronger than the average tier 6 cruiser. Probably fairly equal in strength, Leander could have a slight upper hand due to its smoke. It's not reasonable to expect all tier 6 cruisers being as strong as Leander though. I believe Devonshire is stronger than most other tier 6 cruisers. So far, I've got better stats in Devonshire compared to Leander and I prefer the playstyle in Devonshire too, being mobile and not having to rely on friendly dds as much.
  10. loppantorkel

    What's your opinion on the new/reworked ship modules?

    Gearing eats tons of damage each time it gets spotted too, either by dds, planes or radars. It's not in a great place atm. Might be decent as a torp ship, but I agree to your point, I don't think it's great as a dd hunter any longer.
  11. loppantorkel

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Can you make your own stats public so we can check yours too?
  12. loppantorkel

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Although, if a team loses this way in 6-7 minutes, they'd lose the other modes as well, just in a more drawn out, tormented way. Maybe it's for the better.
  13. loppantorkel

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Stop what..? MM in Random games is pretty good at the moment. Some issues remain. The whole radars vs 0 radars isn't one imo. Radars were nerfed awhile back and are less of an issue now. What would a 'rigged MM' in WoWs mean to you? We all know there are plenty of parameters going into the MM, but there might be others we do not know. I don't see any point in rigging, but the might be some degree of manipulation. No one here can say with any certainty.
  14. loppantorkel

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I ended up on the same team as @El2aZeR earlier this morning, same team luckily as I got stuck on the loading screen and had to restart. Me in shima chasing ships the rest of the game as El2 vacuum cleaned the map in his Midway. I ended up with 3.5K damage and I'm not sure we lost one ship. Good to see you anyway as I was starting to wonder if WG had set up a special, isolated server for you and the naughty ones... Don't remember if I've seen you in battle before
  15. loppantorkel

    Nerf Thunderer

    They are changing mechanics that will effect the Smolensk, so we'll see. Hopefully it will get shafted. If nothing else, it's being removed. ...got to make room for the new Soviets...