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  1. loppantorkel

    Pizza Navy!!!

    should be a good counter to tier 5-6 cruisers + Atlanta, Belfast, Flint, US CLs and RN cruisers, unless I'm totally off mark.
  2. loppantorkel

    Pizza Navy!!!

    So... anyone knows if these semi AP shells will citadel light cruisers more easily?
  3. loppantorkel

    Abandon Bismarck?

    GK is fun. You can push in and kill dds, you can obliterate cruisers when the stars are aligned and you can troll a whole enemy flank by just not ever going down.
  4. loppantorkel

    Abandon Bismarck?

    Then it's all set. Grind to GK and enjoy the glory of German engineering as you dominate the battlefield.
  5. loppantorkel

    Abandon Bismarck?

    you have hydro though.. you probably have some things you still can improve in playing the German bb line.
  6. loppantorkel

    Abandon Bismarck?

    Maybe, I wouldn't know. The question still is - 'which gun calibre is more effective on GK: 420mm or 406mm?' Kremlin obviously has made GK a bit less viable than before, but I've not played GK all that much lately, so who knows?
  7. loppantorkel

    Abandon Bismarck?

    I still have the 406mm guns equipped. I think it's the best way to go, at least it was, not sure if something has changed to make the 420mm more effective.
  8. loppantorkel

    Abandon Bismarck?

    Play the ships you find fun and don't focus on grinding ships you don't enjoy. MM for Bismarck might be a bit punishing, but I still enjoyed Bismarck more than the FDG grind. The reward in getting the Großer Kurfurst is still worth it imo, but maybe don't rush it, because the grind to get there tough. I'd equip Bismarck and FDG for survivability and play them in between games of more enjoyable ships.
  9. I suppose you could ask that question, but do you really want to see the answer for it? Some things are better left ignored.
  10. I think you're giving too much credit to what power WG holds and to some extent, the greediness of WG. If WoWs was tremendously successful, they'd probably have more leeway with the pricing. Chances are they'd stay the same, but I doubt WoWs is the cash cow people make it out to be. It's a balance act making the product attractive enough for the price, making a profit while increasing the number of players. Some people will throw money at them, some will never give them a dime and some will buy things by them sporadically. If the playerbase and earnings drop too much, I think they pull the plug on WoWs - how will that benefit your long term goals? Edit: soo.. anyone seen the 90% discount that WG is supposed to be offering?
  11. loppantorkel

    New French DDs event... Who s gonna bother with it?!

    I doubt it. Not actively. Even these low tier reward ships can get too grindy for my taste. Ofc, if I get close anyway, I'd put in some effort to gain it. Tier 5 dd could be decent fun.
  12. Yes, completely free. Very good deal. Only a sliver of your sanity and you'll have it.
  13. loppantorkel

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    I like this idea. ...or maybe WG could sell special captain-trainer perma camos for mid tier ships. Just to increase the captain trainer potential for that mid tier ship to a high tier level. Depends on the price ofc, but since it would be to increase mid tier activity among veteran players, I assume it shouldn't come at a huge cost, and if that was the case, I'd be interested.
  14. Maybe they want to increase popularity and sales on the Steam platform in particular. We don't have their numbers or know the reasoning behind it.
  15. loppantorkel

    Fundamentally flawed mechanics of the game

    Now that WG is upping the armour on cruiser mid sections, resulting in higher ricochet chance - shouldn't proper broadside hits, at close range, result in more reliable damage? (mainly for thin mid tier cruisers such as Dallas)