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  1. doerhoff_damian

    Italian BB Line ideas

    T9 Vittorio Emanuelle armed with 3X3 406mm Guns http://shipcomrade.com/?p=4523
  2. doerhoff_damian

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    I was thinking about a Battlecruiser Line for Britain and Germany Britain: T3 Invincible, T4 Queen Mary, T5 Tiger, T6 Renown, T7 Admiral Class, T8 G3 Class Premium: T6 Repulse Germany: T3 Von der Tann, T4 Moltke, T5 Derfflinger, T6 Mackensen, T7 Ersatz-Yorck Premium: T4 Seydlitz
  3. doerhoff_damian

    Alternate US BB Split

    This is what I had in Mind when thinking of a US-BB Split. But unless WG wants to split the US-BBs into 3 different Lines it is sadly too late. Maybe they use some of these as Premiums. The Dalaware at Tier 3 with 10 305mm Guns would be a Good Pick
  4. doerhoff_damian

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Such a DD does not exist. But you would come very Close to that if you could use the Torpedo Reload Booster on a Shimakaze.
  5. Wenn wir mal wieder einen vollen Deutschen Zweig bringen, werden wir auch sicherlich solche Designs benutzen. Deutsche und Britische Schlachtkreuzer wären eine Großartige Idee. Insbesondere die realen Schiffe werden schon sehnsüchtig erwartet. T3 Von der Tann, T4 Moltke, T4 Seydlitz, T5 Derfflinger, T6 Mackensen, T7 Ersatz-Yorck T3 Invicible, T4 Queen Mary, T5 Tiger, T6 Renown and Repulse, T7 Admiral Class, t8 G3 Class
  6. Today I encountered 2 DD-Players that were Hiding hehind me so I had to spot the enemy dd for them. It was a Tier 9 Game and I was in a Colorado. I made a slow retreat and fought till the bitter end. Once my Ship was sunk the hole Flank Collapsed
  7. doerhoff_damian

    The Turd became a decent ship

    Yes the Mighty Pepsi is a fun Ship. Especially when there are lots of enemy Cruisers around. Colorado and Izumo are OK as well after they got buffed in the Past.
  8. doerhoff_damian


    Du kannst eine Bewerbung an D_S_W (die Seewölfe) schicken. Einer unserer Kommandanten wird dir dann bald antworten.
  9. doerhoff_damian

    so you dont nerf premium ships , unless you do?

    Premium Ships will not be Nerved after they are released. Only Indirect Nerfs are Possible. Indirect Nerfs are something like removal of stealth firing and smoke firing Penalty. If WG could Nerf a Premium Ship after Release, than there would be no need to remove an OP-Premium. Just give Imperator Nikolai the same Sigma as the Wyoming and you can sell her again. But Many Players have only bought the Ship because it was so strong. Sometimes even Paying directly for the Ship and not Paying for Doubloons first. So unless WG wants to refund all these Players, there is no way they can Nerf a Premium. They once tried it with the Giulio Cesare but since the Community that owns the Ship was against it the Ship was not rebalanced.
  10. doerhoff_damian

    My game is broken

    if there are too many cvs for your taste than get an aa-cruiser. At Tier 4 you can play Yubari and at higher Tier you have even more Options. Maybe the CVs learn to ignore you when they lost enough Planes to your Cruiser. You can also play CV to learn everything about their Weaknesses when attacking DDs so you can counter them better in the Future
  11. doerhoff_damian

    WG Please Buff the sigma of Pommern

    Cruisers can Bounce 385mm Guns with angled Armor that is at least 27mm thick. That is the Bow and Stern of some High Tier Cruisers and the Main Belt (Citadell) Armor when Angled