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  1. "No dive bombers" Thats actually pretty funny since the Stukas were built for Dive bombing duties. Looks like a Taiho without DBs tho 230 its nice I guess.
  2. Hmmm Is it so that you get carrier sniped a lot in tier 9 and 10? I dont think it would be too viable maybe take concealment expert (if you dont have it) so that you can be a ninja around the battlefield. But please do tell me if you get Carrier sniped a lot at tier 9 and 10. I dont want to believe that you do
  3. CVs I actually love this as a class even though I dont do well in it. Im up to Hiryu because Japanese CVs tend to be my favourite (Who like the americans?) If you look at it. The japanese CVs are the most simplest and Balanced CVs in the game. Lets compare Zuiho to Bogue. Zuiho Balanced loadout of 121 Bogue Stock is 110 Mod2 012 Mod3 201 If anyone is questioning to why I am stating the obvious, here goes.... I know that at least 1/2 of those who visit or comment in this Forum is an avid Japanese CV player. But I dont think this1/2 of the Japanese CV player population will grow in the near future. UPDATE 0.6.3 -Removed ALT attack for tier 4 and 5 CVs. THIS IS A NERF TO THE JAPANESE CVs WHY? Japanese fighters Fall to their knees against american fighters. Thus most Japanese CV player tend to rely on either friendly AA to weaken the enemy squadron or Strafe. Tier 5 Bogue. Youtubers have recommended this. MK5 MOD 3 = 201 How many new players would have watched this, Got Bogue, Got 201. In battle goes against a Zuiho. Zuiho loses all planes, cries in frustration, Sells Zuiho and probably deletes Game. WE NEED TO BRING BACK JAPANESE CVs STOP BOGUEs REIGN OF TERROR NOW!! STOP [edited]CANCER NOW!! Thats all. If you managed to understand crap, Congrats to you
  4. Sorry I triggered that
  5. There might be some bugs with the UI or the bots but here goes. I had gotten destroyed early game and was spectating those bots controlling the transport ships. I went to see a ship "Aronia". (I must say, this bot is good at torpedobeats) He was attacked by two torpedo bomber squadrons and dodged both the torps. But instead of resetting course to the ending point to disembark the soldiers, he went directly into the minefield not turning to get out either. Is this a bug or the bots are not able to detect minefields. I played this gamemode in the test server but the differences I find are the fact that the Luftwaffe bombers are even more accurate.
  6. Isnt this the same class of the warspite? 381mm guns. Gonna see a long reload on these guns.
  7. It seems kind of lazy what you are doing. I mean asking others to tell you whether a ship is good or not isnt really good. Its also not reliable because for example you might ask. Is the Yamato good. One guy will end up saying no its not it sucks. Whether you like a ship or not shouldnt be based on others judgement because everyone has different playstyles and like different ship types. My opinion to what you should do is just try the ship yourself preferably in 3-4 battles, then judge whether you like it or not. I have no problem with people trying to skip ships but just try the ship first and if you hate it, you hate it.
  8. I had this experience today in my Hiryu. Half the team went for the C cap and everyone else just went to A. Long story short, we got rolled. How do you cope with this ? Just kill as many as you can because people dont listen to people.
  9. HE isnt a damage deaing shell So if you are looking for 2000dmg salvos, use AP HE is meant to annoy BBs with fires and constant HE hits. Its meant also for destroying DDs and hurting cruisers too. If you want a lot of fire damage and constant chance of setting a fire, go for the Japanese or the French cruisers. The russian cruisers are known mostly for the shell velocity the HE isnt that bad but salvos where you get only 500 HE dmg is fine. HE does not have the penetration and will always stick itself on armoured places of the ship
  10. All that you mentioned here doesnt seem bad whatsoever. I mean its not great like the nicholas but its not bad either. 7.5 torp range with guns that turn 360 is not bad in my opinion. The HE is not a problem as German HE is crap anyways. I dont know why players find it tough to play this ship its not bad at all.
  11. No I have not but still. She cant be that bad......... can it? Besides its PVE where DDs arent suitable much
  12. teamkill

    What??? XD Imagine the torpedoes locking on to an ally
  13. My query is that WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU WANT TO SKIP A SHIP? I can understand you dont like the ship but, have you played it yet? Is it final that you dont lke it? To be frank any line in the game is good. It all depends on you and your playstyle.
  14. teamkill

    Well They always say that in a destroyer make sure there are no allies in the torpedo line of fire. But you never know. maybe that Battleship was in binocular mode and didnt hear the torpedo alert sound. Just dont be sad or anything. He mustve understood that was his fault. But the Teamkiller status goes away in a day or two so no worries
  15. Well thats a big shame Because im an avid CV player but always fighting japanese and american CVs is kinda bland but hey, The devs say that now but you never know WG.