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  1. AS Carriers Im off Shoukaku till the update comes :P but tbf, the amount of people playing American Carriers has increased, but the amount of AS Players has also increased sadly. Im not a good carrier player (Maybe Averge) I DEFINATELY cant deal with AS. (unless they are dumb). Anyways, the other day i ran into a GZ Test II in my Shoukaku. Not a bad game at all. I was able to empty his hangar of fighters but his bombers still ran around. The player wasnt good tho because after my fighters dealt with his Figter and Bomber squads, his torp were still circling round the edge of a map and went to attack a heavy AA squad having 2-3 BBs and some cruisers.but 10 fighters per squad means that one strafe in and out will not be enough. those bombers tho are still really strong. He managed to sink our Edinburgh from 26k HP (Im sorry they nerfed Repair times for the fighters). but still a good game I guess For me
  2. So I finished my last minute levelling adventures,
  3. EH? Should I sell my Emerald......
  4. So is anyone here currently doing the event? Im currently Grinding Yuudachi to Kai Ni, Will prolly wait for the "Frontliners" to do theyre job, but gonna be on EZ Mode all the way.
  5. Honestly 222 Midway is a good and bad Idea, One the fact than TBs can tank a little more damage than the IJN Ones, Second The AP Bombers. imo 2 squads of AP bombs is a little too much, Especially if theyre aimed against German BBs AND they are tier 10. What I think they should have done is either make the Bombers tier 8 or put one squad AP, and the other HE, then they are at least balanced but 2 AP Squads imo is too strong, and also 7 planes per....... Too much
  6. You asked games where you cant decide which map you play, you get what you get type games right? and by Gamemode I presume you mean what type of battle it is? Edit- I put emphasis on you, clearly some people dont want to be emphasized on
  7. Oh no... more cancer? but tier 7? Yea sure, on your way give her the tier 9 and 10 upgrade slots..... And here I thought I escaped cancer from tier 7.... Im seeing another Big E on our hands only a little weaker
  8. I understand this but the only reason why they have not put it yet is because everyone has different interest. Not everyone likes Epicentre, maybe you do and you would select that, but it would be very hard for the Mmaker to find a game unless ofcourse they make it cross region or something (never will happen). But its just a theory so goodness knows what might happen, but adding a few more modes wouldn hurt.... This is a WG Game, not valve, or any other one for that matter. You want an example? WoT, WoWp, War Thunder also. You can choose RB or AB but ye cant choose the map.
  9. I finally learned how to play the Big Sevens leader, Nagato! Not the greatest but Im happy with it. That Kutu spamming HE on me... THANKS.
  10. I sold Orion..... RIP But the BBs who are still noobs THRIVE.... But Im not dedicated on the Brit BB line now.... Making old commitments with the Germans. The HE spamming reduced as expected but Brits still fire HE... Thought they would forget bout that good HE tbh, is its a Brit BB setting flames on yer deck, Hold out till the third flames, but its not easy to get the third fire at times.... Unless you are damn long like YAMATO
  11. How I understand this topic is that people here want a different MMaker. I understand. But the main problem isnt the MMaker but YOU. The way I see it is that Maps are designed for a specific tier range. Most here get the same map or gamemode because they are on the same tier. If you want to play tier 10, fine but switch to a lower tier for a few games. The Match Maker has to sort teams out so some are at least "Balanced". About the Map rotation, anyone here plays WOT would know that they received a fixed Map rotation a few months back. It will come here but we need to wait a year or 2 I presume. The thing about getting the same Gamemode is cause there arent that much of gamemodes in the game itself. All I know are standard, Epicentre, Domination. I dont want to derail anything but Im just putting my thoughts even if they are meaningless. Yes Im a noob
  12. Im lvlling Yuudachi to K2, I think I must do Shigure before the event too but Im not sure. Mogami, Fuso and Yamashiro are Kai. Shigure is Kai... I think these are the main from the Nishimura fleet which I have (Nishimura? correct pls) The other 2 slots might go to Jintsuu K2 and soon to be Yuudachi K2 so I have a good night fighting force as well
  13. Break. I am a Grammar Nazi Get ready to die Russian and Im seriously out of context.I dunno whats happeneing here anymore
  14. yeah I dont really understand m10 either :P but if you want an answer consider this Or do you want M22:P