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  1. aidenthedestroyer

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    But ofcourse! Only the finest in capabilities for Her Majesty's finest Ships!
  2. aidenthedestroyer

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    Fear not, oh ye' uncolonized peasant, for.... Now with special colonization capabilities, including brand new, tea-infused HE shells!
  3. aidenthedestroyer

    Brit heavy cruisers, yet another HE spam BS

    And now soon to leave due to retarded CVs + eRmAgHeRd op bRiTiSH hEAvY cRuIsERs. Hope you enjoyed your stay, captain! See you again next year for torpedo soup!
  4. aidenthedestroyer

    Important: PTS 0.8.2 CV UI Changes

    Took me a bit of time to notice, but I agree as well.
  5. aidenthedestroyer

    The CV Captains Cabin

    imo USN and RN CVs need TA as their torps are slower than Japanese torps (I believe IJN ones do like 40kts from tier 4). And tbh, using Improved Engines increases your speed, which is not entirely great as you need to slow down to get your attacks in while also being able to turn quicker. Using Improved engines on IJN planes is also a waste as those planes go extremely fast (for their tier) anyways. On Lexi or Midway, TA is viable as stock speed is around 35kts. As far as RN CVs go, I have not really looked into them, but I would expect TA to be useful there as well. Honestly though, IE is not entirely useless, I just see it as a waste on my Japanese planes when they already go faster than Lexi and Implacable ones. (Actually, I need to check my build. I think I use IE instead of TA cuz apparantly TA increases the torp arming distance aswell not sure about it though.)
  6. aidenthedestroyer

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Also, if you're just starting out, I would like to add on a bit (as far as I've played anyways). For a 10 point captain you should focus on getting - 1) Air Supremacy (staple of every CV), 2) Torpedo Acceleration (Also staple of every CV), 3) Aircraft Armour (MUST HAVE), 4) Sight Stabilization (Also a must have. CE is lesser important) However, if you have a 19 point commander, it would probably look something like this for IJN CVs - IJN CVs are REALLY Restricted in the sense that they have AP bombs instead of HE ones. So they really have to stick to that type of commander setup. Also, as IJN Planes have the least HP of the lot, they really need survivability expert as the planes just dont survive at times. CE Benefits Haku TBs as they can get down to 6.4km detect with 8km torps. For USN CVs, you have two options. To follow the generic IJN Route, with the only change being from CE to Radio Location (Until it gets removed from CVs) to bully DDs, or go for the "I love watching the world burn" build (You can also choose Radio Location here for max hurting of DDs ) USN CVs are imo the most flexible as they have much better HP from their IJN Counterparts while also carrying the strongest HE Bombs from tier 8. You can absolutely delete DDs with them. The rockets are also very damn good if you choose the Tiny Tims as they can penetrate upto 33mm of armour. For the upcoming RN CVs, I would probably recommend the "I love watching the world burn" build. RN CVs currently have planes with the highest HP in the game but with a drawback of having smaller squadrons. So unless you really want to ruin someone's day by going with the generic IJN CV build, I would recommend going for all out fire damage as their bombs have a ton of potential. As far as Upgrades go, build your CV according to national trait. For IJN - best to go with Attack Aircraft attack time (cuz 5s is a bit too little when you have only them to rely on imo) For USN - Go with Torpedo bomber attack time if you wish (Depends on your playstyle). For RN - Go with TB attack time (also changeable according to playstyle) Basically for choosing upgrades, anything that benefits your planes is a must have. CVs have good AA so unless you have money to spare, AA upgrades should be a last priority. You should also take the upgrade which increase the amount of planes on deck cuz that is a REALLY BIG lifesaver. (What every CV must have) -Air groups Mod. 1 -Flight Control Mod.1 -Concealment system Mod.1 -Air Groups Mod. 2
  7. aidenthedestroyer

    The CV Captains Cabin

    But the person you downvote is also entitled to ask why you disagree with him. As far as I've read, you seem to be talking about how bad the rework is. Well time to open up a bit because for some it's not that bad. And you can't downvote them just because your thoughts are negative. Just leave them be if you do disagree with them. On the contrary, you can always offer ideas (and not bring back RTS cuz WG will never do that sadly) to better the current gameplay.
  8. aidenthedestroyer

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Now, I sound a bit "In" for this retarded rework mostly cuz right now, it's what CVs have become (and really, I love my CVs a ton. Straight when I used to play Houshou or nerfed Zuihou against AS Bogues). Unfortunately, WG has catered to the noobs right AFTER release which is a sad testament to the class. (But really, I just wanna see my Hiryuu back in port aswell ) What has WG done for CVs? 1) Aesthetics. They have given CV players a "feel" of how pilots actually fly in, animated planes really nicely and modelled them in a decent way. (Still bugs me that some carry rockets behind the prop) 2) Planes have HP bars. It's not a random RNG fest to shoot down planes now. 3) Multiple armament per plane. Some carry two torps, some carry a hundred bombs. It''s good imo. 4) Questionable "Infinite" hangar. 5) Made AA even more so retarded. 6) Dumbed down the skill, i.e - Fighters, to the level of a consumable. 7) Made CVs a damage farming fiesta rather than their historical support role. 8) Toned down the damage farming and "DoT" farming aspect of CVs so much it killed the meaning of the rework quite a bit. For one, I have to work more than a DD player to deal 50k damage. Not to mention, I get punished harder here if I lose my planes than in RTS. (And the fun fact, I cant even avoid losing those planes!) 9) Dumbed down the gameplay to the point where your SHIP is literally controlled by a BOT. When compared to RTS, CVs have changed from "Literally the one thing your team depends on" to "The floating trashcan/XP Pinata" If I want to support my team, I (and them) have to rely on a useless consumable which stays around, flying in a tiny circle for a minute, which the enemy can dodge. If I want to sink a ship, I should fly out my squadron a minimum of three times to actually get him down. It's not funny anymore. We had our laughs, we complained, but now its gone over the top. If I want to live in a CV, I either have to delay my sinking by sailing to the edge of a map like a "tRuE cV pLaYeR" or rely on my team. Both of which are NEVER going to happen. I'm sorry but, if a Battleship can DELETE a cruiser in one volley, why in the world can't I, as a CV player, deal even half damage to the cruiser? I do my part well, dodge the flak as you want me, stand still while aiming as you force me, and then only see my torpedoes do 3k per hit and NOT EVEN GET A FLOODING! And when I look up, I see, "Oh, they got shot down by AA while trying to escape" which means I cant even fly back out with the squadron because Im playing like you are forcing me to. I.E - LITERALLY Fly out all planes on my deck because I have unlimited planes! I'll be honest, the rework looked fun on release, it just needed a few number changes on some ships, and literally everything would be fine, but you HAD to listen to the tens of thousands of BB mains complaining how they cant survive a flooding because they already damage conned one fire. You destroyed Midway's torp damage output, destroyed IJN TBs which were the gimmick of the IJN CVs, destroyed Rockets for IJN CVs cuz they cant rely on DBs to hit a DD. And right now i'm asking, What's next? Target RN CVs? cuz they seem bloody darn OP, literally everything IJN and USN CVs need! This was a rant, yes I am aware, but sadly WG will never listen to us CV players. It just kills me, with the fact that one class that actually was everything in the world is getting such a sad treatment here. I do not dislike the action gameplay as I feel it adds more iimmersion atleast to an extent. What I dislike is their choice of balance decisions which, might I add, were formed due to the complaints of OTHER players. As the gameplay goes, literally any ship has carry potential. But they have dumbed down CVs SO MUCH that "Carrying" a game is just gonna end badly for you no matter what tier you play.
  9. aidenthedestroyer

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I'm still optimistic, mostly cuz I love many CVs This CV rework is aimed to improve Battleship players life. Now you can't get blapped anymore, you have to take DoT Damage (Which was also nerfed surprise!). And now with 0.8.1 on the way bringing flood nerfs, you just gotta ask something....is 2019 the year of the BBs? This hotfix, granted I have not been able to play, is probably the biggest shitstorm among CV players after Graf Zeppelin. And all I have done is just see what actually competitive CV players talk about. I don't expect my words to be taken seriously as I still am yet to play my Shoukaku in the new environment, but from what I understand is - 1) F-Key has been nerfed (I actually like this cuz I abused it a lot with Shoukaku pre hotfix) 2) Hakuryuu has been nerfed (Quite hard too I hear) 3) The IJN Torpedo Bomber gimmick has been thrown out of the window (Being able to aim properly while turning the planes during attack and prepping for attack) 4) IJN torps have been nerfed (RIP Flooding and speed) 5) Tier 8 TT CVs now have 9 rocket planes (Buff for Lexi, Nerf for Shoukaku) 6) AA is cancer (Constant DPS has more effectiveness now) 7) Tier 6/7 ships suck in flak damage (Because of the "Taking away" of 50% of the damage for Constant DPS) So in light of these changes, CVs, though they have infinite hangar reserves, are more useless than an emptied out RTS CV if you lose your planes constantly due to an uptier (Tier 6 and 8 CVs). And you can't even avoid losing planes because either attacking or Pressing F Pay respects lol means the planes go back. However, to go back they need to fly up into the clouds to be safe, but unfortunately it takes around 7s for that which means your planes become target practice for the AA. I'm fine with F-key nerfs. I'm fine hearing about TB nerfs, I'm fine hearing about Rocket plane nerfs. But I'm NOT AT ALL fine with you BUFFING AA to an extent where you might aswell attack only DDs in a no DD game rather the actual enemy ships. The fact that the F-key nerf comes WITH the AA buff is what makes it more so retarded. Either nerf AA or bring back the true effectiveness of F-key. This CV rework was meant to be a "Game changer" for the class, bring new players, a new style. It was meant to DoT out enemy ships, but if you're gonna nerf the MAIN ASPECT which is DoT by reducing the flood chance, then why make it worse by letting the planes fall while on escape?! WG had their chances. All they needed to do was reduce the flood and burn times from CV torps and bombs, nerf Rocket damage a bit, maybe introduce the F-key nerf and CVs would be fine. But do we really need this? Do we need an all round flood nerf which, mind you, affects Japanese Torp boats the MOST? Do we need a retarded AA buff which is not even well thought out? Well whatever WG wants to do, it's best they do it with the consent of actual CV players rather than all other classes. For now, what else to do but wait. CVs will get a buff once they realise the population drops again. Everything is still in beta till 0.8.2, Least to do is hope now. sorry for that shitty rant
  10. aidenthedestroyer

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Im just gonna remain neutral on the rework. As it is, theyre releasing something which hasnt culminated from our feedback, yet they keep asking for it. Just hope that with 0.81 and 0.8.2 they manage to balance them properly, along with maybe making AA an actual thing to be afraid of. Also, I hope they release alternate line CVs as actual support focussed ones. But oh well, heres to the end of the RTS CVs, the one which was everything of the team. Also, I wonder how hard it is now to get Dev strikes now.
  11. aidenthedestroyer

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Edit - Post of a mistake
  12. aidenthedestroyer

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Akiducc....becuz 32mm pen on 100mm HE is totally not strong.
  13. aidenthedestroyer

    The CV Captains Cabin

    For one thing I am quite happy with this removal (Not the lack of Ship control ofc, that sucks) Squadron numbers seemed to always decide the match. Heck, it was always based on a commander skill, where basically any one who had the "Air Supremacy" skill, would do a bit better than one who doesnt due to more planes in the sky. With the rework, WG has ideally equalised everything for IJN and USN CVs with the "Tier limitation". No more is it based on a skill, rather the tier. (Ofc, Midway torp bombers carry two torps instead of Haku's one which means smaller squads for them but you get the point for lower tiers)