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  1. Nah just an average game in Emile Bertin. She is a strong ship, very capable.
  2. Just need Sendai to complete the Sendai class, her sisters are Kai and waiting. Come on please Sendai..... I need you for a Quest
  3. Tha~ Danke! and the pic... uhm I didnt know it was the Oktoberfest scene I just found it when searched "Z1" but yes they do look nice..... Im planning to do a Shoukaku drawing to commemorate me Buying my Shoukaku finally.... If anyone has a good pic which is usable for a drawing, would be appreciated for some ideas....
  4. I just started construction for a Houshou.... Not like I have 3 light carriers anyway Do you need a BB for World 2-1 or is three CAs fine. I have Ashiagra, Myoukou and Tone.....
  5. I dont really care much be it a bad rating or a good one, Art is a hobby shudnt be really a "Competition" or something and that was a tracing cause I suck at drawing portraits....
  6. Yea Ill take that as a good review, I cant draw well anyway :P
  7. I know how planes Evaporate... The Enemy Hindenburg showed the way to hell for three of my fighters.... But in that battle I tried to strike the DDs but they were around Hindenberg which means RIP planes..... But thanks for the tips....
  8. Does anyone have any tips for "How to play Stock Shoukaku in tier 10 battles?" Cause I have NO clue what Im doing.....
  9. So I bought Shoukaku. Played one battle and ended up going against a GZ. Couldn't strike cause tier 10s and bismarck had good AA. I did 0 damage, 0 plane kills and had to sell my Aoba to be able to repair her... Pretty rough start but I hope the grind isn't going to be bad, now to just get into tier 7 :P. I think I might have to sell most of my ships if I can't keep a stable credit earning.... but hope to get her upgraded at least so that her planes can live a little longer cause tier 6 Torpedo bombers against tier 10 AA? No please. And people are complaining that Lexington grind is much harder.....
  10. Im a little late to post this but... She might come as the next years April Fools :P
  11. Henri IV? I have a bad GPU so I cant really see these furniture but a bike? mostly used for Baguette delivery for sure :P
  12. Her turrets look a bit alienish but Im not complaining.... Im back at school and let me tell you College is WAY better than learning 15 lessons in a subject which you cant understand or speak (uhm Hindi) which means about 150 Questions for the Final Exam (I HATE CBSE) They had to change as I enter 9th....... dunno how 10th is gonna go, Board Exams + Full Portion = KILL ME PLEZ
  13. I dont wanna even try :P I have t remember even more Important stuff.... Im 1 million away from Shoukaku Senpai