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  1. domo42

    Changes to combat economy are in testing

    > Rewards for earning potential damage were reduced for battleships. Less incentive for BBs to use their armor for the benefit of the team. Why this change? I don't think I've ever seen a single BB exploiting potential damage numbers for massive silver or XP gains.
  2. I think the people in the art department and the ones doing the port UI have to be different teams. The port rarely changes for the better. Art department does a wonderful job with maps and ships, while the port UI is full of dark patterns. For me, the most upsetting one was back in the day of premium consumables. Defaulting to use doubloons instead of credits to restock was just outrageous. To WG's credit, they removed this. The UI is still full of this stuff. For example, in the battle pass UI the "Enhance" button asking for doubloons is bright and shiny, while the one to collect earned rewards might be mistaken of being disabled. Just another day in a F2P game, I guess.
  3. domo42

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    I hate the new click sound. Why does switching tabs need to sound like kicking a football, is beyond me. Even worse, the interface volume slider is linked to the sound in battle. With this slider turned down to make the port sound bearable again, I'm missing audible feedback for my consumables (like hydro) in battle. No one complained about the port sounds. Why did WG feel the need to change it?
  4. domo42

    Recent Issues Update

    I'm glad they are releasing a fix to remove some of the problems in this short time. However, I do have to wonder how efficiently quality control and QM process actually works with WG. In their blog posts and videos they mention how important it is and how much effort they put into it. This time again, they don't feel comfortable releasing a quick fix for the indestructible modules without further testing. Unfortunately, it seems this sort of effort and care is put more into checking bugs, compared to new features. Judging from the outside, it looks like communication gap between the dev and test teams. Bug fixes are properly tested from all directions because the test team knows about changes in an area and perform the necessary testing. Maybe the test team was not even aware of a changes in the damage dealing logic done by the dev teams, hence the focus of testing in other areas?
  5. domo42

    PING problems in game -EU server

    Same here (located in Austria), massive ping problems. It varies widely from 35 to 200ms. I've been waiting for the current patch to check whether it gets better, but no. I did some testing, performing pings to other servers as well. For example, constantly pinging Google's is very stable between 15 to 25ms. Which means I'm pretty sure it is not my local network or ISP.
  6. I didn't expect much, and I'm still disappointed.
  7. domo42

    Screen resolution support for 2880 x 1620 ?

    Not sure about your specific resolution, but I'm playing the game at 3440 x 1440 without any problems. Setups with higher resolutions compared to the common 1080p are definitely possible.
  8. I'd guess it benefits WG, yes. Not within WG itself, but when comparing it to other games and companies. A common metric to compare all kinds of online services is "monthly active users" (MAU). Comparing the actual activity of players between different games is rarely possible as they have different gameplay. For example, counting the number of games played between WoWs or WoT due to the different number of players and average round time. Even a simple login, will boost WG's number on certain monthly active charts
  9. domo42

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    The missing Moskva compensation is beyond me. For me it seems to work like this: Everyone with a driving license gets a car for free. The ones already owning a car get nothing. This is only fair, because nobody is loosing anything. WG logic.
  10. domo42

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    This is what the store presents me as payment options for loot containers. Credit cards are not strictly necessary.
  11. domo42

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    The premium shop has a lot of different payment options, besides credit cards. My bank offers an account starting with age 14.
  12. domo42

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    Children are more susceptible to gambling compared to adults. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/44736452 Sure, responsible parenting will mitigate some of the effects, but there is always the risk of kids falling for this. There is a reason minors are not allowed to play in a casino. It just so happens that the WG homepage shows a PEGI 7 rating for the game.
  13. domo42

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    IMHO the WG containers are heavy on the gambling side. It's true that one will get always some value out it. So in that sense they are better compared to other games where duplicates provide nothing. However, they still use the same exploratory mechanics to get people buying them. I'm thinking of the Royal Navy containers in combination with the DD missions. If one wants to get the mission desired, it is all about rolling the dice again and again. Personally, I'm happy to give WG some money as long as I know exactly what I'll get.
  14. domo42

    In game economy

    I agree, the in-game economy is very harsh. Even with premium account I find it impossible to naturally progress through higher tiers. From a gameplay perspective I'd find it much better if one could earn enough money to buy the next higher tier once the current one is maxed out. This works in lower tiers, but starting with T8 this changes. Without earning additional silver in lower tier or premium ships I find it impossible to progress. I don't like to think of playing this game without premium. I recommend putting in the time to earn at least one premium ship with the events placed throughout the year. That should help with the grind. Christmas is coming up, there's most likely the option to earn a premium. Last year's Duke of York is a decent ship. When pressed for credits I find myself picking the premium consumable containers instead of the credit ones. The consumables allow you to live longer and be more effective in the game, resulting in more credits earned.
  15. domo42

    EU server down?

    Same here. I got kicked out as the battle ended. Not able to login since then.