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  1. LastKaiser

    How do i play the Furutaka?

    I've been streaming recently focusing on lower tier gameplay and basic mechanics ... had a Furutaka match today that might help show some of the strengths of the ship (kiting, AP ambush from stealth, etc) as well as general match awareness and positioning. In short, even when bottom tier, Furutaka is very powerful thanks to good concealment and great firepower ... but you have to think ahead and play smart with it.
  2. LastKaiser

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I pretty much never post on the forums ... but I'll make an exception to vote for this. This "bug" was a terrific change that added to the tactical complexity of the game.
  3. LastKaiser

    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    Our clan was officially started by a guy who then immediately moved to Iceland to cook whale blubber for 6 months and has never logged in again since then (that's a true story, and he's still the clan leader). We have a community contributor who is a member, but he never hooks anyone up with anything from WG. The clan has the organization of a hamster with ADD, and there's more memes than tactics in our discord server - which is shocking, since we are all mostly too damn old to be so juvenile. We have never recruited, and don't really want to - but we also would like to not have to have literally every single active member online at the same time to play clan wars. We also happen to be fairly good at this game when we are not memeing (58%+ WR as clan average, former/current KOTS players, etc). If any of this sounds like you, send me a PM or find a BOTES member online (lol, sorry - I was imaging a version of WOWS with a functioning in-game messaging system). Your stats are less important than showing you are actually capable of learning and improving (6k games with 44% WR does not show this, just a quick FYI) and being able to fit in. We're a very small group and are only looking for 2-3 more members currently, so if I don't respond fairly quickly it's either because I'm traveling for work or we're just not interested, or both. Final, actually serious note. We joke a lot, but no racism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc - in game, in discord, at all. Nobody wants to spend their entertainment time around that garbage.
  4. LastKaiser

    German BB's are making me want to quit this game...

    I don't think there's any "major" issue with the KM BB's - they are counterable by good players in nearly any class of ship - outside of the fact that they are extremely easy to play as "noobs" or low skill players. What this means is that for the average or lower player, they end up being substantially OP compared to the other BB lines which require a bit more skill and experience to do well in (for example, to take advantage of the USN and IJN better accuracy - you have to actually already be a good shot ... whereas the KM turtleback doesn't require any specific skill to take advantage of). I actually think overall they are one of the better designed classes in the game (IJN cruisers are similar) in that they are easy to play as a beginner or low skilled player, but not gimped in the hands of a good player. The reality is that many lines of ships are punishing if you aren't experienced/pretty good and that might be something WG should look into more.
  5. LastKaiser

    south dakota-class Battleship alabama is coming

    They literally chose a ship that school children used their lunch money to pay to turn into a museum. It's beyond mind bogglingly stupid.
  6. LastKaiser

    south dakota-class Battleship alabama is coming

    And that's the core problem. They chose an extremely popular and beloved museum ship as the exclusive ST premium. That's just unbelievably stupid.
  7. LastKaiser

    south dakota-class Battleship alabama is coming

    The bigger issue is not only that it's the first USN T8 Premium, but that it's also one of the most famous and most visited museum ships in the world. It's a beloved ship and for it to be in the game and not available to the wider public is ridiculous. I have no problem with ST being rewarded, but using this specific ship is beyond idiotic and I cannot image what WG was thinking. There would have been the same completely understandable outrage on the EU forums if did this with Belfast, for example.
  8. LastKaiser

    Hate to rant but

    Chapayev can stealth fire (Kutuzov cannot) and has a ludicrous radar with a range that exceeds it's own detection. It's a very, very strong ship on it's own and well balanced. Belfast is hilariously OP and P2W, no question there. Bismarck gets the awesome KM hydro in addition to the awesome secondaries. Those are less situational than the torpedoes on Tirpitz and it's why Bismarck is preferred for ranked/competitive play. There's a few P2W ships (Belfast is really the only current one in the shop, Leningrad is pretty arguable also) - but WG normally does a good job on making premiums good and interesting but not OP.
  9. LastKaiser

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    I figure my stats are on the edge of what TTT is looking for, but you guys seem like a quality clan and would be fun to be a part of. I spent my first 1k-1,5k matches just screwing around and not really playing this game seriously, and my stats for those first few lines (pretty much all IJN ships) show that (i.e - they are crap). Got a bit more serious about the game since that point and am now to a point where finding a good clan to have proper teamplay on a regular basis sounds like an excellent idea. I could start a new account to clear the stats, but I have a bunch of premium ships, etc. My ship pool for competitive play is decently large and I have good stats (1400+ WTR, damage/winrate, etc) in all the important cruisers and destroyers (BB's are my weakest class by far and not quite up to the same standards across the board) along with fully trained captains, etc (Kutuzov, Chapayev, Atago, Benson, Bismarck, Amagi) and also a fair number of T9/T10 ships for division play. I'm in my mid-30s, level headed and have no issue with criticism and teamwork (it's why I'm looking for a good clan and not just something to have a tag). Thanks for your consideration! Warships Today Profile: https://eu.warships.today/player/531067110/vadimivich
  10. LastKaiser

    Is the Belfast REALLY overpowered?

    I'm an above average but not Flamu tier player and a unicum Atago player (> 1400 WTR) who just used my Atago to grind out rank 1 this season with a 57% win rate. I'd take my Belfast into ranked over my Atago if I could, any day and every day. It has better concealment, it has hydro/radar/smoke and while the firepower is a bit less, it has no heal and it has no torpedoes, the faster firing guns and the ridiculous concealment along with that combination of consumables just would make it superior. I cannot believe this ship was released in it's current form. I'm grinding a captain from scratch in it and I already have close to more than 10k average damage in it than my Atago. That's ... absurd.
  11. LastKaiser

    Ibuki good after all upgrades?

    It's a terrific cruiser - IF - you like the IJN cruiser play style. Use your concealment to your advantage, pick and choose your fights and then stop firing and get the hell out before you get in too much trouble. Very, very hit and run. That being said, played that way the Ibuki is a monster. The HE hits like a truck, it's very accurate and the torpedos are amazing. Always be shooting and moving in a serpentine manner to make it as hard as possible to hit your citadels. I have my Zao now, and it's basically the same play style. If you don't like / do well on the Ibuki you probably won't like the Zao either. I would say the range upgrade (the 3m credit one), the concealment upgrade (the 2m credit one), the rudder shift upgrade and the Concealment Expert captain skill are almost mandatory to really play the ship to it's best.