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  1. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    Auto fire tested in alpha, when activated it took control of main guns, hit ratio below that of an average player. I like strategy games, carrier in WoWs is fun the first few tiers, but the other ships are too much binocular. I will try out Fighting Steel thanks, Over and Out.
  2. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    I don't see my requests in the game. I find it impossible to hit anything in 3rd person, so I suggest toggleable mini-binocular. If this never happens, I'd like auto-fire ability back, on/off, just not exacly as it was. Should be more balanced as to not blow up DD too easily. Maybe Wargaming will throw these ideas out the window saying "that's crazy talk", but I hope something else will then be implemented to make it viable to stay in 3rd person view more often. Thanks
  3. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    In this situation I would not be trying to lead for a citadel. If I was, I would go full screen binocular. Full screen binocular should be the best way to aim. I am not suggesting to replace full screen binocular. I am suggesting to make it possible to actually hit something, anything, while sailing in 3rd person view.
  4. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    So I'm not the greatest artist, but I had something like this in mind. Switch freely between mini-map and mini-binocular.
  5. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    I like 3rd person view, but find it impossible to hit anything. First and foremost I suggest a toggleable mini-binocular - it would make it possible to stay in 3rd person view, and aim at the same time. If such a feature will never happen, then yes, I'd like old auto-fire ability back, though not exacly as it was. It should be balanced, and on/off. Prefer aiming manually, but how to do so in 3rd person view when the enemy is 10+ km away? My no. 1 suggestion is a toggleable mini-binocular for 3rd person view
  6. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    Another possibility would be to put back auto-fire of primary guns into the game. Just as a toggle that can be turned on/off. I'd welcome it, since I prefer to sail in 3rd person view
  7. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    I love sailing around in my cruiser, but I spend like 90% of the time in binocular view, because I find it near impossible to hit anything in 3rd person view. So here's a suggestion for an optional mini-binocular while we are in 3rd person view. Like a part of the screen zooming in and showing us where we are aiming. This would make it possible to line up shots, and see our ship at the same time
  8. CaptainHexo

    Suggestion for dealing with players abusing borders.

    I think the above sounds like a good idea.
  9. CaptainHexo

    Please put in a mute function for these quick messages

    Could you please add an option to turn down the volume of voice commands / quick messages? I would like to turn them off
  10. CaptainHexo

    Ignore option

    @mtm78: Yep, English is not my main, could have written it better. Getting through a battle where some moron yells with CAP from start to finish. I don't want the chat off because team communication is good. I want to hide spammers from chat while in battle.
  11. CaptainHexo

    Ignore option

    I want to be able to mute/ignore certain players during battle. Some of them constantly yell into the voice chat, while others spam the chat box. How do we ignore/mute someone while in battle? If the feature is not there, please add it!
  12. CaptainHexo


    1. Yeah you may be right, at least it can be turned off 2.
  13. CaptainHexo

    How to hide destroyed ships from minimap?

    I think you are correct. Under Keyboard Controls -> Minimap, it says the bracket ] should toggle "Display Destroyed Ships". But when I press the bracket nothing happens to the minimap. I tried a new keybinding (G, K, L etc.), but none of them toggles destroyed ships. Any ideas?
  14. Newbie question here; how do I hide icons of destroyed ships from the minimap?
  15. CaptainHexo


    Thanks for a great game I have two suggestions: 1. Collision Avoidance System turned off by default. 2. I just hit a mountain while sailing with 30 knots, and my ship didn't even take a scratch... So my 2nd suggestion is to add collision damage if we sail into an island.