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  1. ZHLvictor

    Preserving RTS CV - Action CV in parallel?

    I agree, keeping the RTS CV in game while slowly improves the Action CV is a good idea. If WG makes the new Action CV real fun to play, maybe people will stop playing RTS CV. In this way, players who liked the current CV play style will feel less abandoned. Such players makes at least 5% of the player base, many of them are hard-core players. But with the CV rework comes the AA rework. Keeping 2 kinds of different CVs can be challenging for the new AA mechanism.
  2. Hey, I am looking for a new clan to get my 3rd Stalingrad flag. I have all main stream CW ships and have a lot of experience in Battleships and Cruisers. I am active in most of the CW nights. Looking for a English- or German-speaking clan to join.
  3. Please add more buildings in the naval base or make the old ones upgrade-able. Having almost 100k oil in the naval base and not able to spend them is kind of itchy. Same story with the credits, it would be nice to be able to convert credits into coal, maybe 3~5k credits for 1 coal.
  4. I bought 50 premium containers and got 3 normal ones form in game missions, so far no luck. not sure if those missions even exist. So if want to buy early access of french battleships, think again.
  5. ZHLvictor

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to participate aswell. 1. Prinz Eugen 2. Molotov3. Doubloons Happy Hollydays
  6. ZHLvictor

    Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    No, the flag of ROC is not banned in mainland China since the 1990s, nowadays you can see it in textbooks, on the TV... basicly no restrictions. But calling it "Taiwan flag" is politically incorrect.
  7. ZHLvictor

    USN CV rebalancing incoming!

    Thank you for the link with more info, updated in the main post.
  8. Images from Let’s Battle(NA player Event, taken by CC Calistron), thank you Aragathor for the reddit link with more info! Having a fighter squadron in is a huge buff, because you can now defend the team's most vulnerable target. I'm curious about the new Midway TBs. If they have the standard USN drop pattern, they will be OP in my opinion, since it is too effective in troping DDs. So maybe a tighter enterprise drop pattern? Thoughts?
  9. Yesterday after buying some extra Yamamoto Containers I completed the first part of the Yamamoto collection and unlocked the BB camouflage color scheme option. I'm surprised that the color scheme option is not available for the permanent gold coin camouflages. Is this intentional? I personally don't think it makes much sense, because unlike the special camouflages, the permanent gold coin camouflages is ship specific. I hope WG can add this feature to the permanent gold coin camouflages. I would like to drive a blue Yamato on a daily basis. What do you guys think?