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  1. Hammerald

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Please request a refund, -1 Smolensk is like -1 Corona source. Keep the World clean and healthy... of Warships!
  2. Hammerald

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Please, do not insult the bugs. These are WG developers we're talking about... Another broken thing: the screen just turns black when the battle starts, the sound is on, then dies, the game can't be ALT+F4 or ALT+Tab, you need to Task Manager its fat behind. Kewler and kewler by the minute!
  3. Hammerald

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Almost everything regarding the UI is broken, ships, camos, signals, purchases, containers... nothing works. "Operation is in process..." and other looping messages that need killing the game from Task Manager. Great update, NA and RU must be running different games since theirs work perfectly and ours doesn't at all. What else is new? Scripts running wild on EU, WG trying to catch them all.
  4. The ship is good overall, if you enjoy and can sustain smart play (that means you're above average and you know what this game is about and how to properly play it) because it's situational - it works great in certain situations and it's awful in others. You just need to use your knowledge of the game to position yourself in such a way that you get you enjoy most of her advantages and the least possible of her disadvantages. Strengths: Fast shells and good accuracy: SAP - great vs DDs, angled light armored cruisers and superstructures ... AP good against all broadsides (except RU BBs) and really strong vs light armored cruisers. Pretty good HP pool Great maneuverability Good speed Great hydro Running smoke Spotter plane is actually useful on this boat Mehs: Decent-ish AA Decent range, helped by spotter plane when in dire need Weaknesses: No fire chance from the main battery !!! The slow reload makes you think and take more calculated shots and makes the ship a weaker brawler No torpedoes = worse brawling and no running smoke+yolo potential Armor can troll you when you angle Modules break quite often Shell options - SAP can't do anything to medium and heavy armor, you can hit 100 shells for 0 dmg on a Russian BB no matter how he's angling. Really bad concealment
  5. Hammerald

    BOTTING everywhere+WG support ignoring the issue

    The account given as an example in this thread was banned after almost 20 days of botting the PRico event. Dunno if the Support actually worked its magic, turning from "automatic system" fail to a human-made decision, this forum thread made them look more carefully into this matter or the system finally woke up from the vodka-infused-holiday coma and banned it... but it's done. Let's hope everyone else botting got the same deserved "reward" for ruining thousands of games in the past weeks. Happy new [edited]year!
  6. Hammerald

    BOTTING everywhere+WG support ignoring the issue

    Looks like "later", way "later", that bot has been farming the game for 3 weeks straight, averaging 300 yolo games/day. How much time does software in the 21st century need? If it's slower than a fried monkey's brain, like the software proves to be right now, as any monkey could tell those stats are bot-made, then maybe they should sell that software and hire a fried brain monkey. Yes, they can survive the Russian cold. The software obviously doesn't work and WG is acting like freaking Skynet, refusing human interaction and decision in a matter in which software fails badly once every few minutes for every single bot running wild farming ingame. You're not Skynet, WeeGee, use some human brain for a change if you have any to spare on those 6k employees you're bragging to have! PS: I'm not name-shaming a bot, how could I? It's a bot farming for an account, not the other way around. And I'm not focusing on his bad stats, I am "praising" its ability to average 300 games/day. We should all be so lucky !!!
  7. Hello! There are accounts that went botting in Sprint thanks to the "no star loss" system, they are still doing it in Randoms to farm the Puerto Rico event... and the tickets to WG pointing these 24hrs/300+games/100%yolo guns blazing/day accounts are getting ignored. The "[edited]" answer is "automatic detection system will catch him"... but it didn't for the past 3 weeks already... maybe it needs more time or time passes differently in Russia. I bet it the botting radiation on the servers also shows only 3.6 Roentgen on their dosimeters, still, "not great, not terrible", as the great Dyatlov used to say... no need to panic, the "automatic system" will fix everything! In case you want to tell me how many neurons does it take to see the guy chosen as proof (2 replays of the bot doing his thing were added), here are its robotic stats: *edit* Apparently not obvious enough for WeeGee...
  8. Hammerald

    [LAST CHANCE!] Black Friday Sales

    I expect a written apology from Wargaming and my doubloons back, thank you! How can you even dare advertise "Black Friday" on a series of products that are not worth close to the value paid?! Black Friday would mean discounts, not scams, but I guess in Russia... Just take a look at what I got for 14.300 doubloons (13.800 on 12 Premium BF containers+250 on Premium BF container+250 on 2xBlack Friday 2019 container) !!!! The 76.000 Free XP is worth 3040 doubloons at the price of conversion used by WG in-game, 1db for 25 Free XP (not mentioning they take regular XP away) The 200 Shadow Lurker camos are worth 2500 doubloons, you can buy in-game for 250 doubloons/20 pieces. The 2 Type 59 camos are worth 250 doubloons, the price you can see in your Exterior/Camouflage tabs in-game. The 1250 doubloons are just what they are.... ....and they bring the total value of rewards to 7040 doubloons !!! That is 49% of what I spent... not even half !!!
  9. It... IS... ALIVE !!! To answer the guy: MM works like this: TIER BASED MATCHMAKING with a small scrip limiting the number of Destroyers to 4 per team IF THERE AREN'T MANY DDs in Queue, but if there are... MM is just as 2 years ago, bad.
  10. Hammerald

    How did you manage to screw this up, WG?

    I'm sure you could, anybody could, a blind man could... but not WG...
  11. Hello guys, Is it just me (rhetorical ofc) or WG employee that "redesigned" this did a really, really poor job? It's quite insulting and a shame to see Wargaming ruining this in more ways than one. First, the bird is not an Albatros, it's obviously a Seagull, you can tell that by using basic eyesight while looking at any picture of the two birds you can find on the internet. Second, the color of the bird (even if were the Albatros, which is not) isn't "dark grey" and "even darker" gray, it's clear bright white, grey and black. ALBA/ALBUS (Latin) = WHITE ! The color on the initial design looks a bit light bleu-ish, but that's the bright white borrowing some color from the bright blue used for the fish. (As this is the picture of the plastic patch I made with 3D printer, painted and glued to a black shirt) Third, IT'S A BIRD, NOT A PLANE - it doesn't have metal pointy wings, it has feathers, and I know at least one guy drawing symbols for patches can draw wings, he did it on the "Wisdom is Power" one. The two-glued-together-penises-for-beak aren't helping either, no offense to LGBT community, but that's not what I intended the initial design to look like. Also, on its chest, there's a starfish, not that you can tell anymore, but that's just shitty drawing. Last but not least, the other patches have the names they were registered with during the contest, this one was "Kraken feeling", is this illegal or wrong in any way, so much that you named it after a random bird that has nothing to do with the symbol? If you guys think that is the best WG could do... I'll accept it, but I feel that having the wrong name of the wrong bird with the wrong colors and wrong build with penises for a beak is not what I drew. Thank you, Wargaming and I hope, in time, you will fix or remove this utter garbage.
  12. LoL... I just got scammed by WG... bought the Steam Graf Spee pack, had the ship, got 4700 DB and the captain... 5 seconds later WG "deducts" 4200 db, because they can.
  13. WG stated many things thousands of times before, but as the game developed, those statements became obsolete and they stepped over their own words to make an addition to the game. A new game mode could be added, something that doesn't sound as "random", a ladder-ish casual game mode. It would probably kill "Random Battles" but evolution does that. All that people play for in Randoms is XP and Credits. There is no other accomplishment. You play to have fun, you play to up your ship tree/tier, you play to gain some credits/flags. Many players have all the ships they want, all the flags in the world and billions of credits. Their only goal is to have a better experience and right now it's getting chipped by 300xp avg dmg players in their games. There is no reason for them to be there, everyone will just suffer.
  14. Yea, I think base (untainted by ship modifiers) XP / PR is the main stat to look at, should be over a number of games (like 100, think how useless the damage patches were, and people still farmed them for 100 games) and it should define your level of play in a certain ship/type of ship. I think having players with similar AvgXP/PR in a game reduces greatly the stomp factor and toxicity in the game. It can be done and it should not influence the queue times that much since it will be really effective when the player pool allows it (+15k online). If you're playing during the low population hours... that is your choice and the MM can't help you, after an all-round-check, you're gonna get the closest SKILL-BASED-MATCHMAKING available game for your ship's tier, but probably lower or higher than your current mmr. THE TIME TO FIND A GAME WILL BE QUITE THE SAME! During crowded hours, the number of players in the same tier queue is around 150/minute, so playing alongside the closest 23 in mmr would not be an issue, with a 10-15 sec queue time, maybe 5 sec more than what it takes right now.
  15. I am sorry that from reading most of the replies it is obvious most have no clue about online gaming and/or skill based environments. It's called "random" because it's a common name, but it's not random at all. Tiers, classes of ships, limited cv's, number of divisions and division members. It's not random, it's MATCHMAKING. Ranking is already in the game, it's just limited using different models (solo ranked, clan battles), stats are already out there for everyone to see... but they aren't used for absolutely anything. There is nothing but a shallow satisfaction that you have an over 50/55/60/65% WR and a certain amount of average damage. It means you play the game. Shoot shells, launch torps. That's it. Implementing a skill based MM as well as the other conditions already stated above, that influence MM, will just make the game a better experience for all. Even 1% better, it's an evolution, and online games always evolve. Best player's % WR in team-oriented online games is around 55. And they know and are recognized as the best. The fact that in WoWs in often goes over 70 only proves how unbalanced the current matchmaking is, with one division of 3 rarely finding a challenge, mostly losing because of "green enemies". I have read all your complains and they don't apply, "what if"s don't apply in a dynamic matchmaking system, they are just engulfed in the big picture. Division composition, hours played, hours that the player logs in... these generate numbers, numbers go into the system, a result comes out. It doesn't have to be flawless, it just has to be better, because right now... it's garbage and nobody can argue against it. I am sure it will happen one day, it's unavoidable, many that have gaming experience await this as a normal step in any online game's development, I just want to believe we'll have the necessary player base soon.