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  1. P4RDUS

    With ranked teams like these...

    I actually care more about steel and doubloons in ranked ^^ Getting CB token is completely on another level for me. You need to have an incredible team for typhoon league. But still, i was in several tournaments before and it is actually fun, even if you lose. Chating with friend in discord while trying to win the battle etc. is fun. When it comes to rank, there is nothing fun with it at all. I really feel like i have to work so hard for each victory. Grinding your b.tt off to win the game, while watching teammates throwing their ships away, is not enjoyable at all. That is why i would love to have rank 5 irrevocable to have a little bit more breathing space ^^ Besides that, this rank season is going terrible for me. My wl ratio is 46% thankfully i am not losing that many stars.
  2. P4RDUS

    With ranked teams like these...

    Makes it kinda less stressful and everyone will not be rank 1 in the end.
  3. P4RDUS

    With ranked teams like these...

    This... Rank 10 could stay as it is now but 5 should be irrevocable like before.
  4. P4RDUS

    How is your Ranked Season 15 coming along?

    Worst ranked for me so far. WL ratio way below 50%.
  5. P4RDUS

    Broken ranked, some questions to WG...

    At least please make rank 5 irrevocable like before. TY.
  6. To be honest, i am surprized that you are still playing this game dude :)
  7. P4RDUS

    Are you happy with current Ranked System?

    XP based rewarding is a very very bad idea. I would do the following changes: 1) No premium ships allowed. So no smolensks in T10 or no Belfasts in T7. 2) No CVs allowed 3) Rank 5 irrevocable That is it, you are good to go.
  8. I would love to join the lottery. Thanks a lot
  9. P4RDUS

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    No no no!!! not this!!!
  10. P4RDUS


    The game has a lot of balance issues. Smolensk is one of them and a big one, but not the only one. Especially playing high tier games is poor frustration most of time and it seems like that will not change in the foreseeable future. Subs will make it even worst and it seems like stupidly stronk russian ships will never wear out their welcome for WG. In many cases you just stand helpless and wait the inevitable death with no counter play whatsoever. Especially with silver ships.
  11. P4RDUS

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    Reached R5 pretty easily but it was a nightmare afterwards. Powercreep is real. Kita, jutland and mogador are ruling ranked battles now. Us dds are outguned heavily. Even black is struggling in 4+ DD battles. I almost never see a 3 DD match.
  12. P4RDUS

    Nerf on Japanese Gunboats ?

    Japs got nice speed :D That s new...
  13. P4RDUS

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    For random battles: NO. Heard that they might make a new game mode for subs. Thn yes. One side can try to sink a flag ship or a convoy with submarines and the other side try to defend and escort them to safety.
  14. P4RDUS

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    As a main DD and CA player sadly i only have two T9 DDs fletcher without survivablity expert and yugumo which gets nuked by other DDs and no cruisers. Got udaloi too but got no captain and module... Fletcher, mighty mo and musashi are the ships i am sailing and they all do well in ranked. It is pretty easy to earn high caliber with musashi.
  15. Anybody got an idea about legendary modules? I got legendary module with my Zao. Do i have to do the personal assignment again if i reset and reach T10? And what happens if i simply reset the tree without doing the legendary module quests? I do not have it with my shima.