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  1. The reason for wanting that change is to make people more aware of how much they contribute. It's not as obvious when you look at credits or XP, but if you saw the contribution in killed ships you might become better at prioritizing targets
  2. Really. So after the battle I will see 210% damage done, or something like that instead of 46000 ( if done to DDs) or 220000 (if done to BBs)?
  3. agreed, would very much like to have an achievement for spotting 20% of the enemy hp in damage and spotting 6 out of 12 ships. And can they please change the damage metric from hp done, to % of ship hp done.(20% of a BB and a DD is very different in hp done in damage, but damage to a DD might be more important) And add an assist for kills.
  4. Pricket

    The Carrier Problem

    I just borrows this table from a previous poster: ' 5 km with 53.5 DPS 3.5 km with 56.5 DPS 2 km with 25.2 DPS In real life, as far as I understand, and something that was a problem for Yamato for example is that the long range AA is just that; Long Range. So maybe they could change it so that it was effective from something like 4-5 km, and MR from 2-3,5km and SR from 0-2 km or something like that. It would bring some tactical aspects to positioning to defensive AA. It would also lessen the AA significantly (for some ships) and increase the importance of SR AA. And they need to change the CV play so it's easier to deal damage, but harder to delete somebody. Edit: And long range AA could be shown visualy as small smoke dots where the flak explodes.
  5. Pricket

    What is the point of the karma number?

    Might be a good idea if giving a complaint cost 1000 credits as well. Just a little bit to make people think about it before doing it.
  6. Pricket

    What is the point of the karma number?

    Karma could give something, like 1000 credits or something and you would have to work yourself back to where you where to get more if you loose som karma. The negative karma means nothing as long as you don't notice it when you get it. I would like to know when and why I get negative karma
  7. Pricket

    Suggestion: "Cap Contested" Ribbon

    A good idea, and they should also add a assist on kills ribbon (like 20% of hp or more)
  8. Pricket

    Interface QOL improvements

    Good points Another thing I would appreciate is when all players in a division has pushed ready it would count down from 10 and entered the queue. No need for the leader to push ready, and often the division leader asks if everybody is ready when all have declared so.
  9. Pricket

    Suggestions thread

    I'm sure they could tune the time before you get AFK, and the punishment so it doesn't harm the players with bad connections to much. But if you are playing i.e a CV and join the match at average 2 min late you will be a problem to your team.
  10. Pricket

    Suggestions thread

    Hi, I have a small Wishlist of improvements that would increase my enjoyment of WOWS. I am sure not everyone agrees, but most of these changes are not about nerfing or buffing, but about quality of life so you get most enjoyment out of the time you spend in the game. - Give AFK players a purple (or some other colour) colour. And give them a small negative effect that gets incrementally bigger each time they are AFK (or are AFK from the start of the match). They could for example get +30s before they can join a new match, then 1 min, 2 min etc. - Get MM karma. For each time you get to be bottom tier, you get a positive karma, and each time you are top tier you get a negative karma. And when MM put together the games they will give a bigger and bigger chance for one who has positive karma to be top tier. - Make T10 expensive again. It shouldn’t be T10 you play to earn cash, it’s should be something you play to reward yourself with. - Increase the reward for team supporting jobs, like spotting, capping and plane killing. When you spot, you should have a good incentive to continue spotting, instead of smoking up and dealing damage yourself. As it is there is no good incentive to be a good team player (except it increases your chances of victory). I think that would make it much more rewarding to play a torp boat or a carrier. - Carriers should get up tiered planes when they get up tiered. Like a T5 carrier in a T7 match should get a T7 variant of the planes. At the same time, they need to normalize the damage from AA the same way so a T5 DD, Cruiser or BB isn’t defenceless. The T7 ship will still be stronger, but you won’t be at such a big disadvantage.
  11. Pricket

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    I think it's a good thing that WG tells us what they are doing and why. Much easier to relate to. Maybe this won't be enough to balance the Qonk, but one step at a time. Maybe they will come to the conclusion that they should redesign consealment expert to give an equal 10% stealth buff across all classes as well soon.
  12. I agree with OP that they should do somethink about this. He has proposed one alternative. Earlier in another thread I've sugested to give a module token you can exchange for the module you want instead of like me only getting defencive AA modules. A third alternative would give people the alternative to get 500 or 1000 doubloons instead. A litle RNG is fun, but when it's rear and you get to be one of the unlucky ones it gets really boring in the long run
  13. Pricket

    help out a high tier noob...

    Hope more than the original poster reads this thread as it has a lot of good advice. For me iChase and Captains academy was important for me to learn about angling and penetrations. And how to aim was also an important lesson. Another youtuber that hasn't been mentioned is Whiskey's Gaming Lounge, he goes through each ship in each line, but he isn't finished, so not all ship lines is included yet. Flamu as mentioned is also a great player. When you try to become a better player it's always important to try to learn of your faults and fails and try to improve. And as mentioned try playing at lower tiers, T3-5 has a lot of new players that won't punish you as hard for your errors, and the range is shorter so it's easier to learn to aim. When you get to T8+ the ranges makes it much harder to hit a target, and if you pushes up ahead of your team you will be focused. And lastly a advice that has helped me become a better player: Don't go into a situation that you don't have a way to get out of. Always plan ahead.
  14. Pricket

    Anniversary Supercontainers - I am so spoiled

    I don't mind the SC being different kinds of super, but what WG could do is give us a module upgrade token or flag token(for x50 flags) so we could chose the flags or module we need. An easy fix to a frustrating problem.