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  1. MrAnarchy

    Sounds good

    I find the sounds of the game underwhelming, especially the flat gun firing sounds. They should really update the audio at this point. All guns sound more or less the same, except the the highest caliber guns like the ones on Incomparable and Satsuma.
  2. MrAnarchy

    Napoli: secondary build viable?

    Not only is it viable, it's competitive and, IMO, its the best way to run the ship. Speccing out of secondaries leaves you wishing you were in a Petropavlovsk. With secondaries, however, Napoli becomes its own unique ship. It is fast, stealthy and it has great armor which allows its otherwise mediocre guns and secondaries to shine. You are able to push to a flank quickly and catch the broadsides of unaware ships with AP. Whether they start kiting away or charge at you, your secondaries and torpedos will guarantee you to emerge from that knife-fight victorious. If for any reason the engagement is deemed too risky or you find yourself in a bad position where you're outgunned, the exhaust smoke will come in handy. The smoke can, of course, be used offensively as well. Pop the smoke, launch fighter planes for extra spotting, don't shoot and use the smoke to charge at a target without it being able to shoot back. Seeing an angry smoke spitting out SAP is terrifying. When you are close enough release your torps for great effect. Napoli is one of my favorite ships by far!
  3. MrAnarchy

    Tier X ships you own and hate?

    Ah yes... Zao... I take her out on a nostalgia run now and again. I like the ship beside the fact of it being underpowered. Hope they buff her into a playable state any time soon.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what tier X ships that you own do you absolutely despise playing, and why? I will name a few of mine that I abhor: 1) Venezia: I am utterly incapable of understanding this ship. Its role, its place, its strengths and weaknesses and its playstyle. My brain simply doesn't connect to this ship. Every time I bring it into the game, I regret not bringing something else that does what I want but better. I perform horribly in it and I avoid playing it completely. 2) Ragnar: The ship is okay. Gimped after the nerf. Utterly boring to play. 3) Nevsky: Clicking/holding left mouse button whole game and watching dmg numbers for each shot like "512" "1400" gives me arthritis and extreme boredom. 4) Delny: Why is this ship even in the game?! 5) Forrest Sherman: Again boredom because of its playstyle is a big factor here. Smoke ---> Hold left-click
  5. MrAnarchy

    Big disappointment in getting Stalingrad....

    Stalingrad is in my top 5 favorite ships. The reason for that is simble: GUNS!!! The AP on Stalingrad is absolutely disgusting, outright OP. However, they are balanced by Stalingrad having a hitbox. It turns like a truck and it burn like a trashcan covered in napalm. What that means is that you have to plan your manouvering 5 minutes ahead. Battleship fire duration nerfs your nose tanking hard and that forces you to stick your booty to the enemy team most of the time. In early game, Stalingrad prefers to snipe. Find a position where you expect to find broadsides- Wide on flanks or in the center looking at an enemy side push, both work. The only thing beside positioning that you should be concerned off is aiming properly. Its such a fun ship once you learn how to keep yourself safe. Also, its a gorgeous ship!
  6. MrAnarchy

    Anniversary super container haul

    41 SCs: 3000dubs 42 days of premium 75k coal Okhotnik 100k freeXP 100 x heal flaggies 200 x smoke duration flaggies 200 x Hydro duration flaggies 200 x consumable reload flaggies 100 x fire and flooding chance flaggies 200 x AA flaggies 100 x speed flaggies 200 x deto flaggies 200 x heal flaggies 200 x 600% freexp economic bonus 50 x 200% ship xp economic bonus 25 x 800% commander xp economic bonus 25 x 800% ship xp economic bonus 50 x 200% commander XP economic bonus 50 x 40% credits economic bonus
  7. MrAnarchy

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    41 SCs: 3000dubs 42 days of premium 75k coal Okhotnik 100k freeXP 100 x heal flaggies 200 x smoke duration flaggies 200 x Hydro duration flaggies 200 x consumable reload flaggies 100 x fire and flooding chance flaggies 200 x AA flaggies 100 x speed flaggies 200 x deto flaggies 200 x heal flaggies 200 x 600% freexp economic bonus 50 x 200% ship xp economic bonus 25 x 800% commander xp economic bonus 25 x 800% ship xp economic bonus 50 x 200% commander XP economic bonus 50 x 40% credits economic bonus Decent haul. The economic bonuses are underwhelming tho.
  8. MrAnarchy

    Lag and continuous micro-freezing

    Post your PC specs. Its difficult to troubleshoot stutters without knowing more your pc.
  9. MrAnarchy

    Changing your flank

    Switching flanks takes too much time during which you could have been helping your spawn flank win, assuming you spawned on a flank, only to find yourself isolated and very soon dead. When a flank has been won, you can then assess the map situation and decide which way to go. In a dd, its a bit different since they are cap contesters and you wouldn't want 3 out of 3 dds going into the same cap,. Even though that could work, its strategically unsound. In that case it can makes sense to switch sides/caps to contest.
  10. MrAnarchy

    Ranked Gold is trash

    Ranked is my preferred game mod over randoms because of the smaller format and bigger carry potential- which also makes it more entertaining for me. I do get annoyed sometimes by potatoes, I admit, but I mostly view ranked as a place where I want to maximize my positive impact on the game, and minimize the negative. I have both carried and threw plenty of games in my time, but I carry way more than I throw which makes getting to gold rank 1 a piece of cake. Don't concern yourself with what other people are doing or aren't doing to the point of writing a pointless post about it (it's normal to get frustrated a bit however) and find a way to improve your own gameplay. The skill ceiling can always be pushed upwards. As for the save the star mechanic. WG removing it from gold only made gold harder for weaker players which caused an accumulation of said players in gold, and not in silver. That move was kinda not thought through on their side. Getting INTO gold league should probably be harder for the sake of the ranked mode making more sense. Or maybe they could add a platinum league that would be made challenging to get into somehow. Until then, however, just focus on making yourself better instead of comparing yourself to, supposedly, weaker players. That's just not wise.
  11. MrAnarchy

    The state of Zao in 2022

    Zao is a kiter and as such it doesn't have a lot of carry potential or impact on the early game. Playing it offensively usually end badly. I think it needs a bit more buffs before its worth bringing into a game. Something like a reload buff or turret traverse buff. Something, anything. I only play it when I get nostalgic of the times when we used to bring it into first season of CBs...
  12. MrAnarchy

    I only get crap teams

    Keep in mind that all those lost game have you as a common thread. You need to humble yourself and be more open to the fact that there is an iceberg amount of things that you are yet to learn.
  13. MrAnarchy

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    WR is what made me improve my skills in the last year. 1 year ago I had WR of ~55% in ~4500 games. Then I challenged myself to make it to 60%. I needed to improve drastically if I was to have a higher influence on my random games. I had to carry more consistently. I had to stop yoloing and dying early on. I had to get more patient and I had to understand the game in whole a lot better. WR is a good predictor of skill when you have 4-5k games or more. If you have sub 50% WR, it means you mostly arent even justifying your place in the team. If you have around 50% WR you are atleast doing that consistently. If you have 60% WR it means you carry more often than being just a passive average grunt.
  14. MrAnarchy

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    Alright, lets play that scenario out: 15km apart, I in Stalingrad, you in Hindy, we are bow on moving towards each other. Since you chose 15km and that fact that I can see you are not turning away- Im gonna assume youre not playing to your concealment advantage and are going in guns blazing. *I am never stationary in Stalin so I choose to alter your scenario a bit so that it would fit my playstyle more and make the scenario truer to reality. I see you shooting at me at 15km range. I would probably recognize if you're going in for a brawl based on your maneuvering behavior. If I came to a realization that you're going for a torp drive-by I would hard turn immediately and keep slamming HE at you (at 15km point I would be shooting back obviously). I have 20k hp advantage and so I choose to risk taking cits while I turn for the sake if kiting. And say you roll high on the dice and get 3-4 cits and take 22k dmg. Taking heals, your legendary mod into question Id say we would be around the same hp, although I think I would be a bit higher. Now Im kiting way with all 9 guns pointed at you, while your 6 are shooting at me. If you started manueving and prepping back guns to come into question I would recognize that and bait you into turning while I load AP. 1 wrong turn, its game over for you. If you dont try to turn I will out-HE your 6 guns. Im faster than you and I gain range. Torps fall out of question. I heal more than you. Intuitively, I think I would win that one.
  15. MrAnarchy

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    1) That is exactly what I would do. Turn away the moment u come closer than 10-12km. I will gladly eat a 25k salvo because hp is expendable, that is if you can hit a 3-4cit salvo in the first place (skill+rng+ reload timing). 2) That could be the case, but Im not saying that I did things in Stalingrad that I could never do in other ships for nothing. Everything I say is empirical, true, but something is broken about Stalingrad and I feel it constantly while I play it.