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  1. sgtmarple

    How to keep my planes alive (IJN CVs)?

    First you have to understand that the jump into Tier8 is hard for almost every ship. If you get bottom Tier you will have a hard time. But yes, it is it is especially harsh for the Shokaku , since you really only have Paperplanes and not the reserve like the Kaga. I myself haven't found the magic formular yet, however to be able to gain points and credits you need to do damage. Your best bet is to find an isolate BB , German especially and use AP Bombs to Citadel him. Make sure that the inner lines and the outer lines touch, then release and don't hit the guns but the center. I get most Citadels that way. The Problem with AP Bombers is that they are way to long over the target and therefor can have heavy losses. Rockets are good against Cruisers and or DDs. I would use Rockets before Torps, because they will see you coming and you spend to much time in AA during the Torp run. Don't be afraid to just do one run. Get in, shoot the ship and try to avoid the black puffs as best as possible, then send the planes back. People will tell you to support your team with spotting. The problem is that plane spotting only gets 20% credits of what surface ships get. I'd rather loose a game with 100k damage than win one with 30k since the rewards are mainly based on damage (especially credits). If you only have one or two DDs in the match, spot them to get a generall sense where they are and let your Team deal with them. You go ahead and find that lone whale and farm him off. If you have 3 or more DDs in the match , you might wanna spend time to at least attack one. Otherwise , if your DDs fail, it might bite you in the [edited] late game. Be patient, I am not . CVs are a ship class that give you that feeling to go out and do damage as fast as possible. Sometimes it is better to fight against that urge and wait for the right target. The Shokaku is not an easy CV to play, especially stock. Enterprise, Implacable, Kaga are way more forgiving to play. Enterprise cuz of its plane health pool, rockets and easy to use AP bombs. Implacable the planes have health out of their [edited]and Kaga is basically the Zerg Daddy of CVs. Now at some point some bitter vets will tell you to stop the whine (althought you didn't ) and tell you all about how they do 200k damage with the Shokaku, ignore them. You will do better if you truly focus on destroying that one lonesome BB. If you need/want to support your team, choose one of the flanks /points they are pushing and make sure you concentrate winning that flank. No use to be all over the place. But remember, you need to make damage so you don't run a netlos on credits, especially on a free account. So try to concentrate on one BB.
  2. sgtmarple

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    I sometimes took direct control (of you can't launch Squads then) to out manover DD Torps or to keep the DD in secondary range. Also capped two times with my Riujo. Its fun to pop up where no one expects you to be.
  3. sgtmarple

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    See, I guess we disagree again. You only have to watch the returning planes to know where the position of CV is , and since planes fly back all the time is like having an oversized RPF for everyone. And yes, DDs MIGHT be radared, MIGHT get Hydroed, the point is, Planes ALWAYS get AA all the time. And I'm sorry but you don't really need particular good AA especially since DDs are REALLY invisble from the Air now. If you don't sail too far away , so that the CV thinks the detect sign might be from a CA , you are really quite safe. The last 50 games I played 49 had DDs and more than half 3-4. Only 10 games had CV, so yeah DDs are in a good spot, so good in fact that they are too powerfull, especially when green DDs potatos. And yes deletions happen quite often with my BB, if I play it right (which is a learning curve ) however you really don't wanna cross path with your CA with my Lyon, I will delete it. Which is way way more satisfying than playing CV, even when my Shokaku hit with all Torps it doesen't come close to deleting a Ship with a BB or see alot of DD Torps hit another ship.
  4. sgtmarple

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    not for CVs, I'd much more prefer more no fly zones if CVs get a proper Alpha Strike. I have no problem flying arround for a couple of minutes to hit a target hard. Now I'm flying arround for minutes doing nothing and chipping away here and there. If you don't play the Enterprise you don't do Alpha , that is for sure. Much easier with BBs, there I get a potential chance to delete a target every 25 seconds.
  5. sgtmarple

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    Yeah, the "legendary" russian CVs ^^ :-D
  6. sgtmarple

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    That would help and make sense. Never understood why CVs come in 2 Tier steps.
  7. sgtmarple

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    That is not true. I have switched from CV main to BB main and I can tell you that is not true. If I get uptierd with my Shokaku it is absolut stress. No matter how good my target selection is, I will loose planes. The question is , is it good enough for a second run? You have to loose planes to make damage...which is total bs and puts enormous pressure on you because there is only one of you (most of time). Playing a BB that got uptierd is sooo much easier and relaxing. Just stay in second row , change direction and speed after every shot , easy. You are not the one who is expected to carry. Playing a BB compared to a CV is easy mode.
  8. sgtmarple

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    Ah come here Bubu , you needs a hug?
  9. sgtmarple

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    Funny how DD Players are all triggered and demand I play DD and get gud and show all of you how to play DD yadada ...welll...actually...no. You are playing DD , you need to get gud, you need not to die within the first 5 Minutes. You need to scout and give me somthing to shoot at. You need to stay in range, cuz I'm a big fat British BB, I'm a fire spitting slow moving Turtle, so don't cry for Mommy Turtle because you ran away and died 23km out. In summary, I don't need to get anything , cuz I don't play DD, I play turtle , you need to get gut with DD and I'll make sure you know what time it is when you died Stop blaming BBs , Get gud!
  10. sgtmarple

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    I thought about it for a second and then I shruged and didn't care ^^ it was just a fun MM sorry it triggered you.
  11. sgtmarple

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    True , but very slow moving guns and you are very dependent on green DDs to do their job, which they didn't, they yoloed and 4 of them died within 5 Minutes, so we had 5 enemy DDs against 1 green DD...yeah let me just say it just proved to me once again that DD have too much influence . We ended up loosing the game with me killing 3 ships, 1 DD 2 Cruisers. Then getting torped from 2 different sides ^^ weee. And yes, thought I never asked, I know that different Tier gets you bad MM (fun mechanics to encourage friends to play together weee) but this time was especially rough ^^
  12. sgtmarple

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    You know it is all fun and games or haven't your left your basement for quite awhile?
  13. sgtmarple

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    I don't complain , but 5 DDs + CV, well intrestesting being in a BB with slow turning guns ^^ and Tier 8s against Tier 5, Division or not is...well a big middle finger ^^
  14. sgtmarple

    I miss CVs

    I 'd rather play with 3 CVs and no DDs. DDs have to much power to influence the game especially by being bad. Its a class to conplex to be played from the start. Maybe force players to get at least 100 wins with BB or CA before being able to jump into a DD.