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  1. sgtmarple mini patch good???

    You are wrong, CVs can be deplaned and taking off without a full flight is a waste because of the AA.
  2. sgtmarple

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    Lol, not me that is for sure. Any CV related stuff they can take it and shove it up where the sun don't shine. ^^
  3. sgtmarple

    [0.8.4+] Balance-Pläne aus dem Dev-Blog

    Klar, kann man machen aber dann bitte die Alpha Damage von Fliegern auf DDs erhöhen, ansonsten sind CVs ab Minute 10 tod da jeder DD in der Zeit den CV ausfinding und torperdiert hat.
  4. This! As a CV main I would welcome this...seriously after the next patch hits I'm not quite sure what my role is. I started playing my Carriers in EvE online. Yes I know, totally different game but I just wanted to find out what it was that bugged me the most...and its not knowing what my role is. In EvE Online Carriers have a very clear role. They are a strategic asset rather than a tacitcal one like small ship classes. I must position my carrier right, choose the right planes for the right targets, read the battlefield more...in WoWs I don't know what my role is. I can't be a spotter anymore, I can't provide cover effectivly, I can't do Alpha Damage and take out a target fast. I can't really do DoT damage because of the very low fire and flood changes. In 0.8.0. 2 at least I could provide AA support by traveling with low AA BBs but with 20 % less detectability I'm gonna hide at the edge of the map cuz I won't see the DD coming , just before he Alpha Strikes me with his torps.And even if I see him I won't be able to kill him fast enough before he torps me with 4 gazillion torps.
  5. sgtmarple

    CV- Fighter Planes

    @Beastofwar - Spotting should be a player mechanic and not be part of another automated mechanic. Fighter spotting should be reduced but not taken away - Yes, the time they take to become agressive is way , way to long. - I would like to set the patrol area through the tactical map rather than fly there personally. That is why I think they should also take off from the CV and fly to the patrol area. - You don't run out of them because there is almost no reason to use them other to place them obver Objectives to spot DDs - Yes they always return , despawn after an attack, no matter if the attack was successfull. If I see a cruiser/BB having a byplane I just boost over them, they chase me a little then return to the ship an land and I can make my attack in peace. Same goes the other way arround, if you enter an enemy patrol area as an cruiser/BB just start your byplane , let it be shot down and the Fighters will despawn P.S. I don't care a damn if DD play is more enjoyable, burn them all I say :-D
  6. sgtmarple

    Zoning, does it work?

    I have started to drop Torps or Bombs right at the start of a flight if I get + 2 Tiers in MM. I'll never manage to make that 3rd attack so at least I ensure I have planes on my CV.
  7. sgtmarple

    CV- Fighter Planes

    WG can you please take a closer look at Firghter Planes? This is are just rediculous right now. I always only use them to keep a DD spottet, they are a waste to be used to protect your own mates or deny the enemy CV an area. I could outrun Ranger Fighters with my Ryujo Bombers without them even take a shot. - Reduce their spotting ability -Reduce their time before they aggro from 8 seconds to 4 seconds -Widen their patrol range slightly - Make them take off from the CV and fly towards the patrol area, however they are immune to AA till they start their patrol. - Make their patrol time longer than one minute - If their patrol ends , they fly back to the CV - Give us more charges to compensate. - Let them reassume their patrol after an engagement against the enemy
  8. sgtmarple

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    Don't care much what you just wrote. But I see a Molari and I applaud. :-)
  9. sgtmarple

    Cv rework chatter

    Tier X needs to balanced differently than the lower Tiers since everything is bigger, harder and faster.
  10. sgtmarple

    Went to the dark side.

    - Depending of the Ship type or the Ships that are arround, don't make sharp turns after the first run. You will loose your planes very fast that way. Speed away, wiggle about to avoid puffs (not sure if that really works, WG went full blown RNG on that). Btw for some odd reason AA shoots farer away than indicated when flying away. However, you are better off flying away from the AA "bubbles" and start a clean run, rather than making sharp turns, that will get you killed.
  11. sgtmarple

    Carriers - Alpha Strike

    First of all it is Tier X and it is the Midway on the Haku this wouldn't be possible. There is a reason why Tier X players are switching to the Midway right now. More HP on the planes, HE Bombs with high fire chance and Tiny Tims. This is not at all how CVs play on Tier 4-8. Especially if you are a Tier 6 in a Tier 8 Game or a Tier 8 in a Tier 10 game. Also , is it just me or was he very lucky with the MM? I see no Mino or Worcester or De Moin. Don't take Tier X as a reference. Tier X needs its own balance team and doesen't reflect at all the expierence in lower tiers. However I do agree with your AA opinion. Some Ships out there have very weak AA.
  12. sgtmarple

    Carriers - Alpha Strike

    Its a Work in Process. Its on the PST. Those numbers are not going to be same live, we all know that. He excatly explained what the main problem with CVs are right now.
  13. sgtmarple

    Carriers - Alpha Strike

    Eactly my point. Now this is the Tier 4 RN CV. However I really like the Bombers and Rocket UI, it is better than the current state.
  14. sgtmarple

    Where are CVs?

    Funny how players always say that and yet they still play. Those who really lost intrest don't even read the Forum :P
  15. sgtmarple

    Carriers - Alpha Strike

    I don't know Baba, some of the BBs have quite a long range and can be pretty , pretty safe. A BB can influence the battle better than I do at least on Tier 6. It all comes down to skill and a little bit of RNG cuz of Shell dispersion. As a CV player the only Weaponsystem that actually works accurate are torps. Bombers as a JNV do what they want, they are AP so most over time you get overpen, and rockets, well they are sometimes all over the place.Rockets do very little damage and the fire chance is very low. 5xpenetration on a DD roughly 3400 damage. You can guess very easy where the CV is by watching returning planes, its basically I giant red arrow screaming "Over here!". I have more and more DDs going after me rather the Objective so I'm constantly moving. No fancy manuevers of course since I barely can control my ship directly. At least in Tier 6 and Tier 4 it takes alot of time to cross the map to help out on one of the flanks. A BB is more often in a better position to help out more quickly.