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  1. sgtmarple

    CV Pushing...

    Sure thing, should I send the reply file too?
  2. sgtmarple

    CV Pushing...

    Well, uhm this is new and I didn't know if this was the case before. A friendly rammed me from behind , while I was standing in my CV (starting position) and somehow, someone on my CV went " I'm the captain now" and kept moving forward. Granted , I was kinda distracted till I noticed that my CV was almost in the middle of the map and being shelled, a very wierd WTF moment. I managed to get away but then I found the enemy Lexinton cruising between two islands in the middle and I asked him " What are you doing here?" while I was bombing him, he answered " I DON'T KNOW ! SOMEONE PUSHED ME!" I peed a little while laughing. Just to make clear , it wasn't a friendly ship that was constanly pushing me, I just got rammed and the CV kept going, so a fair warning, if you get rammed and autopilot is NOT active, make sure your boat stops or might get a nasty suprise.
  3. sgtmarple

    Benham needs tuning (DOWN!)

    TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! (sorry had to)
  4. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    I think that most players haven't used the new System yet, lets see what happends after a couple of days when people start supporting each other with AA. All I can see is that I do alot of plane kills if I really use the system.
  5. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    Yeah, had 3 green CA 6 klicks out, but I got the kills ^^
  6. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    Don't say that...I haven't grinded the British CV yet...I can't play more than one game in Tier 4 CV without killing myself.
  7. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    To be fair now, the switch with the new System is very fast. I downed 34 planes with my Fuso and half the time I only activated enforced AA in the middle of the attack run. What I noticed thought with my Shokaku is, it is best to attack ships that get pressured by the team, they are often so distracted that you can do a good attack run. (those 3 Citadels on the Bismarck in one drop...the boner ain't gone yet.)
  8. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    It is magical, I did it myself too since I use a 15 button mouse, the reaction time is great. No it isn't, the reaction time is so much faster, you can help out each other so much better, it will be a harder time for CVs.
  9. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    It gives surface ship that much needed sension of, " yeah I am reacting to a thread (Planes)", but it is very very fast. Finding that alone player is always fun, but most of the time you will attack ships with one more ship near by and that gives puffs without being able to avoid them, especially with Bombers.
  10. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    Yeah but the point is, its not only the enforced AA from one ship, its from the other ships that keeps you in constant Puffs. Before the change players, had to remember to reset their AA, that took time, switch to the UI, that took time, enforce AA, that took time. So CVs had an angle of attack once the knew which side was probably renforced. Now, you see planes attacking a friend, you look, press O and thats it, everything else does the system. So while you are bombing you get the puffs of another ship that you can't avoid. The system is still great, but as I said, not sure about the numbers.
  11. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    No, if you don't press O you have your AA like always, how ever when the planes come closer just look into the direction and press O that side will be enforced in a couple of seconds then magic happends. After the magic it gets resettet and after some short time you can press O again and start the magic again (the magic being planes going "OMFG SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!")
  12. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    The AA change is a good one mechanic wise, not sure about the numbers thought, those planes fall out of skies like dead flies...I can't imagine how that be for CV when you get bottom tierd. AS it is, way to much enforced AA can be pointed at a Squad, way to fast.
  13. sgtmarple

    NEW AA

    Pfff..hahaha....omg , them planes don't even come close. I only played one CV game and got wrecked, before I used the system on my surface ships...so I jumped into my Lyon (good AA) against two CVs..relativly alone...omg Clear Skies...the amount of damage you put out is insane. Especially when two ships are together there is no angle of attack. You cross one Ships enforced side and you fly directly into the next one. AP/HE Bombers have it worse , you can't escape the reinforced side while bombing, you get constantly hit by enforced AA. I think they way forward is speed on planes. You need to get out ASAP. When you attack one ship , the others just look at your direction and press O and before you can get out you have another reinforced AA on you. Now for surface ships the mechanic is a good one. It gives you something to react to but if you play CV be prepared for some weeks of immense pain. Still love it thought, when I play my Lyon. Edit: Maybe that would be a good time to rethink rockets. To give rockets get some percentage of chance to destroy AA, similar how HE Shells have a chance to cause fires So some CVs could choose either damage rockets or rockets with a much higher chance to destroy AA. That way CVs could soften up targets before using their Bombers.
  14. sgtmarple

    How to keep my planes alive (IJN CVs)?

    First you have to understand that the jump into Tier8 is hard for almost every ship. If you get bottom Tier you will have a hard time. But yes, it is it is especially harsh for the Shokaku , since you really only have Paperplanes and not the reserve like the Kaga. I myself haven't found the magic formular yet, however to be able to gain points and credits you need to do damage. Your best bet is to find an isolate BB , German especially and use AP Bombs to Citadel him. Make sure that the inner lines and the outer lines touch, then release and don't hit the guns but the center. I get most Citadels that way. The Problem with AP Bombers is that they are way to long over the target and therefor can have heavy losses. Rockets are good against Cruisers and or DDs. I would use Rockets before Torps, because they will see you coming and you spend to much time in AA during the Torp run. Don't be afraid to just do one run. Get in, shoot the ship and try to avoid the black puffs as best as possible, then send the planes back. People will tell you to support your team with spotting. The problem is that plane spotting only gets 20% credits of what surface ships get. I'd rather loose a game with 100k damage than win one with 30k since the rewards are mainly based on damage (especially credits). If you only have one or two DDs in the match, spot them to get a generall sense where they are and let your Team deal with them. You go ahead and find that lone whale and farm him off. If you have 3 or more DDs in the match , you might wanna spend time to at least attack one. Otherwise , if your DDs fail, it might bite you in the [edited] late game. Be patient, I am not . CVs are a ship class that give you that feeling to go out and do damage as fast as possible. Sometimes it is better to fight against that urge and wait for the right target. The Shokaku is not an easy CV to play, especially stock. Enterprise, Implacable, Kaga are way more forgiving to play. Enterprise cuz of its plane health pool, rockets and easy to use AP bombs. Implacable the planes have health out of their [edited]and Kaga is basically the Zerg Daddy of CVs. Now at some point some bitter vets will tell you to stop the whine (althought you didn't ) and tell you all about how they do 200k damage with the Shokaku, ignore them. You will do better if you truly focus on destroying that one lonesome BB. If you need/want to support your team, choose one of the flanks /points they are pushing and make sure you concentrate winning that flank. No use to be all over the place. But remember, you need to make damage so you don't run a netlos on credits, especially on a free account. So try to concentrate on one BB.
  15. sgtmarple

    Aircraft Carrier Suggestion

    It was after the third strike , the first didn't hit because I overshot and I lost alot of planes, the 2nd did hit with one Rocket and yes I was aiming well this time, still lost some planes, the third hit with 5 for said 960 damage , I didn't wanted to loose more planes. It was against a Mahan.