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  1. Bartleby74

    WG - Something has to give....

    Maybe WG could just trim how XP is earned so causing damage without earning objectives is rendered useless. Sitting at the edge of map "sniping" should not give XP unless there's a good reason for. Somehow, position and movement of the ship should be accounted for when calculating XP. Moved away from enemy without being under fire? XP for damage is halved. Positioned behind an island without a chance of shooting nor line of sight? Zero XP for any damage you manage to inflict. This sort of thing. Rewards should be handed preferently for playing the game right, not for just farming damage and being last to die. 10-minute defeats are not fun for anyone, and they have completely sucked dry my will to play World of Warships.
  2. Bartleby74

    Yamato vs Dakadakadaka

    Paper as in "never built" for Montana and "best of Soviet SF" for Kremlin. Yamato is the only real T10 in the battleship class.
  3. Bartleby74

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Unsurprinsgly, the Man in the High Seahorse is a DD jockey who barely has played anything that could spoil his track record.
  4. Bartleby74

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Blah, blah, blah. 9000 battles and 4 years into WoWs, I think I've learned a few things. And they are useless when I sit on a CV and nobody tries to cap as my WR with Midway drops below 34%. I don't pretend to be a good player. I am not a unicum and it took me about 5,000 battles to cure my former habit of YOLOing. But I effin think I deserve better than getting 11 Edited* idling with a Edited* as we lose. *Please watch the language
  5. Bartleby74

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    The only real use for Co-Op is division operations and to let you earn wins for dailies. Mistakes in Co-Op are as costly as in Random, just the list of "mistakes" is shorter becasue AI is limited.
  6. Bartleby74

    Could we have a "I got a chatban!"-button?

    I could use that button, since my policy to verbally flog leechers hoping that they'll leave the game if they get enough verbal flak leads to a lot of chatban. (Yet the last chatban I got was for being very expletive towards WG about my first experience as a CV with the new AAA mechanic. Frankly, they have quite a sensitive skin compared to how they abuse OUR patience...)
  7. Bartleby74

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    There's always money to be earned as long as the game is worth it. Sunken cost IS a thing and all in all, I enjoy the game sometimes. Just not often enough to beat yet another stupid battle where nobody effin tries to win. I'm not a whale, by a far stretch, and certainly WG has gotten peanuts form me compared to the last game I played (EVE Online, were is spent 1200 euros worth of subcription plus microtransactions), but the thing is, I would like to keep playing the game and give some more money to WG, yet the meta has degenerated to a point where the game feels toxic. They dont' even try, game after game after game. Why bother.
  8. Bartleby74

    London Port... Modern or Historical?

    My only isssue with harbors is that ships are also 200% scale at port and look silly compared to the harbor facilites & other ships. Maybe they should be rescaled to 50% of their ingame model so they match the size of the harbor...
  9. Bartleby74

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    I wish my WR was good enough to pack me with the 10-minute winners more often than the losers. But Midway destroyed my WR right because of the 10-minuters.
  10. I've had enough. Losing in 10 minutes as the other team caps all points undisturbed used to be a rare instance, but I am seeing at least one battle like this every single day. Even more when i'm on a carrier, which rubs extra salt on the wound. This is unacceptable. I've got a ton of sunken cost in WoWs, but the terrible attitude of players who don't even TRY to win is leading me to burnout point. I'm closing in to finish grinding the Hakuryu, which would mean money for WG since I would buy the doubloons for the camo, and I am feeling stupid. Downright stupid. Why bother grinding another ship? Why a carrier with all the AAA sh*t going around them? Why even consider grinding some other line (Soviet BBs? IJN CLs? German CAs?) when at the end of the road, you'll be the 1 idiot in a lone T 10 watching the enemy kill your ship as the green "team" just backpedals, runs for the edge or hides behind the island closest to spawn? And then, 10, 11, maybe 12 minutes into the battle, there goes your WR down by another defeat. You've been slaughtered and the enemy team just enjoyed a walk in the park shooting some squirrels. This is not worth 5500 doubloons. This is not worth grinding those last 40,000 XP for Hakuryu. This is not worth playing a single battle more. Wargaming developers, I don't know what your plans are for the future. But as someone who's been playing since launch (september 2015), here's a piece of advice: either you find a way to encourage players to be aggressive and TRY to win, or begin segregating do-nothings from players who spend our time, knowledge and skill to improve our gameplay and try to enjoy the fruits of our commitment to this game and not another. You're losing the game, Wargaming. In the long run nobody pays for the privilege of being the only one pulling in a team of leechers.
  11. Bartleby74

    Acoustic torpedo

    So you want to discuss acoustic torpedoes when Wargaming has already made up their minds and announced that submarine torpedoes will have a kind of homing system via active sonar pings that will expose the position of the submarine? And what's the point? WG can't implement realistic acoustic torpedoes without the game becoming World of German Submarines. Thus they already figured a fantasy way to deal with it. - fire torpedo, it goes straight and unguided. It might hit or don't as any regular torpedo. - blow one sonar ping, torpedo acquires a homing on the target and will try to track it within its maneuverability, but the ping reveals the position of submarine - second ping will make the torpedo dive to hit under the keel for extra damage and/or home on a submerged enemy submarine, but again will reveal the submarine position Also pings only are possible at persicope depth with reduced velocity and subject to spalsh damage from close hits (plus depth charges)
  12. Bartleby74

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Today I managed to be the only active player in a team with 11 campers. Defeat was swift and crushing but it felt special to be the only one doing something else than hide. I was in Shokaku, btw, and yesterday that little IJN beast gave me my third Kraken Unleashed ever, and first with a CV (I've had some close calls with Midway): Enemy team had 988 points when my team eventually killed their CV. I had killed Gascogne and the Shiratsuyu while capping B alone as my team camped A. Eventually they noticed that there wasn't any dreary enemies around, moved to B and C and eventually killed the enemy CV.
  13. The only T10 I don't like is the Moskva and probably wouldn't mind regrinding the Bogatyr, Kirov or Domskoi, but for the other ships in the line... meh. Being there, done that, Svietlana and Shchors were bad enough the first time thank you. Also, regrind all line to get back the bloody Moskva? No, please, no. I don't see it working, generally speaking. If you like the T10 you don't want to lose it, period, no matter how fun were older ships. And if you don't like the T10, then you don't want to regrind it when you can just buy the ships you liked and play them at lower tiers unless you're doing business with T10s.
  14. Bartleby74

    Abysmal ranked games

    Well, my expeirenc ein this and every last season is like.. While ranking up to 10: there we go, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but get star upon star and reach 10 After rank 10: rank 11...12...11...10...11...12...11...10...11...12...13(!)... in the merry company of every bot, AFK, mouthbreather and functionally diverse punk who thinks that Ranked battles are an easy grind. Quality drops noticeably after rank 10 and I just can't bother myself to try and grind 4 effin victories in a row after yo-yoing back and forth between 10 and 12 all day.
  15. Bartleby74

    Hakuryu - order for upgrades?

    And why would you judge Midway for its torps? Who told you Midway is a torpedo ship? Midway is the best rocket ship and has second best DBs, Midway's torpedos are what you use when your squadrons are reflling or are chasing stuff in the smoke. WG "balances" ships around traits and perks, thus so each CV tree is best/average/bad with a different system: USN: best rockets, good DBs, bad torps RN: best torps, good DBs, bad rockets IJN: best DBs, good torps, bad rockets Don't bother with torps on Midway. Unleash Tiny Tim fury on your targets and enjoy the show. (One of the funniest times I had with a Cv was with Lexington. A Farragut was messing with our cap and upon spotting it I called on chat "Target Farragut!". I tried my luck with my last flight of rockets... align... aim... shoot... Farragut vaporizes after taking every HVAR in the salvo. "WTF dude!!!??" in chat and all team LOLing: "Farragut? what Farragut cv?")