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  1. sompet

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    I tried CVs at tier 4 and 6 in round #1, probably I won't play them for a while on live. So, I played only surface ships in round #3, here are my experience: Wyoming against 2 Hosho: we could not really hurt each other, i cannot shot down planes and they cannot do significant damage, barely anything hit. Phoenix: not much interaction with CV (battle without CV or CV attacked bots) New mexico against 1 Shokaku: it was a battle without bots, so CV attacked me for the whole battle. I shot down 3 planes, had significant incoming damage. Repair was up before next fire/flood. In a real battle, I would probably died much sooner because of DOTs from other ships. Pensacola: battle without CV North Carolina against multiple Ryujos/Ranger: shot down 30-40 planes in each battle, CVs could not cause significant damage. Baltimore against T8 CVs: CV attacked other player ships, shot down some planes. Des Moines agains Lexington: shot down 30+ planes , CVs could not cause significant damage. Des Moines agains Hakuryu: shot down 30+ planes , but could not dodge the stealth torpedo drops. Overall, tier difference seems to be too important. Same tier ship vs. CV balance is acceptable, but with +2/-2 always the high tier won the encounters. I predict that it will be the worst for T8 ships against T10 CVs. AA sector change seems to be useless for self-defense: change is too slow to be an interactive counter-operation against plane attacks, especially on slow turning ships. Its change time should close to the time the CV can make the next attack; but then it should decrease the AA on the lesser size more. It should have more impact and more risk for both party. UI: AA sector change UI should be much smaller, it should not cover most of the window Add hotkeys for AA sector change so don't have to open that overlay Based on PTS experience, I plan to play mostly ranked so I won't have to deal with this in this state. Edit: I know that WG plans to have 2/3 CV limit. Please consider limiting it to 1 CV for now, until it will be more balanced, so the overpowered/underpowered ships would have lower overall effect on the battles.
  2. sompet

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    I customized it to be as annoying as possible. Hopefully more people will protest...
  3. sompet

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    Zao / Atago Cleveland / Atlanta Des Moines / Missouri / Alabama Dm. Donskoi / Kutuzov Bismark / Tirpitz / Scharnhorst G. Kurfürst Monarch / Duke of York Minotaur A few more at 17 or 18, will use elite XP on them eventually
  4. sompet

    Why didn't we win?

    It was a fun battle where we mostly played for the objectives so it would have been five stars. The 7th ship sunk much earlier. There were three ships in the area when the main objective was completed, Cleveland left the zone and later Budyonny entered. So it seems to be even more buggy I'm at work so can't check the replay but I'm pretty sure the 7th ship died before completing the main objective. Also once I died intentionally when I was too far from the evac zone and it successfully finished the mission.
  5. sompet

    Why didn't we win?

    We had 3 of 6 ships in the area. Any ideas?
  6. sompet

    Still no Gamescom X3 missions?

    Percentage wise the free XP remains the same, but the same percentage results higher actual free XP value with the +200% first win bonus. This is more important if you want to use free XP modifier flag or camouflage, which are usually available in more limited quantities.The higher bonus makes the free XP modifiers more effective.
  7. Yes, if you want to maximize free XP gain. As they are harder to get, I usually use them on 3x days and 2x days on some ships. This flag increased the ship XP for the battle and free XP modifiers are applies to after the flags bonus. I always use them with papa flag. If you have plenty of them, they are good for increasing free XP from Tirpitz cammo, too. BTW you can see the free XP details on the battle result screen in a tooltip over free XP amount.
  8. Both the cammo's and papa flags's bonus applies to total earned XP (premium+first win+cammo+flags), the free XP bonus from the flag is not affected by cammo's free XP bonus. To maximize papa flag bonus, I would rather keep them for 3x XP days.
  9. sompet

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Yes it's in the client. And it's really cruel for the people who like to get all achievement.
  10. sompet

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Well, I know it's Christmas time, probably a lot of people are already left for holiday, so I didn't expect any decisions. This issue is not a game breaker for me but a mood killer for sure. I won't stop playing WoWs but I don't really feel continuing paying too. We can agree that there are too many messy issues. But if WG-EU didn't expect such uproar, then you are hopeless. If you expected then you should have prepared much better damage control... Merry Christmas!
  11. I see no problems using these mods from 15.2: ----------------------[ Ship Contour Icons [DLC] ]------------------------------------ MajorRenegade's icons MajorRenegade's v1 Player's Panel mod Player's Panel with HP bars (config by hakabase) Hakabase v3---------------------[ Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file ]------------------------------ Battle GUI customization Detection icons "Black Citadel" v1 - Yellow Torpedo Warning torpedo warning v2 Ribbon Badges Ribbons v1------------------------[ Consumables icons ]-------------------------------------- Golden Premium Consumable Icons----------------------[ The Minimap mods ]---------------------------------------- Minimap with ship names Display customized minimap circlesTracers Colored tracers by 0BlackSkull0Cruise control More visible cruise control (by Mebius_LW)Chat Improved Chat (Displays ship name in brackets)Achievments Transparent unobtained achievments (by Roktaal)-------------------------[ Various mods ]--------------------------------- Navigator (ship direction indicator) Navigator: original Move Ribbons to center Running Lights Enable ability to record battle replays
  12. sompet

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    When you say that it is the players interest that they cannot earn some rewards but they have to buy them, it's disgusting. It's the second reason I feel being insulted by Wargaming.
  13. sompet

    Cap circle border visual changes (3D and minimap)

    The cap circle border is not visible enough, even when I'm close to it. It's just invisible from far.
  14. sompet

    New User Interface 0.5.6 Feedback

    I like the new minimap. I'd like to have 2-3 more size increase steps for map because on 3440x1400 display its a bit small.
  15. Navigator and smoke boundaries together crashed. Navigator without smoke boundaries still crashed. Only using smoke boundaries stopped crashing.