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  1. chaosrealm93

    0.7.5 and new EULA

    who else got hit with a dialog asking to confirm the new EULA when they updated to 0.7.5? like most, i just clicked accept without reading anything. did anyone actually read/know what it is?
  2. chaosrealm93

    a CSGO-esque ranking system

    well what reasons did they cite?
  3. chaosrealm93

    a CSGO-esque ranking system

    perhaps enough people think its a problem and wgshould look into it? what a novel idea right?
  4. chaosrealm93

    a CSGO-esque ranking system

    exactly. it doesnt have to be a finely graded system, just enough tiers to separate the truly weekend from those with an inkling of what ship does what and where to go
  5. chaosrealm93

    a CSGO-esque ranking system

    wg should implement a CSGO style ranking system, not only for ranked season, but for randoms too. absolutely sick and tired of invalids going to caps that are a waste of everyones time players of similar skill should play with others of similar skill. saves everyone of the headache of having to tell these players where to go and why. the lower skilled player thinks everyone is hostile to them and the better player wont have to pop painkillers. its a win win
  6. chaosrealm93

    fletcher, gearing and PA DDs

    youre telling me........ i only have 60k of free xp
  7. chaosrealm93

    fletcher, gearing and PA DDs

    i meant stopping at fletcher as in saving the money and not buying the gearing. i only have 17M in credits, so practically broke. if theres a ship elsewhere thats better, id rather spend it on that than gearing well the gadjah just feels unresponsive. turrets are slow, reload is slow, arcs are high and rudder feels somewhat sluggish i was just wondering if it gets any better down the line not being able to torp DDs is an ok tradeoff for those deepwater torps
  8. chaosrealm93

    fletcher, gearing and PA DDs

    im on the fletcher and im 10k XP short until i can get gearing, but i hear from some the gearing is more of a "sidegrade" rather than an upgrade i can sorta see what they mean. you get 1 more gun and they fire a little faster, the torps are a good bit longer range but do less damage and the ship rides higher so thats where the PA DDs come in. im in the T7 gadjah mada and contrary to flamu's raving praise of it being a strong ship, i cant make it work that well. reminds me of the mahan, even after the torp range buff, it was iffy for me. should i stop at fletcher? should i continue PA DDs? do they get better from T7? what are the tripping stones i need to know about?
  9. chaosrealm93

    slower speed = tighter turning circle?

  10. is this reality or is this just fantasy if you make a turn at 1/4 or 1/2 speed, do you get a tighter turning circle than a turn at full speed? probably just placebo..... but people say it does what about the number quoted in the ship stats? is that for full speed turning?
  11. chaosrealm93

    kiev vs tashkent

    my ultimate goal is the kaba but should i play the tashkent? is it still the TRASHkent of old? has anything changed? how should i play it?
  12. chaosrealm93

    Skillfast's AP shells

    this guy gets it
  13. chaosrealm93

    Skillfast's AP shells

    wow this ship is underpowered....... ;D
  14. chaosrealm93

    Skillfast's AP shells

    does the skillfast have "short-fuse AP" like the rest of the RN CA line?
  15. chaosrealm93

    new patch is a buff to all BBs, especially FR BBs

    getting lolpenned by every BB especially FR BBs forcing the switch back to extreme range HE spammers and forcing more passive gameplay