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  1. Sadstories

    Ranked great battle or devastating defeat

    The difference in score between you and your teammates is not that big. You played well, we cant argue about that, but you can't call it a devastating defeat. I had situations where I was ahead of teammates with 300+ exp and half of them complete potatoes, at least no star lost.
  2. Sadstories

    First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    1st version: 1 CV and 1 very good BB won a game where the CL played somehow good but the 5 DDs died in a special manner or very fast. 2nd version: a 7vs7 game where the CV helped the BB/CL/DD division win the game. The BB killed 2 enemies while the DD killed 5 so he is special.
  3. Sadstories

    Game complexity grows, game quality degrades?

    Also, I have to add something, It's been proven scientifically that when you have a very wide variety of choices you usually end up choosing nothing. Usually, when I get tired of a ship, like Kamika or Yamato, I just end up leaving the game because I can't decide what to play next. I get a headache whenever I take a look at the ship lines. There's way too many of them. There isn't any info in the tech tree about what's special about that ship line. The only thing old players know is which of the ships are worth playing in a certain line, nothing more.
  4. Sadstories

    HSF Collection Containers without items

    More like 40 IF I get an item a day. And I don't really have the time to play more atm.
  5. Hello guys, How do we know what's the drop rate of HSF Collection items from normal containers? At the moment I am playing the game only to get the camo and there's been already 2 days where I got not even one item from 2x2 crates. This is too damn frustrating, especially when you almost always get duplicates and need 5 of them for a new item. How am I supposed to complete this collection if I get a max of 1 item per day?
  6. Sadstories

    Which silver ship YOU have played do you consider the most OP?

    Yamato, For me still the biggest monster in the game, if there are no dds around you can delete ships HP at it's finest. Definitely not a ship for newbies who skip Izumo. Show side to enemy and get wrecked in one salvo (from 22km by a Montana), Great shells dispersion and guns accuracy, must be used at 16 - max 20 km. it can hold a lot of damage but it's very weak to fire. Also, I like Cleveland in t6 with HE buffs and Chapa in t8 for fire missions. Also could mention Kiev with maxed guns range, you can tank damage for your team by annoying everyone in the enemy team, definitely a karma destroyer. I will probably change my mind about Yamato once I get the Conqueror, I already see how OP Lion can get with its concealment. Devastating AP shells on CAs and cancerous HE on BBs.Whenever things get too hot you just stop firing and go undetected.
  7. Sadstories

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    @Loran_Battle Looks like Blogis forgot about recruitment, do you have a place elsewhere or shall I put a topic in LF clan?
  8. Sadstories

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Ok, ty. I will contact Blogis my self to see if he has a place there. If not I will let you know here.
  9. Sadstories

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I want to join the SCRUB family, the only drawback is that I can't use TC3, at least not the microphone atm. PM me if you have a place in. I have Yamato(kinda good in it), Gearing, Moskva (Shima?, Khaba??) for next CW and I want to take part in them if I have time. Will be waiting for your reply
  10. You will be amazed how many players with the lowest possible skill bought high tier ships like Tirpitz, Alabama, Missouri and so on. Specially Tirpitz is the most noob played ship in the game in my own experience, it is almost always available in the shop and people just abuse it. Whenever I see a Tirpitz player I automatically assume he has no idea what he is doing. This is why players' skill has dropped, they all got damn good ships where even if they play like crap they still get better results and are having more fun than playing normal tech tree ships. They never learn.
  11. Sadstories

    Chat Spamming: What will he get?

    Well this time he was playing with a BB. Haven't checked his account
  12. Sadstories

    Chat Spamming: What will he get?

    Well at first I also thought he was a bot but he was speaking, when someone told him he reported him for spamming. He said "Even if I get chat ban I can still do this hahaha" or something like that
  13. Sadstories

    Chat Spamming: What will he get?

    Hello sailors, I just had a game in my Missouri where a player in our team kept spamming on minimap locations for like half the game. I must say it was: 1) Very very annoying 2) It greatly reduced my map awareness as I couldn't see a thing on the minimap, I play on laptop window mode. Are there special penalties for players like this? If WG staff read this maybe implement an automatic chat ban or whatever you want for players which use more than 50 minimap "pointers" per game. This kind of behavior ruins the game, really. I almost never report people for bad language as they usually have a reason to be salty but this, this is cancer.
  14. Sadstories

    Finally got a supercontainer.....

    I've got 4 SC this NYE and they all had flags and camos. They indeed saved me in the past. I got enough doublons to exchange 100k free exp for my Missouri
  15. Sadstories

    Player looking for a Clan

    I am looking for a good team for CW, I am alone in my own clan so that's not very promising. I created it because I didn't have the chance to play CW in last season as my clan already had a team. If you are interested tell me