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  1. Amon_ITA

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    From three, four months ago I started playing wows in a different way than before. Now I take long breaks, something like from ten to fifteen days, than I spend one week playing ten match a day. Before of that wows used to be my go to game, now it’s become something I play when I don’t want to play something else. The reasons are two. The first is that I don’t enjoy playing destroyers anymore, because of carriers. The second is that I’m growing more and more tired of all these paper overpowered russian ships.
  2. Minotaur on certain maps can come close using islands undetected. Venezia is scary because using sap can being lucky oneshot Destroyers. Spotting is not everything. If you are radared from a Moskva from 10 kilometers she can't kill you before you go outside radar range. That's what i meant, considering i was responding about radar being the only threath a CA can pose to a DD. It's not that easy, of course.
  3. I agree. From what i see in it's current state there is no sense in playing that DD. Can be a gunboat or a torpedoboat, but it's only decent at both. We already have Harugumo and Shimakaze, why should i spend a ton of free XP on a ship that can do both roles, but worse than silver ships i already have ? TBH i would not play Hayate even if it was grindable as a silver ship.
  4. All cruisers with enough rate of fire are a mortal threat to destroyers, i don't think it's only a matter of radar. Just to give an example, Minotaur or even Venezia is a bigger threat than Moskva in my opinion.
  5. Without looking at stats this is probably a rant from and average at best BB main. However i would not totally dismiss his points. Not from a BB captain point of view, in my opinion Battleships are not in a bad spot nowadays ( we'll see what happens about that when subs will hit live servers ) But from a DD captain perspective. We already have perma spotting and harrassing from CV's. We already have radars. Add to that the soviet cruisers. Their main guns ballistic is extremely dangerous to destroyers, because they can easily hit them from much afar.
  6. Amon_ITA

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I've been watching different good players playing subs lately. I can't really imagine how WC can introduce this class without making the game more unbalanced than already is. Sorry for asking but, do we know when the subs will hit the live server ?
  7. Amon_ITA

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    like they did with the Soviet bb line you mean ?
  8. I have NO WORDS...
  9. Amon_ITA

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    “Rightly” ? Last time I checked most of the money came from the EU community. If things are still going this way WG could cater to the audience that keeps them afloat. Or even better try to make a game that at least tries to resemble the reality it’s built on.
  10. Amon_ITA

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    For Wargaming it must count a LOT for sure. Last clan battle season they saw that there was an over abundance of Russian paper ships around. They must have thought that it was not enough lol.
  11. Amon_ITA

    Stealth Radar

    Just saw flamu’s video, that’s hilarious. Light cruiser with more health than Des Moines, stealth radar, 19km range and 1000 m/s shell velocity. That guy that was so offended when the community spoke of Russian bias wanted some revenge on us, and he got it on the end. And I thought that WG could not do worse than Smolensk and Kremlin.
  12. Amon_ITA

    Puerto Rico mi ci ficco... o no?

    Il problema sta nel dare un corretto valore alle cose. Sarebbe tutto a posto se a spendere i soldi che effettivamente ci vogliono per avere il Puerto Rico fossero solo quelli che hanno abbastanza soldi da ritenere quella cifra un vezzo. Nella realtà invece, quelli che si trovano a spendere certe cifre sono proprio quelli che non se lo potrebbero permettere. Purtroppo, tutti i giochi free to play sono pensati per tirarti dentro ad un meccanismo che ti porta a spendere una valanga di soldi. Cominci pensando che i server li deve comunque pagare qualcuno. Il gioco ti diverte e ci hai passato già una caterva di tempo a gratis. E finisci che il giorno in cui ti metti a fare 2 conti su quanto ci hai speso sopra ti viene da vergognarti. E questo al netto dell'affaire Puerto Rico che è oggettivamente indifendibile. Ovunque ti giri, reddit, forum, community contribuitors con un minimo di spina dorsale, ovunque WG ha preso dei gran calci nel sedere per questa storia.
  13. Amon_ITA

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    Auto guided torps lol.
  14. Amon_ITA

    More historical IJN ships, please!

    We already knew that players did not have any word on how this game progresses, thanks. I was just not expecting to be reminded of this by another player. Stockholm syndrome ?