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  1. Players always tend to overestimate their knowledge, not only them, users of software in generally does this. They always think they know what's better. In particular, the super skilled unicums that on this forums speaks of the death of this game from one year ago have zero credibility for me, as their predictions have all being proven wrong.
  2. I think it's much worst to read players that pretend to know this game better than the ones who design and maintain it for a living, but to each his own. I have no prejudice about planned gameplay changes from wargaming to be honest. Sometimes in the past I approved them, sometimes not. We'll just see I guess.
  3. Well betting means no body yet knows how big it will be. We'll see I guess.
  4. If they stay behind the smoke wall it will not dissipate.
  5. Well. I often smoke rethreating Battleships. That kind of smoke usage would continue to be valid. Smoking caps for covering friendlies while spotting would continue to work too I guess.
  6. There will be lots of games that NEVER starts because some baboon lies laughing while whatching the ready button, not pushing it on purpose.
  7. I have Belfast. ill find a way to make it work. I guess I'll use it as an overpowered Atlanta.
  8. Its nothing about vendetta. I don't even know the clan they are talking about. In the past I run for many years a "clan" , in the simracing world. Those kind of accusations where threated in a serious way, and a team owner would always act before any official action where made. As I wrote you choose the people, you try them before letting them into your team, you defend them in public or you kick them in the [edited]if you find the guilt of unsporting behavior. It was the norm and I fully agree with that kind of behavior.
  9. I guess you too will have to deal with me continuing with my posts, at least till the moment when I'll decide to stop, or till the moment when I'll breach the forum rules.
  10. On the contrary, I saw lots of people trying to derail the thread, that's the message I'm getting.
  11. So you are telling me that if I choose one person to play in my clan, and someone accuses him in public of rigging a match I should "mind my own business" and don't care about what's going on ? That can mean only 2 things for me: i don't give a crap about my clan reputation. i don't trust the people that play in my clan, I can't risk defending someone I'm not absolutely sure tha would not rig a match.
  12. Be sure that big enterprises has entire offices doing that. But speaking of a clan, of a hobby, you can't do that, of course. And of course I did not say that a clan leader has to monitor any game played by clan members. I said that some clan members are suspected of unsporting behavior he has to step up and clear their names if they are not guilty, or take action if they are.
  13. I thought my post was clear. I answered on the job because we were discussing a working life example. What I meant that a clan leader bears responsibility for his players actions when they are playing under the clan's tag, in a game supported by the clan, that was the sense of my post.
  14. From my point of view this makes you a very poor clan leader mate. But to each his own I guess.
  15. If you hire someone of course you are responsible for his actions ON THE JOB.