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  1. Cosa vorresti nel 2018?

    Mi piacerebbe vedere meno radar in giro a tier alti. in alternativa diminuire il range o il periodo di attività. Mi piacerebbe che le isole non potessero essere attraversate da sonar e radar. Mi piacerebbe un matchmaker che tenga conto della skill dei giocatori quando compone le squadre.
  2. Clan Battles start 10 February :)

    Looks like WG does not care about players with families and kids. It’a shame.
  3. Orari clanwar

    Ciao a tutti. con la nuova season di clanwar in arrivo mi chiedo se l'orario rimarrà lo stesso della scorsa stagione. il mio interesse nella questione dipende dal fatto che con l’orario corrente, causa lavoro e famiglia, sono praticamente impossibilitato a partecipare.
  4. Battleships are now obsolete

    Lol at the whiners. Have fun trying to torp a cruiser with no battleships around .
  5. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    How generous :) 1: Roma if available. If not, Arizona. 2: Mutsu 3: Dobloons many thanks.
  6. So... WoWS has lore now

    I personally have zero interest in a steampunk full fantasy story mode, but to each his own. WG could introduce a story mode based on historical events with ease if they wanted to, without the need to introduce fantasy elements for sure.
  7. I’m getting the exact opposite experience. I practically stopped playing tier eight, my favorite tier, months ago because I was always uptiered against tier ten ships. One month ago I decided to continue the German DD grind I stopped at tier seven. And noticed that the situation changed. At the same time I noticed that tier seven stopped being top tier 100% of the time.
  8. Clan battle prime time, who else can't play?

    If you have a son in prescholar age, like me, you are fucked. Babies go to bed not before 22, and after a work day I prefer to spend some time with him for sure. then, when he goes to bed, I can play some wows. no clan wars for me then.
  9. RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    I think the Conqueror is the biggest mistake Wargaming has ever done in wows. You simply can't put all that strengths combined in a single ship.
  10. Most Satisying Moment in WoW?

    Got an Arizona with an anniversary crate some time ago but didn't touch it till today. The game started, and while I was thinking "boy this thing is really slow " a prinz eugen appears, spotted by our cv planes. He turns to flee and I shoot my first salvo with this ship. 4 citadels, devastating strike, first blood. From max range, on a 2 tiers higher ship. Going back in time, I remember a campeltown game where I sunk 6 ships all by torps, at a given moment i was like alone against 4 of them. But they were really green I must admit. The Atlanta paid herself well with many memorable games too. In one of them I was obviously sitting behind an island defending an objective against four enemies when two of them, a couple of Myokos in division decided to come and get me, one on the left and one on the right. One was sunk by torps, the other by citadels from AP. Yoloing fools with the Tirpitz was great back at the times too.
  11. Overmatch mechanic - Good, or no good?

    Great post. Broadside should never be better than angling.
  12. How much do you like WOWS?

    Disclaimer. i don't play aircraft carriers. i play all the other classes, mostly from tier 4 to tier 7, with some tier 8/10. Having said that, I gave it a 4. I find wows enjoyable considering the classes and the tiers I spend my time in it. It has balance problems, but I realize it's not that easy to create a balanced game considering the variety of the classes and the skill differences of the player base. I tend to try to cope with the balance of the game and my own deficiencies as a player, trying to adapt at what the game throws at me patch after patch.
  13. Good premium ship?

    Correct. But I think it's a little too early for him. My opinion is that you should see tier x only after something similar to 3 lines grinded to tier 7, one dd, one ca and one bb.
  14. Good premium ship?

    It is quite different. Consider that playing tier 8 means playing often in tier ten matches. A little too much I think.
  15. RN BBs : Their Achilles' Heel

    From what I'm seeing their super heal is countered by the low hp. These ships could be balanced if had a spotting range comparable to other Battleships.