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  1. Great post. Broadside should never be better than angling.
  2. Disclaimer. i don't play aircraft carriers. i play all the other classes, mostly from tier 4 to tier 7, with some tier 8/10. Having said that, I gave it a 4. I find wows enjoyable considering the classes and the tiers I spend my time in it. It has balance problems, but I realize it's not that easy to create a balanced game considering the variety of the classes and the skill differences of the player base. I tend to try to cope with the balance of the game and my own deficiencies as a player, trying to adapt at what the game throws at me patch after patch.
  3. Correct. But I think it's a little too early for him. My opinion is that you should see tier x only after something similar to 3 lines grinded to tier 7, one dd, one ca and one bb.
  4. It is quite different. Consider that playing tier 8 means playing often in tier ten matches. A little too much I think.
  5. From what I'm seeing their super heal is countered by the low hp. These ships could be balanced if had a spotting range comparable to other Battleships.
  6. I usually don't panic that much when I see strange things in upcoming ships but I really think that this time WG fucked up big time with the Conqueror.
  7. Bravo, that's the whole point.
  8. The navigator gives target direction for every targeted ships. Even the ones behind islands where you could not see what course they're on or if they are changing direction. Its a big advantage when lobbing he spam over an island in an Atlanta , for example.
  9. Without going too deep with technicalities it's obvious to anyone that has played any kind of multi-player server side based fps or similar game that : Client side replay is not representative of what has really happened. And that any kind of manipulation is possible realtime by the owner of the service, given an enough complex and powerful infrastructure. It should be noted that if any kind of manipulation is proven then the reputation of the company that makes such a game would be destroyed with no hope of going back. Whistle-blowers are not so rare in this industry, so I guess this is a risk to big to take.
  10. Guys, Scharnhost is a battle cruiser. The German way, but always a battle cruiser. British battle cruiser give up armor for speed but maintain B.B guns. German battle cruiser give up guns for speed but mantain armor.
  11. Truth is, that I wanted to show you that, using your method of judging other people opinion on this forum, you are vulnerable too. It looks like you failed to learn the lesson.
  12. I claim there there is no way to check if you played German B.B.'s outside normal, trackable games. Other facts I can check is that you really play Bttleships not that much, apart from 240 games sealclubbing in a Nikolai. So in general, using your method to judge other posters experience and credibility, you should refrain from being so assertive while speaking about battleships in general. i repeat, if I should use YOUR METHOD of judging other people credibility.
  13. Nice idea resorting to supertester stats :) Unluckily for us all these stats are not visible. My point stands, especially considering how much you use visible stats of other posters when arguing with them. You should back your opinions with visible proof, considering how much value you give to stats when weighing other's opinions.
  14. Do not agree. My experience is entirely different. For me tier 5 to 7 usually provide much more dynamic and interesting gameplay. Don't exactly know why, but I find there is more risk taking and people are more eager to push in all classes. I see more games going on till the end in those tiers too.
  15. However looking to another poster stats when arguing with them on the forum should be more popular. One of the most vocal posters ( and one that always checks other people stats when arguing with them ) on this forum when it's time to talk about nerfing German battleships, for example, did not grind the line at all. Just bought tirpitz and scharnhost, and made very few battles in them. Should he be taken seriously about this particular argument ?