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  1. Probably. But if you want to nerf them you should not do it taking away from them the ability to push caps.
  2. I do not agree. German battleships and battlecruisers are only good at pushing caps or bring close support to the caps. If you lower their hydro detection they'll become useless. Every destroyer captain should know their hydro range and behave accordingly. This line brings some needed action near the caps. Without it we'll be back at the camping BB meta.
  3. Amon_ITA

    Sub_O is moving on

    That's the only negative thing about these news.
  4. Amon_ITA

    Poll: Canarias or Dido?

    Dido looks far more interesting to me. No problems in putting on her a decent captain too. Historical value too.
  5. Atago is one of my most played, and loved ships but must not be taken as an example when taliking about ijn cruisers. Her survability alone puts her on another level.
  6. Amon_ITA

    Who do you watch play WOWS and why?

    I used to watch Flambass and expecially Flamu. Both had moments in their videos where they cared to explain thet why and how's of their decision making in game. That was time well spent, because watching them you learned a lot about the game. Nowadays their streams and youtube videos are mostly useless from that point of view. Only Flamu sometimes makes interesting points about soon to release ships.
  7. Amon_ITA

    Clan or no Clan

    from 5 to 2 years ago seeing someone clanless could be a somewhat decent indication of lack of skill. After that i really see not that difference tbh.
  8. Amon_ITA

    Zieten is Garbage

    I'm grinding the line as we speak. I'm at tier seven, and be sure that i will skip that abortion of a ship at t8 with free xp. It can be the next overpowered crap, but i don't care. It's ugly as sin and looks nothing like german battlecruisers should.
  9. Amon_ITA

    What is your most played ship....

    Tirpitz 8 Germany 719 55.08% 1 644 54 261 0.68 2.22 Details 2 Atago 8 Japan 602 53.99% 1 253 35 853 0.52 1.19 Details Scharnhorst 7 Germany 555 54.05% 1 413 52 186 0.84 2.05 Details
  10. Amon_ITA

    If you were to have just one ship

    Only one ship. It means you should pick something you like to play, of course, but that at the same time can be played in different ways. The most fitting in that description for me is Atago. You can he spam. You can stealth torp. You can rush and torp against lower tier BBs. You can be the destroyer, or you can hunt them.
  11. Amon_ITA

    Why play a cruiser if you aren't using your utilities?

    I posted that example just to point out that there are no easy answers, every match differs from the one you played before, and there is no rule set in stone when it comes to positioning, even at round start, even in a specialized kind of ship.
  12. Amon_ITA

    Why play a cruiser if you aren't using your utilities?

    To be honest radar on a cruiser is often a double edged sword. Many times you are the first casualty because you go too near the cap at round start. It's easy to be baited by the desire of sinking the enemy DD that is capping. Expecially in situations where you are the only one actively supporting your dd that's contesting such cap. So, using a radar cruiser in such a way must be a team effort, because when your radar goes up you must not be the only viable target on that flank, and because when you lit up the enemy dd there must be a lot of people shooting at him, not only you. In the end, a Des Moines or Seattle that does not push the cap at round start is not always making a mistake.
  13. I'm having the same issue. Microstutter, every 5 seconds. Started with the last patch. Not a computer problem. This problem manifests itself only in WOWS. I play other games, the "heaviest" ones being Cyberpunk 2077, Forza Horizon 5 and i have zero problems with them. Games run on an NVME.
  14. Amon_ITA

    What's the best looking ship in your opinion?

    Roma or Duca d'Aosta i guess.
  15. Amon_ITA

    A follow up on the Yukon debacle....

    If Little White Mouse is happy, that makes me happy too.