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  1. server down?

    happened to me too. 5 minutes a game, during a match i was disconnected. Trying to login, now i get: "You have been disconnected from the server" "Technical issues found"
  2. Correct statement. Everybody playing the game knows that idle destroyers at game start means a big disadvantage in the first minutes of the match. Your proposal has sense. It would be even better if the devs would work to make the whole loading process shorter, minimizing the problem at it's roots.
  3. Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    My opinion ( and i'm not selling this as a fact ) is that pushing will create a situation where the enemy can't angle against all the threats while you still can. But HE damage is so relevant these days that effective angling has become less important that before. So you have less gains from push. You will be burnt down while pushing. You can't have DDs ahead of you because radars.
  4. Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    In my opinion this is not happening to destroyers only. Gameplay for all the classes in general has become ( if you want to win of course ) extremely passive and boring.
  5. Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    This is not a solution, this is a workaround :)
  6. Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    I find this a very elegant and effective solution. Thumbs up.
  7. I would like to see radar ships equally distribuited by the matchmacker and limited to a maximum of 2 ships per side. By doing so there would be no need to implement any change to counter a consumable that is nowadays, too powerful.
  8. Special Upgrade must have list

    Engine boost mod on Leningrad does wonders too.
  9. To me it means the opposite. The class of ships that you build to counter something already in existance has to be better, not comparable. So Mackensen at t6 and Admiral class at t7 looks just about right to me.
  10. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    I have the Mutsu and i'm quite satisfied with her, although i don't have played a lot. Really good when top tier, can struggle a lot when put against tier 8 ships. Against tier 7 ( which happens a lot ) she can manage. I think that she's a better ship than Ashitaka and KII. KII in particular looks like being worst than Amagi ( and sees tier 10 often, which is a real disgrace ). At least she is a lot different from her silver line sister, the Fuso. I would bite.
  11. My vast majority of games sits in the T5 - T8 bracket, T7 being the most played of them all. There are mainly 2 reason for this: Less paper ships, and most of the relevant WW1 / WW2 ships sit at those tier. Less radars.
  12. Winrate on stats - how is this even possible?

    I think that more visibility should be given to Solo winrate AND division winrate. Whatching does 2 statistics together ( and the number of games played solo / division ) tells much more of a player worth that winrate alone.
  13. Premium shells in WOWS

  14. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I've been out of the loop in recent times.