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  1. Amon_ITA

    premium carriers are here

    Letting all the gameplay aside for a minute I have to say I fully agree with you. Cant understand why Wg made that plane selection on carriers really.
  2. Amon_ITA

    Premium Carriers - Best setups?

    Came here for some advice about carrier captains skill. Found the usual noise :(
  3. The image in the shop shows stukas taking off from grad zeppelin. is that true ? Stukas back ?
  4. I dislike fantasy events but i appreciate the fact that WG uses them to test new ideas to see if they are to be ported to the main game.
  5. Amon_ITA

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    Probably cv spotting should be limited to the CV itself, or the information should be transfered to the rest of the fleet just like it's done with radar nowadays.
  6. Amon_ITA

    How often do you find yourself in tight equal games?

    One out of ten I guess.
  7. I'm starting to play CV's, i'm at T8 with shokaku, T6 with brits CV's and won Saipan with a crate. I find that when CV's are top tier than enemy AA is adequate. But when you are the underdog, expecially with a tier 8 CV in a T10 enviroment, you can simply stay in port. Or simply spot and wait for the end game. Tier 6 is playable against tier 8 AA.
  8. Amon_ITA

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    Is there a visual indication everywhere ( being on map or on screen ) of the max range of aerial torpedoes ? The yellow part of the spread indicator shows the arming distance of the torps, ok, but max range ? Am i missing something or this information is missing on screen, like it happens to ship launched torps ?
  9. Amon_ITA

    Clan Treasury...

    I would like this idea to be implemented in game. But the treasury should be funded by voluntary donations made by team members.
  10. Amon_ITA

    Bollettino dello sviluppatore 0.8.3

    Quite sad to see what they had to do to implement Tier 8 / 9 / 10 Soviet BB's. That's a new, unprecedent level of paper ships lol.
  11. Amon_ITA

    Arms Race Mode - frequency, availability

    Don’t want fortnite like trash in randoms, thank you.
  12. Amon_ITA

    Ping issues

    No mate, it’s not the players, it’s a problem on your side. Having zero problems on anything else. Steam, origin, console based multiplayer games, apex legends on pc, you name it, everything isnfine but Wows.
  13. Amon_ITA

    Ping issues

    chat server offline. News section in game not working. Massive lag ingame. Forum really slow. GG
  14. Amon_ITA

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    Premise: never played rts carriers. I’m at tier 8 Japanese cv’s, played some British ones too, tier 4 and 6. Must be something like 100 / 120 games. In the present state cv’s are, imho, in a decent state. You can influence the game, but you cannot decide it by yourself. This is good in my book. Only great problem for me is that this class in too heavy influenced by being under / over tiered. In any other class you can overcome being under tiered by altering your playstile. And when being uptiered you must however pay attention to what undertiered ships do. In cv’s when you are top dog you can do everything. Only blobs of anti air ca’s can shut down your attacks almost entirely. When undertiered cv can do nothing but spot and harass lone dd’. Or try to finish half dead ships late game.