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  1. Amon_ITA

    Why is Napoli still not released

    Less radars too. No RPF. But invisifire from DDs. I'd take that.
  2. Looks to me that those airstrikes are a real problem only if you are camping behind an island to be honest. If you are at speed and can manouver, you can easily avoid them. So, i'm not that happy to see a dutch cruiser with the reds only if i'm in an american CA/CL. I know i will be forced to change my playstile if the dutch CA is on my flank. That's my experience until now.
  3. Amon_ITA

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    And steamrolls. And players who do not commit to the flank they spawned in. The slowest the ship, the more it happens. This triggers me so much.
  4. Amon_ITA

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    My biggest annoyance ? Playing a ship built around her concealment and find carriers in game.
  5. Amon_ITA

    Does flooding need a rework?

    You can make it less damaging on aerial torpedoes considering all the factors included if you want, as a developer.
  6. Amon_ITA

    Does flooding need a rework?

    Aerial torps and ship launched torps should for obvious reasons have different flood % and damage,
  7. Amon_ITA


    Speaking of Yoshino came to mind that i would kill for a Tier X Atago.
  8. It's a 4 in my opinion. For 3 reasons mostly: 1: Wargaming latest ship releases, and their, in my opinion of course, stubborn support of aircraft carriers. This class ruins the game for everybody else, for reasons stated multiple times by multiple individuals. 2: The playerbase skill has went down the drain in the last 6 months. I started playing 5 years ago. I became a decent player 3 years ago. I stopped there, due to the damn personal life that kept me from getting better, i do not have anymore enough time to play and grind new lines, so playing less and less my win rate and the others classical indicators of the skill of a player did not go up or down. But the quantity of people who does not have an absolute idea about how to play this game as gone trough the roof lately, in every tier and game mode. 3: We see many many new ships, but the number of maps and successful gamemodes is zero !
  9. Amon_ITA

    Meet the average Wows player :)

    I agree. He stopped having fun playing wows months if not years ago. He should just try some other game and quit wows. The problem is that he already tried doing so, with Escape from Tarkov, but he came back because he did not get the views he wanted.
  10. Amon_ITA


    In my opinion the problem with Yoshino's armor lies in the yamato-like scheme on the front and back end of the citadel. Those angled plates will get you citadels from any angle, if a battleship is shooting at you. She is however well protected against cruisers. So, i guess she must be used as a long range he spammer in the first phases of the game, when dangerous incoming fire can come from different directions. Doing so you have the time to dodge incoming. When there are less enemy ships around one can play more aggressive, expecially against enemy cruisers. Yoshino's AP can do really nice work on CA's and CL's. Expecially when the enemy is expecting HE from you in any situation.
  11. Amon_ITA

    What type of players are using hybrid ships ?

    I find hybrids a more fitting idea than pure carriers, period. If Hibrids were the only one class capable of launching attack planes in the game they would be obvioulsy balanced differently.
  12. Amon_ITA

    What type of players are using hybrid ships ?

    In my wet dreams hybrids were introduced to replace carriers.
  13. Amon_ITA

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    Well anything that makes DD's life easier is welcome in my book. Cv's however mantain insta spotting and insta crossfires capability, i don't see the need for complaining tbh
  14. Amon_ITA

    Hit allied ships

    No ship is faster than torps. If you drop torps from the first line no allied ship can catch them. Case closed. Bye.