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  1. Amon_ITA

    Puerto Rico mi ci ficco... o no?

    Il problema sta nel dare un corretto valore alle cose. Sarebbe tutto a posto se a spendere i soldi che effettivamente ci vogliono per avere il Puerto Rico fossero solo quelli che hanno abbastanza soldi da ritenere quella cifra un vezzo. Nella realtà invece, quelli che si trovano a spendere certe cifre sono proprio quelli che non se lo potrebbero permettere. Purtroppo, tutti i giochi free to play sono pensati per tirarti dentro ad un meccanismo che ti porta a spendere una valanga di soldi. Cominci pensando che i server li deve comunque pagare qualcuno. Il gioco ti diverte e ci hai passato già una caterva di tempo a gratis. E finisci che il giorno in cui ti metti a fare 2 conti su quanto ci hai speso sopra ti viene da vergognarti. E questo al netto dell'affaire Puerto Rico che è oggettivamente indifendibile. Ovunque ti giri, reddit, forum, community contribuitors con un minimo di spina dorsale, ovunque WG ha preso dei gran calci nel sedere per questa storia.
  2. Amon_ITA

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    Auto guided torps lol.
  3. Amon_ITA

    More historical IJN ships, please!

    We already knew that players did not have any word on how this game progresses, thanks. I was just not expecting to be reminded of this by another player. Stockholm syndrome ?
  4. Amon_ITA

    More historical IJN ships, please!

    Who cares. It’s WG problem to make money. Players can ask for ships.
  5. Amon_ITA

    Is it time to jump ships

    Not Warthunder, absolutely not. You are correct, there is absolutely nothing else around, if you want to stick to warships. Probably that's the reason behind many questionable choices made by Wargaming. They have no competition, and they know it. It's harder for the playerbase to abandon the game.
  6. Amon_ITA

    Is it time to jump ships

    I'm afraid you bought all those premiums a little too soon mate. But to each it's own, they say.
  7. Amon_ITA

    Is it time to jump ships

    WAT ?
  8. Amon_ITA

    Is it time to jump ships

    You have 800 battles. I spent my first real money buying Atago when i was at 1200 ~. And they already lured you in with boosters. Give it time, it will only get worse.
  9. Amon_ITA

    Is it time to jump ships

    Correct. This is my main gripe. But it's not a big problem for Wargaming. They will surely find a lot of Russians happy for their historically accurate powerful blue navy to suck the money from instead.
  10. Amon_ITA

    Is it time to jump ships

    The only thing that saves WOWS at the moment, for me, is that there is no real alternative, and i'm a Huge WW1 / WW2 naval freak. Having said that, i'm at 10 / 20 games played a week, for the last 2 months. That's absolutely nothing when compared with my past activity.
  11. Amon_ITA

    Unique upgrades - additional info.

    I’m not suggesting anything, I was just observing. I have my ideas about the motives of this behavior, but I did not express them.
  12. Amon_ITA

    Unique upgrades - additional info.

    I find the reaction to these news, being them here, on reddit, or in every other place where the players can express their opinion, interesting. It looks to me that anything WG chooses to introduce in WOWS is met by hostility. Anything that is left to doubt is interpreted in a negative way. Looks like Wargaming has a lot of work ahead, if it wants to regain thrust from its playerbase.
  13. Amon_ITA

    German BB's after patch

    Correct. It did not have sense even before. Now even more. Make them tanks and buff main guns precision.
  14. Amon_ITA

    So what are the current most enjoyable premiums?

    Tier 6, i like to bring out Duca d'aosta, Graf Spee and Warspite. Tree not overpowered ships, but all of them have particular playstiles that makes them different from the norm.
  15. Amon_ITA

    Cruisers and positioning.....

    Some cruisers work better when behind the Battleships. Yoshino being one of them. Some others work better near friendly dd's, giving them support with radar, behind an island sometimes. Others are made to work in open waters, burning enemy BB's and going back to conceilment when focused. So i'd say there is no rule of thumb for cruiser positioning, it depends from the ship itself.