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  1. Hi ! i sold signals worth 80 MILLION but i received only 40 MILLION ..half price...i want the whole amount ...this is a WG's scam..WG played with us...theres nothing written on website that items are on discount nothing mentioned in game about discount...WG played with us...WG scamed...i want whole amount
  2. i sold signlas worths 80 mill but i received only 40 mil ...half price...nothing mentioned on website not even in game that items are on discount...that was WG scam.i want whole amount
  3. Hi! thats not just happening only with upgrades thats also happening with Signals
  4. High service charges in Tier 8-10

    Well thanks for commenting in this post....... I LEFT PLAYING THIS GAME...Have fun all
  5. High service charges in Tier 8-10

    instead of that negative commenting you guys should talk in non prem players favor ..... come on guys ... JUST LOWER DOWN THE SERVICE CHARGES IN HIGH TIER>>>THATS ALLLLL
  6. High service charges in Tier 8-10

    Tell me one thing..Wg do a contract with you guys and hire you Supertesters to keep the local players mouth shut by posting different comments ?? your Stats are blaaa you dont play fair blaaaa ...... cz no one is even trying to understand what am saying.....sooooo problem isnt solved yet ....you know what ( LOL )...
  7. High service charges in Tier 8-10

    E.g .. i got Iowa and if it is destroyed 165k is deducted...Wg can change the value 165k to 100k....so atleast players can earn 10 to 15k(atleast)..... i bet players will still buy Premium to boost their Xp and Creds in high Tiers bcz the earning will be low as i gave example of 10-15k.....but atleast none premium guys will be able to earn little bit of creds insteadt of loosing it from their own savings....None Prem guys have also the right to play with high Tiers...no one can stop them to play with high Tiers....so Wg should also think about none prem guys benefits .....i just want Wg to lower down the service charges in High Tiers..Thats all
  8. High service charges in Tier 8-10

    Well whatever you said or you checked my stats whatever...or i dont play good...That doesnt solves mine or other players problem....THE REAL THING IS ( SERVICE CHARGES ON HIGH TIERS ARE TOO HIGH) WG should lower it down ....and the answer to your reply on my post Mr.Supertester is that if you know that you wil lose creds if you win or lose you always try to keep your ship away from enemy ships so you dont get hit or destroyed.....well leave me and try to ask those guys who are facing that issue too whether they are good or bad players....evry none prem guy is loosing cred ....well i just want Wg to read my Post and do something about High Cred deduction...Thats all....and the other thing is that there are many players or supertesters and all have different mentality means different thinking and different comments.....soo i just want Wg to read my Post and do something...we all will be very thankfull...
  9. High service charges in Tier 8-10

    HI ! me and many of the other players are facing issue in High Tier service Charges....you win or lose you lose creds ....i personally lose 500k daily...maybe you guys are thinking that i dont play nice....i actually play nice Thats why am on high Tier and i Grinded Iowa in 2 weeks...BUt the thing is credit Deduction....so i and many other players have a request to LOWER DOWN THE SERVICE CHARGES IN HIGH TIER....or just Make a FIXED service amount ....like 50k 60k 70k ....but atleast lower down the service price....i cant see my credit finished ... what ever i earn from 10-12 battles all gone in win battle defeat .....that tell us how expensive is the service...and also the other thing is that not everyone is able to buy Premium.....so THE COMPANY should also think about those players too... We will be very very thankful to you guys if you lower down the service price...so atleast we can earn a little instead of loosing credit ...