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  1. TomBasley

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    @MrConway what happened with the returning aircraft altitude change from PTS?
  2. TomBasley

    General feedback

    @MrConwayI'm going to try and remain as constructive and positive as possible here; I am going to list the issues I have found whilst playing the CV rework from a CV perspective: 1) There is heavy focus on the sector switching system, yet as a CV you spend most time in your planes, and whilst controlling planes you can't change sector system... An easy fix surely. 2) IJN torps are used at long range due to planes being very weak to AA. The high damage output is mainly due (in cases where I played) to BBs going very slow or stationary so that they hit pretty much all torps put their way. 3) F spam "fix" seems to apply to planes returning to the carrier even if they were used in an attack, meaning planes get punished for just doing their job, not just for pressing F key. 4) Instead of nerfing the essence of IJN CV and other CV's why not introduce a cooldown timer for the planes? Once launched they take 2mins or so to launch same type of group again? That would stop torp spam and f spamming all in one go, right? 5) Any IJN planes apart from torp bombers that stay at long range take massive amounts of AA damage. 6) Fighter consumable is severely broken, planes just loiter around even when launched well in advance of a strike coming, and still dont go for the main attack group till its too late. I havn't got a midway so i can't say anything about the USN side of things.
  3. TomBasley

    New CVs

    My fear is that knee jerk hot fixes are going to damage any balance that there was before. Bot AA in training rooms kills all planes on return to carrier now. God forbid what it would be like in randoms. Not taking a CV in there for fear of running out of planes for no fault of my own, apart from playing carrier.
  4. TomBasley

    Patch 8.01 total rubbish

    So in a training room with a montana, no AA build or anything like that... Going into strike, fine... Planes returning.... Fine? Get to max altitude, bam. No planes return. Working as intended? Wargaming needs to look at hot fixes before constantly hotfixing hotfixes.
  5. TomBasley

    Halloween: Twilight Battle! - Discussion Thread

    Only half the ships are available for this? Dont see Razerworm, Varg, Scarab or steel rat. What gives? :S Edit: Ah, read the patch notes - Ships coming with missions attached on 30th Nov.