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  1. Guess what? No nerf on Daring cos they need to "collect moar data". Until when? Until half the playerbase grinds them. Then they'll come up with new OP lines and slam the nerf bat to Daring as well. Well. This is WG. They're going to announce a nerf "bigger than what they plan to be", just so that they'll be able to say "According to the feedback we got from our dear playerbase, we've increased the firerate of gearing by 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second, and torpedo reload by 10 seconds instead of 20 seconds.".
  2. Wow. You've just seen through WG balacing department!
  3. Fubucky

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Oh Lord. The Great CV Rework Negatives (-): 1- UI is as unresponsive as ever. You can't evade AA clouds that spawn in front of you due to lag. (Devs needed to rework the UI, not CVs) 2- AA is still random at times. (Did devs even Rework?) 3- CV sniping is still a thing, and even looks like worth doing now. 4- CVs still deal huge amounts of damage. Actually they'll deal even more than they used to. (I predict a lot of forum threads being created to whine about this in the near future. You'll see). 5- Having less control on your carrier makes it harder for aggressive positioning. This includes moving and not being able to damage con while controlling your planes. 6- Fighters are very limited. Surface ships are not only in more danger against stronger CVs, there aren't even any fighter support to protect them. 7- You cannot protect your DDs entering cap (or any other ship) from being spotted by planes anymore. 8- Unlimited number of planes makes the gameplay "just spam attacks, rinse and repeat" mode. 9- Feels repetitive. 10- Rockets feel kinda underwhelming? 11- I don't know about how it is more "fun and engaging" for you, but as someone who loves chess, I find the current RTS style gameplay a lot more "fun and engaging"., Positives (+): 1- You can use the terrain to launch sneak attacks. 2- Old CVs have too much spotting capabilities. This is the most welcomed change for me. 3- Defensive AA consumable no longer causes panic spread. If this was unchanged, the already limited CVs would be unplayable. 4- You can still use your planes after you die. Slightly better than before. I can keep an enemy CA or BB spotted for the rest of the game, or spot DDs as they enter a cap. Or even spot incoming torps for allied ships, maybe. You don't die that early in the game with CVs, but with all these nerfs to CV survivability, this might gain value. 5- Cancerous AS builds will be gone for good. (RIP Saipan)
  4. *Looks at the calendar* *31st of Sept does not exist* Good try bro.
  5. Fubucky

    0.7.8 Balance changes: Black Swan. Dear WG, please no.

    Tier 1 is way too competitive for me. I'd rather play TX just like all the potatoes.
  6. That must have been a typo. It should have been 2.95 becos why not?
  7. Fubucky

    Graff Zeppelin WHEN ?

    U mean Forever...
  8. Why does WG love nerfing the french so badly?
  9. Fubucky

    Rework of CVs

    They do. On paper.
  10. Fubucky

    Worried CV Rework

    People don't wanna play CV cos theres too much AA. People don't wanna play DD cos theres too much radar. People don't wanna play CA cos there're too many Battleshipts. I guess that explains the distribution of population in the game...
  11. You are giving me really dark ideas now....
  12. Fubucky

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Can't even get Clear Sky..... pitiful.
  13. Fubucky

    CV's current state and population - an analysis

    Your graph is terribly misleading. You can't compare things like that. Redo the graph with Total CV, Total BB, Total DD, and Total CAs, and discuss accordingly. Then, we'd see a graphich that triples/quadruples itself except the CV part. What i read in your current graph is that, the number of games played for ALL CVs are even less than the number of games that a single nation's DD has played. Lets give an example (for T5, which you call fine): For one IJN DD game, there is less than one carrier game(USN+IJN CVs combined). The number of games is around 105k for ONLY IJN DDs, and around 75k for USN+IJN CVs combined. What about US DDs? RU DDs? KM DDs? They aren't even included in the analysis. If you had included them, (take this part with a pinch of salt) that'd mean that for one game for 1 destroyer, there are 0,17857 CV games. So, the probability of encountering a CV will be almost the same as encountering 5-6DDs (the numbers are added for each consecutive battle. They dont have to be in the same game. But you need to count only your team's DDs). You need to count DD players in your team: Every 5-6 DDs you see, you should get a CV game. And for T10, it's even worse. For every game with 3 Des Moines, you encounter a carrier. Try counting until you reach 3 Des Moines players in your team and 3 Des Moines players in the enemy team. That's the possibility of encountering a CV game at T10. This is what i read from your graph. If you get 1 Des Moines on both teams per game, that'd mean encountering a CV every 3rd game, with an encountering probability of 33%. Also, looking at top 5% players with the highest XP won't give you much of an idea. Because, there are a number of Hakuryu+2T10 AA build ship divisions. They will mess these statistics up, especially when there arent many other players balancing the statistics. Please try to make more accurate analysis next time. However, i agree with your opinions you mention at the later parts.
  14. Fubucky

    The CV Captains Cabin

    It was mentioned in this update: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/update-notes-main/release-notes-055/ New player? I guess so.
  15. Fubucky

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    Much appreciated man! +1 Will see if i can join. (sadly i work half a day on saturdays) Don't you think that its a bit too much to complete in a single day?