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  1. Best CV streamer ever : https://www.twitch.tv/gaishu/videos
  2. Fubucky

    Graf Zeppelin is nerfed

    I'm absolutely sure that Graf Zepplin owners (who decided to keep the ship after that disaster) are much better than usual BB potatoes.
  3. Fubucky

    Graf Zeppelin is nerfed

    Massachusetts has higher damage output. Nerf dem secondaries!
  4. Fubucky


    Cos we get special treatment. That's why.
  5. Fubucky

    [Day 2] King of the Sea VIII - Stream Schedule

    Why do you banish people who do such a small mistake from the office, instead of banishing those in balancing department?
  6. @Skurios_Volleys_Fan The opposite of what you said is stated here. So each squadron takes full damage whether or not there are other squadrons around. So, popping a fighter will not increase your planes' survivability.
  7. Fubucky

    [Day 2] King of the Sea VIII - Stream Schedule

    This is not KoTS 6 (VI), but KoTS 8 (VIII). Also, Flamu not streaming?
  8. I thought it was the opposite. AA does the same (maximum) damage on every plane that it has range. What is your source for this information?
  9. I often leave it on the enemy spawn in order to provide spotting for my team.
  10. Fubucky


    Year of the UI confirmed.
  11. Fubucky

    Now for everyone to see...

    Maybe they just like the animation? I mean it's pretty, right? Radar one at least.
  12. Fubucky

    Lets be positive, for a change

    I'll be positive : It's much better for me to spend my time elsewhere than playing battleshi*s.
  13. Fubucky

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    I had already lost interest in the game after 0.8 Today I felt like : I guess I can play a few games. But then WG: -"Nope"
  14. Fubucky

    New CVs

    Inbefore they release hotfix : Hakuryu torp bomber damage reduced by 33%. This was seen necessary since Hakuryu now outperforms her counterpart Midway after in which Midway had been nerfed due to outperforming Hakuryu. Dive bomber damage is reduced by 30%. AP bomb damage is reduced by 40%. These armaments have been most powerful among the others and players seemed to spam the same planes over and over again until they are deplaned. Continuous AA dmg is reduced by 5% due to request by CV players. See, we listen to player feedback. Plane HP decreased by 50% due to request by DD players. It was observed that planes seemed to be way too effective against small ships in the cases where they were spotted. Fighter planes will now chase a squadron until its completely wiped out. This change intends to make fighters more useful at all tiers. Surveillance Radar consumable can now spot planes, even in smoke. Russian radar will also be able to spot them becos russia. CVs can now detonate. Players just need to hit the planes carrying bombs while they are on the deck. Removed autopilot from CVs. It was understood that, giving them the option to move their ship allows them to survive until the end of the battle. This change should balance Kill/Death ratio among all classes now. A new bug is found on thunderstorm mode, where a CV player cannot detect any ships. We're working on this issue and should be able to solve it until P.S: Sarcasm post. Not real. I hope.
  15. Fubucky

    Radar in Ranked.

    Yeah. Jokes aside, I also think that too many radars on one side creates immense pressure on the opposing team. WG thinks that its fine since ships with radar and without radar have similar WR and dmg. This way of thinking is irrelevant. Why? Let's imagine a MM where its 5 BB vs 5 DD, all of them with 52% WR. Who do you think its gonna win? DDs obviously. It's not about WR/dmg/statistics. It's about offering fair gameplay conditions. Ships with radar offer different conditions than the ones without radar. Radar is not just a consumable, it's a powerful condition.I believe that WG should address this issue accordingly.