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  1. Probably BBs will still camp in smoke just farther away
  2. BB- Yamato and Conqueror CA- Moskva DD- Gearing and Z-52, maybe shima for the 15 torps in the smoke The only way WG has to make us consider others is a very strong ships limitation like only 1 ship of each type
  3. Why cruisers and destroyer should select the right ammo type to inflict more damage to different target and bbs don't? Why AP shells made for highly armored target should inflict more damage on DDs the the HE shells made for low armored target?
  4. Before the buff to the HP of turrets and laucher i had few matches on US DDS with 4 out of 5 guns knocked out and one with all lauchers out of combat and only 1 guns still able to fire.
  5. All the other games with a competitive gameplay have a skill based MM (see League of Legends ecc). I prefer to wait 30/40 seconds and get a balanced game, if after 1 minute the MM cannot arrange a game it will go back to a random MM. Playing with a very lower PR value will teach you something? The Ranked Seasons was really a fake, with enough time close to anyone could get rank 1.
  6. Skill based matchmaking is the answer
  7. Yes, 1 2 and 3 stars give some flags/camos, 4 stars give a 10pt captain and 5 stars 24h premium
  8. Nerf the BBs and you won't need to hard cap any class. BBs are too strong, deal too much damage to cruisers and DDs
  9. Try to play the other classes till T6/7 and learn different gameplay and tattics. My suggestion is to play more and more classes
  10. It's a poor game design, other classes choose the ammo type based on their own guns calibre and based on the enemy (ship type, angle, distance, ecc). If you don't have to think about this on a BB is likely to flatten the skills level requested to play the class
  11. Smoke and radar BBs like the not-even-OP Belfast
  12. Just testing the radar is a wrong idea
  13. Because after this you'll ask for: 1- ships with sonar and its range 2- guns range of every enemy ship 3- ships with torps and their range 4- ships with defensive AA and their range A good player know this information either because he searched them or from game experience. Trying to make the game easier and easier doesn't raise the average game quality and also a screen full of useless/unrequested information can be annoiyng
  14. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Surveillance_Radar Quite easey to find all the information you need if you spend a bit of time