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  1. Forumbekanntschaften!

    Ich habe nicht damit gerechnet, dass Du mich in Ruhe lässt. Dachte eher Du nimmst mich raus sobald Deine Torpedos nachgeladen sind. Ich war in einer ekligen Position gegen eine Yamato und NC, die beide in unsere Basis gepusht sind. Hätte ich gewusst dass Du verteidigen fährst, hätte ich mir mehr Zeit mit den beiden gelassen. So bin ich in deren Kreuzfeuer geraten. Hast echt gut getroffen am Ende, die letzten drei die eure Basis angegriffen haben waren schnell down. Tja, Ränge und lila hilft nichts, wenn das Team schlecht zusammen spielt (inklusive mir). Unsere DDs waren ziemlich früh Geschichte, zumindest zwei davon. Die Gearing war beim Push die 9 Linie hoch zu eurer Basis dabei. So hatten wir keine Kontrolle über die Mitte und den Westen der Karte. Ich hätte besser mit meiner Conqueror zusammen spielen müssen, er ist alleine gegen die beiden BBs drauf gegangen. Ihr habt einfach besser zusammengespielt und verdient gewonnen. Ich war nicht sicher ob Du es bist, es gibt einfach zu viele Tiger. Wird beim nächsten Mal anders sein, dann gibt's +1 zurück.
  2. I have only the Marblehead. Go for Murmansk if you want the stronger better faster one, Marblehead is special. It feels like a god in tier 5 MM, it's ok in tier 6 MM and utter garbage in tier 7 MM a.k.a. 90% of the time. The Octopussy Revolution will be available in the Arsenal at some point in the future.
  3. Free XP ships OP...?

    Or you have 178 million that you don't need because you have every tier 10. Some people have more than a billion along with millions of free xp and elite captain xp. The need for credits slows down your progression, ideally you learn how to play at the same pace. It would be very boring (and overwhelming) to start an account with all ships in port.
  4. Free XP ships OP...?

    You don't get a Missouri for free just like that. They made a profit when people spent money to get it (prem account, camos, flags), especially when it was clear she would leave the shop for good. Regular premium ships and tier 10 perma camos damage the economy in the same way. They are a bit less effective, but they do the same thing. I only asked because you sound like you don't understand why radar on a BB is a bad thing balance wise. Thought experiment: Take away the radar and you have an Iowa that poops credits. Would you stop playing it? If no, why would she need the radar?
  5. Free XP ships OP...?

    No, I didn't say that. All I said is you don't have much experience with the only class that is affected by radar. Maybe that's why you don't understand how godlike radar is on a tanky BB with good AA. What counter-play does a DD have against a Missouri other than running away and not doing his job as a DD? What is your experience with the Missouri? Isn't it the strongest tier 9 BB? Isn't it strong enough that people don't see a problem bringing it into a tier 10 division instead of a Montana? Doesn't that indicate that the Missouri is OP? And please stop talking about credit income, no one cares about that and no WG official ever said that's the reason why they think she needs a nerf.
  6. Free XP ships OP...?

    Take a look at your high tier DD stats. You don't seem to have enough experience to make a statement like that. This is the problem. It counters its counter-class. Which radar cruiser counters BBs? (Stalingrad isn't in the game yet.)
  7. I keep getting this critical error

    @HipHopHippopotamus One of the recent Windows 10 updates removed the option to turn off Game Mode in the settings. Ask Microsoft why. Fiddling with the registry is the only way to turn it off after the update. Btw I don't know much about this stuff. I followed the support's instructions (follow the link I posted) and I haven't seen these crashes any more (well, I still do get them with my NA client but I don't care about that one). All modern games seem not to care much if game mode is enabled or not. WoWS is a speshul game which means you would like to turn off the game mode. This is what worked on my system. Others got it working by changing sound from ultra to high. For some people the last WoWS update solved the issue. You'll have to try for yourself which solution fixes the crashes for your system. Or just wait for WG to make their game work with game mode on. I'm sure they will be ready soonTM, right after the CV rework.
  8. Free XP ships OP...?

    I don't know why you want to defend the Missouri. Radar cruisers are very strong at capture point defense but they have weaknesses, for example they are rather squishy. The Missouri has no real weaknesses. The one that she had was removed a long time ago when the Monty and tier 9s citadel was buffed.
  9. I keep getting this critical error

    Maybe this helps? It's not a hardware problem, it's most likely Windows. The crashes started when the Windows Game Mode was forced upon us. You can't turn it off unless you change your registry.
  10. Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    These are the three best DDs in a tier 7 battle: Kamikaze R, Kamikaze and Fujin.
  11. Free XP ships OP...?

    Try to hit her with F3 torpedoes, fyi those have 8 km range. Plus, a Missouri player can decide himself when a DD will be spotted, i.e. when his guns are loaded and pointed at the DD. What counter-play does a DD have against radar? Run, sit it out behind an island or spam F3-key at the radar cruiser and hope your BBs delete him. The last one is impossible against a Missouri.
  12. so how does that work then??

    Don't fire torpedoes from second line. The guys in first line have enough to worry about, they don't need your metal fishes from behind. You might try going to the first line yourself, it makes hitting much easier if you get as close to the enemy as you can.
  13. Detonation in a BB

    Actually there is discrimination. CVs cannot farm detonation flags, they can only dish them out to others.
  14. Do detonations now come in bulk and pre-determined?

    I always used Juliet Charlies on my tier 10 ships in randoms, not any more since season two of clan battles or the ranked season before that. Nothing changed. Detonations happen very rarely and with a random frequency like they always did. Sometimes you don't see any for weeks, then 3 in one battle or you detonate in two consecutive battles. That's normal for random events.