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  1. Ze_Reckless

    Meine aktuelle Meinung zur Kommunikation

    Sicher, die Kisten gibt es ja nicht umsonst.
  2. Ze_Reckless

    Meine aktuelle Meinung zur Kommunikation

    Ich bereue nichts und das ganze würde nicht funktionieren wenn alle kein Geld ausgeben würden. Was ich meinte war: mit dem alten Modell haben sie mehr Leute dazu gebracht Geld auszugeben für Sachen die sie sonst nicht kaufen würden, während sie mit dem neuen dafür sorgen dass die Leute sich das lieber sparen. Kann ja sein, dass etwas in Zukunft verschenkt wird was man kaufen möchte. Das hindert ja keinen daran, allen Besitzern der Moskva-Perma-Camo eine Petropavlovsk-Perma-Camo oder 5k Dublonen gut zu schreiben. Das kostet ja nichts. (Ich hatte diese Camo nicht, bin nicht persönlich betroffen, mir geht es nur ums Prinzip.)
  3. Ze_Reckless

    Meine aktuelle Meinung zur Kommunikation

    Aber das wurde von dieser Firma genau so gemacht beim US Kreuzer-Split. Wenn man eine Perma-Tarnung z.B. auf der Cleveland (VI) hatte bekam man sie danach für die Pensacola (VI) und die Cleveland (VIII). Manche Spieler mich eingeschlossen haben mehr Dublonen ausgegeben weil das Angebot so gut war. Es ist doch klar dass Leute damit eine Erwartungshaltung bekommen haben und sich jetzt verarscht fühlen. Ich meine, es geht ja nicht um Geschenke. Es geht darum, dass man der Dumme ist wenn man Geld ausgegeben hat. Einerseits scheint es genug Frischfleisch mit Geldbörse zu geben, dass man glaubt die alten Hasen verprellen zu können. Andererseits fügen sie jetzt Bots für Tier 1-5 hinzu, weil es nicht genug Spieler gibt ...
  4. Ze_Reckless

    Share of real ships for each nation

    I would guess that's because it is easier to make up stuff from sikrit dokuments than to ask Italian authorities for formerly classified documents, fit the real designs into the game without any mistakes and balance them at the same time while not offending those who care about a ship his grandfather / uncle etc. served on.
  5. Ze_Reckless

    new to the how to deal with CV as dd

    It is a very bad idea to play a tier 8 when you have only 136 battles under your belt. Slow down, play through the tiers and you will learn on the way how to play. Most likely you haven't setup your ship and captain correctly which makes it extremely hard to play a DD. I would recommend to learn the basics of the game at low and mid tiers. The best class for that imo is cruisers, for example US and Japanese. However, CVs are difficult - impossible to counter depending on the CV player's skill.
  6. Ze_Reckless

    FLAK... how to?

    How to complete the 'kill 300 planes' campaign mission: Step 1: Hope for a potato in the enemy CV. The good thing is there is plenty of them and there will be even more with the new CV line release. Use that to your advantage. Step 2: Ambush* planes that go for you and provide AA cover to teammates who have moved into a bad position because they are likely the next CV target. * How to ambush: If the planes are dangerous to you (rockets, HE bombs) and they're coming at you, you should turn into them and activate your AA (def AA, then sector) as late as possible so he can't strike you on first pass. If he is flying past you through your AA, you can activate it as soon as he passes you so he can't turn into you for a strike. AP bombers and torpedo bombers you can just attack as soon as possible but not so early that he can just turn out of your range. Obviously, you shouldn't be doing all this when there is 4 ships with guns ready for you. Step 1 is more important than step 2 so you better start praying to mm.
  7. Ze_Reckless

    T10 Kitakami im Test

    Meinst Du damit die drei könnten sich am Anfang des Gefechts zwischen zwei grünen positionieren, ca. 110 Sekunden später schicken sie die Aale auf beiden Seiten raus und das ganze Team implodiert auf einmal? Gefecht zu ende nach 3 Minuten, XP-Verteilung 0 - 150, die ganzen schönen Tarnungen und Signale im Poppes.
  8. Ze_Reckless

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    A Z-52 has 10.5 km range. How is he supposed to be useful at 14 km from the enemy? In other words the CV can spot and kill you all by himself. Meanwhile you cannot do anything on your own, you always need help from allies not to fight him but to merely defend yourself against him without hurting him much. Seems like a fair fight. The current DD - CV interaction is terrible for DDs, the new 20 second mechanic will be equally terrible with a different flavour. There is no buff when you nerf something at the same time, it is called a trade-off. And frankly, the last CB season, ranked sprint (200+ BBs in queue) and randoms in general show that DDs aren't the most popular class since the CV rework. Something needs to be done about spotting or the plane's sixth sense to even the playing field a little. Or just bring in the subs and the DD 'problem' will resolve itself.
  9. Ze_Reckless

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    There is a max of 4 DDs per battle and some of them die by other means. Stay with allies means be useless as a DD. Why not play a cruiser instead? Also, you were talking about smoking to take a cap, not many cruisers can take such a risk. You cannot see planes when you smoke up.
  10. Ze_Reckless

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    Can't the CV just leave a fighter on top of the smoke? Also, compared to planes DDs are so slow that the CV will always know the DD's approximate position if the last known position is fresh.
  11. Ze_Reckless

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    So basically use the smaller AA concealment and just dodge the planes that move 5 times faster than you. Also, radar is a thing: If you don't shoot the planes they get at least two free strikes on you, if you do shoot the planes you get struck anyway and you are detected for much longer but hey, at least you get a plane kill or two. Finally the long deserved CV buff we were waiting for, the CV - DD interaction was unbearable.
  12. Post replays from typical battles along with the results and we can give you specific tips. You can find them in the game directory in the 'replays' folder.
  13. Ze_Reckless

    so thats part of my algorithm now....

    What about 'torpedo from behind!' or 'penetration!' when you get a big hit on an enemy? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. Gunboat DDs have it a lot easier than torpedo boats these days. Depending on your preferred play style you can shoot from smoke (US and UK), shoot while weaving and dodging at top speed (French and Russian) or a bit of both depending on the build (Akizuki, Kitakaze, Harugumo). It's almost never a good idea to rush into the cap with speed boost at the start of the battle, better thin out the enemy lines and make BBs turn away (just set a fire, most chickens do the chicken thing). Once the area is safe for your teammates to come closer and support you, you can cap. DDs have a high influence on the battle outcome due to capping and spotting potential, learn how to use that correctly and you will be fine. Also, try your best to hinder your enemy counterpart from achieving these goals. Whenever you spot a high priority target (DD, radar cruiser, low HP target) mark it with F3, it really helps with focus fire. Knowledge is a life saver. If you know the detection mechanics, radar, hydro, planes & AA down to a T you will never have to guess if you can go dark when you stop shooting. Experience is an important factor to become more effective and influential in the battle. The more experience you have the better are your predictions for your enemies' next move. That's why it is important to play all classes at least to mid-tier so you know what they can and can't do and where they like to go. It may seem like an unforgiving class to play with all the dangers that kill you immediately when you make a small mistake. However, this excitement and the importance of your decisions for the battle outcome are responsible for the joy I feel when playing DDs successfully.
  15. Ich bin zu faul mir Sachen dazu durchzulesen, ich spiele die Schiffe alle und weiß dadurch vom Gefühl her was sie können. Neulinge haben es extrem schwer in diesem Spiel Fuß zu fassen und je mehr Schiffe dazu kommen desto schlimmer wird das.