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  1. For me? Montana, because she's the most fun to play of the three. Kurfürst is very good at pushing and brawling, best ship for leading a charge. You always want to be moving with this thing. Yamato is good at sitting. She can push in when there is only one torpedo DD to worry about. If there are more she needs DD or cruiser support. There is no best BB (how long do we have to wait for the Conqueror nerf?), they all have strengths and weaknesses. You can grind multiple lines to tier 6 pretty fast. By then you will know which line suits you more.
  2. This section is more suited for a small question like that. Anyhow, click your name on the top left in port, click on your name again in the drop-down menu, scroll through the account levels with the mouse wheel and click on them to see more.
  3. Das war wohl ein Teaser für das nächste Update, Stichwort Halloween-Event. (Man beachte die Spinne.)
  4. That's because most of the players aren't fit for tier 10. It's especially easy to get to tier 10 when you pay a little and those 'experts' then do what a 'good' BB player does, camp in the back. And when you ask him to move he says: 'But I'm in range.' But you get this in tier 7 games as well though not as often. The only thing WG did horribly wrong in this game is they made 0 tutorials.
  5. You can complete permanent collections later. Event collections (Graf Spee Christmas event, current Anniversary collection) have an end date. On the collections screen there is a button on the bottom right which turns on/off gathering items for this collection. I'm not sure if it's there for all collections, I checked it only for the Yamamoto collection.
  6. which makes the thought of grinding out a T10 very unappealing. The game-play at tier 8-10 is slower and more strategic. This is normal if you think about it: Lots of experienced players and lots of ways to get one-shot if you make a mistake. At mid-tier you get more opportunities to get out of sticky situations which allows for more risky plays. It's two different kinds of fun, I enjoy both. What most people forget: With a tier 10 ship you are always top-tier. The forum is very helpful if you know how to read it. I made the mistake to stop my US cruiser grind at the Cleveland because I read only bad things about the Pensacola. Later I tried it anyway and I loved my Pepsi (and still do). My advice is read what they say, it prepares you for what will come. Try everything for yourself, only you know what's fun for you.
  7. Stay at low tiers (3-4) until you get better results with those ships. If you sold the ships you can always buy them again. From tier 5 the matchmaking is much harsher and the players have much more experience. There is a lot to learn in this game, even after 1000 battles you won't be an expert yet. As a cruiser you should try to focus on surviving the entire battle. It's never worth it taking damage or losing the ship to deal 2-3k damage back. (You won't get 100% survival, just do your best to stay alive to the end while still being effective in the battle.) I hope it helps.
  8. Easiest way to get many citadel hits is to play a cruiser with good AP. Furutaka and Kirov have a very high caliber and can citadel thinly armored cruisers like Phoenix and Omaha from every angle. Royal Navy cruisers are another good option if you know how to get into a good position (and out) without dying.
  9. It's not about humor. RPF is a bad skill (believe me, I'm abusing it all the time lately ) and everyone was pointing this out from day 1. The only saving grace is that only a few people have a 14+ point captain. This aside, a lot of people praised elite captain xp and most of the captain skill tree changes were praised as well.
  10. Thea ist, wie man auch an ihrem Bild sehen kann, aus irgendeinem Anime. Diese Graf Spee und die Harekaze wurden für Fans und Interessierte dieses Animes ins Spiel gebracht, deshalb wurde auch ihre Sprecherin engagiert und Du hörst das jetzt in jedem Gefecht. Für die Stimmen gibt es zwei Auswahlmöglichkeiten, allgemein und Kapitäne. Die allgemeine Einstellung ist für Ansagen wie 'Wir stehen kurz vor dem Sieg!', da hast Du wahrscheinlich deutsch eingestellt. Die Kapitäns-Einstellung ist die für Dich interessante, da gibt es viel zur Auswahl: deutsch, englisch, japanisch, ... , Kongo, Haruna, ... aus dem Arpeggio-Anime und eben Thea und die andere. Zusätzlich gibt es noch die Einstellung 'National', bei der jeder Kapitän mit der Stimme seiner Nation redet. Stelle hier deutsch ein und Du wirst keine Frauen mehr hören. (Ich war noch nicht im Spiel nach dem Update. Wenn das gerade nicht geht, musst Du Dich leider bis zum nächsten Mikro-Patch gedulden.) Außerdem gibt es noch die Möglichkeit einen stinknormalen deutschen Kapitän in die Spee zu setzen. Das ist ja das tolle an Premium-Schiffen, dass man seine Kapitäne auf ihnen weiterbilden kann. Man kann sogar das ganze Anime-Zeug komplett ausblenden in den Hafeneinstellungen. Unten links im Hafen auf die Zahnräder klicken und auf die Augen bei 'Arpeggio' und 'HSF' klicken bis die gewünschte Einstellung erreicht ist. Automatische Zahlung pro Gefecht: Nicht-permanente Tarnungen werden mit Credits oder Dublonen pro Gefecht berechnet, wahrscheinlich hast Du so eine ausgewählt. Die Permanenten Tarnungen sollten immer in der ersten Position sein, ganz oben links.
  11. Des Moines will be fine on good maps like North, Hot Spot and the likes, I had a lot of great games there with zero smoke usage. On Tears of the Cruisers, Ocean, ... you can still use a US smoke to radar the hell out of everything. Sadly spotting damage equals meh xp. Even then I'm fine with it, DM is very strong and it won't be unplayable with this change (if you manage to adjust your play style). We are talking a lot about ship balance. What about the players? How many people do believe right now that they save credits when they avoid taking damage? Unless WG blasts the info about this change into all player's heads there will be a metric ton of hackusations incoming. On the PTS I realized after only a few games there is some stuff to be learned and some stuff to be unlearned. The latter is generally harder to do especially for the more average players. I'm really excited to find out how this will turn out on live.
  12. It's true that IJN DDs struggle if the MM is terrible or if your team sux balls. However, if you grind the line properly and you learn how to play them they can be extremely fun to play. Yugumo and Shimakaze with F3 torpedoes are hilarious. (Though the 12 km torpedoes are more competitive.) Now that Yugumo has torpedo reload booster it's even more fun. For IJN DDs positioning is key to success and you need to be patient. How to hit torps? Wait for the enemy to make a mistake. The more experience you have the earlier you can predict these mistakes and punish the enemy. Sometimes you even can force an enemy to make a mistake. People almost always react to the first salvo, you can abuse this. In the end it's a personal decision, these boats don't work for everyone. In fact, IJN DDs were the class I struggled with for the longest time. But when I began to understand how to play them the fun began.
  13. 0.6.11

    We will need to learn and relearn some stuff but it should be ok. Good players will adapt, campers will camp like they always did no matter what. BBs are somewhat nerfed a little but they can still get one salvo off from invisibility at 2.1+ km. And this one salvo is more than enough if you hit an unsuspecting target. I would like to see a global concealment nerf for BBs along with firing debuff raised to 35 or 40 seconds. Right now BBs are the only class that can 'blink' while shooting at max firing rate (fire, get undetected after 20 seconds, fire from invisibility after 4 -10 more seconds). Yes, this is a very slow blinking. But unlike cruisers and gunboat-DDs a BB doesn't have to cease fire, he will get undetected while reloading.
  14. Gute Farm-Taktik: BB anzünden und während er brennt Wichtigeres bearbeiten. Wenn der BB das erste Feuer sofort löscht (sieht man im Lowtier sehr häufig und im Hightier erschreckenderweise auch), zwei bis drei neue Feuer legen und gut durchbraten lassen. Eventuell mit ein paar AP-Granaten in die Breitseite würzen, je nach Geschmack.
  15. Pos1/Home-Taste war glaube ich Pause. Einfg oder Ende war Wiedergabe. Einfach mal alle probieren. Rechte Strg + Enter + Löschen-Taste aktiviert die Freie Kamera, eventuell geht die nicht mehr. Falls doch, kann man sie mit den Nummernblock-Tasten und Pfeiltasten steuern.