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  1. Your posts get very personal for someone who couldn't care less. How about you stop attacking people and target their arguments instead? Again, you play extremely passively so it's no wonder that you don't get shot and detonated much. The only reason why this works is other people take hits for you. Instead of using your HP you let your DDs and Pensacolas tank for you. So your advice is worthless because it stops working when everybody plays just like you. Can you point out the flaw in my logic or do you agree with me?
  2. Ze_Reckless

    Suboptimal testers?

    Such a design has never existed and I can't imagine one that would work like that. The problem in your design idea is that unicorns are the most adaptive players, they can just play like a potato if that's what it takes to gain an OP ship. They can push every design to the max. You can design the tool but you can't tell the unicorn how to use and abuse it. The only reason to include below average players into testing is to test the usability of the design for those players. You don't learn much from them about ship balance.
  3. Ze_Reckless

    Suboptimal testers?

    Unrealistic scenario, this isn't how it works. It would only make sense if there was no player input at all a.k.a. no game play. Just click battle and the rest is on autopilot, you watch it like a movie. Unicorns don't necessarily need to aim better to reach their results. They have better target and tool selection and positioning because they can predict the flow of the game. The ship capabilities don't matter for this.
  4. Ze_Reckless

    What about USS Black

    Pretty much this for quite some time and I don't see it change in the future.
  5. Ze_Reckless

    Does the Zao need a change?

    Zao was fine when Yamato was the only BB that could overmatch her 30 mm armour. Nowadays everyone and their mothers have 430+mm guns. I don't see them give her back the troll armour as most potatoes don't know how to use it anyway. Zao can still be played as the stealthy assassin but newer ships are better at that role. Play Zao for fun, play Venecia/Petro/Nevsky/Goliath for results.
  6. Brauchen wir nicht. Ich lasse ihn in meinen Dungeon kommen und dann ist alles klar.
  7. Leider überhaupt nicht. Mit DBs hat man gar keine Anflugreichweite sondern finden, klicken, zielen, droppen. Eventuell magst Du meinen Beitrag oben nochmal lesen wo ich Schorch62's Sichtweise zustimme solange es um Raketenflieger geht. Da ist unsichtbar bleiben in der Tat erste Wahl. Ich rede die ganze Zeit explizit über DBs, die in dem Clip zu sehen waren.
  8. Ze_Reckless

    Is Agir Still Worth It? T9 Gneisenau?

    Ägir is the most fun if you know how to get close and personal without getting killed instantly. This is much easier to do with Gneisenau due to an easier mid-tier meta. Ägir can take huge hits from anything that is thrown at her (big target, weak armour, long fire duration) so there isn't much room for mistakes. It's fun if you like a challenge. Can't remember the max secondary range (10 km?) but the top grade gunner skill can be a good buff to the main guns if you tend to play more aggressively. And to be honest if you don't like to play aggressively don't bother and just get Azuma. The torpedoes are nice to have but not very useful, the launch angles are towards the rear and you don't have many of them. The guns however, they can really slap things.
  9. Ze_Reckless

    Another Middlefinger from WG. Thank you!

    Actually those are special camos, like a very early version of the Yamato scorpion or Mogami kraken. I would also love to see the Black with inverted colours but I can imagine they would need to remake the entire thing instead of just flipping a switch like with the standard camos. At least they gave us alternatives with +150% bonuses.
  10. Unsichtbar bleiben ist hier gar nicht das Thema, der CV weiß ja immer wo und wann seine Flieger aufgehen. Und wenn er muss wird er Dich immer finden. Du machst die Flak erst an wenn er innerhalb von 3.5 km ist und erwartest, dass da etwas abgeschossen wird? Also ich würde eher sagen Du hilfst damit dem nicht so guten CV Spieler indem Du ihm Null Wolken zum Ausweichen gibst.
  11. Wenn das Raketenflieger wären bin ich ja bei Dir, aber was soll es bringen gegen DBs die Flak aus zu lassen? Wie wehrt sich Deiner Meinung nach eine Halland korrekt gegen DBs?
  12. Ze_Reckless

    Making pretty screenshots. Help?

    Not sure if this works but it may be worth a try. Make sure mouse acceleration in Windows is off. Put mouse into a box with hard walls, move it from left wall to right wall. (And along front/back wall so there is no up/down movement.) Play with box sizes or mouse sensitivity until you find the sweet spot. Test one small ship and a big one first to make sure different ship sizes don't mess everything up.
  13. Ze_Reckless

    The New cant hit Freindly target works perfect.

    My favourite is the one on the left who is about to try to put a hole into a hole like a true BB main.
  14. Diese 'Belohnung' gibt es manchmal auch für kleine Tipps im Ingame-Chat durfte ich feststellen als ich noch naiv war und dachte Leute möchten wissen was sie falsch machen und wie es besser ginge. Manchmal gab es ein 'danke, wusste ich nicht', oft aber wurde es ignoriert, manchmal gab es ein 'halt die Fresse' oder schlimmeres. Man kann vorher nie wissen wie der andere reagieren wird. Wir sind alle anonym hier, haben keine Ahnung was der andere möchte, welche Laune er heute hat etc. Im Zweifel lässt man es lieber ganz, schont die eigenen Nerven. Wenn Guides nicht ausreichen kannst Du es mit dem Help Me Discord versuchen. Kannst aber nicht erwarten bis zum SU Status an die Hand genommen zu werden, es geht eher darum gewisse Grundkompetenzen zu erlangen mit denen Du dann alleine weiterlernen kannst (z.B. eigene Replays studieren und mit der Spielweise besserer Spieler vergleichen).
  15. Ze_Reckless

    Place your bet.

    After the resounding success of the upcoming CB season the next KOTS will be held with up to two CVs per team. Nobody will worry about ship torpedoes. There, it's fixed.