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  1. Taghmon

    Turret never ready on Hipper

    Sorry to keep this up: Tried to reproduce in co-op, but it didn't really bug there. Both the 2nd and 3rd turret are blocked by flak. The 3rd(high aft) turret can only fire further than 7km. Didn't check the 2nd(high front) turret yet, but looks like it aims even higher than the rear one. So please if you got a replay that shows a bug here and not just annoying behavior, then sent a bug with this replay as proof. I see if I can get a good recording, or proof for me that it's wierd but "works as intended"
  2. Taghmon

    Turret never ready on Hipper

    Yes, that's most likely the reason: when the turret reaches max forward facing it lifts the guns slightly over the flak. After that no matter where I point the gun it won't fire. Again a change of ammunition seems to fix it. So avoiding the flak is a feature I get it, but it still "bugs" the guns as they will never fire again. Not at long range or any other angle. How can I report this as a bug?
  3. Taghmon

    Turret never ready on Hipper

    I will try to check for this. It "feels" buggy, but that would be a reason. I am using Hull A still.
  4. Taghmon

    Turret never ready on Hipper

    I am playing the Hipper for about 20 battles now, and noticed that one turret bugs out on me. It' loaded, it's turning, aligned with the others but doesn't fire. It's the second turret in the UI, and I think it's the 3rd counting from the front. At least in one battle I'm sure I was never hit before it happened, can't say about the other occasions. After all I thought it was damaged somehow. I was able to fire the turret after changing ammunition and double-clicking for broadside. But my usual sequence fire didn't work. I update this post, if I find out more. #update 1: It seemed to happen after changing for AP, but couldn't keep back-turrets on target to test it conclusive( because a bb dictated my course).
  5. Taghmon

    The Yorck is disgusting.

    That's wierd, I find the Pepsi boring, but not the Yorck. And not annoying as hell as the Cleve. For most versatile I would vote the Aoba(toughest cruiser I played, good guns, torps barely useful, when you hunt the enemy), but I haven't tried the Myoko yet. Edit 11(32 in all) battles later: I am starting to understand your point Atris, the best battles I had was picking enemies off while retreating. That's not enough utility to win games. Also the AP only works on very few occasions, negating that German advantage. And the Yorck dies with her flag like any other German. (BB hitting the flag in the rear do critical 15k damage)
  6. Taghmon

    The Yorck is disgusting.

    I loved the Nürnberg and she taught me to avoid damage. I lost my first York in the 9th battle to a magazine detonation. I am still at 15 survived battles of 21. So that ships is tough enough. But I must admit that she plays a higher tier and enemies are harder to crack. She dishes out like the Pepsi; has more range, but Yorck is riskier to take in for the kill. The Yorck won't be a favored, but she has her place. And if the Hipper is that much better...lets hope she doesn't get nerved.
  7. Taghmon

    Project R Weekly Missions not reset

    Yeah, I am sure for "Win 5 battles". And my pearl count suggests that "Win 1 battle" wasn't wiped too (Already won a battle, but missing 2 pearls).
  8. There are mods that show target speed and that is legal?
  9. Taghmon


    Did 5.2.1 change something again? I seem to hit a lot worse; need to lead more than before and that's makes it harder to to guess distance too. I might just have bad games, but it feels like a miss a lot more (about half the typical number of hits in a game) About getting hit: one salvo of BB's AP can really ruin a Königsberg's day. But that's how it is, and the ship usually works anyway.
  10. I tried the Strafing attack for planes for the first time, but it broke control of my squads involved in air combat. 2 squads (jpn, some or lower tier) engaged 1 of my squads (US, Air Group Mod 1+2, Dog Fighting Expert). My 2nd Squad did a Strafing attack shortly after, taking out 3 enemy fighters with it. I then tried to target the enemy squads with my squads. First the one engaged with my first now damaged group, but my 2nd squad was already engaged by enemies second squad and could not move over to the first fight. We now had 2 separated dogfights. For both my squads I accepted that I can only engage the fighter close by and attacked them. There never was any of my gunfire sound, and my 2 squads were complete wiped out without taking any other enemy plane. This could be sheer misfortune, but no gun fire, no attack movement. Just circling planes getting killed. The patch changed something about strafing, that planes can't be engaged while doing it. Might that have broken something else here?
  11. Hi, Started playing yesterday and haven't found out yet, how to identify my fellow players. I only see ship icons on the map and world view, so how do I find out who is who out there? Especially when someone writes "Follow me". I have no clue where the player is.