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    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
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    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    i want to join the lottery
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    Best Personal Mission + Best Reward?

    in the foto of bone shark we have 2 greek letters η and μ ... in english η=g and μ=l if we compear the 2 alphabets by order but if we do it vocal η=e and μ = m
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    yap in co op and what is the point for a hall of fame with players playng with bots
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    First palyer in eagles 1096 battles 1051 wins for 1 month .At WG stats and numbers same palyer 2200 battles 31,41 win rate . Second player 886 battles 852 wins . Same player at WG stats and numbers 1113 battles 40,16 win rate same think with some other players is something wrong ????
  6. The first recorded torpedo attack by a submarine in the naval history of the world took place during Balkan wars 1912-1913 In the morning of 22 December [O.S. 9 December] 1912 the Ottoman light cruiser Mecidiye sailed out of the Dardanelles on a scouting mission. At 10:40, Delfin launched a torpedo against Mecidiye from a distance of 800 meters, but failed to sink it, as the torpedo broke surface and passed by the ship. http://www.hellenicnavy.gr/el/polymesa/209-en/organization/fleet-headquarters/submarines-command/1228-history.html https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2015/12/07/submarine-delphin/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balkan_Wars
  7. The original SS GREEK VICTORY she was launched feb / 3 / 1944 . She was active for all WWII and the Korea war . She was scrappet 1972 amd used as parts for the SS “JOHN W. BROWN” . But Greek shipowners never forgot that type of ships who after the WWII help the Greek merchand feet to reborn . The SS Arthur M. Huddel was donated by the U.S. to the Greek government in order to be converted into a floating maritime museum. VIDEO WITH ENG SUBS http://www.hellasliberty.gr/en/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Greece_Victory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Arthur_M._Huddell
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    OK as you wish ... but the video and all documents they call it serrrender ... and in war when you let the enemy disarmed you that means that you lost the war and u serrender http://www.ibiblio.org/pha/war.term/093_01.html
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    thats corect but first went to malta surrendered to RHN ADRIAS , HMS HURSLEY , HMS QUEEN EMMA , 2 HMS CORVETS AND 2 PT BOATS . The 2 fleets meet out of Taranto and then escorted to Malta that took place at 10/09/43 according commander Toubas of RHN ADRIAS book (ENEMY ON SITE ) later on 16/09/43 the Italian fleet arived in Alexandria escorted by HMS Warspite , HMS Valliant , HMS Faulknor , HMS Fury , HMS Echo , HMS Intrepid , HMS Raider , RHNS Vassilisa Olga/Queen Olga , FLN Le Terrible and there was a 2nd ceremony
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    The italian navy was surrender to Adrias out of Taranto with commander Toumpas
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    Fatal wrecks in Greece WWI and WWII

    We play a game and have fun but it was not fun at all buring those days many people lost theyr life and very often forgoten From my point of view make no difference warships or merchants ships history own to this people Some of those wrecks happen to bee in Greece so im going to present those as a tribute to this people SS ORGIA WWII 4000 ITALIAN POWS LOST http://www.ww2wrecks.com/portfolio/oria-shipwreck-the-watery-grave-of-4000-pows-in-1944/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Oria_(1920) HMS Perseus (N36) WW II 61 lost 1 survived https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Perseus_(N36) http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-15959067 HMHS Britannic WWI 30 lost 1035 survived https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMHS_Britannic
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    No problem my friend read the story of ADRIAS i dont think there is no other post for this ship
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    I more interesting to spread the story of AVEROF , ADRIAS , DELFIN ( as the first submarine in the world to launch a torp attack 1912 ) and more other RHN ships for those are interesting for the history to see them in a tech tree is not my goal . RHN took part in WWI with 22 shps and WWII with 75 ships . Pictures dont say nothing read the history of those ships . And i will be glad to see posts from other navys with simular achivments
  14. telxinos


    G.AVEROF PISA CLASS CRUISER A record braking ship took part in Balkan wars , WWI ,WWII he was in service from 1911- 1952 servive all of them and earn the nick name Luky Old George She was usually classified as a battlecruiser after the Washington Naval Treaty (1922) because her displacement and main armament slightly exceeded the limits imposed on cruisers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_cruiser_Georgios_Averof In 1984 the Navy decided to restore her as a museum ship
  15. Α destroyer who did not want to sink ... struck a mine lost his dow but he made a trip 1350 km back to Alexandria and end the war victorius in free Greece On 27 January 1943, while positioned 360 nautical miles (667 km) NW off Cape Finisterre Adrias was believed to have sunk the German submarine U-553 (British Admiralty's signal presumed her possibly sunk). When the war ended the loss of the German submarine was officially confirmed to have occurred on 27 January. However, the name of the ship that caused the sinking was not mentioned. During that same operation on 13 February 1943, Adrias sunk or seriously damaged U-623 (the last report from that submarine was dated 9 February 1943). Adrias took part in numerous convoy escorts in the Mediterranean as well as in the Sicily landing operations, where on the night of 20 July 1943, in cooperation with British escort destroyer HMS Quantock she successfully confronted 3 German torpedo boats during a night engagement and sunk two of them.[citation needed] On 20 September 1943 Adrias represented Greece when a force of four Allied ships accepted the surrender of a contingent of the Italian Royal Navy (out of Taranto) that was sailing towards Malta following the armistice with Italy. Adrias at Alexandria harbour, 6 December 1943 On 22 October 1943, during operations in the Dodecanese, while near the island of Kalymnos with the British destroyer HMS Hurworth, Adrias struck a mine. The explosion tore her bow off. The English Flotilla Commander onboard Hurworth ordered Cmdr. Toumbas to abandon ship. Hurworth, while trying to come to Adrias's rescue, also hit a mine and sunk taking 143 men with her. In spite of the damage suffered, Adrias took on the survivors of Hurworth (among them her CO) and managed to reach the nearby coast of Gümüşlük in neutral Turkey with 21 men of her crew dead and 30 wounded. After some minor repairs, the ship sailed on 1 December for Alexandria, despite her missing bow. After a trip of 730 nautical miles (1,350 km), of which 300 were within the range of Luftwaffe's Junkers Ju 88 bombers based in occupied Greece, (the threat of them forced her to sail only at night despite her limited maneuverability), she managed to reach Alexandria on 6 December (day of the Feast of St. Nicholas, patron saint of seamen) where she was enthusiastically greeted by the British Fleet and other Allied ships. This achievement was considered a brilliant example of seamanship, and provided a morale boost to the Royal Hellenic Navy and other allied ships in the Mediterranean. After the liberation of Greece from the Germans, Adrias, with her bow temporarily repaired, arrived in Faliro with the rest of the ships of the Hellenic Fleet. The ship was never fully repaired due to the termination of war operations in the Mediterranean and sailed to England where she was returned to the Royal Navy. Of the same class of ships serving in the Hellenic Navy were: Adrias (DO6) formerly HMS Tanatside (loaned to Hellenic Navy as a replacement of this ship), Hastings formerly HMS Catterick loaned to Hellenic Navy in 1946, Kanaris built as HMS Hatherleigh, Miaoulis built as HMS Modbury, Pindos built as HMS Bolebroke. The Hellenic Navy gave the same name to commemorate this ship to Standard type frigate Adrias (F459) in 1994. source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_destroyer_Adrias