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  1. Eugenio di Savoia was part of the fourth group of Condottieri-class light cruisers, also known as the Duca d'Aosta class. After the end of the war, she was transferred to Greece in 1950 as war reparation for sinking Elli I from Italian submarine Delfino during peacetime, at 8:25 am on 15 August 1940, while she rode at anchor near the island of Tinos . The ship became the headquarters for the Commander in Chief of the Hellenic Fleet. She served until 1973. In Faliro bay 1960 In Malta under Greek flag
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    Turkish ship

    I am not ruin anything thats historical facts .
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    Turkish ship

    According Wiki : Before the Germans could approve this, the Ottomans announced on 11 August 1914 that they had purchased the ships for 80 million Marks. In a formal ceremony the two ships were commissioned in the Ottoman Navy on 16 August. On 23 September, Souchon accepted an offer to command the Turkish fleet. Goeben was renamed Yavuz Sultan Selim and Breslau was renamed Midilli; their German crews donned Ottoman uniforms and fezzes. The German navy formally transferred ownership of the vessel to the Turkish government on 2 November 1918 . So the question is is the SMS Goeben ship part of Ottoman navy or German navy the only thing in the ship that was Ottoman was the flag from 1914 - 1918 the crue and the capain was Germans ... And all battles made from them and not members of Ottoman navy . So all the fame of this ship belongs to German navy . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Goeben
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    Dont give any attention to karma there is no point at all you can get - just playing a ship that others dont like (HE spam ship subs cvs etc )