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    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    What happening now Tier 5- Minekaze and Mutsuki, Used to be best and worse IJN DD, now is average and outright garbage Mutsuki, still the garbage ship she used to be, now even worse with 6km torpedo only, but guess yolo charge might work, huge population of low tier player suck, right? Minekaze, the last good IJN DD turn into nothingness, gun still suck against possible oponent, torpedo become 57knots 10k damage garbage. Note that all IJN with 12.7cm will have their HE shell damage nerf 2100 to 1500. Tier 6, Fubuki and Hatsuharu, Used to be the second best and arguable second worse IJN DD, now both looks OK? Gun 2*2 + Torpedo 3*3 vs Gun 2*2 + Torpedo 2*3 Fubuki, garbage speed, garbage turning radius, garbage concealment, garbage torpedo, OK gun for tier 6 Hatsuharu, serviceable speed, turning radius, garbage concealment, torpedo gun same as Fubuki, gun has slightly higher rof. Both of them get the 6km torpedo stock, 10km 59 knots torpedo up grade, good luck hitting anything tier 7++ average player. You can set more fire letf and right on different ship, pump 8 more shell per min, you still no contents vs same tier USN machine gun and Ruskie 130mm. But considering skill level of tier 5 and tier 6 player (which is increasingly better over time). they might be good? who knows. Btw, Gun on Fubuki has 7.5rpm, on Hatsuharu has 8rpm. Tier 7, Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu. Both new ship, arguably best IJN DD Tier to Tier comparison. (We still got monster named Kiev, Błyskawica and Leningrad roaming around with Stalinium Socialism 130mm) (R.I.P. Mahan, I guess?) Gun 3*2 + Torpedo 3*3 vs Gun 2*2, 1*1 + Torpedo 2*4 Akstsuki, suprising good 38knots speed (But if there is a Hull upgrade that give tier7 hp, but cut the speed to 35knots, then no different, which is very possible according to WG logic), even more garbage turning radius, even more garbage concealment, barely pass torpedo, ok gun. Shirtatsuyu, good old garbage IJN DD low power engine, bad turning radius, good concealment, torpedo and gun same as Akatsuki. But lets face it, we all know IJN Quard Launcher is the worse torpedo setup you can get. These 62 knots Neon sign torpedo is the type 90 mod. something crap, do not expect good result on them. Same gun Hatsuharu get, the 8.0rpm 30second/180degree gun. Set more fire at range, and bring kitting tactic to used, decent enough ship except bad concealment vs slow speed. Note that Shiratsuyu might be able to put on torpedo reload boast and smoke at same time. 360 sec - 120 sec (premium) - 6 sec (5% flag) - 18 sec (15% jack of all trade) = 216sec or 3min 34sec, not sure if trading out 10% concealment worth 18 second on cool down. Stock torpedo reload is 109sec or 1min 49sec. If this consumable has 4 min stock, 2min 30sec premium, the yes, usefull, but as the state right now, garbage. Tier 8, Kagero and Akisuki, most disappointing and hype tier. Looks like turn out to be a meh tier. Kagero might be less disappoint, but still disappointing. Gun now do 8.6rpm stock, 25.7sec/180deg. 10km Torpedo are the Type neon sign mod. 62 knots or Type neon sign mod. 67knots. Top speed 36.8knots. same concealment and maneuverability. Nothing about having torpedo reload boast and smoke at same time, but you arent gona be using these totrpedo most of the time anyway. Range wise no buff, so you are a Old Fubuki with slightly faster speed, 0.6km less range, about 2 rpm buff, best high tier concealment. Any thing special, no, you are still doom at close range, you still dont have the gun range, torpedo still suck. Akatsuki, might not lived up to the hype. 33knots is the best in game Cruiser turning radius on a DD is best in game Only 1*4 torpedo launcher is best in gam Tier 10 concealment at tier 8 is best in game, useless HE is best in game Cannot deal with anytihing angled and anything pass 10km is best in game. She is extreamly powerful at close range (under 8km) AND unangled target, other wise, she is even more useless than British CL, because her AA suck (Serious, no match to tier 9 plane, ok against tier 8 if RNG happen IJN Plane has no hp even at Tier 10), cannot torp stuff, cannot used hydro, IJN worse smoke in game (152mm with WG shell turning technology might be good against angled superstructure, 100mm with IJN DD some of the worst AP turning is the game against angled, nope). She might be able to put on torpedo reload boast and smoke at same time, but again, useless on top of her torpedo armament is garbage. Tier 9 Yugumo, outright buff version of Kagero, might be the best high tier IJN DD Gun, you get best reload out of the line, 5.7 second reload. Torpedo, why am I still talking about torpedo, they suck. end of story, but you get Type neon sign mod. 67knots and Type neon sign mod. 76knots. 7.1km concealment, 35.5knots speed, slightly worse turning radius and rudder shift time comopare to Kagero. But range is super good, some 11km stock. Again, same deal, yop still doom at CQC vs anything, longer range win USN. The truth about IJN 12.7cm "Lazer" only happen at 11km--, pass that range, even CA can manage to dodge these shell reliable. You can get up to 13 some kilometer gun range on Yugumo, but mostly useless.after 11km. But you can now consistant set fire left and right at 10km, why not. Tier 10 Shimakaze has no change, except remove 20km torpedo. Gun is 8.6rpm, not 10.5 rpm, range stay same. So, you are more garbage than Yugumo now. But the again, there were lots of moron at tier 10 still like to sail straight, and with the introduce of new tier 10 premium camo, bad player will flush in and yield some decent result. WG balanced lots of stuff around BB, from Die of CV to Die of Torpedo. Now killing the line that has very unique Torpedo Assault gameplay first chopping the torpedo range by 50%, making usage of torpedo harder, had to go close to target. Then with the introducing Radar, making getting near to target hard, which make time of launching torpedo less often. Finally introducing sonar on BB, buffing exist sonar, buffing 3rd row skill vigilance, buffing TAS 6th slot mod, making torpedo even harder to hit. IJN DD soon becone garbage, Tier 10 Shimakaze is a credit and xp piñata. WG now talking about ways to bring IJN DD back, by making them less torpedo center, more gun capability. First step, nerf the only selling point opf IJ DD, the best HE alpha of small caliber. Then, nerf current Minekaze, gun and torpedo wise, which is arguable best IJN DD in game. Then buff tier 6, by putting over tier DD to respectable tier, and tweek some stat here and there, which looks ok, least now can do damage to opponent, not outright die while seeing other ship. Then buffing tier 7 with lots of shaving, such as bad detection, slow speed, bad torpedo setup, and the so called buff is about 2rpm buff, combine with bad turrut rotation and bad maneuverability, effectively nothing got buff. Tier 8 had the range cut, but overrall is a buff, as shown IJN Shell pass 10km is no Stalinium. Tier 9 is the top tier, considering tier 10 is still 3000 tons of useless steel.
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    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    Mutsuki is just straight up failure, game design speaking, I would say even tier 4 is not suitable for Mutsuki. So Fubuki and Hatsuharu were being put into place. If everything stay same, only change is torpedo, then Hatsuharu all day. Simply the 59knots torpedo is garbage, cannot hit anything, doesn't matter if you filled the sea with them. Hatsuharu has better concealment, better torpedo launch angle better speed and maneuvebility, arguable similar AA. Tier 6 is a straight up buff. Hatsuharu had always being over tier, Mahan and Kiev and Leningrad and...... will slaughter Hatsuharu, gun wise while Leningrad do better at torpedo for whatever reason. As a result, we got Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu. Similar situtation with Fubuki vs Hatsuharu, only this time Shiratsuyu has 1km more range trade with 1 barrel and 4knots of speed. Torpedo is the Glorious 62knots cannot hit anything torpedo, Shiratsuyu bad loading time trade with Akatsuki 1 extra torpedo and bad torpedo launch angle. I would rather spec and take Leningrad out for torpedo job all day. Gun wise, heard buffed rof is 7rpm, which now is 6.7, not that much different really, but extra barrel and range suddenly make them work, I guess. Btw, Akatsuki spotted at 7.2km. Tier 8 Current Fubuki vs Nerf Kagero. One will take Fubuki all day. The 10km type 93 torpedo- 9 torpedo, better reload vs 8 torpedo better angle. Same bad speed, same concealment, Kagero slightly better maneuvebility. Nothing to look here. Stat say the gun change from 6.7 to 8.6, now that's buff, but you still suck, Benson is still better ship to play with. Talk about Akizuki later. Tier 9 Yugumo, still good old garbage Kagero with 10.5 rof gun, guess now you can set more fire at range? Still grab Udaloi all day if want to gun at range and Fletcher if want to CQC and torpedo stuff. Tier 10 Shimakaze, same story as Yugumo? Pick Khabarovsk to gun and Gearing for CQC and torpedo stuff. Akazuki go 33knots, turn like a cruiser, 7.6km stock concealment, garbage ijn smoke, useless HE cannot damage DD, AP cannot pen angled dd, only 4 torpedo on a single launcher. 1000m/s speed only apply to target at 8km, pass that range will be like USN 5in. Extreamly situtional, worse than RN CL. They can simply fix all these crap by 1. Make tier 6 7 torpedo do 60knots upgradeable to 65 knots 10km 2. Tier 8 with stock 65knots torpedo upgrade that do 67knots 12km. 3. Tier 9 10 torpedo do 67 knots stock 15km, 72knot 10km. 15km do 19k damage while 10km do 24k damage 4. Change the detection on torpedo 1.5km 5. Make proper reload time. •Mutsuki reload slower than Hatsuharu ( the reload device). •Fubuki has Mutsuki reload time but 3 tube extra justify that. •Kagero has reload time close to Hatsuharu ( the reload device) 1 less tube justify that. •Shimakaze should be replace by a imaginary ship, 2×5 setup, with reload device and 4×127mm for gun. 5. Gun setup remove the "AA hull" from tier 6 to 8 •Mutsuki start with 120mm 6rpm, end up with 127mm 6.8rpm. All hull has 4 gun. 127 mm is 40caliber, so USN alike trajectory. •Hatsuharu with 5×127mm all hull, 7rpm 30sec/180 •Fubuki with current gun setup, all hull 6×127mm, 6.9rpm 25sec/180 •Kagero, same story, only change to 7.0rpm •Imaginary DD, 4×2 127mm, 7.0rpm, 22sec/180 6. Change the Shimakaze to a tier 10 premium, rof 10 gun, torpedo reload same as Gearing, longer than Imaginary tier 10. WG saI'd they will not let lots of stuff happen, and lots of the stuff already happen. Thsee whole no tier 10 premium policy will break by themself sooner or later. Just set a stat requirement like Sapian. Current game mechanism of magical deck BBQ and dispersion in a wrong eclipse is stupid.
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    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    Considering current high tier IJN DD, only ship, tier 8 Fubuki is competitive tier to tier.
  4. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    Why peep get hype by the so called gun/torpedo play style? That's what USN DD being doing. You still screwed at close range, don't leak source show nerf to the turret traverse. You are still slow as hell, the energy retain characteristic still suck, turning radius still huge. Tier 6 and 7 concealment advantage gone. The real shine of the line Minekaze and Isokaze nerf to nothingness.
  5. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    Akagi Class

    Also, Amagi is technically Akagi class
  6. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    Akagi Class

    Only if you want to get citadel by HE bomb. ZWG had f@ck up lots of thing in this game, which ship they chose to put in the game is one of the many thing they f@ck up.
  7. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    Akizuki HE shell cannot penetrate anything has equal or thicker armor than 19mm. Those AP shell will penetrate boardside BB at 8km range. The shell normalization is said to be 45degree.
  8. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    Kagero -> Shima. Your advice please

    Also Kagero is a inferior ship comapare to Fubuki on every single aspect, so feeling meh is normal.
  9. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    Kagero -> Shima. Your advice please

    Short Answer: Right Click, Sell Long Answer: Stop playing them, Play other DD line, tier 9 Fletcher is a superior Boat by significant margin on every single aspect expect the Shell Trajectory over 8km. Gearing is on par with the Shimakaze in term of torpedo, 15 fish vs 10 fish? 22k damage vs 18k damage? None of the above matter when the detection of torpedo is 1.4km vs 1.8km 71knots vs 67knots, hence hitting ship with Gearing torpedo is way more easy with Shimakaze torpedo.
  10. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    IJN DDs in Domination

    Don't play them Go ruskie if you like longer range pew pew Go USN if you like cqc Both will murder ijn dd in most situations. CA support fire doesn't exist because fear of BB insta kill Yourself don't have the health nor the rof nor the speed to trade or eacape Kite tactic will help you if you have 7km head start Just sell them.
  11. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    changes in the new ijn split?

    20km torpedo spotted from moon, not much different, unless they change 12km to 10km
  12. 2nd_Torpedo_squa

    Japanese Destroyers Lottery

    Torpedo, all garbage till tier 9 and 10 USN DD. Gun, USN destroy IJN DD at close range, decent at long range, of the DD is boardside, then the player fault of not hiting the IJN DD. IJN DD had no chance at close even mid range, but decent at long range. Speed, all IJN DD had slower engine tier to tier, pass tier 8, except Shimakaze, but 3 knots different at 6km means no different, even 10 knots different means nothing. Maneuverability, USN DD turn with practically full speed, IJN DD lost at least 3 knots by doing sightliest course adjustment. Smoke, tier 10 smoke vs tier 2 smoke Engagement 1, both sail to cap, USN had no problem sitting in cap, IJN screw because several hundred meter is not enough to pop smoke, turn and bail with no damage. USN +1 Engagement 2, meeting at a connor, torpedo festival, but ofter that, USN win even IJN with 50% health advantage. USN +1 . . . . . Engagement x, as long as the situtation is under 7km, IJN DD dont have a 1:7 health advantage, USN win, which is most of the case, Unless lucky torpedo hit that left with 5000 HP. Engagement x+1, anything start at 8km, IJN DD can sail away, with smallest profile, trade shot with USN DD, 4 shell higher damage vs 2 shell lower damage shell is good amount of damage deal with minimum damage receive. Gearing vs Shimakaze, Gearing will kill any Shimakaze up to 12km unless the Shimakaze show the slimest profile and sail with 40knots. But how often this is when a DD job is to cap?
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    Best Type/Ship/Line for Newcomer?

    IJN Carrier (Hakuryu 8 squard), BB (Yamato 46cm), CA (Zao BBQ machine), DD (Moving experience and credit pack Type Neon Sign Torpedo) USN Carrier (Moving experience and cresit pack 2), BB (35knots Iowa), CA (DM Machine gun 8"), DD (Fletcher Best Torpedo Boat) KSM BB (Stupid amount of Armor), CA (Best mid caliber AP, 6km sonar) Ruskie CA (Good rof, Good trajectory, Good AP Good HE, Good range and stupid long range Radar), DD (Best CL)
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    Kagero torpedo choice and Fletcher

    Nah, before the math, which surprisingly someone actually doing it, I would chose to play the Fletcher for torpedo (not plying since 5.6? because dont have the motivation to grind through a broken line) after the math, even more reason not to play IJN but Fletcher for torpedo.
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    Just read the 0.5.6 patch notes

    Wait for RN and KMS and RM. All of these ship will have the ability to hunt IJN DD without breaking a sweat and some of them might have better torpedo than USN DD, which means IJN DD stop at tier 5. Yea, RIP.