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  1. Pompeythegreat

    2 day old Newbie.. what am i doing wrong??

    I would say you are rushing up the tiers too quickly. Things get more complicated and quite different as you move up various levels and nationalities. Become competent at each level before moving up. In my world we would say become unconsciously competent at a level before moving into conscious incompetence with the next level. It takes time but does pay off. I made the mistake of purchasing an Atago early on - lovely boat - but regularly was slaughtered!!!! Believe me there is much to learn and I have a way to go too!!
  2. Pompeythegreat

    National Flags

    Would it be possible for a player to fly their national flag on their ships? It would be fun to see just how many different folk are involved in a battle. It could fly on the ships bow (the jack) or be flown from the stern. Anyone else think this is a good idea?
  3. Pompeythegreat

    Guide: British Cruisers

    The latter point is very true. Having said that, if you avoid BBs, Tier IX (not made 10 yet) can really chew up destroyers and many CAs. My Neptune has a EXP 14 skipper and I am able to make the boat as invisible as possible. My usual strategy is not to lead the charge, but carefully pick a target, stalk it and try and kill it. Torps are good and the rate of fire is awesome, though with the calibre you need a lot to put a boat down. AA is also excellent. However, look out for BBs. One good hit and you are swimming for it. Having said all of that, I am still learning lessons the hard way!!!
  4. Pompeythegreat

    Mutsuki... whats the point?

    Mutusuki is a stealth fighter. Get clear of the flotillas into open water, find a lonely BB and hit it. If you have a good level skipper with concealment this boat is the nearest thing you'll get to a submarine. The BB may never know what hit it. Surface fights? Forget it, the boat is made of balsa wood and armed with peashooters!
  5. Pompeythegreat

    Wide spread torpedoes

    If a CV or BB is heading straight at me, I will fire a narrow bad directly at her followed immediately by a wide band. The theory is that she sees the first salvo, swings port or starboard and gets broadsided by the wide band. it has worked a number of times. Unfortunately it is usually a single torp but damage is done - it can destroy a damaged vessel.
  6. Pompeythegreat

    Just ragesold the Yugumo

    I cannot say I am yet a master of the Yugumo, but I have had some great fun in this boat. I even find it significantly different to the Kagero, a boat I loved. It plays very differently to the USN boats. I have a high level skipper with visibility just about as good as it gets. I will admit that it is not up to much in open water environments - give me islands, lots of them!
  7. Pompeythegreat

    Torpedo Evasion

    One remembers learning this at Dartmouth. Same applies to ships too. Good advice.
  8. Pompeythegreat

    KarmaQU-EU's old-man's-rambling guide for a certain teenager

    Now look here chaps, seems I need to learn a new language. This is just not the Queen's English y'know. Pip, pip. I do find the unwillingness of many ships to be aggressive indicating a clear lack of morale fibre. Team often lets one down.
  9. Pompeythegreat

    Submarine Division Bug - Fix Incoming 07:00 CEST

    I found that restarting your PC seem to get you back into a game/division. Frankly, why bother with this submarine prank. It clearly backfired.
  10. Pompeythegreat

    Airborne Torpedo Attacks

    Interesting replies in more ways than one. Thank you for the rational and reasoned explanations. Yes, I am an avid history freak and would like as much reality as possible. However, I shall be satisfied that the incoming shells do not all arrive in a line! Great game and I love it. To the nerds that think i was simply complaining about getting sunk too regularly, just read what is written. I was warned that gamers are immature - wrong, many are gentlemen, but not all. So to those who aren't, stick with your PC in bedroom and rule the world. I play for fun - nothing to prove to anyone. I am close to retirement; as part of my career I career I served on frigates and destroyers...on the bridge! Carry on!
  11. Pompeythegreat

    Ship Preview: Mouse in the Shiratsuyu

    I love this boat. Exactly as described in the initial post. A lone, silent hunter; stealth is everything. I have many time stalked an isolated BB and sunk her. If you want hi-speed testosterone destroyer action, this is not the boat for you. If you want to apply gray matter and some science, this gal is great, she won't let you down.
  12. Pompeythegreat

    Airborne Torpedo Attacks

    I have searched the forum on this topic and found nothing, so... It bugs me that after being bombarded by AA fire, incoming torpedo bombers all come in in a nice line, dropping torpedoes all perfectly aligned. It rarely happened like this in reality: aircraft would often 'cab rank' or similar. It would also make a torpedo attack much more interesting. It is sometime too easy to make a quick turn and nullify the impact. Torps coming in from several angles over say 30 seconds would liven things up somewhat. Thoughts?
  13. Pompeythegreat

    how do i mutsuki?

    Forgot to say I love Mutsuki - she's just different that's all.
  14. Pompeythegreat

    how do i mutsuki?

    This is sound advice. I utilise the Mutsuki's stealth capacity and speed boost to "lose" myself on the map very quickly. I try and appear where least expected and often when BBs are looking the other way. The Mutsuki should not be seen! Use your minimap at maximum to keep a very clear eye on distances. Watch out for CCs.