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  1. MrWastee

    Oldest WOWS Player

    ok... sry. but i feel most obliged to contribute in here by tagging my dear fleetie @BoomerSmasher to let him contribute. and by stating that some in here mathematically could be my father ^^... u knock the 80's may even my granpa lol...
  2. ....streams might be what u look out for? ^^....
  3. MrWastee

    Does someone want to play with me?

    heya. u might check out the subforums for newcomers and clans. u could post in section seeking clan ot check out the ones recruiting to apply there. also google for the wows official discord and join there for a start. u can ask questions directly and seek for people to play with. gl & hf
  4. MrWastee

    guild of CV haters

    *mees sayss jesss
  5. MrWastee

    guild of CV haters

  6. MrWastee

    guild of CV haters

    ......... it's a twins hive from da metaverse!!1!!1!111!! respect, if it not been for the tag....
  7. hey donald, that u?!... anyways: this is hiveland where the hive high-fives... non hivees not high fiving on tag this topic denies
  8. MrWastee

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA..... omy, must be cuddly in such bubble, king of the hill lmao
  9. MrWastee

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    nvmedit, really not worth any effort
  10. MrWastee

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    only one i see cryin is a clueless new(!) player, complaining about the most op class being underpowered and attacking everyone with a lot of more experience evidently to get out. in doubt even the players who actually have played more than 500 matches (omyYy rofl) on cv's.... i mean: not even "gitgud" will cut it here! go and make ur own forum lol.... also: cv posts to go into "general cv feedback cemetary" thread, #vote4close total voll%%$" or brilliant troll, idc.... @CptMinia, u might slap me if i did wrong in here.... but really.... i mean: REALLY........ w t ....
  11. MrWastee

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    topkek skytoilet appreciation thread?! juhhuu.... one of those speshulializtz(?!) for whome they reworked cv's? rts too much lenseflare lol?!... look out for me while "testing" sub hunting.... on subs ^^.... i really hope to meet u there flushing allover the map ... so, the deal is: we get off ur thread if u get off our game btw: i have enterprise. i kinda NEVER play it. it collects dust, it's useless portjunk and stinks by a mile...... LUV CV a* a*s*h
  12. lol ^^... exactly..... case closed.
  13. @BlueMerry plz remove ur religious advert from ur profile or at least me gonna report... or u see others in this gaming forum advertising their culture, religion or political views? no, or only occassionally?! well, that's coz it's against forum rules last time i checked.... 2cts
  14. i mean, just to be said, it's not only brawls.... it's clan brawls. while myself would consider "battles" or "brawls" only a distinction in formats setup, not composition. just as with ranked and ranked brawls (or woatever the parts of one season are called).... *cb: league system, longer term, higher rewards; cbrawl: no league, short term, lower rewards.... as "clan-", full clan divs possible (b4 even mandatory!) *ranked: overall there's been more rewards obtainable in old system afaik?, long term season; ranked brawls: short circuits, less rewards.... in ranked never divs ... as that's my pov i feel kinda glad on this occassion to drop just recent found pic and promote everyone in here, might even carrying a rank already?!, to next higher rank within congratulations
  15. MrWastee

    Choose to keep one of the test ships permanently

    lol, is there a discussion?! really?! ... 5 2 6 battles....... asking for KEEPING a T11(!!11!!11!!!) TESTSHIP, given to him SEVERAL TIMES for FREE for TESTING....... T E S T I NG.... 5 2 6 . . . this whole thread, at least the op lol, now is a joke or a meme?! hmmm...