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  1. MrWastee

    Air rework suggestion

    inb4 lock
  2. actually got one in the family, but it's not a war-, nor pure naval museum... and she's cool btw ;P :D
  3. dunno tbh.... in doubt u just need someone in front of a picture to have a museum, aye?! ;D....
  4. tbh, i'm about to join em soon .... i'm sry dude *nvm, they're gone 4 now REEEEE
  5. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/71210-the-carry-harder-thread/
  6. shame really.... though, thinking about it, can imagine german museums are not too eager to go together with a company called wargaming, or even simlpy a war-game. i see ^^.... COFFEE TIME!!!11!11!!111 or lucky for the audience, so..... .... just one last note, has to be: very noice event. on the other hand a bit of asd that i not could say such about most ingame progressions for kinda years now ;P.... *btw: u know of any login-server outtage?! can't login with gamingcenter, tells me to contact support ^^ edit: works via browserlogin, strange ^^
  7. really noice thing.... just being curious, as the event seems to originate from the german nights of museums: why there's only museums from so few navies? thinking 'bout the type xxi submarine in germany (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_Wilhelm_Bauer#Conversion_to_museum_ship), just as i'm sure there's surely french and italian museums about their ww2 navies? sweden maybe?
  8. MrWastee

    I received a Kirov.

    meta is what is possible and what people are using.... mark the people part and take a guess: nope.... won't spare u, such comment simply imho deserves a gid gud is all i can add
  9. MrWastee

    Jetzt wird es Zeit für Nationenkämpfe

    muss dann halt auch mal reichen? ich rede von axis vs. allies, nich nation vs. nation.... hatten wir schon, mit den einzig dafür wirklich in frage kommenden so insgesamt: ijn vs. usn, am anfang gabs nich viel anderes an techtrees lol.
  10. ... tell u to get closer aaaand in the mean not to yolo it. i know, it's a thin line lol... but there's aid in the manifestation of the minimap
  11. MrWastee

    Throwing the gauntlet.

    u know: i come from a game where i did such actually myself. nothing happened, while pvp got vaporized and the aerosols were burnt in plasma lol.... in comparison this is paradise satill lol.... it's not so much about the devs (even though it is ^^), more 'bout monetization department. f.e.: rts cv's been fixable, absolutely. they just didn't get the order to. the foul part sits somewhere above, and that's someone u'll never see here or recognizable ingame.
  12. MrWastee

    Throwing the gauntlet.

    well, that gauntlet gonna rot and be forgotten i guess....
  13. MrWastee

    Jetzt wird es Zeit für Nationenkämpfe

    nen paar gibts auch dann noch bis t8 sollten nen paar zusammenkommen. auch, bei allies gegen achse: da gibts ja noch die ijn und rm... insgesamt genug diversität um es wagen zu können? eu dd's dazu, bzw auf beiden seiten als lückenfüller und mm bis max t8 (t9?).
  14. MrWastee

    Smolensk - give it AA please

    .... how about this one: