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  1. MrWastee

    Teamplay sinnlos?

  2. MrWastee

    boris evul plan

    .... u're not allowed to close topic which is out to reveal ur evul plan!..... and i'm sure the way to ur plan is somewhere settled inbetween the... silicon ^^.....
  3. MrWastee

    boris evul plan

  4. MrWastee

    boris evul plan

    ...comrad le commissaire detected.... but not with boris.... HODOR
  5. MrWastee

    boris evul plan

  6. MrWastee

    boris evul plan

    tbh: u couldn't have pulled off anything more of a perfect troll, i draw my hat
  7. MrWastee

    boris evul plan

    ... in soviet russia WE DO resocialize.... ...must be a nightmare 4 u. oh wait, not necessarily, as u now could in theory ban and unban urself?! ....
  8. MrWastee

    boris evul plan

    ...just how?!... @Boris_MNE with mod tag.... any guesses on the evul plan behind it?... THERE MUST BE ONE, i got reliable sources!11!11!!!!!1!... ...
  9. MrWastee

    Cv rework chatter

    ....yeh sry, but might take a breath inbetween typing... "." has rights either!
  10. MrWastee

    Suggestions thread

    sort camos: plz sort camos per bonusses, as there are several camos giving the same ones. it becomes more and more confusing what bonusses one has available on different camos while the order in the tab is totally non existent. i kinda "never" can be sure if there's not a better fitting one around, or it just takes ages to compare all to go with the most appropiate one bonus-wise. so, divived in compartments or sortable by buffs (xp+, com. xp+, free xp+), at least to me this would be a great improvement in the ui. 2cts
  11. meine ernsthafte meinung zu dem thema: sei froh, springt jedes mal mehr bei raus... bzw: xp pinatas everywhere
  12. MrWastee

    miliards of XP and even more of them?

    just to conclude: any bonus for xp goes on free xp and commander xp as well, as those are calculated from xp earned... so, actually, atm the daily bonus is a bonus on all types of xp! ... i don't even bothered voting...
  13. MrWastee

    miliards of XP and even more of them?

    game = biz biz = money more xp than free xp = money more xp than free xp = money = biz = game xp are convertible into free xp via dubs, which are mainly obtained with money. credits are obtainable by conversion from dubs. 1 of games bloodlines, end of story.
  14. MrWastee

    Request for Starfleet Captains

    ...i'll just leave this "leak" from serbs swimming pool (couldn't just leave this one out ) okok, back on topic: ...