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  1. MrWastee

    When will you fix ramming?

    *edit: it's an arcade game, get over it? next
  2. MrWastee

    Game lacks anti-snowball mechanics.

    there's no need for such in here imho.... snowballs/lemmingtrains........ many say "but when done right..." and so on. that "right" is kinda like 1 to 2 times out of 10 the case. believe it or not, but: #lemmingslose! the few times it actually is done right could be countered by halfway decent play. Including kiting, island surfing, focus fire and in doubt the same tactic "in ur face". but there's rarely the need. might check consciously for urself. usually rather the weak flank holding is important than the side where 6-8 ships move in one square. in other words, golden rule of thumb: not the better team wins usually, but the team with the more and greater idiots loses 2cts
  3. MrWastee

    Disable exit game confirmation?

    ....ermm... somehow i think the same on u guys lol ^^.... 2016, really?! software will keep on crashing, in relation to its evolvement. old bugs might get fixed (or not), but new ones will for sure occure. simple. it's a matter of input/output math how deep these get hunted down, as the deeper u go the longer it'll take? call it economical balanS
  4. MrWastee

    Pink Colour for Nautical Rules of the Road

    while to me it wouldn't makes sense whatsoever, how could they programm such in ?! just out of curiousity... traffic lights and signs ?! tutorials.... not with this company mate, not with this one.... on a serious note: it's an nautical ARCADE GAME.... ur suggestion sounds like traffic signs within a pinball game, aKa a bit too much maybe?
  5. MrWastee

    Submarines - first impressions

    full hp u69 rams low hp cachalot underwater and survives rofl, i think theres room for improvement
  6. MrWastee

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    submarine ram: full hp u-69 rams a low hp cachalot underwater (if it would matter if surfaced or not lol ^^).... and survives
  7. MrWastee

    lm's in rb: equipped ones can be bought 2x?!

    thx. did not do, got em all anyway ;). just the ones not in i miss yet (on the last stage), so the cv ones.... which boils down to rb shift forces me to play cv, while my teams suffering from me on t10 cv's hhhrrrggnnn so, may close it down here someone, as in doubt it could be cv AND rb rant thread?!
  8. MrWastee

    Map border exploit probable fix

    the border doesnt care either where it is so to say lol, that's a matter of mapdesign and totally subjective in doubt. the mapsize also can't be too dynamic. it can be a variety of up to 5 tiers playing on the same map (t7's, toptier gainst t5, lowtier gainst t9). the characteristics of single ships and their firing ranges differ a lot in that gap, as do the concealment values. u cant say it's too big or tiny in general or in regard to cappoints. only referring to a certain tier.
  9. MrWastee

    Map border exploit probable fix

    there's one prob with the border in general: it's there. without any intention. the intention gets into it by players. so, the border doesnt know if u want to effectively grieve or simply get pushed into it on a kiting position. also, there needs to ba a border. from a certain point on it can't be dynamic. and these are the reasons nothing will happen in that regard. may they'll bring a mode once with shrinking or hurting borders. but in randoms it gonna stay like it is. simply because there's no other measurable solution to it. intention or not, who knows?!
  10. MrWastee

    Deleted World of Warships

    https://discord.gg/wows u just need to verify ur account, then u're in. didnt get past activating myself though. gl and fair seas
  11. MrWastee

    Deleted World of Warships

    if this is a rant at all, it probably is the most civilized one i ever did read lol u might check the wows discord for advice. think theres a dediacted helpme section.
  12. MrWastee

    Still nothing make up for moskva's permacamo?

    i think we can agree on disagreeing then. u say the function and the spot the moskva is in atm is not relevant as it not gets removed. i say it is highly relevant, as the "architectonial" position it is in does get changed. it stays ingame, right. it keeps its camo, right. but it not is correlated to the position it was in b4. it gets removed from that one. and from that very moment on it doesn't matter what happens to ship after removal, it does matter though what happens on that position. as on the bs part, well.... i said b4 to some wg staff something along the lines "who do you think u are to think u could measure my personal motivation to get that ship"?.... there's only a very few ships ingame i actually "want". for the most ones it doesnt matter to me at all which ships there are. a new t10 comes, i free xp and slap a perma camo on. mostly to support the game, as i barely use these permas in comparison to my expendable consumption lol... though, i do spent on them, and that's the moment where they pi***d me on this one... also, the ships' slot does get changed. it's gettin moved to being speshul, off a silver slot. a new one gets actually created, where there was none b4. now: 1 ru silver t10 ca slot. after split: 1 ca, 1 cl and a speshul ca slot. i dont care bout that new slot, i care for the one she comes from. take moskva from me and gimme nevsky or woat goes there and its camo. would be fine for me, even while moskva stays ingame.... no choice, no option here..... in other words: they could've removed the moskva totally and i wouldn't care, as long the new ship (and its camo ofc) which replaces her in the position she's in would've been granted. let's just leave it there. as initially said, i mostly simply wanted to clarify that i not run against some people getting something for free. actually it even doesnt matter if u or me or someone else being right on this..... what does matter is action of the comapny and perception of the customer. this is mine. c u around edit: nvm lol, a coffee later i see we mostly kind of are not too far away from each other. i kinda underlines to me the "matter of perspective" part, sadly they did decide on theirs as they did.
  13. MrWastee

    Still nothing make up for moskva's permacamo?

    matter of perspective pretty much? if u refer on moskva as moskva, aye. that's the reasoning they're using. in terms of the function moskva got atm and after split it's simply wrong. the ship in that spot gets changed, the camo on the spot technically removed without any compensation. so, as it doesnt matter to me if it's moskva or any other ship there, i do lose the camo for that t10 spot and would've buy 2 new ones to maintain my very own policy. i rather change it and spare 40 bucks, while i'd been absolute willing to invest another 20.. as being said, what happens to moskva is totally irrelevant in regard to what happens on the t10 ru silver spot(s), as it won't be a silver anymore. perma camo is included anyway in future. that's fine. what not is fine that i lose my camo on the spot i did buy it for. to repeat: i did not buy it for moskva in particular, i did buy it for the function/the spot the moskva got yet! it just happened the moskva is in that spot. it kinda feels one-sided to focus on the ship itself only while leaving the spot and it's function out of the math? i mean, who is ignoring variables in that moment?! in other words: focussing solely on the ship, without taking any correlations and connections into regard, now that's what i call fatally flawed/very selective math imo.... matter of perspective. ofc they choose the one catering their recent dub-milking policy. i'm not fine with that, that simple.
  14. MrWastee

    Still nothing make up for moskva's permacamo?

    mate, once and for all: idc at all if others get something for free i paid for! it's this simple math bothering me: quotemyself lol " " by this i just want to emphasize how much idc bout others gettin something i do have for free.... i do though 'bout something taken away from me (!) i did pay for. fine but important distinction it is.... coz that statement "jealous" by a mile is way too easyily put, without any density in it at all imho!