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  1. MrWastee

    Current state of the game IMO

    u know, that sounds way more honest and appropiate in any way. if u just would have made this ur opening post no one ever would've jumped on it. but then it wouldn't have fit the title lol
  2. while mostly being stable for ages it's getting quite frequent here now as well. sometimes twice a match, everything else runs fine
  3. MrWastee

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    its so perfectly made 4 german vigilance yellowhead bismarck skippers. i'm curious on how it'll work on hydro... if THAT STACKS.... ..... *off to get some meds*
  4. MrWastee

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

  5. MrWastee

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    rip asashio
  6. MrWastee

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/bulletin-091/ there we go.... it's in rofl
  7. MrWastee

    Current state of the game IMO

    c, idc at all what ur rules may be... there's rules in place, and as this is a TEAMgame and not gulf(!!!) i expect other players to be aware of em or gtfo! in short: play the objective if u decide to play the game, that simple! as that IS THE GAME! anything else is an intentional slap in the face of every other player in a match who might does so... indeed the stated attitude is kind of the main reason and a perfect example for overall quality of the playerbase!.... really, "on my rules" ............. no one out of the 23 other people in a match care about "ur rules"! nor they do care about ur analysis of what's behind in the very moment they decide to join a match. "current state of the game"?!.... indeed *sigh*
  8. MrWastee

    You know your maps? - The map quiz

    hotspot it is... just too much further information 4 my bpu... may laters
  9. MrWastee

    You know your maps? - The map quiz

    came in for pics with lil text at the max. found rules. bye
  10. .... i do know from where u'll get it ....
  11. yeee, i said "those"?..... coz there's so much ae, or even ä(+h) in there?!... which boils down to.... eeeerrrmmmmmm.......
  12. MrWastee

    Puerto Rico Werft Fehler?

    @Sehales kann in dem fall vielleicht bissl licht ins dunkel bringen
  13. MrWastee

    Is that a thing?

    ship always (mostly lol) been a pleasure to play. i run a full ifhe sec build actually on her, as the sec range of around 7km is quite good for her tier (t7 range is worthless on any sec capable sec bb :/). one can go full wheee or just play her as classic bb.
  14. MrWastee

    British heavy cruisers

    well.... one thing's 4 sure: the devonshire on t6 is an ifhe victim par excellence! 75 massa sec hits beneath 10km, 29569 dmg, sunk..... poor him