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  1. Tekacko

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    I love how everyone is fine with there being a [edited]overabundance of radar in every game. 3 or 4 radars per side is the norm, Missouries everywhere as well. But keep pretending that high tier DD gameplay is fine. Maybe in your lame pubstomping divisons yes, but definetly not for the average Joe. Still there is no MM algorithm that would at least split radars evenly, more often then not radar ships are distributed very badly amongst the teams, leading to more landslide victories/defeats. I stopped playing high tier DDs completely because they are frustrating and unrewarding to play. More often then not you can not even enter a cap, because there will be 2 radar ships camping behind an island all game long, and all you can do is hope that your team can dig them out.
  2. Tekacko

    Roast the previous poster's stats

    Haha we both roasted him at the very same time. Fully deserved it.
  3. Tekacko

    Roast the previous poster's stats

    Did you let that mentally challenged birb from your avatar play your Pensacola? It sure seems so to me. https://wows-numbers.com/player/530928035,Tekacko/
  4. Tekacko

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    Playing high tier DDs that aren´t gunboats is pretty much rectal cancer nowadays.
  5. I just tried again. Our Pensacola camped near the repair ships the whole time and in the end got rammed by the enemy Aoba. He got 300XP. I will try again tomorrow.
  6. The way you do this operation on 5 stars is you push out to the batteries and get crossfire into the retarded bots that sail in a straight line, and share damage between all your ships. If you camp at the back near the repair ships you only shoot the bots´ noses and don´t deal nearly enough DPM to kill them before they breach the perimeter. (notwithstanding the fact that you are TOO FAR AWAY to shoot and hit effectively) I can easily rack up 150 - 200k and still only get one or two stars, because imbeciles camp in the back the whole game and deal like 30k damage on max range, bow-on targets, instead of utilizing their ships´ HP pools.
  7. Typical average BB potato Go back to being irrelevant
  8. Please do? Maybe people will actually try to complete the operation, instead of hiding in the back repairing pointless amounts of HP and being *edited* useless. I really want to gouge my eyes out after seeing how incompetent the usually random team on this operation is. Yet to get 5 goddamn stars on it, because everyone is hugging the goddamn repair ships like donkeys and the enemy always breach the perimeter...
  9. Tekacko

    With the release of the U.S.S. Dallas...

  10. Tekacko

    CA AP on CL - overpens through citadel or not?

    No shells hit below the waterline (there would be water splashes)
  11. Tekacko

    CA AP on CL - overpens through citadel or not?

    I went in and repeated your test - Zao shells only cause overpens on Mino at sub 1km distance. (any further than that and you start getting citadels) But, then I took a Yamato, and my results were...unexpected to say the least. At 1km about 33 percent of Yamato shells resulted in citadel hits, while with the Zao only 1 shell out of around 25 resulted in a citadel. All the test were only done with the front guns at a 90 degree angle. Therefore I do not really understand the mechanics anymore, since logic says cruisers shells with lower pen should overpen less than BB shells, but it seems to be on the contrary.
  12. Tekacko

    CA AP on CL - overpens through citadel or not?

    100 percent sure since I just tested it, but go ahead ;)
  13. Tekacko

    CA AP on CL - overpens through citadel or not?

    You CAN NOT overpen citadels -> any shells passing through the citadel area result in citadel hits. Try it yourself, set up a training room, get into a Yamato and shoot broadside Orlans point blank range. You will citadel them, not overpen. If you get overpens on broadside ships it means you hit their upper belt (or superstructure) and not the citadel belt.
  14. Tekacko

    balance Update 0.7.7

    I propose adjusting BB gun accuracy to historical values, since that seems to be your main argument.
  15. Tekacko

    balance Update 0.7.7

    How about no?