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  1. another ranked thread

    Irrevocable ranks should be remove completely... The amount of donkeys in the 10-5 bracket is ridiculous. But tbh the best option to rank out is to play a hard carry ship. For the 10+ bracket I played radar Minotaur, and ended up on a 68 percent WR after 90 something battles.
  2. Cleveland - Tier 8

    Those ships are going to be absolute garbage to play unless you get a DD to babysit you with smokes. I don´t see how is this going to be a fun grind solo...
  3. Rank season 9 Discussion

    The 5 - 1 bracket is filled with [edited]Conquerors camping in the back, farming damage and saving their stars every time.
  4. Disregarding your absolutely abysmal performance, credits rewarded for damage work on a percentual basis, e.g. 10k off a DD will yield more cash than 10k off a BB. That´s the reason for the discrepancy
  5. Head over keels: Actual ranked stories

    I joined a battle in a stock Bismarck. GZ on the enemy team. I died.
  6. Rank season 9 Discussion

    I am grinding the Bismarck (stock vs a GZ was FUN FUN FUN) and Hsienyang, not giving a crap about the result. Thus far this has been the least stressful season. Apparently if you don´t care about the stars you save yourself a lot of headache.
  7. Cruisers in a cyclone

    Any competent BB will make a 180 the moment he sees a cruiser approaching him, since thanks to r*tarded citadels, the cruiser has no way of punishing the BB. Good luck hitting torps on a kiting-away BB, especially since like half of them can almost outrun the cruiser.
  8. Cruisers in a cyclone

    Well, that is pretty retarded. But on the other hand it is the BBs who suffer the most from it, so it is fine
  9. 1:0 means pretty much a guaranteed free cap for the DD team, which gives them a big advantage. 2:1 can still result in the same thing, but the DDs may go for the same cap if stupid, so it is not 100 percent. 3:2 will already generally not yield an early cap advantage 4:5 means that all the caps will be contested anyway, and that 1 extra DD matters only very little. I believe there is some sort of diminishing returns in work here. The more DDs there are in a match, the smaller the advantage of having an extra DD becomes.
  10. Cruisers in a cyclone

    Cyclones screw everybody but BBs
  11. 1:0 is probably where the difference is going to be highest, while 4:5 will have the smallest difference in WR.
  12. can we get rid of the tier 4+1?

    I am sick of this sh!t already. Anytime I join with a T8 - 90 percent of my matches are against TX. Anytime I join with a T6 - 90 percent of my matches are against T8. How come those T8 [edited] always get to be top tier against me, but I literally NEVER get to be top tier in a T8. I am SICK of playing TX, but what other tier can you play if you don´t want MM to crap on you constantly.
  13. Cruisers in a cyclone

    Almost as fun as running into a cruiser when playing a Soviet gunboat DD.
  14. can we get rid of the tier 4+1?

    This is everybody´s life, and everybody hates it, apart from the few donkeys who will tell you everything is fine, since all they do is play TX.
  15. PLZ GET RID OF the emblems

    Stop dying constantly and you will not have to look at them during every match