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  1. Thats not how this works... thats not how any of this works! You do realize that almost all high tier BBs overmatch cruiser bow, RIGHT?
  2. A DD can get into that position even without a cyclone. And of course, the moment the BB gets spotted and does not spot in return, will start maneuvering since it is obvious that a DD is spotting it. Good luck with your torps. A cruiser will get shat on by a BB at that range, the majority of cruisers do not have enough torprange. Also mind you, the BB will instasmack your for half your HP because of retarded overmatch mechanics and turn away from you, so your torps won´t even reach him. Couple it with how ridiculously fast BBs are and you will even struggle to catch up with him, all the while getting rekt by him. Cyclones are maybe fun in the low and mid tier bracket, but high tier cyclones are just pure asscancer and should be removed.
  3. BS mechanic that only favours BBs, wish it were removed completely.
  4. Yep, he should camp with the Kutuzov in the smoke -.- The thing is, whether one gets dropped by a CV or not depends mainly of the skill of the friendly CV. BB AA will not protect you against a TX CV. But I don´t really feel sympathy for OP since he is only playing BBs, and do wish he got instablapped (first torped for 60 percent of HP and then burned down by triple fire) by the Midway, to relive the TRUE cruiser experience of getting instablapped by a mindless donkey in a BB. This kind of matchmaking is horrible only when you grind ships like the Mogami or NO (ships with completely inadequate max range for TX matches and horrible survivability to boot) Playing ships like the Edinburgh or Chapa allows you to literally farm free XP and damage off the TXs.
  5. Brawling in a Kirov goes exactly against what the ship is supposed to be played like; you have enough AP pen to citadel cruisers at max range, and shoddy armour yourself with a terrible turning radius and slow firing guns: NOT a brawler. I posted this since I felt the ship was "changed" without it being announced, not because I would not know how to play the damn thing: Anyway, maybe it is just placebo after playing one too many Zao games, but I do feel like the shell drag was increased nevertheless. And the last thing I´d be doing nowadays is getting a T6 premium cruiser, unless you are a masochist.
  6. This is from the PTS bulletin: For the Soviet Tier V cruiser Kirov, the main battery reload time was reduced from 15 seconds to 13.5 seconds, and the shell velocity was increased from 800 m/s to 920 m/s. But the ship still retains the 800m/s shell speed, so I guess the shell velocity buff did not make it into live? What a shame, she would have been awesome.
  7. I have played quite a few battles on her before the patch, but after the patch her shells just seem...off
  8. Why does Kirov all of a sudden feel like she has parachutes attached to her shells?
  9. Key to good stats: play the right ships
  10. You get a unicum french cruiser player on your team and you complain? Some people...
  11. In my experience playing a DD in this format is the most frustrating thing ever, simply because there is no radar cap. You get radared constantly, everyone runs hydro, so torp hits are very rare, and most of the time it is better for you not to even shoot your guns but rather turn away and out of detection range. Extremely frustrating.
  12. They also claim that the British BBs aren´t overperforming, so there´s that...
  13. After 23 matches and 30 percent WR and almost smashing both my keyboard and monitor I finally did it. I am free and sane yet again. Words can´t describe the spite and loathing I have for this piece of junk. What was WG thinking when they "rebalanced" the IJN DDs? First of all, unless I am willing to throw away 60k free EXP this junk is pretty much just an uptiered Kagero with a little bit faster torp reload. Really nice... WG ofc gives one the illusion of choice between smoke and the TRB, but there really isn´t a choice to be made. There is virtually 0 reason to run smoke. If running smoke, lets just compare it to the Fletcher (since I am looking for reason to pick this over it) The Fletcher has: Better torps (more AND better concealed) Better guns More HP Better smoke Def AA Faster Yugumo has: Slightly better concealment. Right, so smoke is obviously trash, so you can pretty much only pick the TRB. This of course means you are at the CV´s mercy since trash AA. And you can´t properly contest caps either. So I guess if I pick the TRB then the torps are going to be the ship´s saving grace? Oh God no, by no means. They are pretty damn bad actually. 1.7km concealment? Really? So the "torpedoboat line" has the worst goddamn torps out of all the DDs? I just can´t describe how horribly inconsistent those torps are. Had a match where I launched at a GK sailing in a straight line, yet he actually managed to turn into them when he spotted them and passed without taking a single hit... This actually brings me to my biggest gripe... the torpedo spreads. WHY ARE THEY SO GODDAMN HORRIBLE? Why do there have to be BB sized gaps even when launching from 6km? Every goddamn potato only needs to turn into them, and will take MAYBE one hit. All the while I have to sit around for 90 seconds doing nothing (if I had smoke I could maybe smoke up and try to get a fire going...) Seriously WG, is it so difficult to make those goddamn IJN DDs competitive? Is it so difficult to buff the torp concealment to 1.2 - 1.3 km on all T8 - T10 IJN DDs? It really isn´t rocket science... (I would also be really happy if the 20km Shima torps got removed, but I guess WG needs Doubloon/Free XP sinks...) Rant off, burned 160k free XP and got the Shima, which I will maybe play after the torps get buffed. Fun times.
  14. Let me just go into this CA/BB AA bubble while I cap. OH WAIT, the CA died and the BB turned away.
  15. DD AA getting buffed is fine, you shouldn´t be able to one-click delete DDs as a CV anyway. Now if only we could crack down on BB AA...