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  1. Emblems and insignias huge success

    Gib black stag please
  2. Happens very rarely that you get an opponent from a much higher league. If you constantly can not get your clan promoted to the higher league, you generally are not good enough for that league yet. Also, I heard you get tougher opponents when trying to progress from one league to another.
  3. At least in high tier games, especially radar cruisers seem to have a decent impact on the result. Or ships like Hindenburg, which have great DPM and good survivability, do not feel outclassed by BBs At mid tiers though, unless you play something downright broken (ehm, Belfast), your influence is, indeed, pretty small, since 5 BBs per team pretty much force you to stay back and snipe. Never mind getting uptiered +2 results in you being pretty much just cannon fodder, due to no sustainability and abysmal range. This problem is compounded by certain high tier maps having close to zero cover. So meanwhile everyone is sniping from max range, the average cruiser player can pretty much go AFK since he has no way of getting within range without getting instantly shot to pieces. I do remember some matches on Mountain Range, Okinawa, etc... where the battle ended before I actually managed to get into a position from which I could at least take a few potshots, since the range is ABYSMAL. +-15km gun range on maps like that is just completely inadequate. I feel like the inability of the majority of cruisers to mount hydro AND defensive AA at the same time is the reason they have such a small effect on the outcome of the battle. They simply can´t do their job properly - hunt DDs and protect the fleet with AA at the same time. I think that, at least, heavy cruisers should be able to slot them both at the same time. The abysmal survivability of certain cruisers doesn´t help either....
  4. [PSA] Eastern Dragon available.

    Why would I want to shell out money for ships whose several weeb clones I already have?
  5. I wouldn´t call cruisers obsolete, their skill ceiling is just much higher in order to perform well in them and have an actual influence on the battle. The brilliantly designed missions (a ton of torp hits and torp damage) pretty much guarantee 4/5 DDs per side every match, with 2-3 BB per team. Honestly, I find this more interesting than the boring 5 BB per side camp meta. Once the missions are over and we get the (so far it seems retardproof) french baguettes, that will be able to run cruisers down, we get back to the 5 BB per team gameplay. Oh boy how do I regret selling the Belfast for doubloons and getting an Atago...
  6. Wailing Wall ( Are you sad .. Come in )

    Enemy team died within 5 minutes, everyone got 500 XP. Thanks, MM!
  7. Tier VIII matchmaking

    That is pretty much the standard MM for T8. Some ships can handle it well, some can´t handle it at all. Better play the ships that can handle it.
  8. French battleships talk

    I got the Normandie and... well, looks like this will be another retard proof line with unhitable citadels. 31 knots with the flag, so that cruisers can´t even run away from you. Really WG, how much more power creep can you introduce into the game?
  9. Remove Missouri radar

    Maybe he is smart and will only sit there with his radar popped. And take one volley of very balanced BB AP against the poor DD that is radared.
  10. Remove Missouri radar

    Missouri driver who can´t live without his IWIN button spotted. Whether you like it or not radar on a BB is completely r*tarded. Good thing there is a gap between her detection and radar. Too bad half the DD she faces can´t even get into torp range without moving to radar range. Don´t even get me started on smart Missouries, who aggressively radar caps. If a cruiser did such an overconfident move he would get blapped, but good Lord thanks for the lowered citadel, the MO can virtually sit there for minutes and you can not remove it. Even more fun if it gets smoked up. Nobody cares about the [edited] that snipe in their MOs, it is the smart players who can turn the tide of the battle due to the ship being inherently broken.
  11. Who needs balance anyway...

    What drives me more nuts is the single or double TVs that get regularly put into a full T7 match. Virtually cannon fodder. Makes certain tiers pointless to play.
  12. IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    Seems pretty much useless to me. This will only attract donkeys that will spam torps from max range (same as max range BB sniping), never even going close to caps (why would you with terribad DPM and DWTs...), relying on enemy BBs being braindead. Such long range torp runs will miss in the majority of cases, therefore the impact of this DD on the result of a game is going to be NIL. Bad, unhealthy, rework. DWT are a stupid gimmick anyway.
  13. WTF is going on with this game?!

    6 minute game. Unbalanced CV matchups are ALWAYS a culprit of roflstomps. And don´t give me this "random" BS anymore, this crap has been happening in 8/10 games for the past week. Teams are completely unbalanced, often one team consists of total trash (like this Shokaku with 0 plane kills) while the other has a good chunk of decent players in it So I assume the only way to have fun nowadays is to play in cheesy, roflstomp divisions?